Ongoing discussion of the recent arrest of Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder.





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Glowniggers did a great job to silence this in the media.

It appears the same is happening here because the last thread was getting flooded by shills and of course the mods did nothing about it.

They must be fucking terrified to what is in the files.
Yesterday, in the QQTDOT thread, some posts got deleted (riddle me that) about some user who would drop the keys just to see the glowniggers burn. Mind you, this was after some nigger spammed the entire thread. I didn't screencap those posts, but a truth rang from it that was hard to ignore.
Glowniggers are TERRIFIED

The fact that mods are complicit in the shilling makes it worse, too. I almost want to say that it wasn’t this bad under kamphy, but I’ll check myself.

Nobody on Zig Forums supported Assange 3 years ago, I want you kike puppet shills off my board.

Hes a traitor to trump and deserves to hang publicly.

Do you seriously believe what you just typed yourself?

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gas yourselves

The board only becomes worse with time, newfags taken over.

Honorary Boomer Award

If only you didn't think so highly of yourselves and regarded yourself as mute mimes instead of bellowing clowns, this would be amusing. Instead it's pitiful.

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Exactly my thoughts.

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pic related

Bezemov echoes through my mind "people will ignore the truth, even if it's staring in their faces". I don't think most people want to accept what is in there.

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And the fire turns out to be just more jewish lightening… all the relics were removed last week.

this, hes a dirty rat

anyone got a bitcoin blockchain.dat from back then ? namely block ~230203

talked about in there

Assange's lawyer interviewed by British news dope

I've always supported him

What is the source for this

Its not too late to mend the error of your ways. Write to your congressman, demand assange be brought to justice.

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thanks bro, I haven't been on shitholes like this for the past ten years or anything.
Thanks to your enlightening post, I now know how to feel.
Thank you fellow 6'3 pure bred ARYAN brother with a wife and child.

2020 Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang ignores question about Wikileaks and Julian Assange

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Assange is hated because he isn’t a narcissisticiar in an era where leadership honest enough to achieve change is not acceptable.

Honestly I think that's Trump acts the way he does. Makes them underestimate you. He has better soft skills, autists can learn a lot from him.

source for what ?

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The CIA is the media. If they want someone buried they just email out new talking points.

The CIA are the glue holding our republic together

Duplicate thread, we already have Asante threads. Also Assange is a Rockefeller, so JEWISH.

From Wikileaks Twitter just now

First They Came for Assange


Mike Pompeo, Trump’s first CIA director and now US Secretary of State, once described WikiLeaks as “a non-state hostile intelligence service.” That is exactly right, and it is an equally accurate description of what every self-respecting news outlet ought to be.

ATHENS – My meetings with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange all took place in the same small room. As the intelligence services of a variety of countries know, I visited Assange in Ecuador’s London embassy many times between the fall of 2015 and December 2018. What these snoops do not know is the relief I felt every time I left.

I wanted to meet Assange because of my deep appreciation of the original WikiLeaks concept. As a teenager reading George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, I, too, was troubled by the prospect of a high-tech surveillance state and its likely effect on human relations. Assange’s early writings – particularly his idea of using states’ own technology to create a huge digital mirror that could show everyone what they were up to – filled me with hope that we might collectively defeat Big Brother.

By the time I met Assange, that early hope had faded. Surrounded by bookcases featuring Ecuadorian literature and government publications, we would sit and chat late into the night. A device on top of a bookshelf emitted mind-numbing white noise to counter listening devices. As time passed, the claustrophobic living room, the badly hidden ceiling-mounted camera pointing at me, the white noise, and the stale air made me want to run out into the street.

Assange’s detractors have been saying for years that his confinement was self-inflicted: he hid in Ecuador’s embassy because he jumped bail in the United Kingdom to avoid answering sexual assault allegations in Sweden. As a man, I feel I have no right to express an opinion regarding those allegations. Women must be heard when reporting assault. Only the violence that men have inflicted upon women for millennia is viler than the disrespect and denigration to which women are subjected when they speak up.

