Op: Hunt for Gloating Sandniggers

Someone was kind enough to post this video to twitter, showing invader scum laughing at the burning of Notre Dame.

There were pictures elsewhere on the board of these gloating sandniggers. Post them here.

We have their FB profiles.
Find them.
Ruin them.

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Bump for dead shitskins..

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maybe share on halfchan too. They're rather cucked, but they have the numbers.


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can we first get mods to clean up the dividing an conquring?

Sad that the work of white men is being destroyed. Glad another jewish temple is being destroyed.

these pathetic sand niggers

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What do you expect? Burning Notre Dame is payback for the NZ shooting.

I expect you to kill yourself, yid.

Im getting tired of your shit Jakov.

Soundless webm for cuckchan if anyone wants to spread it.

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I want q-tards to leave

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Why not St. Peter's Basilica moshe?

Comments this time.

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Got your compilations right here buddy

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Single posts b/c slow net

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Muzzy scumbags are already on chan claiming it was Jews as they laugh while it burns.
Every-time a Muzzy kills or destroys something they blame Jews. I know Jews are greedy fucks but this is getting annoying.
Islam is not peaceful and wants to destroy the white culture. We need to keep them out of America or this is coming to your home town.

These are third world, inbred, monkeys. There are dogs that provide more to society.

You know, you’d have a lot more cultural success if you realized that part of why Islam spreads is the authentically unappealing nature of “leftists” like you. The simplistic fistulated tardbox that is Islamic culture doesn’t encourage people to undergo unpleasant cultural “enrichments” like nightclubs, hateful music, and celebrity worship. Islam protects the dignity of people in a way that upholds their happiness despite all adversity. The fact that Islam creates also an absurdly adverse world should make it ripe for disruption… Really, it should…

But no, western civilization must remember poo poo pee pee, because sacred narcissists must have their shit worshipped as they rule in dishonesty now, and the new dogma of lies and human misery must triumph instead. Nobody may have pleasure with dignity. Dignity is for the famous liars and the foreign abusers; it is a special pleasure commoners may only find by importing the tardbox and enslaving themselves to “peace”.

The dishonest and out of touch western leaders are being outhedonisted by regressive tribals humble enough to point out that the much-vaunted cultural achievements of the west are kind of all trashy stars beloved by trashy people. Humble enough to point out that this world kind of sucks.

Which it does. Integrity is the defense of modernity, and part of integrity is not abusing people in secret. Yet modern culture has been rotted by darkside loyalists who project their sins onto others and ruin the lives of anyone idealistic enough to potentially expose it.

Instead of defending a culture of drunken misery and abusive lameness that inspires mass defection to regressives (because basically nobody loves it in truth), why don’t we build a voluntarily kind society of dignity to better protect the pleasure of honest people? Instead of handing cultural direction to loyal liars who hate all the right people, lets exalt idealistic integrity.


Were many French pozzed university professors also gloating about this?

Of course they are laughing. Did you expect them to cry and hug a church lady? Wtf.


People who think everything is a false flag are literally already dying from brain cancer

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Useful twitter thread cataloguing the gloaters