Accelerationism vs Honor

I'd like to gain some other perspectives as to why those who advocate for accelerationism do so. Because from my current perspective, it's the stance of those who haven't been paying attention to either/and/or the easily distracted & complacent nature of our species/the level of general "not give a fuck" damn near ubiquitous amongst us right now.

Unless the accelerationism is ultimately to lead to a general atmosphere for a major trigger point that would cause Chimpamania on a very wide scale by a shutdown of bread & circus then all you're accomplishing is getting them all used to a new norm of general background noise that doesn't ultimately ever affect the vast majority enough at once to make them give a shit, and the bar for tolerance of it gets higher & higher & higher.

The OTHER layer I see with this, is how do you accomplish accelerationism on the scale required to not only match but defeat the eternal, mythological merchant; without becoming exactly what they are but from a different perspective? How do you get that genie back in the bottle? Do we climb in the ovens afterward? Do we backflip into Mt Doom with the ring?
We know our fucking nature, how can we guarantee whatever evolves out of its replacement, if built on the same methodologies, doesn't just somehow become as

Is it more important to keep honor with the way we want things to be, to fight and win with? The beginnings of this were all honesty & truth, and that's what turned the tide at all to begfin with. We have FAR more of that. This CAN be won that way.


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I think you're fucking stupid. Did you get the text from a random text generator?

I think I'm fucking stupid too. But the curse of the stupid is in the inability to see their own stupidity.
Please enlighten me.

Elections are rigged. The only "political solution" is using that knowledge to our benefit by electing the people (((they))) don't want elected. Accelerationism isn't Muslim-tier violence but chess played at the highest intellectual level.

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Allright Satan. You destroyed a thread. Hurray, another day well spend.

Agreed, I know it's all kayfabe. Not advocating against creative ways of getting there, necessarily. Just wondering how far into the proverbial "we the jews now" we can get for how long before it's irreversible & the goal it's being maintained for is no longer whatever objective rights or wrongs it was about, having been whittled down to just maintaining power.

Then you should've been bumping that one instead of bitching about mine. Threads die.

As a non American;
I mean at that point is there really any other option than violence?

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People have been bribed by hedonism and self indulgence. Only when people encounter crisis directly and this affects their personal lives will they seek out reasons for their misfortune and find the courage to fight back. The accelerationism will not have any affect so long as people are still focused only on their own pleasure seeking lives, and are indifferent to their culture being raped.

What honor did the Brits show the Germans after Dunkirk?
What about the Americans?
Honor matters only after you've won.

Yes, Satan, some of us do…we live and were brought into the world for the sole purpose of defense and protection of our people. ==WE DID NOT COME HERE TO SERVE OURSELVES, BUT TO SERVE OUR PEOPLE.==


This is the argument of a person who doesn't care about race. I'd bite the neck out of my enemy, pull hair, and kick balls if it means survival.
There is no honor in being ruled over by kikes. Everything is permitted.
As for my thoughts on the rest of your word salad? Fuck off. You don't know what accelerationism is and are still hooked on getting lemmings into the streets. Learn before posting.

Dying without fighting back, which is what everyone has done so far.

That's not what I'm speaking on here. There was never any way ultimately but violence regardless, even if we didn't have an honestly laughable lack of numbers if you count all the little enclaves like this contain the vast majority of those who'd even be arsed to do tiny shit.

I'm speaking on the methodologies themselves used to get the required number of "ordinaries" in order to win on board, or push things towards a massive happening that'd shut down the distractions for enough normies to get shoved over the boiling point. At some point chaos just serves itself as endgoal.

What honor do you see left in the world? The whole fucking point of accelerationism is to burn a rotten, maggot infested corpse so that it might either be reborn as a phoenix or perish before it infects more of the universe. This is no longer about holding ourselves to a higher standard, as the last uninfected limb upon a gangrenous body. The only honor left is to do the unpleasant and unspeakable work that must be done to try to undo all that has been done.