I recall saying to Julian that, had it been me, I would want to confront my accusers, and listen to them carefully and respectfully, regardless of whether official charges had been brought. He replied that he, too, wanted that. “But, Yanis,” he said, “if I were to go to Stockholm, they would throw me in solitary and, before I got a chance to answer any allegations, I would be bundled into a plane heading for a US supermax prison.” To drive the point home, he showed me his lawyers’ offer to Swedish authorities to go to Stockholm if they guaranteed that he would not be extradited to the United States on espionage charges. Sweden never considered the proposal.

During Assange’s years in Ecuador’s embassy, in circumstances that the United Nations deemed “arbitrary detention,” many friends and colleagues mocked his fear – and lambasted me for believing him. Last September, the historian and feminist intellectual Germaine Greer summed up that belief on Australian public radio: “He won’t be extradited to the United States,” she said derisively, blaming Julian’s lawyers for misleading him into fearing such an extradition while collecting his book’s royalties.

Now he is languishing in Belmarsh, a notorious English high-security prison, in a windowless basement cell with even less fresh air and light than before. Unable to receive visitors, he awaits extradition to the US. “Let him rot in hell,” is a frequent response from good people around the world who were incensed by WikiLeaks’ release of Hillary Clinton’s emails ahead of the 2016 US presidential election, which blew fresh wind into Donald Trump’s sails. Why, they ask, has Assange not released anything damning on Trump or Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Before I explain why his detractors should reconsider, let me state for the record my personal frustration with his support of Brexit, his injudicious attacks against his feminist critics, his editorializing in favor of Trump, and, crucially, his communications with Trump’s people. I expressed this frustration to his face several times.

But castigating WikiLeaks for not publishing leaks that damage all sides equally is to miss the point. WikiLeaks was established as a digital mailbox where whistle-blowers could deposit information that is true and whose revelation is in the public interest. This is WikiLeaks’ sole obligation. By design, it cannot control who leaks what; its technology prevents even Assange from knowing a whistle-blower’s identity. If this means that most leaks will embarrass Western powers, that is WikiLeaks’ great, if imperfect, service to us – a service that, to my frustration, was diminished by Julian’s editorializing.

Recent developments prove that his current predicament has nothing to do with the Swedish allegations or his role in aiding Trump against Clinton. With Chelsea Manning in prison again for refusing to confess that Assange incited, or helped, her to leak evidence of US atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan, the best explanation of what is going on comes from Mike Pompeo, Trump’s first CIA director and now US Secretary of State.

Pompeo described WikiLeaks as “a non-state hostile intelligence service.” That is exactly right. But it is an equally accurate description of what every self-respecting news outlet ought to be. As Daniel Ellsberg and Noam Chomsky have warned, journalists who fail to oppose Assange’s extradition to the US could be next on the hit list of a president who considers them the “enemy of the people.” Celebrating his arrest and turning a blind eye to Manning’s continued suffering is a gift to liberalism’s greatest foes.

Besides liberalism, Assange’s persecution by the US security-industrial complex has another victim: women. No woman, in Sweden or elsewhere, will get justice if he is now thrown into a supermax prison for revealing crimes against humanity perpetuated by awful men in or out of uniform. No feminist goal is served by Manning’s continued suffering.

So, here is an idea: Let us join forces to block Assange’s extradition from any European country to the US, so that he can travel to Stockholm and give his accusers an opportunity to be heard. Let us work together to empower women, while protecting whistle-blowers who reveal nefarious behavior that governments, armies, and corporations would prefer to keep hidden.

Wikileaks Twitter 1 hour ago

Live now: EU Parliament debate on the extradition of Julian Assange.

The CIA are mind-reading time-warping aliens, and maybe you're right on that, but remember the Virginia Company still reports to the Queen. Your little republic is just an SAR.

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I was trained in psychic warfare in the US Army by Michael Aquino. He is god. Shit is fucked and is gonna get more fucked
Sieg Heil. Remote viewing is an art form
14th mountain memetic warfare brigade

Really, where is the ONE TRUE Assange Thread #4 instead of this cheap imitation?

