Denmark is burning

While we're all watching France burning something more significant happened in Denmark.
Rasmus Paludan, edgy free speech activist, went to our multicultural capital and held a Quran throwing competition.

Muslims from all the nearby kebab shops and paki kiosks went full war mode and shut down around 25% of the city. Some of them were even wearing ISIS clothing (pic related):

After dozens of fires, riots and 30+ arrests the police had to pull their guns which finally made the Muslim crowd disperse:

Later "someone" called the police about "youth" jumping on a car. When the police arrived and went to check the car a timed carbomb went off:

They are literally bombing our police now.

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Video from just before the mass riots:

More footage from just before the real riots began:

2019 is the year all the masks come off. No more multikult bullshit. Just good old fashioned racism and war.

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They aren't "our" police. If they were, the ragheads wouldn't be in Denmark in the first place and the police would not have enforced strict firearms restrictions on the local population. Seriously, get the fuck off the board.

And yet the media is entirely silent.

Most humans on Earth have no idea any of this is happening.

You guys better step the fuck up, the police are not going to be able to do the extermination without you.


If we are going to survive the war has to start this year.


Is that fire from the car bomb?

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First I've heard of it.

Why isn't there a band with lyrics like that? We need some angry white barbarians with guitars to whip everyone into a frenzy. Music affects people. Any musicians here? We need to collaborate and condense our ideology into soundwaves.

There's Moonman

The Notre Dame burning was a diversion for the real burning of Denmark. Could be possible but I'm not sure what is significant in Denmark to warrant it. Other than throwing a Quaran which is like throwing a chair in front of a nigger, what value does Denmark have?

Blegh.. the cuckery

OMG that is hilarious can you imagine if you took all your lyrics from Zig Forums?

Followed by insane guitar solo….

Bands with lyrics like that tend to be death metal thrash scream-core bands that nobody can understand what the fuck they're saying anyway.

outed yourself, so bonus for you this week

It would make for great hardcore punk

That's what I listen to, actually. There are no good bands, besides Infernal War, that touches on those concepts.

Well then you better get the rope off from around your next and burn your suicide letter, because you're getting your wish.

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Any footage of the actual goings on? Or did they put a lid on it too quickly?


(((popular music))) usually conflicts with the kind of messages that fly around here

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Here, niggers.

Funny, if the "edgy free speech activist" had done a TALMUD throwing contest the pigs would've arrested him on the spot.

If it had been an "Anne Frank Diary" he'd be looking at 5yrs hard time, about 3X more than typical rape/murder case.

Lyrics could include:
Instructions to make bombs, exerpts from Mein Kampf, hate statistics about race and IQ and violent crime etc. Screamed vocal delivery.

Only because we're not the ones making it


Hey, that's pretty good.
this is now a heavy metal thread

And who is (((producing))) it?

I had no idea Denmark was so pozzed. Let me guess, you get arrested for wearing NatSoc Regalia, but Jewish controlled OP ISIS garb is ok.

Once we seize the central banks, we will produce it

I alredy know Infernal War, pretty brutal polish band. You have a good taste.

Good, don't you guys feel it. Acceleration is in full force right now. The coming months/years will be crucial for the survival of European people.

Why does no one do something?
Why does no one do something?
Why does no one do something?
Why does no one do something?
Why does no one do something?


Now you are larping

Spotify founders (a cuck and a negro) literally given a "Good Goy" award by a US based Jew Organisation:

Remove the weeds.

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You too m8

I think the time is ripe for independent musicians to start producing their own music. Even normies are sick of mainstream culture. Equipment has never been cheaper.

The average mudslime gets the power of meme magic. Why can't our people too?

No, the car bomb was in an entirely different location and different time of day (even a different day, I believe)

Not that any of these will make it to your specific news feeds.

So OP is still a faggot for misleading?

That sounds like a fantastic method of getting them to come out of the woodwork. Bonus points if the qurans were supplied for free by a peaceful muslim charity.

Saudi money. Our leaders are very quick to sell us out.

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I'm not saying it doesn't glow in the dark, but a rival religion stepping up attacks in a religious time seems very likely.

Not entirely. I read the material available and sought some danish sources of my own, and it seems it was just past midnight after the event with Rasmus Paludan, that cops were called to "youths" jumping on a car. More cannot be said for certain, as the police supposedly hasn't come out with a statement about it yet.
But the car bomb wasn't at the Rasmus Paludan event, it was later, and somewhere else, but it could very possibly be sparked from the previous events.

This is, however, a recurring pattern here in Scandinavia, also seen it other places of Europe, but mostly in Malmø in Sweden, they burn TONS of cars there, whenever they do the sandnigger equivilant of chimping out, which they do on a fairly regular basis.

Muslims aren't spurred along, they most definitely want to cause conflict as well, but we you imply, there's (((others))) who thinks they're killing two birds with one stone, by encouraging the influx of mudslimes.