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Would you resort to banking and media in order to ensure the survival of your race over their race? Would you stoop to their level in order to achieve survival? Or would that mean that you are just as bad as them and therefore have no more right to exist than they do?
What we all want is the survival of an honourable beautiful race, however it is ultimately up to the will of nature and the perenial law of 'might is right' as to which species will replicate their genes.

If you fight with honour and lose, there can exist a belief that you fought in a certain fashion which makes your ancestors proud and maybe this could benefit you in the next life. Or this could be superstition.

When life gives you lemons user…you better fucking innovate or die. Understand…you don't have a choice…also, FUCK THEM AND THEIR LAWS…they shouldn't mean SHIT TO YOU AT THIS POINT.

Shit getting into "well these previous generations totally got screwed, so fuck your entire current one" was the flipping point that started shoving me from center to right in the first place. The nigger & Jew & Jew puppeted SJW mentality.

It's situational. I have no illusions it's going to ultimately come down to that & caring about it is no longer a choice & I know which side I'm on then like it or not.
But I don't buy into it being the ultimate universal measure of judgment on an individual basis. I'm fine with "assume until proven they're not".

I both absolutely agree with and feel this. I was more speaking to the perspective of those who have preservation as a stated goal.

The universe absolutely does not deserve to have to deal with that bullshit, even if it's completely empty.

Not even fucking part of this. I'm talking about using fucking jew psyops methodologies to get those we want still around afterwards on board without it biting what is trying to be built in the ass somehow.

I agree with the "fuck it all" perspective of nothing left better than something, but at this point the only thing there'd be nothing left of is the only ones really willing to do anything towards making it happen.

You're a complete lost pile of Kike Apologist Cuck Ferment Horseshit. Global Reported for Complete Nigger Shill submission

That's the goal. #Yang2020

Personally I give fuck all about the laws, but aren't looking to give anyone an excuse to take me off the board unless it's ultimately worthwhile. I like running my mouth too much for it not to be tempting at times, and I'll take the justified faggot title for saying it.

Perhaps this is being taken as meaning us, here, & that's the part being taken as a shilling.
I meant us as a species. We're practically Idiocracy level ffs (and I did say that for angry (You)s, feed me).

Okay, I read the OP and basically I think an ever increasing percentage (right now about .000001%) of people are going to start doing stuff from civil disobedience to demonstrations to straight up agitation/incitation. I think it will be both sides but imagine if shit happened every week, pretty soon there would be cops/national guard on every corner, and in a place like the US pretty soon movements like black lives matter would start shooting at those cops, and basically it falls apart from there. It only takes .0001% of the population and that is the really interesting part. Once cops are all over, especially in armed polarized areas like america, it will probably escalate pretty quickly.

Again, america is to an extent an exception because we have minorities with a "fuck the police" violent gang culture.

That's retarded though, cause as NZ shows us, things will just get worse for right wingers/whites/etc and not anyone else. The blacks and Muslims and spice wont give a shit they inherited a shit hole world because it's what they're used to. Meanwhile the Jews and ZOGs will happily be left to control what's left. Whites are 11% of the global population and the best you can do if shoot up a mosque in NZ to retaliate for some Ebba girl half the world hasn't heard about.
You guys are fucked. No one to represent you the govt, no one to stand up for your ppl. The military and cops are on the side of the ZOG, accelerationism is a a losers game.
Then again if you're gonna lose anyway you might as well go out shooting. It just gonna make it worse for the remaining whites.
I want you guys to win, I hate the blacks Mexicans and Jews too but it just doesn't seem feasible!

Handicapping yourself?!
Are you retarded?

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somewhat related: where can I buy a cool skull mask

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you cant just put chaikas eyes on anyone and turn them into chaika, user.

I agree with this, as long as it is ultimately determined to be unwinnable long term regardless.
It really isn't feasible right now, not with the numbers we have & both collective & individual "pull" of those numbers.

Honor is only applicable to those who abide by it. To show honor to those for whom the very concept is entirely alien, is foolish. Be even more honorable towards the honorable, and the worst kike towards the kikes (and those who feel that way). Only that way, the honor can survive as a concept.

