After 22 weeks of Yellow Vests protest: a French analysis on the situation

We cannot avoid a racist revolution, a racist party, a racist state!

On Saturday, we had the 22nd day of action of the Yellow Vests or, at least, it was announced in these terms.
I think that all our readers, all the people in our circles have understood over the months that the movement had gradually degenerated into bourgeois-urban unrest.
This is not surprising or even "damaging", since this movement was sooner or later to degenerate and die out, as is the case with all spontaneous revolts not organized in revolutionary action. We have seen the same phenomenon with the Bonnets Rouges previously, over a much shorter period of time.
However, between these two episodes, only 5 years passed and the intensity has, as we have seen, multiplied by 100, both in terms of violence and influence in the territory.
The more the movement moved towards the large metropolitan areas, the more socially urban, bourgeois, in short, "left-wing", and the less the indigenous people, the foundation of the middle class, peri-urban and even rural areas, mobilized.
However, let us be careful not to move too quickly in our judgment on this matter. The left-wing gentrification of the Yellow Vests movement is not the cause of its degeneration. This degeneration is only the consequence of the weakness of the political and organizational consciousness of the white middle class on the periphery. These white middle classes remain trapped in a reactionary posture, that is, prostrate in an attitude of simple reaction to a system that they do not contest in a revolutionary way.
In other words, these middle classes, although in the process of downgrading, still believe in the possibility or even the willingness of the system to evolve without fundamental disruption. An improved status quo of sorts. Change without revolution, without the cost of revolution, without the efforts of revolution.

Systemic crisis of confidence

Although presented in the media as a unified whole under the generic term "Yellow Vests", the opposition movement has not, in itself, developed a truly uniform political consciousness except to contest anarchically the legitimacy of the representativeness of certain ruling factions of the regime.
What has become clear from the action of this movement, however, for a significant part of the people, perhaps half of them, is the idea that elections under the current system offer no political opportunity, no response to the demands made, because it understands that the system is closely controlled by a coalition of parties, trade unions, the media and lobbies - and in particular the factious Jewish lobby -, first and foremost finance, which render such elections without any real effect.
All the structures integrated into the system are now affected by a deep crisis of public trust: parties, trade unions, the media. This crisis of confidence was already very advanced, but from November 2018 it became public. Mass consciousness has made significant progress in this regard.
That is why direct, popular action has regained credibility in the very minds of the masses in the face of the lies of this Judeo-Plutocratic regime and those who collaborate with it.
This is a major practical achievement of this movement.

The radical bourgeois left, isolated

What is also even clearer is that the so-called "radical" bourgeois left, concentrated in the big cities, no longer has any capacity to drive the masses in the national sense.
Its support is limited to large metropolitan areas and is mainly composed of civil servants and a few anarchistic students. These elements are the expression of the internal contradictions of the new geographical, economic and political configuration of the existing system. The inevitable waste of the internationalized bourgeoisie that controls these cities.
Finally, in accordance with what we think and say in the social-racist ranks, the famous ethnically third-world "suburbs" located in the immediate vicinity of these cities have demonstrated that they are passive towards the movement, totally incapable of any form of politicization for obvious reasons of lack of racial potential. Only the opportunity of the looting could have marginally attracted some Afro-Maghrebi people to the margins of the demonstrations.
This non-white mass is and will remain the racial sub-proletariat financed by the fruits of labour - and armed against them! - of workers of French origin who have been set up by this Judeo-Cosmopolitan regime and its system of "redistribution" for several decades.

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The racist revolutionary party

It is not enough to have millions of dissatisfied people to have a revolutionary force. This is what these last five months of turmoil have reminded us of.
Populist" spontaneity is an illusion that cannot lead to anything. Faced with this unthought-out unrest, an organized, financed, duly informed and supported from abroad by international finance and its allied puppet governments, can perfectly cope.
Yes, such and such a bourgeois party can be curled up in the next elections. But the Judeo-Plutocratic system has 2, 3, 4 or 5 bourgeois parties ready to take over and conduct the same policy, from the far left to the far right. Because it is the extreme left and the extreme right of the same political spectrum: the spectrum of Jewish financial democracy.
In short, this system is financed and organized and makes significant efforts to neutralize any revolutionary action by attracting revolutionary elements to "constitutional" reformism, which is carefully fuelled by competitors of various colours, alternately promoted or obscured by the media.
For these tens of millions of disgruntled people to form a revolutionary force one day, a revolutionary movement must already exist. And by revolutionary, it is not only a question of methodology but also of ideology.
There can be no revolutionary party without revolutionary practice. And there can be no revolutionary practice without revolutionary ideology. Without a revolutionary idea, no action can be truly revolutionary.

