Notre Dame burning


Place your bets for shitskin burning it down.
I say let the fucker burn down, accelerate! If a glorious city like Paris needs to be reduced to ruins and rubble, i say let it happen. Because in that ruin of a once great city i will find my brothers again. They will see the rubble and finally realise what has happened to their ancestral lands!


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Damn you macron
I played in an orchestra there back in ‘02. This is a fucking shame. Same user who stood where Adolf stood at the Eiffel Tower too. Fuck em

I'd bet money on an Allahu Akbar.


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Same. Mad mo’ mudshit

Looks pretty advanced

You watch, they'll build a mosque over the ruins.

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This is a horrifying site, desecration of holy history. However, in the face of tragedy tears should be overlapped by vengeance.

No matter who did it, I wonder if the French government will scape goat the yellow vests.

Yep, that's a happening.

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I wonder who burned it down.

Argh, maybe this was (((Catholic))) lightning.

Thats what (((news))) is saying at least.

doesn't take the government for some tard to scapegoat the yellow vests

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I found this image, the fire seems to be exactly where the scaffolding stands.

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wonder who was working the restoration?

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Rage fuel

Cheap labor from the Middle-East?

lmao, you might be right

niggers burn our history we burn niggers. i really hope there is retaliation here.

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Probably a diverse group of people! Come on user it's 2019! French historical monuments are for the world and don't belong to the French! :^)


Marked and capped

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Anyone have a live feed?
When this one ended, the fire looked really bad

That's what I'm thinking. Anyone with an easy labor's working, which can include MANY immigrants, with all kinds of thoughts circling in their minds about the country they've fallen into, could have "accidentally" instigated a fire amongst a restoration project of the cathedral from a period of history they had nothing to do with. A symbol serving oppressive traditions, in their eyes.
Just my two thoughts.


Well, you can be sure it wasn't a jew doing manual labor, so I'd guess cheap shitskins

How symbolic


This is the logical conclusion of flooding your nation with niggers. Civilization literally burns down.

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heil, but the jew profits.


Why am I not surprised?

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Let it all burn down. The French have historically been nothing but weak cucks and kike lovers. I welcome the death of the French nation and I welcome the beginning of a new Algerian-Cameroonian Caliphate.

christcucks btfo

Wow this is almost poetic, a symbol of French culture literally in flames

Youre an idiot.

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lmao wat are you even doing

Feels rough, always wanted to go there.

Deus Vult


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Libs will mock this but he’s right

Varg did it. The vikings took Paris at last.

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Roof is burning?
Should be all slate and copper?
Inside arches should be stone and marble and shit?

lmfao, restoration started on April 11th, 2019. Either the people restoring it are painfully incompetent or this was malicious.

Nasty. I've seen more feminine White trannies.

It is very symbolic. A turning of ages, built on fire. It was only inevitable, perhaps, with the slow dulling of France over the centuries, but it hurts nonetheless knowing the time it came from.

You can always light a candle in the Notre Da… oh wait..

The spiral is going to collapse soon.

This is speculation of course. But a pretty good one at that. We should know more pretty soon.

I’m a historian at a DII university.

What a great day. Hail Óðinn!

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11) Allow the people of our nations to drive the country together. The governments' jobs should be to form a continual and unified culture based on our history and rejecting the (((modern))) way things are done. We need to create our own history, cherish our own heroes, and have the same vision of the future. We might need another 9/11 to unify the country in tragedy, perhaps a terrorist group nukes some of the most degenerate cities in the continent.

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Roof just collapsed the shit looks like detroit nao.



you have terrible taste in women

Why is Jewtube giving me a link about information on 9/11?


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Does anybody know has the hunchback escape?

Checked dub dubs
No prob

fuck you, I'm just naturally tanned

We lost him unfortunately

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Start the clock until we hear the first kike offer the idea of how this tragedy would be a great opportunity to rebuild it into a mosque.

Holeeeee krikeeee!

This seems malicious. Imagine how proud some Muslim is at the fact that he burned down one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Paris.


You absolute coon. If the French hadn't been gelded so recently, for their cooperation with the Reich, then you would be the one on fire.

whats left of christcuckery when all their pretty buildings are burnt down? a dead kike on a stick. burn them all.


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That would be too brazen, they'll call it an "interfaith centre" first. Then it will ultimately become a mosque.

Where the fuck are the firefighters? Don't tell me they're in a tolerance course.


Lel, this was my first thought as well.

And the retarded shill outs himself again
You're mistaken white women for your mom and sisters.

The French are weak and Napoleon was the anomaly. Of course, he made the mistake of trying to invade Russia.

Jews are holding their leash. This was planned. Destruction of Christian culture

My name is Common Filth

Checked. I’m seething. Right out of hs I got to go tour Europe with an orchestra and we played in this cathedral. We played the entire Carmen suite by Bizet.
It’s gone now just like everything else good
Fuck em

youre not even posting mutts with hot bodies probably because youre a beta and you know youd never have a chance to fuck so you post 6’s and act like theyre top tier as a cope

They are not even trying to put the fucking fire out.

Crazy, it's like the muslim firefighters are in no hurry to put out a fire in a Christian cathedral.

Chrhistian culture is jew culture


Centuries of hard labor by European hands disappearing in minutes

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French 9/11 ;_;

Why would the Jews want to destroy their kike worshiping golems?

the hunchback is kill

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Checked. Fuck

nobody agrees with you, kike.
if youre not a kike, lurk more

This is no joking matter. The kikes are performing some black magic with this event, just like they did with 9/11.

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Second church on fire in Paris within a month

no, u