But if we had enough of the right ones, ultimate winning out is plausible as long as those are truly with "us" and motivated.

if you no longer have faith in voting you are an accelerationist

I sincerely believe those who actually grasp that honor is a thing that should exist or why are in the minority & not enough. If holding true to it isn't something woven into the fabric of what wakes the others you still need, then it'll most likely get lost entirely.

Another day, another anti-accelerate thread.

(((accelerationism))) means helping the enemy
accelerationism means fanning the flames

while sometimes similar, there is a distinct difference and most anons conflate the 2.

agree with this

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I get the perceived difference, I'm saying it won't work the way people imagine it will without some kind of catalyst to tip over the boiling point I don't see being within our control. I realize I may be entirely wrong about that & it's just shit opsec to even discuss an actually realistic way.

The actually realistic way is illegal, lad.

depends on who youre listening to.

fanning the flames is creating further division between "us" and the enemy.
helping the enemy potentially puts whites in a worse position to help themselves or puts the enemy in a better position to suppress us.

for example exposing kikes being kikes to the mainstream is an example of accelerationism. helping kikes get into power so they can suppress us further (including our ability to expose them to the mainstream) is an example of (((accelerationism)))
both get shilled on this board nonstop. its up to us to tell the difference.

The rules of engagement in the fight about western civilization are long gone.
Now its pure total war.
Honor between opponents only and always is/was based on trust and existent on a individual level.
But you can't make the same agreement with a whole group or population.

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I've nothing against illegalities. But we lack co-ordination & overall direction. Visible leadership of some kind, the right one. Sure as shit ain't me, not even trying to say that. A true overall 64d plan accentuated by opportunism. Not waste guys like BT willing to kamikaze by them existing in a vacuum & well-meaningly coming up with the wrong way to do it.

LOL if we have a fucking leader we wouldn't be talking shit here.

Problem is we don't, and shills will destroy any guy's integrity as soon as they come up.

So it's better to just destroy shit, that way shills cannot character assassinate anyone.

Is it really the shill's fault? Who have been the "leaders" presented thus far? Jews and Bolsheviks. I mean can you name even one "leader" who isn't Jewish, a Bolshevik, or friendly to Israel? History shows us that real leaders come from a time of absolute despair and suffering. They're real people, affected by the world in a real way, and understand the People's struggle. There are no real leaders because the environment isn't proper to produce them.

whites vote, act, and think similarly enough in numbers where we dont really need a leader. we just need to make those similarities into fracture points between us and non-whites.

thats already the case. most whites dont support reparations, and even most of the liberal whites dont; they just dismiss it as a fringe ideology. whites also love nature and animals easy way to fracture us from literally every other race.

a leader is for accomplishing a goal. right now getting everyone on the same page is the goal. once we're there we can picka hitler. for now its just a matter of getting everyone on the same page.
and it wont be a conscious planned decision, it'll be an organic "right place at the right time" type of "decision"


It is really the shill's fault. If Hitler rises up today, shills would call him a zionist mossad gay trans agent.

Shills are paid here to stop people from organizing, and they do that job really well.

Your stupidity amazes me.
If you can’t honk then you will never honk

Anywhere you can buy outdoor shit and military surplus you dumb faggot.

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Hitler hasn't risen up today. Hitler came from Weimar conditions. He wasn't a trust-fund kid like Richard Spencer. Hitler wasn't a Zionist apologist like every eceleb ever. And Hitler wasn't a Bolshevik/Nazbol. He also wasn't some chad making 6 figures a year. Neither was he a polished actor. Hitler was one of the People. He was jobless, didn't even own a car, and spent the little money he did earn at the beer hall and opera. A new Hitler hasn't come because the environment isn't proper to such a rising.

