Be cautious. Be prepared

As we all know, the US government has for decades run black sites around the world dedicated to the torture of foreign and domestic detainees, innocent or not. Sensory deprivation, torture by loud and continuous music, and rape are only a few of the countless documented methods of torture they have used. Most prisoners have reached the point where they have undergone brain damage and can no longer function. As fear in the establishment continues to grow, and the spotlight is shone on us, we must prepare for the possibility of this happening to any one of us. I'm not trying to demotivate anyone, only that if you are not prepared for this possibility, you have the sword of Damocles hanging over your head.

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Why do so many of you smell like crack?

Also, the Arabs won:t do shit. They know they are in the wrong.

Pick one

Yeah. So do they.

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These are your friends

I know about it, because I have been to it, and not as a detainee.

Do you feel any guilt?

Good motivation and inspiration!
All non-kikes are marked anyway.
Goyim = Slaves.

We have nothing to loose, but our chains

Some security

Living in clown world is torture itself

The mental pain lessens when you do your god (odin) given duty. Saving the white race. One sticker at a time. One leaflet at a time:

how cool was it? did you get to torture some goon?

Air Force?

Forget it user. It is just some glownigger talking in mumbo jumbo to hand out blackpills.

the (((leaders))) would do anything to keep their power, so no real news here.

All the long term 8channers actually converted the blackpills into ironpills.

I wonder if the coming man is among us Zig Forumsacks.

Depends on which side you are on user. Both sides are here.

It does not matter, all that we have to do, is prepare the arrival of the coming man!

The coming man can not do all the work himself. He needs dedicated anons to save the aryan race!

relax guys , this shit just takes a little time. I’m here and it’s going great so far! One can’t rush butterfly warfare it takes a little time to get it right

They torture everyone already. What could possibly be worse than the breaking of the Family, Tribe, Nation, and Race? The correct answer is to utterly disregard threats from totalitarians. They are meaningless. A man can only die once, hooknoses.

wanna KNOW how i can tell your a CIA nigger?

Mike , 36-37?

Is it? It is not moving fast enough for me, but that has been the case for 10 years.

I was told to leave. So not really

Cobalt bomb. :DDDDDDDD

Nothing a good artillery barrage can't fix.

"Be not intimidated, therefore, by any terrors…nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberty…" - John Adams, Dissertation on Canon Law


op knows a lot of "black sites" if u know what i mean

Glad you didn't say "black holes"…

bump because Nordics are Super.

Her dogs look tired.

i don't care about
t. lobotomized

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Reminder it's the shabbat ramp-up. Filter, sage, report, and move on.

Coming man is a metaphor for "generation." But in this case the generation he is speaking of, is the one he anticipated, which would be us, those before us, and all coming generations that are awake.

The coming man is one in tune with the natural order, naturally resilient to subversion and enemy propaganda. Our perspective is one made up of undeniable ultimate truths. Blood/iron/land.


watch yer back op

I'll take my chances

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