Socialism is coming to America

You guys gonna vote or what?

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More like social democracy but yea I'll cast my vote for the sucdem with no expectations.

Sorry this time I only lend my electoral support to those willing to challenge criminal election fraud.

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Yes, I'm voting for Yang. I want 1000 dollars.

If I was American the only reason to vote for Sanders would be out of sheer self-interest if I'm struggling with my health or student's debt. Otherwise I really don't see why a communist would do so. As said in that interview, when Bernie joined a bunch of Trots in his younger years, he was a "social democrat even then". His takes on Venezuela, Israel, etc. are all horrid, and he's an imperialist. If you really want to vote for a radlib, support Ilhan Omar, she's the most principled in the spectacle of American politics right now. Tulsi Gabbard too, if you don't mind a bit of Hindu nationalism - but as far as I can tell that's just her personal spook because of her beliefs.

You're a bit out of the loop, Yang is probably the best self interest choice right now.

Jim Profit said he will be the Stalin to Yeng's Lenin of free sheeit.

Yes, of course.

Sanders' stance on Venezuela, Israel, Syria, Iran, etc., if evaluated purely on their contents, have nothing strictly wrong with them. His decades of anti-imperialist voting record and activism back this up. About the closest thing to a bad foreign policy position I'd attribute to him is perpetuating Russiagate conspiracy theories, and even that is arguably mere political rhetoric rather than something that will have policy consequences such as militarization or sanctions.

UBI is neither inherently good nor inherently bad, due to the variety of ways in which it could be implemented.

Pokemon go fuck yourself


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Dude, Yang announced his candidacy in 2017. Talk about being out of the loop. And it doesn't matter anyway, because Zig Forums and all the other morons making him unelectable right now by depicting him as taking money from Jews and the such. Any chance that guy would have had in the primaries is currently destroyed by the incels and memelords.

It's amazing how thoroughly divorced from reality Zig Forums is. In the real world, the right-wing is dominated by neocons backed by tens of millions of Christard Baptist millennialist fundies eager to pour the entire DoD/CIA budget into Israel to hasten the apocalypse, the entirety of meaningful complaints about Israel come from the fringe left (mostly on the basis of vulgar turd-worldist LARPing rather than a principled universalist commitment to human rights worldwide), and the overwhelming majority of burgers don't care at all about Israel or Jews.

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Holy shit I've never seen such an incorrect political analysis within my life time, I mean I don't go to Zig Forums so I wouldn't know what the fuck they're thinking but I've been to "Yang Gang" videos and they all have 200 likes to 20 dislikes, everyone's giving him the Trump treatment and are memeing him as the next president, as long as the Democrats realize this in time and elect him for their primary, but of course that won't happen they'll probably elect Hilldawg again or someone worse so Trump wins Yang is a shoe in to win as long as enough of gen z which is pushing him actually votes, your only legitimate argument against Yang could be that they won't make it in time to vote. The incels and memelords are the one's supporting Yang.

Is that why they also have dual citizenship with Israel?
Nice way to discredit them after admitting some criticism is valid. But also you're ignoring all the right wingers and Muslim's who work to uncover financial plots driven by Zionists for ages which are all well documented but I guess any criticism your type's would just dismiss.

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Remember "Trump will make anime real and build a wall?"
This is the new version of that. Watch Yang get elected then fail to keep his promises. Based Ben Garrison was right, electoralism is just a scam run by the Illuminati Frankenstein Jew supercomputer.

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There is vested bourgeoisie interest in implementing UBI though where there wasn't with the wall.

yeah, I wanna end the forever wars

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Yeah, I know. But compared to Trump, Yang is rather obscure at this point still, and especially the libs who don't know him are alienated pretty by memes which appear on a surface level more extreme than the ones that Trump started out with (remember that Trump memes could unite both Zig Forumsyp types and incels as well as boomers). At this point, despite wanting to support him, they actually involuntarily smear him. You will not get a normie Dem to vote for Yang if the first thing he sees is a picture of Yang shooting a happy merchant. Let's be real here.