I like beer and the opera.
I work in construction with an all white crew and we have to compete with literal shitskin illegals that undercut us by sixty percent usually. Shit is so fucked. I will happily be Adolf Hitler. Sieg Heil
This is out beerhall

Hitler worked with zionist jew groups, Hitler was an army officer and he wasn't a native german (he was austrian).

That alone is enough for shills to make "probably" conspiracy theories about him.

Heck, shills here call people mossad/special force agents JUST for appearing in any right wing protest.

The Beer's hall putsch would be called false flag so that Weimar can round up all the right-wingers.

Looks like Walmart sells them for a few bucks. I'll just stick with Walmart, faggot

But we have lingered long enough in these painted courts. The worth of the thing signified must vindicate our taste for the emblem. Everything that is called fashion and courtesy humbles itself before the cause and fountain of honor, creator of titles and dignities, namely, the heart of love. This is the royal blood, this the fire, which, in all countries and contingencies, will work after its kind, and conquer and expand all that approaches it. This gives new meanings to every fact. This impoverishes the rich, suffering no grandeur but its own. What is rich? Are you rich enough to help anybody? to succor the unfashionable and the eccentric? rich enough to make the Canadian in his wagon, the itinerant with his consul’s paper which commends him “To the charitable,” the swarthy Italian with his few broken words of English, the lame pauper hunted by overseers from town to town, even the poor insane or besotted wreck of man or woman, feel the noble exception of your presence and your house, from the general bleakness and stoniness; to make such feel that they were greeted with a voice which made them both remember and hope? What is vulgar, but to refuse the claim on acute and conclusive reasons? What is gentle, but to allow it, and give their heart and yours one holiday from the national caution? Without the rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar. The king of Schiraz could not afford to be so bountiful as the poor Osman who dwelt at his gate. Osman had a humanity so broad and deep, that although his speech was so bold and free with the Koran, as to disgust all the dervishes, yet was there never a poor outcast, eccentric, or insane man, some fool who had cut off his beard, or who had been mutilated under a vow, or had a pet madness in his brain, but fled at once to him, — that great heart lay there so sunny and hospitable in the centre of the country, — that it seemed as if the instinct of all sufferers drew them to his side. And the madness which he harbored, he did not share. Is not this to be rich? this only to be rightly rich?

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Death before dishonor, he that watereth shall be watered himself, the Honed honor each other, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

John Paul Jones.OGG

do it phaggot

Sure you can twist anything. But anons reject these "leaders" based on their teachings. I wouldn't care if the next Hitler was 5'5 and black if his teaching and actions were National Socialist and not Zionist or Bolshevik in nature. But I can understand your point.

great quotes i saved them

Shills will defame and character assassinate anyone.

The only leaders would be the dead ones.

Which "leader" has been falsely accused?

George Lincoln Rockwell for one.

Rockwell is dead. I mean which present-day leader has been falsely accused?

Nordfront group in Sweden got accused of being cop for being jailed then released later.

Accelerationism is a form of honorable combat - simply because it draws out the merchants into the open. The peasants are only apathetic because they are afraid of being called nazis.

Yeah that's kinda suspicious? But they're group. Any number of their members can and probably are law enforcement because every group eventually gets infiltrated. But were talking about specific leaders. Which single leader (modern-day) has been false accused?

Collapse is coming not matter what we do. Peak oil production was hit in 2018 and is not coming back up. Industrial society will fall, and with it, modern society.

Gear the fuck up, get ready, and take your stupid face out of your ass, and get ready. Preserving you and your linage: what your ancestors fought so hard to protect, that is honor.

Hitler was jailed and then released later.
Well, nowadays any group can be accused in the first place, no need for leader.

Truth is there isn't a single leader that can claim to have been accused falsely. They're all Jewish, Zionist, or Bolshevik. Every single one. This is why no one can name a leader who has suffered without justification. I predict the next Hitler will not be a man of prestige. He will not have a solid career, great wealth, or anything else we associate with ecelebs. He will be a reformed degenerate of the worst type, single-minded, and whose only passion in this fallen kosher world is love for his People. Despite all he lacks, the Aryan spirit will glow from his fierce and mad gaze. That who is we should be on the look-out for. Not political salesmen and rabble-rousers. Just my opinion.

that's because fighting back was made illegal last year user

Again, every present groups existed have been accused, whether falsely or not.

