Ocasio-Cortez quits Jewbook, calling social media a 'public health risk'

Ocasio-Cortez quits Jewbook, calling social media a 'public health risk'
JewBook dying
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose mastery of social media has helped drive the national conversation and shed light on the inner workings of congressional power, has given up on the most popular social network in the world.
In an interview Sunday with the Yahoo News podcast "Skullduggery," the New York Democrat said she suspended her personal Facebook account and was scaling back on all social media, which she described as a "public health risk" because it can lead to "increased isolation, depression, anxiety, addiction, escapism."
Ocasio-Cortez, who is only 29 years of age, who burst onto the national stage after defeating a high-ranking incumbent, said her departure from Facebook was a "big deal" because the platform was crucial to her campaign. She still has accounts on the site, she said, and according to the company's ad library, her Facebook account has dozens of active advertisements sponsored by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress. Among the Facebook ads are calls to support her signature Green New Deal, and fundraising pleas to support progressive legislation and to counteract a super PAC aligned against her.
"The congresswoman's words speak for themselves," said Corbin Trent, a spokesman for Ocasio-Cortez.


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and bluepilled

I wonder who could be behind this post

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Just close your eyes nigga, just walk away

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based goblina

Wow did someone say something mean about her on the internet? That's fucked up. My heart goes out to her.

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Prince Harry said something about social media being unhealthy too. What angle are (((they))) running with this?

Top Kek.

I thought that was a violation of their TOS?

You scare me with that picture, Op.

Jewish genes.

it's true tho, doesn't matter who says it

This broad is batshit insane but at least her NPC followers might stop using "social" media.

Ya know what they say about broken clocks

She is batshit. I bet she is AMAZING in bed. You dont hit that level of crazy without also reaching epic levels of spice in the sack.

They aren't really wrong on this, Faceberg got caught experimenting on their users years ago seeing if they could manipulate people's moods by manipulating their feed. They treat their users as labrats.


Always do the opposite of what the jews sa-wait what the fuck.

Trolling this Latina whore is a health risk? Why the fuck are people still on this cunts side, I want Tulsi Gabbard to just shut this cunt down

Spot on there Nigey.

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An excuse for her not gaining traction there. Her type is full on with twitter. They have complete protection there.


Facebook is for Grandma. Twitter is for leftists. Men like us have this place.

Fake and gay as she still uses snapchat, instagram, and twitter.

Men like us have spirituality and the outdoors.

“Short-distort” is a form of market manipulation and is illegal.

Sounds like the voice of experience, user. I concur.

Yeah, thats all there is to a facekike, maybe if youre edgy teenager.

She is right in all of those, facekike literally did the projects that manipulated negatively peoples feelings.

Stopping free speech?. If social media allow that, they will shut it down and monopolize the narrative again. Seems that we are winning and dont even know it.

She is right. Social media is a disease.


Everyone knew that this would happen, she has never been competent.

More like a profound professional risk in her case.

You can take the face off the Jewbook, but you can’t take the hook off the nose.


This is good for us, but
Is what is actually going on here.

More like mental health risk to all these low iq yids.

Social media IS a disease, but that's not what she's pushing. She is toeing her (((handler's))) line, which is to get people off of a mainstream info sharing site. A site that, just last month, was used to demonstrate what a motivated individual can do. (((They))) built this system with the intent to spy on people and monetize their time spent socializing. Now (((they))) seek to prevent the insanely fast spread of unfiltered news/information through (((their))) own fed-backed program.

Based and obvious GOP plant
Should’ve exploited blue districts gerrymandered to hell much sooner. Very easy to sneak someone in as long as they have a D next to their name

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The first intelligent thing she's said and done. Social media is a cancer. I hate agreeing with her

Check'd for the patron saint R Lee Ermey. HOO-RAH.

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