Evropean pride world wide

Only beauty alowed in this thread art, music , architecture woman it doent matter if its pure and beautifully evropean made

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What is this? A pic for ants?
u from china, bro?

In seriousness, we need to rekindle our appreciation for European Folk Culture

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Daily Reminder that Nazbols unironically want to create another Soviet union and OP is a KGB nigger

Too many people get obsessed with power and bloodshed. They forget the things that make European civilization beautiful. This is our soul.

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stop trying to force the evropa meme already


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The Biggest Hypocrisy!

1. Foxheads and White Supremacists all get triggered, and then have a meltdown and with no center they are like snowflakes.
2. They are progressive and innovative when it comes to Religion and Politics.
3. Their “Fundamentals” are about five sentences from the Bible taken out of context. That’s innovation.
4.They have butchered the Constitution. That’s progressive.
5.They are the world’s only true socialists with all their bailouts, safety nets, and privilege with their White Nanny State.
6. They are also the worst criminals, killing, robbing, raping and enslaving all other peoples. They prefer acting like animals. Just pampered animals.
7. With all the OxyContin/Heroin addicts among them, they are now also the world’s biggest junkies.
8.And remove their Diabolical power and look how weak they are.
9. They are full of diseases, but their medicine keeps them propped up. They are the biggest demand on the Health System because of it.

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You only look like a moron when you use the V instead of a U

Americans are evropeans too

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for those who love christian songs.

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If you can't name what city your ancestor came from in Europe you're a bastard.

thats ok your people can pay for there health care and the people that can't afford it get kicked to the kurb while we get all the care we want for fuck all even homeless people

An illegitimate son is still a son. Just one who can't legally inherit. So what?

Nice post so true.


Is so obvious j*wish rat shilling trying to seed division , its imposible to built anything beautifull around you
You corrupt everything you touch

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White people have created 94% of the greatest inventions over the last 4000 years of recorded history. Think about that.

Top 10 countries people migrate to 2015-2017.
1. US
2. Germany
3. UK
4. Canada
5. France
6. Australia
7. Spain
8. Italy
9. Netherlands
Tell me what the common factors are here, fucktard?

Now name the top 10 greatest pieces of art, architecture, philosophers, geniuses and scientists the world has ever known

Name the countries that took part in the space race, and continue to put people into orbit.

Name thetries that contribute the most to helping other countries via foreign aid.

Name the top countries that officially receive the most financial assistance.

Now kindly kill, yourself you ungrateful cunt. White people and a few asian countries have dragged the rest of the world into civilization, kicking and screaming over the last few hundred years. Despite our best efforts the vast majority of Africa and a good deal of Asia are still beyond fucking help. You and other ignorant retards like you should be culled.

Music video I made for Triarii - Europe:


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