The point is to prevent organization, no matter if said group is legit or not.

Is it your belief that organization, at this stage, is superior to decentralization?

Organization at this stage is not better because it's easily infiltrated.

It's better to sow chaos to accelerate the breakdown of society THEN we organize.

you don't need the entire crew to successfully pull off mutiny, just the co-operation of best swashbucklers, then most will just follow whoever's at the wheel

this is not a matter of treachery against traitors, this is a matter of removing parasites and predators from the top all the way to the bottom
civilization is symbiosis, parasites must be removed from the host

we've been trying to redpill everyone for years, but they don't care if illegals rape and kill our citizens
they don't care if legal immigrants form rape gangs and police do nothing but cover it up
they don't care if the press lies or educators push bullshit on children
they don't care if there's more and more terrorists coming into and being born every year with no end in sight
these people don't care about the truth, and wouldn't know what to do with it if they had it
there is no force of good without force

throws authorities into the deep end, to show us all how incompetent they are and who they really protect

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checks out. And I completely agree with you. So the anons who are creating groups and "movements" do so either in bad faith or because they lack the insight to properly lead this fight. So whether exposing these groups is malicious or done in good faith is irrelevant to me – the shills destroy, at the very best, people not meant to lead. You know?

Meh, at this point I agree.

Organization without paramilitary/guns is useless.

For sure man. But consider Revolution comes in various ways, not all requiring violence.

i agree with accelerationism but i think people have selected the wrong target, i see what you see OP, the complicit nature our people have been subdued into.
i will speak in left and right terms due to the nature of the us as a whole and will be using mainstream definitions…doesn't matter if they are wrong or not, there is a larger reality in society and they have their own definitions of things that do not rely on facts.
with that said the political right has never been the ones who have been spurred into violence, they have always been the ones to respond to it, pushing the political motives and the authoritarian desires of the left isn't going to do anything that put us in the same situation as europe but worse because we are already further along in the replacement scheme, pushing the lefts motives would do nothing more than bring us in line with Europe and under the heel of the EU and UN.
what we have seen time and time again is the left chimp out when they aren't getting their way, they have it in their heads they are fighting for the betterment of the world,it may be delusional but they truly believe they are in the right, just as much as we do, they are just more emotional by nature and more prone to breaking psychologically and devolving into chimp mode….people talk about accelerationism like it's not already happening, just look at how fucking crazy shit has gotten since trump has taken office, there have been riots, numerous political attacks, shit is certainly heating up.
the best thing we could do is exactly what we have been doing for the last few years and goading the left and the mainstream into exposing themselves as idiots and hypocrites, the more we stop these impetuous children from advancing their goals and the more our numbers grow the closer we get to a complete and utter freakout from the left and the right finally getting off their ass to respond.

the whole problem has been people are expecting the right to get pissed off and just attack, i just don't see that happening, they are going to need to see the left commit mass acts of violence before they do anything….if we want to tear everything down so we can rebuild we are going to have to focus on provoking the left…we need to manufacture more black lives matters type movements and get everyone amped up of some dead nigger so they start burning cities and rioting again….like i said, we're going after the wrong people, middle class white people just aren't going to chimp out as easily as actual chimps.

There's no revolution without guns.

I hope I'm not rude but that isn't true. Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that he regretted using violence in an attempt to over-throw the German State. Our Enemy is so unique and even smart in his strategy. We must take the into account and out-smart him. Right now he's running a campaign to demonize white people who resist their genocide. So we must ask ourselves if this is his strategy what can we do to counter it and what actions, if any, will only help him further this meme. We have to be smart not just ruthless.

When jews accomplish every one of their objectives, that's when we win.

t. accelerationist

At this point in time most educated whites only keep going out of a strong sense of spite. Once you know you won't win, there's nothing to lose.