Given how easy Muslims are to trigger into a rage, and redpill the masses to what barbaric beasts they are, I'm surprised this kind of flash mob irl shitposting isn't more common. You don't even need to shoot up a mosque. Just provoke Muslims to cost the government millions of dollars in a mere day.

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Fair enough. Nigs love burning cars for some reason.

The police are in the same ambiguous position; at what point do you go full berzerker and just throw your life away? Hopefully you do it when things have reached critical mass and a full blown raging revolt gets ignited.

Try that again eh? And this time post it inline with a short simple You tube URL

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May all the treasonous maggots burn in hell.

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How is this even legal? In Russia police would just arrest perpetrators.

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They'll pick the side of the oppressor. Always have, always will. Police are not like the military, they have no ethics and are literally handpicked ultranormies.

What perpetrators? The people throwing a Quran? That isn't illegal and shouldn't be. What?

The ashes are the required fertilizer for the future.

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They are not in that position at all. They have been systematically selected for compliance. They know what they are doing and the meager price they've been offered is enough for them.


Paludan is jewish. Worth a thought

The military are even worse. The military's capabilities far outstrip that of the police. It would take Denmark's military less than a month to systematically eliminate every raghead in the country with what they have at their disposal. The cognitive dissonance about the military in these circles is baffling. If the guys with nuclear warheads, submarines, destroyers, carriers, tanks, machine guns, artillery, etc. wanted a different reality and different circumstances then there would be one almost overnight.

Every play MTW version one or two?

If you get too far out of hand the pope declares a crusade on you and then you've got the whole map coming at you.

Same thing now only it's NATO and the UN. Start throwing out shitskins and you've got a world UN/NATO force coming at your tiny little Denmark. The officers of Denmark's army know this very well.

Look what happened to the serbs when they messed with the muzfilth.

Followed by insane guitar solo….

God, this fucking infuriates me. I wish so badly to help, but it all seems so futile. Does anyone know how to contribute to the cause? I'm not wealthy or especially intelligent, but I'm willing to contribute.

What I said about Denmark's military can be extrapolated out to any other Western military. The basic point is: they are not good people. They have never been nor will they ever be on "our side". They are enemies full stop.

I believe that we are all aligned in the perfect place at the perfect time. I hope like hell that you will live without regret user. I hope like hell that I too will live without regret user.

I'd like to think otherwise but from what I've seen with our own military i'd have to say they're just the drunken scum of the earth.


Isn't it obvious?

I used to think there was alot more potential for soldiers helping the cause but for the most part no, I know maybe one who is woke to the jq and actively working for his people, the rest either don't wanna accept the jq because it means accepting they've been suckered into fighting for the badguys or they really don't even care and are just in it for their own thrills and profit.

How exactly did Denmark end up with muslim shitskins? I can't image that the majority of white citizens would have voted for these vermin to come in. Did the anti-whites in control just force them in?


Step up your game Zig Forums

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Please lurk for two years before posting.

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These are the fruits of allowing shit skins into your countries, you leftist faggots. And, ultimately, these are the fruits of the wrong side winning WW2.

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ISIS is trash. Literally the trash cans outside are the same color combo.

I know it was jews and their white collaborators, but I don't understand exactly how it worked. Did they just say we are going to bring in some shitskins now to work? Or they said whites didn't have enough kids?

Please, the Danes will do to the Arabs what they did to the Occidentals, sold them into slavery to the Jews and Africans.

Where are the videos faggots?

Jews used their tricks

Only if you can beat 50+ of them to death…

I hope you are right. The clock is ticking.

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They don't need to say anything. They're in control of the media, immigration, everything.
They bring them in, nobody will bat an eye.

newfag detected

Burning/throwing/destroying a Quran isn't covered by that law.
Are you really this retarded?
How does burning a Quran incite any sort of hatred towards Islam? He isn't Rasmus Paludan isn't responsible for the subhuman's violent reaction, just because they cannot handle their shitskin book being handled in any way they don't approve of.

Thinks the Danes are cucks, they drove Arab Invaders to riots without lifting a finger.

You're dumber than Shaw.

Abasement of Human Dignity

a little more than 300.000 people or 5.3% of the population in Denmark is Muslim.

In the 1970s Muslims arrived from Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco and the former Yugoslavia to work. In the 1980s and 90s the majority of Muslim arrivals were refugees and asylum seekers from Iran, Iraq, Somalia and Bosnia.

It looks like they brought them in as alleged workers and "refugees" shitskins.

If you only knew how bad things really are.

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That is related to doing something to a person, not material items, you absolute spastic. Nobody is losing any dignity by a book being burnt or thrown about in their vicinity.

There is something wrong in the white race where so many white people can be against their own race. Only whites seem to have this defect.


Russian Courts believe otherwise.

That called the Jew Effect.

They assume the Jews are a part of them, which gives the rest of the trash the ability to try and sneak in the door like lazy rodents.