Organization & Idea

It is at this stage that we in France find ourselves, we social-racists: surrounded by reactionaries trapped, consciously or not, in this petty-bourgeois reformist illusion that seeks to deal with Judeo-financial power.
It means forgetting that this power does not want to deal with them any more than it does with us.
Our task must be to have a revolutionary practice articulated around a revolutionary idea: the white world revolution and, consequently, the creation of the white social-racist Europe.
This idea aims to save the peoples of European origin from extinction, but even more so, to offer them a state capable of opening up the most legitimate and grandiose prospects for development and prosperity.
These two elements - practice & idea - are only articulated within the framework of a revolutionary organization.
Many supporters will say, "well! how? ».
It goes without saying that the Jewish government does not allow racist revolutionaries to organize or even express themselves. Repression at this hour is the rule. From this follows the need, as we have explained here on several occasions, to organize ourselves in such a way that this repression has no significant effect on the development of the idea.
What you are reading at the moment, do not forget, is prohibited by the Jewish occupation government and is only accessible thanks to our tenacity. Hiding is already, in fact, the norm when we talk about racist opposition to the Jewish government.
There will come a time when the objective circumstances will be met so that our organized activities will be carried out without unduly fearing government repression. When? When the state of decay of this regime will be such that it will not be able, even if it wanted to, to react.

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Racist cells: their function

The first step in the development of the racist revolutionary party must be to ideologically unify the racist revolutionaries, who must disseminate racist revolutionary ideas as widely as possible among the masses.
To do this, in addition to the Internet, there is the creation of racist cells wherever possible. We insist on this point: these are not "nationalist" cells but "racist" cells. This is a fundamental condition for the progress of the people's historical and political consciousness.
In our understanding of the world, politics is fundamentally an extension of racial empiricism. It is determined by the genetic potential of a race and people that has been shaped by their struggle through the ages and of which the way of thinking and acting is the product.
Potential is not everything. Left fallow, it produces nothing. Just as being a worker does not mean being Marxist, being white does not make someone racist. It is a work of conscience that brings its share of difficulties and challenges to the people.

A racist will always have, by definition, a national community of belonging. For the obvious reason that a national community in Europe is only a particular biological growth of the white race. Every racist therefore belongs to a nation by default just as he belongs to a family by default.
But the only national referent, polluted by so many semantic attacks, no longer offers any guarantee as to the integrity of the national community itself.
We have seen how, in the name of the "national idea", the real, tangible, biological and carnal reality of the nation has been gradually weakened, intoxicated by the forces of cosmopolitanism. There is no longer a single enemy of the national fact who does not claim the national idea for himself to commit his crimes.

Racism is a nationalism on the scale of white humanity, that is, a unifying principle. And as a result, it is also a socialism on the scale of the white race.
This white race is now the victim of the most violent internal and external attacks and is threatened with extinction wherever it lives. Nationalism, explicitly or implicitly anti-racist, is not only counter-revolutionary, it is treason itself.
Inhibition in this area is the result of Judeo-antiracist terror and those who try to reconcile racism of conviction and purely formal anti-racism, by playing on the now vague words and outline of the "nation", can never succeed in fundamentally changing the situation because they do not do so in a position of strength but in a position of weakness, under pressure from the enemy camp.

Never will something weak defeat something strong.

At present, racist cells where our combat brothers are socialized and where racist literature and racist discussions are exchanged, whether theoretical or applied to the analysis of current events, must be set up wherever possible - by geographical proximity or by professional sector.
Their function is to attract the most conscious individuals so that they can then participate in advancing the consciousness of the white masses and prepare them to move beyond the defensive stage and impotent reaction to the benefit of the racist revolution.
But their function also consists in becoming recruitment centres for the future revolutionary racist organisation that must, at all costs, emerge: the white party, the racist revolutionary party.
Take initiatives and create your unit in your neighbourhood or business - with the utmost caution.

The Racist Party and the Racist State

This text can be translated into as many European languages as possible.
This racist revolution is not limited to France or any European or Western state. It is the revolution of the white peoples in its entirety. It is up to them to seize it to achieve this goal: the creation of the racist state of peoples of European origin.
The global white empire established over the entire northern hemisphere of this planet.
Consequently, the writings, which we would benefit from centralizing and exchanging as much as possible within this global racist movement that we have the task and the obligation to create, must be translated and widely disseminated in order to gradually form the idea likely to affect all the peoples concerned.
The aim is not, as at present, to articulate with difficulty relations between Western bourgeois states, or even between far-right bourgeois parties, but rather to create a single party of the white world without ignoring the differences specific to each state, the social, economic and cultural contexts of each country.
Such a revolution is not the work of a day. But the difficulty does not make it any less necessary.

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Good post thanks OP for the translation.
The context in France is the same than in many white countries, but not all of them: the fear of getting labelled as racist is deeply ingrained and debilitating for our people.
Overcoming this barrier is and will be a very liberating step in order to, finally, break the conditionning.

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Nice effort post. I hope the wider movement shares your opinions. We must seek to form the White Polar Order against the non white hordes.


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Very quality

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Quality OP bump.

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This kind of labelling for easy critique is clearly jewish. Watch the hours of videos of yellow vest protests where they interview people. Some of them are based, but it's always the same: They want increased purchasing power, the EU is suffocating them, immigration sucks. They did the same with the "alt-right" and "extreme right". His accent sounds like a Bond movie villain's at times, it's not even a good shill. Thanks for adding the link though, then I can avoid that (((honeypot))).

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