Nigger, as said, there is no revolution without guns and violence.

Talk convinces no fucking body.

When jews accomplish every ones of their objectives, that's when we win.

t. non-accelerationist

If the Jew's strategy is painting whites as violent so as to justify our genocide, then is the proper strategy to act violent?

Yes, it is. If the jews want us to do the correct things, then we will do the correct things.

Violence is the answer to the race question.

I support accelerationism in the peaceful way, such as exercising your Right to Self-Determination the exact same way the Founding Fathers did.
When you have Diplomatic Immunity, it changes your perspective on a lot of things.

Who will stand up to us?

this sounds very similar to (((Accelerationism)))

Perhaps you're neglecting to understand the severity of our situation? Whites are 11% of the global population. The Jew has no honor. He doesn't fight a fair fight. He convinces stronger people to fight on his behalf. The Jew is working to convince the 90% global non-white majority that Europeans are the problem and should be eliminated as a matter of International safety. That is what the Jew is doing. He's using psychological tricks to manipulate everyone else. The Jew isn't lining us against the wall and shooting. He's using mind tricks to destroy us. That's intelligent whether user wants to admit it or not. And we must be even more intelligent, to convince the world it is in fact the Jew behind our calamities. If we react how the Jew paints us, if we live up to the stereotype the deceived masses has embraced, then we will lose. We must be smarter.

I see no problem with this. The fact you are trying to avoid the violence option is self-denial.
The funny thing is that white is being slowly genocided for that exact reason, so when will whites fight back?
If we fight, we will lose, that's how I know you aren't one of us.

The enemy wants us Whites genocided, the ONLY way out of a system legally is via the Right to Self-Determination.
Also, Whites make up less than 8% of the global population iirc.

The Enemy wants to convince the non-white majority that whites are violent, senseless, and must be destroyed. Our battle-plan must reflect our Enemy's strategy, so as to counter it, lest we go along with his agenda.

You're right. The Enemy does want whites genocided. But how is he achieving that goal? He isn't gassing us, shooting us, or acting in a traditional way. He is genociding us using psychological manipulation. That is the level on which he is playing the game and if we react on a lesser level, then we lose. We must outsmart our Enemy.
Could be. I thought it was 10 honestly. But 8-10% seems right. If whites go this alone, if our strategy causes us to isolate ourselves, we won't win. Think about it. Can you defeat 90 people in a fist fight? Maybe but it's not very likely. We must rely on intelligence and not just our willingness to kill and mame.

Your a stupid nigger and here is why. The (((merchant))) came into OUR societies and caused US harm, we were honest and true before, and it is that very same morality that got us exploited.
And as for honor? You can't be honorable with slimy shitbag opponents who know NOTHING of honor.
Meine Ehre heißt Treue, that is the ONLY honor that is still legitimate, anything else is just avoidance.

The non-white majority already sees white as such, or worse, pacificist cuck who let themselves be walked over, which is why they migrate to white nation en masse and breed out white.
Our battle-plan is to fight, kill the invaders inside our own nation and keep our border safe.
He is genociding us by outbreeding us actually.

Goddamn, this yid is now trying to think when the time of action is now.
No, that's what weapons are for.

Whites NEED to unite, but unfortunately, there's FAR too many spergs from the Alt-Right discord server that got shoah'd (rip), to the spiraling out of control where in today's jewish society, I personally tolerate a small amount of degeneracy, so long as they keep in the closet away from normal society.
It all amounts to trust, which of course in today's jew societies are a bit justifiable, but frankly it's better to risk your shekels rather than risk your life, especially in today's societies. I risked my entire livelihood and now I have diplomatic immunity, I legally cannot be touched by any foreign govt. It's all about keeping the peace and we can do whatever we want without the jew in our society.
The Right to Self-Determination exists, one example of an accidental exercise of that Right was the South Afrikaner town of Orania. Why does nobody talk about that place??