I mean with contemporary internet politics you never knew what happens, so I might be wrong, but you should already read the tone of this article:

The bourgeoisie is not a united faction. As far as I can see it though, a UBI is just a redistribution of welfare, with prices and rents adjusting accordingly. I doubt it'll actually raise the living standard of the lower class except in the first months of its introduction.


This is because the American two parties are more like a broad alliance of multiple parties. When you are a progressive Democratic president, or a far-right Republican president, it doesn't help you if you have Congress and Senate in absolute majority with your party, because the Dems and the Reps are full with factions which all hate each other and are even willing to make alliances with the opposition party to get their agenda through. Someone like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, etc. would rather cut their toes off than supporting an UBI or even any of the lukewarm shit Bernie proposes.

In Europe this is different. Party discipline is pretty big here, and while there are way more parties, and therefore more colourful coalitions, if the leadership of a party is elected by a decent amount of their members, they can usually make stuff happen if they end up in a position of power. There are factional battles here too, but it usually doesn't drive them into the arms of their literal enemies. Usually.

I'm not agreeing with the content, I'm just saying the stuff like this rag or the subreddit are a more influential demographic than some incels from imageboards or SomethingAwful. If your internet movement cant permeate into the normie sphere by more accessible memes and shticks, he won't get more than 5%.

Which is bad
I mean yeah, this has been the rule for years. Both are still bad.

People could have said the same of anti feminism and the alt right years ago.

*Anti sjw's

Yes, they go on pilgrimages to le holy land, volunteer in Israeli businesses, and subsidize the immigration of Jews to Israel out of their church collections.
Because they're myopic drooling retards inveigled by abloo abloo muh murdered Palestinian babbys while ignoring or directly apologizing for the exact same thing going on throughout the region at a far vaster scale (even apartheid against the Palestinians specifically, Jordan, Lebanon, etc.). Israel sucks dicks, but most of its critics are absolute brainlets.
Because they're superstitious toddlers who think Israel is using Kabbalistic Jew Magic to make their dicks retract into their bodies or whatever.

There are many different versions of UBI being proposed. I'm betting if it happened in burgerstan under a neolib, it would be a below-minimum-wage pittance indexed to a completely unrealistic model of inflation (if it automatically adjusts to inflation at all, which it probably won't), and be coupled with elimination or paring down of minimum wage and welfare.

>the stuff like this rag or the subreddit are a more influential demographic than some incels from imageboards or SomethingAwful
Goons are in control of every SJW clickbait outlet of The Verge's ilk, as well as all the mod positions on Reddit, Twitter, and pretty much everywhere else in the normiesphere.

Is Bernie planning to do anything with the lack of public transport?

So anyone with the consciousness of a single celled organism can see Israel is bad. Got it

Sanders is too dangerous to the "two party" system. He could easily beat Trump. He spouts fine socialist rhetoric, but that's to get people to vote for him. He's a good speaker. The reality is, as an Independent, and a veteran politician, he could easily work with Republicans as well as Democrats.

I predict the Democrats will run someone who is not electable, like Joe Biden. The purpose of this is to continue Trump Derangement Syndrome for another four years until we get more AOC types into congress, where it counts. That way, after the 2024 elections, the Democrats will have control of both the legislative and executive. For a brief period after that, their political agenda will sail right through. It is important to get as many members of your party into congress before you run a winning candidate for president.

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Only if I give a shit and think I can win this time. No more getting """randomly""" drafted to be Porky's jury duty hangman because I protest-voted for a lost cause.

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This method of politics is why shit never gets done in the US. Two year window to pass whatever they want but because they are so greedy we get bullshit like the Affordable Care Act. We need people who are not being lobbied. Period.

yall should vot this dude for the sickly bastards living in your country, your healthcare system fucking sucks ass