Notre Dame cathedral

This is a direct result of the EU's mass immigration policy that left people unchecked and allowed these migrants that refused to conform to another countrys ways and beliefs. This islamic terrorism must be stopped and for the sake of a bright future, we must kick these people of the country around the world and send them back to where they came from!!!

Let their own country they came from be a shit hole and be the only shit hole they come to see. Do not let them turn the west into their own savage hell scape!

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christcucks are traitors conquered by rome

sigh. dubs on a kikepost.

What happened? Links in French please.

En Francais s'il vous plaît?

6,000,000 Catholics burned to ashes….

Kike post christcucks btfo 🤡🤡🤡
Yahweh save us


Why do people blaming nonsensical abstractions like the "EU"? Every single thing the "EU" suggests, mandates, demands, pleads for, could be rejected out of hand by military force. The people to blame are the ZOGbots who own all the tanks, the fighter jets, the submarines, the APCs, the artillery, the millions of rifles, who enforce it.

Need more pictures, this is big.

Anyone know if real, but sounds like maybe 6-7 different mudslimes. So wasn't lone wolf like other people were saying. Makes more sense for a gang of these brown bandits to get together and do something stupid like this.

Already a thread, moshe.

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(((They))) are coming hard with the pagan/christian D&C with this one, as the other thread demonstrates. Try not to fall for it like a bunch of fags.

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The other thread is at 725+ replies. Don't start with that "a thread died for this" bullshit.

Oh fuck off you pagan larp fag

Glass all adamite nigger mudshit poo and beaner bug filth
Eco Naturism has won. We are in the death throes now

Surely france should build a multicultural temple in its place, to rid the area of the former white opression and embrace diversity. A perfect image for the image of france, let he old hate burn and build a place of love and tolerance. Whites never had any culture to speak of anyways..

Surely this proposition wouldnt enrage the progressive french people.

It's not us Christians, it's the Pagan fags who come here from cuckchan who are shitposting

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If you worship a dead socialist hippie jew then you can't fucking talk.

Daily reminder that the Allies bombed Switzerland. Don't worry though it was a prank.

It's pure coincidence goy, I assure you.

Look how any shitskins are in there restoring Notre Dame?

This. That is all.

And what kind of worker do we trust to throw around lit cigarettes in a restoration project around wood centuries old…

Christianity is the reason there is multiculturalism.


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Article on the recent spree of attacks, vandalism, and church burnings to give further context.

"And in the southern city of Nimes, near the Spanish border, vandals looted the altar of the church of Notre-Dame des Enfants (Our Lady of the Children) and smeared a cross with human excrement."

Now which group has a hatred of christ and a love of excrement?

Christianity is the reason you have a home

Looking forward to seeing the colors of the French flag on the empire state building again. And more talk about tariffs on China, unreproduction rights, laws to protect holohoax survivors. Thanks, Trump.

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but there is proof that this is not an accident.
Another church was burned down a short while ago, and it was confirmed to be arson. Link in french though.

Get a room, faggots.

Now switch IDs and make a "kike on a stick" joke next, you predictable cocksucker.

No, it's not. lol

they had to cut an entire forest just for this. (that's why this section is called "the forest")
theses pieces of wood are over 800 year old.

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You can bet that anything valuable in that fire is on its way to Israel this very moment.

If you worship a mound of dirt then shut the fuck up and go worship your dirt pile

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It's the (((Catholics))) splitting this board apart! If you're not going to an Orthodox church every weekend, you cannot call yourself a Christian!

Notre doom.

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I don't worship anything. The idea of a "god" is fucking pointless.

The issue ITT is that the Christians see this event as a tragedy because a piece of Christian architecture has been severely damaged, whereas I and many others see it as a tragedy because a piece of European architecture has been severely damaged. Christianity didn't create this grand building, European men did.

You kikestians spam the board with off topic bullshit every goddamned day and have the gall to claim everyone else is at fault. The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.
The kikestian cries out in pain as he strikes you.

How symbolic. 800 years crushed within a few hours.


Don't forget how this event will make it vital to secure israel's interests in Syria and support for our troop's cervixes.

Is this a worthwhile path of investigation?


Can we all agree to leave our druid/Christian bullshit at the door and acknowledge that this is an attack on an ancient European work of art by an occupying enemy?

Oh look, it's (((B. J. Novak.)))

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THIS. Fucks sake, you guys.

