BREAKING: French Interior Ministry official says firefighters might not be able to save Notre Dame Cathedral

BREAKING: French Interior Ministry official says firefighters might not be able to save Notre Dame Cathedral.

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You don't need your own thread.

Christcuckolds have raped europe for 2000 years, they deserve this

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So bringing civilization to the world is "raping"?

just global report him

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the greeks and pre-christian rome brought civilization to the world

Reminder that TOR has been shut down. It's ok to blame the muslims. If you blame the jews, you are risking a visit from law enforcement.


Europeans brought civilization - despite - Christianity.

fucking cathedral is right next to a river. fire companies have pumps they can drop into water and use to direct massive amounts of water onto burning structures. french authorities literally stood by and watched it burn with a little piss stream spraying it as it burned. charlemagne will have his revenge.

Lol get your head checked.

Fearing god brought good out of people. Look at the world we live in without god. Nothing but degenerates and savages

Shit son, Europe got where it is today by literally castrating the church, fuck are you on about?

Perpetuating his personal sunk cost fallacy by conflating correlation and causation

Cry harder, shills.

Reminder that you deserved it.

These three stain-glass windows have exploded. From 1225, 1250 and 1250.

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What an epic clusterfuck that has been.

I hope he meant it's been disabled again because of the redtext spamming faggot

If it was indeed burned down by sandniggers that might be a decent redpill for frog normalfags and yellow vests. Probably too hopeful though.

Today's burning of Notre Dame is like a metaphor for the collapse of western civilization.

christcuckolds ruined european civilization

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This cathedral is a piece of art and history, it burning wont damage christianity in any way, you must be retarded to think it would. Only a mudslime can feel happy about what happening.

An esoteric metaphor?

This is it, this is how the overton window gets shifted.

Fuck Christianity for all its semitic slave-morality, but this is not semitic slave-morality. There are no blueprints or designs for these magnificent structures in any Abrahamic texts. These things are pure European. This beauty is in our blood, regardless of the books foisted upon us by manipulative greedy tyrants whose names our people were forced to dedicate them to.

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The neglect that allowed the building to get into this state needing such drastic repairs is inexcusable. That spire was already falling apart. We can't let this happen again, to any beautiful architecture or art, anywhere in Europe.

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Notre Dame will be rebuilt.

TOR is disabled again? THANK FUCKING GOD! 99% of the time TORnigger posts were retarded bullshit.

Also this didn't need its own thread.

Sounds like what Florian Geyer did to that Catholic Cathedral and those Catholic Churches!

americans bombed notre-dame in 1944
they bombed all along the seine in their offensive towards rhine. 50 thousand french civilians were killed in the bombings.
there is a hundred year backlog of revenge against anti-white genocide


Exactly. Has Amerimutt and kike fingerprints all over it.

fuck off rabbi, go prep a bull or suck a baby dick

How convenient.

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Trust us we all wish you were speaking German right now too.

attacks in europe are like pinches compared to what we (americans) are in for in the coming generation
after washington burns to the ground then europeans will be free of our "arsenal of democracy"

into a mosque of peace

big building fall down :(

Fuck off Schlomo

Gothic architecture is ugly user.

Ok that got a laugh out of me.

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Hearing reports they will be able to salvage the remains of the structures.

I'd laugh my ass off if he will say that Notre Dame can't be rebuilt.

was the construction company jewish?


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dragons aren't real! False flag! Psyops! Sloppy job mossad

is this the new thread?

Hi, jew shill.

Fuck LARPagans and they're satanic goat worshiping, along with their FAGthiest friends, and their goatfucking friends.

Europeans are Japhetites.
Arabs/Jews are Shemites.
Niggers are Hamites.


Way to go retard.

Doesn't help if you have firefighting teams made up of people who aren't French.

big building fell down ;)

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no nigger that's not "footage" that's a photo of a TV showing a still of "footage"
its really a boat?

What if this fire was caused by corrupt christian leadership trying to cover up crimes?
Would you guys leave the religion if that was true?

You’re really bad at your job.

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And what if it leads to pogroms instead?

It's your fault France for not electing Frollo. He gave you his catchy campaign slogan "Choose me.. or the Fire" and he kept his promise. Burn all hunchbacks and mudslimes to make France great again.

I'm not even overly religious but I understand Notre Dame is an extremely important piece of European culture and it's going to be destroyed by the hands of non-Europeans.

Asking the real questions, as the normalfags like to say.

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It can't though. Who does this kind of art in this age? Anyone?

And if someone can, how much do you pay a guy to rebuild a historical monument?

Surely a cohencidence.

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Yes. There will be plenty of ip addresses for jamal to work on tomorrow, rabbi.

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Sacre bleu! ON HON HON HON mon ami!
A Jewish landmark is burned to the ground. Who gives a fuck.


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They're going to rebuild the Third Temple in France.
Macron is the anti-christ.

And "rebuilt" by them.


Pic related, jew.
We were plenty civilized before your rabbi was born. All you brought forth was cognitive AIDS.

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Wait, did the firefighters just gave up?

Macron would be more heart broken if the mosque in Mecca was destroyed.

People need a reality check. If you have a group of people who want their religion to conquer the world, they attack you, and you give them power, they are going to keep attacking you.

They gave up earlier this afternoon. They decided that it wasn't worth the effort.


It's Magritte

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We need to push the narrative that it was, even if it wasn't. This is our Reichstag Fire.

as a multi-cultural, multi-faith center to reflect a city that is nolonger European.

Say, "Clean me Mr.Cleanse!" to roll for a flattened Mecca

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LARPing as a coping mechanism is not a good look fellas.

really? read:

Hello PJW you've been 'stealing' my memes for years now you nigger ;^) Keep going - give them air - let them breathe


Oh, you wish we were LARPing this time don't you Muhammad

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I'm just saying if that gay ass cube started on fire and a bunch of White people were on Facebook reacting with :) emoticons the media would announcing it non stop.

So sick and tired of fags defending the French

I'd love for you to do it, but you won't, so its just LARPing to cope.

I just can't stand it anymore. I feel sick in my guts.

The people who built it and maintained it for all those years were you pagan larp fag, they weren't a bunch of dirt worshipers like you

Your history is dying before your eyes, and all you feel is sick.

That's very sad.

Would a few tonnes of water really collapse a structure this large that was being secured by scaffolding that maintained it's structural integrity for more then three hours?
Why not use foam drop tanks?
Why did it take half an hour for firefighters to start battling the flames?
Why didn't they have long enough ladders?
Why did I only see one small hose that wasn't even denting the fire for over an hour?
Can they protect the remaining towers until daybreak?

Worst fire department ever.

Why don't they have a cause yet?
Is it related to Christchurch?
Will there be a cover up?

Was cringey to watch the French fall apart like that live while broadcasted to the world. Now I am left with more questions then answers.

Sickness comes first. Then comes the anger.

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i stood there staring at those windows for an hour once…i feel incredibly privileged to have been able to have been there….i would have died to save that building and it's contents.

You are literally like well-off american niggers who draw a sense of empowerment from having african art around as a way of transcending slave culture. Fuck me, you guys are pussies.

Dude, christianity is truly fucking dead.


Coming to a mosque near you

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