This same issue popped up with the Tarrantino shooting. Mods allowed multiple threads on it instead of having it concentrated on one thread and expanded when hitting the post limit. It also floods the catalog.

If WL thinks the right is going to swoop in to save Assange then they're in for a shock. He's only looking at 5 years. With luck that faggot crossdresser Manning will get some new charges out of this and go back where it belongs. Solitary until dead.

This is radically outdated, btw


Assange was idolized here 3 years ago, you would know if you weren't still in Professor Schlomo Shekelstein's college classes looking at CIA internships.

It’s likely a kike shill, ignore it.

Julian Assange Complaint and FBI Affidavit

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If he didn't want to be arrested, then maybe he shouldn't have been a criminal. People here always call for the state to do its' duty to protect the people from criminals, but then cry when it hits one of "their guys" 😐

One day we'll cut out your lying tongues.

Okay, cool… but can you contribute something to the discussion?

The CIA are the glue upholding race mixing, genocide, child castration, sex trafficking, and total niggerdization of every pure and good
That's why we're going to rope every last one of you.

great! now try posting something non-retarded.
I know you can do it fren, I believe in you!

The new shills really really suck at their jobs

Needs work

Based cypheraustrolibertarian man.

Alright, you're almost there! It's okay!
Here, Ill give you a hint:
The topic of the thread is the arrest of Julian Assange.
Do you have something to say about that? I'm interested!

Very kind of you user, but the essentials are missing.
Also with the site being so slow many may not even see the page images you posted load in the browser, and it would be lost when this thread goes in the archives.
So I took the trouble to find the source document, and archive it.

Assange affidavit
Archived URL
PDF also attached with this post

understood. thanks.



glowniggers had pushed this to the bottom of the catalog.
Expect lots more slides popping up again.

He has cp in his files.

If anyone else had filed with cp they'd be branded a pedo.
Why not assange?

It's well known the only people who deal in cp are feds who use it for leverage.

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You are going to choke to death on a limp lettuce leaf, faggot.

The simplest hurdle for Assange's lawyers to throw up would be simple jurisdiction—-Assange is not a US citizen and has never set foot in the USA. The indictment is fine for charging Manning, but Assange is simply not within the jurisdiction of the USA here.
We can get into Bill of Rights violations that would be needed to prosecute Assange if and when he's extradited.

The Prosecution Of Julian Assange Is Infinitely Bigger Than Assange


Julian Assange’s mother reported yesterday that the WikiLeaks founder has not been permitted any visitors during his detention in Belmarsh Prison, including from doctors and his lawyers. Doctors who visited Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy have attested that he urgently needs medical care. Belmarsh is a maximum security prison sometimes referred to as “the UK’s Guantanamo Bay”.

And yet we’re asked to believe that this has something to do with an alleged bail violation and a US extradition request for alleged computer crimes carrying a maximum sentence of five years. If you zoom out and listen to the less-informed chatter of the overt propagandists and the brainwashed rank-and-file western mass media consumers, you will also see that people believe this has something to do with Russia and rape allegations as well.

Actually, none of these things are true.

Assange is being imprisoned under draconian conditions for journalism, and for journalism only. The Obama administration declined to prosecute him after WikiLeaks’ publication of the Manning leaks out of concern that doing so would endanger press freedoms, and the Obama administration didn’t have any more evidence at its disposal than the Trump administration has now. The “crime” Assange is accused of consists of nothing other than standard journalistic practices that investigative journalists engage in all the time, including source protection and encouraging the source to obtain more material. The only thing that has changed is an increased willingness in the White House to prosecute journalists for practicing journalism, and there are an abundance of reasonsto believe that he will be hit with far more serious charges once extradited to US soil. They’re not going to all this trouble for a bail violation and a five-year maximum sentence.