It isn’t a coincidence this is happening with Easter at the door, with Easter being a Christianised pagan festival that was originally to celebrate fertility goddess Ishtar. Biblically, Easter is a holiday to remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Perhaps this is a (((Masonic))) sign of the old France being burned and the (((New France))) being born.

Fuck Ishtar
Fuck Saturn
Fuck Jupiter

Hail Mithras.
Hail Poseidon.
Hail Enki.

Yes, aliens exist and they rule Earth from the shadows.

Ishtar is the prototype of the frivolous, irrational female slut, that only cares, in the end, about herself. She is also associated with her father Saturn (= Satan). Look at the Roman Saturnalia for example. The association of Marduk with Ishtar was a mere Babylonian political trick that started long after the actual events described in old Hindu, Mesopotamian, Greek, etc., legends. Also, notice the pedo’s tendency to use bunny ears and Easter eggs. This is directly related to Ishtar worship. Also, notice the amount of goy children by kikes during Pesach (= Easter).

Oh and for those that actually think muslets did this, read up on Hegelian dialectics.

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No. Paid jewish shills are allowed to post here.

12th-Century isn't fucking ancient, it's medieval, later Middle Ages at that.

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why are amerimutts so weak they allow these kikes to speak in their name?

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Go away sandnigger

Pagan here, and I disagree.
It's obviously shills trying to rile up both sides, I see degeneracy thrown at both, there was even a retard saying the Greeks and Romans weren't Pagan.
That said I hope we're to just throw that shit aside and unite for our common goals

The fire rises

No. Falling for dnc is the status quo in nu/pol/.

Is it time then?

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Do you really think it matters? Both are an attack on our people.




Ben Shapiro isn't representative of anyone but kikes. Nobody likes him, hes just propped up with jew media money.

More monkey foot kissing is in order.

t. Pope

How about no, this is an attack on Christianity and the pagan larpers are celebrating this just as much as the kikes and mudslimes are

I second that sentiment

History may not repeat but it sure does fucking rhyme.

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They're Europeans, what do you expect.

This. We all know that the French were forced to buy into Christianity, so the fact that they were still able to create something beautiful out of that oppression is a true mark of what Europeans are all about. I'm no Christian but Christian artwork is a testament to the ingenuity of the European mind, being able to take something from a simplistic Semitic religion and elevate it to new heights.

A little while ago I was listening to the BBC. They had Freemason Ken Follett (mason?) who authored Pillars of the Earth (about freemasonry) talking about how this Cathedral will burn, because he wrote about it in his book. Talk about revelation of the method.

Doubt some nigger set it on fire, was probably a work accident and nothing special. ~Jew

>most notable Christian church outside Vatican burns down (((accidentally))) while being (((renovated)))
Hmmmmm. It's too perfect a date for the (((tribe))) to pass up, so calling it now

It has existed for only 2019 years. How can you possibly make this statement?
Rome, at the height of its glory, was Pagan. Greece, throughout their greatest ascent, was Pagan, and Christ hadn't even been born then.
Most of the greatest civilizations on Earth rose to their heights before Christ was born, and their fantastic architecture still remains.

if you don't believe that Jesus is the Son of God you might as well be saying the same thing kikes are


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Oh for fucks sake fuck off back to cuckchan where you belong

I regretted the word choice immediately. It's old, it's of great historic importance. I don't think splitting on semantics is the right call either.

Reminder that the website owner allows paid jewish shills to post here.

Fire still burning.
I say we meme a new mosque into existence.

Regardless, im not happy about it, but this is V2.0 of Notre Flame thread.

Christ's crown of thorns was lost in the fire today.

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Rome was tarnished by christcuckery, not the other way around.

Paid jewish shill.

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Only a retard fucking cares WHO DID IT…

Hell be fine.

To burn it down aswell? Agreed

It's not an attack if nobody did it.

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his followers and cuckservative media seem to disagree

Yep. Hard not to 'fall for it' when its just propaganda exchange at this point.

A solution to this division must be found.

you all ready are, you just don't realise it.


(Super satan)
The country is so blacked, the emergency responders were too slow to be any use.


It's dnc faggots.
I'm an agnostic with some appreciation for the concepts of paganism (mostly the ancestor worship and the value of the story myths) and I know this is very much a tragedy.
Christian or not, our ancestors built it.

Its organic material that would decay over 2000 years. The holy relics are in many cases fakes.

They already posted that they saved it.

Yet again LARPagans proving they're anti white

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(old thread)
So it was niggers? Seems legit.