Traditional society is based on precedent in seasonal time, while Modernity is based on dialectics in linear time. Modernity is therefore supremely adaptable, as it is able to repeatedly destroy and overcome its past. Whenever the two collide, the Modern always wins by superior numbers and mass (e.g. large armies vs skilled warriors, democracy vs aristocracy, media vs religion.) Fighting Modernity with Traditional honor is like strictly following the Queensbury rules against an opponent who repeatedly kicks you in the balls.
The need to resolve dialectical tension requires constant creative destruction, which is not sustainable unless tempered by conservatism. This is why liberal democracies always have a center-right party as a major part of their government. Even the very term 'right wing' derives from French revolutionaries who would defend an existing political position, while the 'left wing' would propose a new one. Both are revolutionaries, just playing different roles.
Take away the conservative element of the revolution and it starts eating itself (e.g. Capitalism vs Socialism, democracy vs populism, automation vs labor, liberalism vs Islam, trannies vs TERFs, etc.) The very strength of Modernity is its greatest weakness, namely rootless adaptability. Fighting Modernity with Accelerationism is like seeing your opponent off balance and giving him a slight push.
This comes down to what you choose to accelerate. If you accelerate the things which the majority already agree on, then their tolerance will steadily increase like a drug addict. If you accelerate the contradictory elements in their worldview, then they are forced into internal conflict. Each new conflict resolution alienates a portion of the establishment (e.g. classical liberals, 2nd wave feminists, color-blind anti-racists.) The purging process can only go so fast before a critical mass are completely alienated from the society and ready to adopt alternatives.
The key here is discrimination. Your ancestors had fair fights between warriors, while being willing to fight dirty against the unfair and underhanded. This ensured that bad behavior was not rewarded. We similarly have infighting between many factions while also fighting common enemies. Applying your honor code to fights with your brother warriors is good. Wasting it on the undeserving is a dereliction of duty.

tldr; Fight honorable opponents with honor, and dishonorable opponents with ruthless scheming trickery. Turn Modern society against itself, then stand back and pass around the popcorn. Never interrupt your enemies when they are making a bad move.

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First, whites are still a majority, how ever so slightly, in their homelands and held colonies. Second, those who would oppose us do not have the logistical prowess to survive without our trade or outright support. Third, how can populations who could not sustain themselves without us plan on being capable of mobilizing and projecting force against us? Fourth, all of the greatest weapons industries on earth reside within our territories. Fifth, the US alone has the worlds 3 largest air forces, 2 largest navies and the best equipped and most mobile armies in the world. If whites actually get their shit together, nothing could stop us.

>The (((merchant))) came into OUR societies and caused US harm, we were honest and true before, and it is that very same morality that got us exploited.
Yup. That's our situation. You can rage about it and react emotionally or you can get serious and decide to defeat the Enemy. This is a personal choice.
Yup. Our Enemy has no honor. You can react emotionally and burst out with rage or you can get serious and figure out how to defeat him.

It's a shitty situation. Our enemy is intelligent and without honor. He's so adept at destruction that your individual actions will decide whether he prospers or fails. I'm not telling you what to do. I'm telling you to divorce yourself from emotion and think about the long-term and how to win. That's it, man.

Why do they see whites in this light? Because the Jew has told them to see us this way, and we give confirmation of his world-view: we either lash out in violence or we do nothing. I am not telling you to to do nothing. I am telling you to think before acting. Think god dammit. If you play poker you don't go all in every single hand or you will lose. The Jew is playing a game and we must learn to play it better.

Stop speaking laws, they have weapons.

You know nothing of military strategy and combat tactics. Even being in a position where you are 90-1 and on the same level just means your gonna get fucked up, if you don't even have so much as a gun then your already dead. It's a recurring theme so AVOID THE ENEMIES STRONG POINTS, which means avoiding the bulk of their force. Another thing is risk mitigation and combat efficiency, which means to bleed your enemy as best you can while bleeding as little as you can, if you can bleed him fast enough and with high intensity while doing little to no bleeding yourself then that 90 quickly gets knocked down multiple notches.