But if you zoom out even further, in the grand scheme of things this barely even has anything to do with Assange. Sure, he has of course been a thorn in the side of those who operate the transnational western power alliance, and given the choice they would of course prefer him to be locked up or dead than free and alive. But that’s not what the corrupt influencers who are strangling our world are shooting for here. They are making a grab for something much, much bigger. Assange just happens to be a stepping stone along the way.

As we’ve discussed previously, the prosecution of Assange is really designed to set a legal precedent which will enable the US government to imprison journalists for trying to hold it to account using journalism. The reason you are seeing the phrase “Assange is not a journalist” bleated constantly by empire lackeys all around the world today is because they need a counter-narrative for the indisputable fact that this precedent poses a threat to journalists around the world, the argument being that since Assange isn’t a journalist (pure bullshit by the way), this isn’t setting a precedent for journalists. As though their personal definition of what a “real journalist” is will be the one used by the US government when determining whether or not to prosecute other people for doing things similar to what Assange did, instead of whatever definition happens to suit US government agendas in that instance.

But in order to get the really, really big picture perspective of what these bastards are going for, we need to zoom out even further than that.

In the sci-fi novel Ender’s Game, the young protagonist applies a vicious beating to one of his bullies, killing him. When asked why he did this by his handlers, the boy, who has been bred and raised to become a strategic savant, explains that he did it not out of malice toward the bully, nor only to win the fight, but to win all future fights as well. If the kids at school see what savagery he’s capable of and know he’s not to be trifled with, he won’t ever have to fight them.

If this sounds a bit sociopathic to you, that’s because it is. And, with the notable difference of the bully and victim roles being reversed, this is exactly the principle we are seeing exercised with Assange.

The entire world is watching what is being done to Assange currently. No matter how propagandized you are, no matter how much you hate the man personally, you’re watching that happen and learning a lesson from it. And that lesson is, never do anything remotely like what that guy did, or you’ll meet the same fate. This is the real goal of Assange’s persecution, and it doesn’t impact merely one Australian publisher in a UK jail cell, nor even merely the investigative journalists around the world who are interested in practicing the lost art of holding power to account using journalism, but everyone in the world who consumes news media.

And it works. I know it works because it works on me. I’ll say right here and now, if you’ve got information that incriminates the most powerful people in the world, keep it the hell away from me. Give it to someone else, literally anyone else, because I myself am far too cowardly and have far too much to lose by getting involved in anything that could lead to me rotting in some overseas prison cell. I’ve got kids. I’m in love. I cannot and will not go down that path. And if this is true for me I know for certain that it’s true for countless others as well. They’ve brutalized whistleblowers to the point that it’s surely had a severe chilling effect on those who would otherwise become key leak sources, and now they’re brutalizing the journalists who publish those leaks as well. The odds of someone willing to blow the whistle on real power meeting a journalist who is willing to help them are rapidly diminishing to zero.

They’re trying to win this fight against Assange in brutal fashion to ensure that they win all future fights as well.

Which is why it’s absolutely stupid that this conversation so often gets fixated on Assange the man, whether it’s smears or praise.

The other day I published a massive mega-article attacking the major smears about Assange I’ve encountered. There are 27 of them in total so far, and I’ll be adding more soon. This mountain of smears exists because instead of paying attention to the world-shaping dangers I just outlined which threaten to make it impossible to oppose the leaders of the US-centralized empire who are marching us towards either extinction or dystopia, people are babbling about Assange’s personality, or whether or not he cleaned up after his cat while at the embassy.

The flip side of this is people who fixate on Assange as a hero, which can of course help draw attention to his plight and therefore be of some benefit, but ultimately that’s also missing the forest for the trees. This is so very, very much bigger than Assange, and we need to oppose it for reasons that are far, far more significant than the individual characteristics of one man who, depending on what we’ve heard, we may or may not believe is a nice person.

Never lose sight of this: the intimidation of whistleblowers and leak publishers threatens to stop truth from informing the behaviors of our entire species, leaving only the whims of the most powerful to decide our fate. The most powerful people are those most dedicated to pursuing power, those sociopathic enough to step on anyone’s head and do whatever it takes to secure as much control as possible over as many humans as possible. That’s who we’re handing the steering wheel of our world to if we allow truth to be intimidated into silence.

And never lose sight of this, either: with the imprisonment and prosecution of Julian Assange, these same sociopathic oppressors have exposed themselves. They have ripped off the friendly Big Brother mask and exposed the dark infernal entities which squirm and hiss underneath. This sudden interest in the legal technicalities of bail protocol and journalistic source protection protocol happen to look exactly the same as prosecuting a journalist for publishing facts because that is exactly what is happening. Don’t ever let anyone gaslight you into believing otherwise, and don’t you dare miss this rare opportunity to point out to your fellow humans how our oppressors have revealed their true nature.

* * *

Everyone has my unconditional permission to republish or use any part of this work (or anything else I’ve written) in any way they like free of charge. My work is entirely reader-supported, so if you enjoyed this piece please consider sharing it around, liking me on Facebook, following my antics on Twitter, throwing some money into my hat on Patreon or Paypal, purchasing some of my sweet merchandise, buying my new book Rogue Nation: Psychonautical Adventures With Caitlin Johnstone, or my previous book Woke: A Field Guide for Utopia Preppers. The best way to get around the internet censors and make sure you see the stuff I publish is to subscribe to the mailing list for my website, which will get you an email notification for everything I publish. For more info on who I am, where I stand, and what I’m trying to do with this platform, click here.

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the CIA work for the european aristocracy, they're not working for American citizens, the first CIA director spent more time advising the Kremlin than advising the white house

Sucks to be you, docile sheep.


Are you too retarded to upload a PDF somewhere?

he didn't break the law, US law does not apply where he was, this is corporate law taking over the globe, the new world order in action

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Will Julian Assange face the death penalty in the United States? What does his arrest mean for freedom of speech, and journalism worldwide? What is at stake for whistleblowers and speaking truth to power? What changed under the administration of President Donald Trump?

Imagine being this person

They killed him years ago

I could say Sadaam Hussein arrested and throw in a CNN or Wolf Blitzer or sources say and 9/10 of you would celebrate. Fucking retards.

This fake arrest is just to remind people that some people are allowed to rape kids, rig elections, and commit war crimes, and others need to accept their slavery and if they try to rise up they will be killed and nobody will do anything about it. They are right too. Not one person on the planet will put themselves at risk to protect somebody who simply exposes a mafias crimes.

That that sink in. If you report the elites crimes you will be destroyed, and not one Infowars Prime member will do one thing about it. For at least the next 100 trillion years, you will be permanently checkmated by glows nsas mafias and celebrities. Every single action you take will be monitored 24/7 by Israel, and you can't move one inch on the planet without first checking with your masters to see if you made them enough big macs.

We did it Polddit!

What next, muh earlobs spacings?

This is how I handle my enemies. 100% success rate so far.

However, they can't.

Everyone watching this and seeing what happens to 'celebrity hackers' like Mendax and HooHa (and to a certain extent even Kevin Mitnick) has their instructions:


No ego, no publicity, no target for them to attack. Lone wolves. Don't brag too much about what you have aside from strategic reasons. Release it widely and anonymously. Sit back and watch the fruits of your labor without needing credit.

What are the answers?

Just like how the KGB was holding together the Soviet Union, childraping boomer satanist



is there any spanishfags or anyone who knows what agencia6 is?

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It's just a web newsletter from Spain.

Assange reported the crimes of the US government against its own citizens, the military against foreign civilians, and the DNC against registered democrats. trump is the traitor and deep state cuck who is trying to execute the hero Assange

I have been watching you. you have "balls". God Bless you and keep you safe "user"

ya Mitch Mcconnel likes trump's soft skills all right. trump tweets tough then sucks cock and says we need MOAR immigrants than EVA

When, you're assuming I want to fit this communit, but merely want to go home.

Hones, what in the hell do you expect me to do about this? I have no control over any of this as long as you hold me where I don't belong.