Jews burnt the church of Notre Dame and are trying to push that it was muslims

Jews burnt the church of Notre Dame and are trying to push that it was muslims.
Jews did the Christchurch shooting and said the guy was white when he was a jewish Mossad agent.

Jews are trying to start a race-war between arabs and whites.

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Provide proof faggot.

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this gore is epic sir

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I'm been waiting for this.

Gas the kikes, race war now.

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What is this? A false flag for ants?

wtf am I reading?

Gore-posting is degenerate as fuck

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Apparently there are others who think this

Not to mention, the wiki for the Notre Dame church was updated really briefly after it started burning down, we all know jews control wiki.

Why would Jews burn a symbol of their own power. (((Christianity))) is almost pure Judaism. Especially (((Catholicism))).

Jews always try to play all sides.

Jews have been trying to destroy Christianity for a while now because it's seen as a white man's religion. Perception is what matters not where it came from, everyone sees Christianity as a white man's religion, not many people actually look into the details.

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Postive and/or Orthodox Christianity

Take the pill

I sure hope the false flag narrative can spam f*cebook about this instead of sperging on Zig Forums only.

Nope, this is /pol material.
Only jews won't like it.

Don't forget who did 9/11 as well, and attacked the USS Liberty.

Really? So instead of muddying up THEIR water, you want to muddy Zig Forums water?

Honestly I would love to have Muslims and whites team up against the Jew and then after self deport themselves to the Middle East but c’mon that’s never going to happen.

Besides if Jews are deliberately accelerating racial tensions to get a race war going then I say we let them. We’ll fuck up their shitskin golem and then go after them. Better to start war now then wait until we are a minority.

If /pol is pro-jew and against truth, then it's waters are already muddied to begin with. I'm adding more pure water into it, you kike.

Not blurry enough. Could you make it worse?

I expect JIDF to try and counter this.

I think he was trying to post this

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nice dead fat latina

That and a few others, thank you.

Chances are you won't find any prominent jews sympathizing about this, they'll only be praising it in some way and telling white people that they're colonists and that this church should be taken down or something resembling that in some way.


Varg hasn't been posting latley…really jiggles my jello, if you know what I'm sayin.

Varg posted today actually

Cool, let's gas all semites.


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Yes goy, begome ordodox :DDDD
Don't you want to follow a religion who has dogma rejecting racism? :DDDDD
Turks are a-okay to buy positions of power, goy, come on, join de ebic ordodox gang :DDDDD
Byzantine is SOOOOOO cool, goy, just ignore the special laws protecting Jews :DDDDD
Get fucked and go back to your containment board.

This is obvious. Kikes know shit is about to hit the fan and they want to evade mention. How in the ever living fuck could a "Zig Forums shooter" not mention ZOG AT ALL in his multi pages manifesto.


Anything else is a distraction.

Proof of fire remains unknown. They think the cause of the fire is from Electrical work from the renovations.
I see nobody blaming anyone.
This is another Palestine bullshit post.
POL has a serious Muslim infestation.

Muslims are a better enemy for Europe to focus on, just like mexicans are a better enemy for the United States to focus on. Once it becomes socially acceptable to remove one group from society, we can segue that into getting rid of the jews.

You tell the truth, I'm with you on this.

Stfu d&c

Even if kikes weren't responsible for the church burning(Even though I'm absolutely certain that they are), we should promote that they are anyway.

You do that, go spam Facebook.

Jews spam their clown narrative and think we'll fall for it.

That's the most Jewish fucking thing I've ever read. Congratulations to you.

Anyone arguing against the evidence that jews are responsible for the church burning is probably a boomer cuckservative neocon faggot, or a kike JIDF/Mossad agent.

The clown isn't jews, you niggerfaggot.

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For anyone who needs a magnifying glass, here ya go. This one came out bigger.

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Typical jewish response to anything even perceptually European that was destroyed.

Most Christians don't look at the details either.

This is required reading to everyone here who cares. Dostoyevsky is the greatest of all novelists. In The Devils he prophesyzes the coming Bolshevik Revolution, and who they are and how they work with total clarity. He wrote it in the 1860's. Make no mistake, the jews are incendiaries, they are the enemies of culture, they are murderers.

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You are correct about that, if they looked into the details they would realize that paganism is supposed to be our religion. We don't live in a perfect world though of course, so we gotta work with the hand we've got.

Just as long as you are willing to let my people work out their own faith when we are rid of the semites…I am fine with whatever you are thinking.

I see no reason for our people to reject their root religion, in fact you may want to take it further into the past and look into the Vedic religion, which from what I gather is a precursor to Odinism. I'm no expert on the matter though, I got that from a practicing Pagan, I invented my own religion.

Don't let them distract you kikes and mudslimes are equally our enemies.

I would say kikes are a far worse enemy because they're responsible for the muslim problem as well as the nigger problem, and they use the banks, media, and school systems against us.

I agree 100% he is definitely one of the greatest writers of all time.

Remember, the Bolsheviks destroyed the most ancient and sacred church in Russia for no good reason.

See how they work at their evil deeds.

The niggers and muslims are nothing without the devious minds of the iniquitous jews. They're mere apes.

Yep, and I'm sure we all know (((who most of the bolsheviks were))).

Arabs are in our countries raping and murdering our women and youre crying that the kikes are doing everything? You're a retard and a faggot KYS immediately.

They are the same people user. No genetic difference between them at all.

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Fuck off JIDF shill, a lot of people know about the jewish role in the arab invasion of Europe.

It was the jews that brought them here and nurtured them with our money

You may have a point, I have also speculated about that as well, but the ashkenazi seem to have interbred more with Europeans judging from the features which are present in their population.

no shit you retarded faggot but the kikes arent marauding around your country, retard, the shitskins are

pro-tip: everyone who isn't white is your enemy, and a shit ton of whites are your enemy too. the sooner you accept this, the better

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Echo this; wise user.
Which English translation do you recommend, friend?
(I only know the David Magarshack translation)

That is all the khazARYAN people that were Bolshevik as well. I was listening to a (((jew who was trying to recuse his people from the blame for destroying the west))) when he blatantly mentioned that the Bolsheviks were turkic Khazarians so the people who the tzar HAD COMPASSION ON

911 was Mossad

THIS user!

The old Penguin paperback I posted. See if you can dig it up. It's got a great translator's introduction.

"There comes a time when even a jew, yes even the most impudent jew, comes a cropper"

Dostoyevsky, The Devils.

Hey retard, it was KIKES who let them all in and pushed open border policies, as well as littered the streets with LGBT/Feminist/communist activists and were responsible for the communist movement in Russia which killed way more of our people than these muslims have.

Mossad has complete free reign in all of the USA to come, go kill and do anything they please to anyone they please…I am sure it is this way in Europe as well.

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Jews are not aryans, they're not to be confused or compared to aryans in any way. In fact I would argue that jews are not Khazarian either, they may have taken over a part of Russia which became known as Khazaria, but they're still middle-easterners not Europeans.

Kikes let them in, but it's muslims who are killing people.

Both are as fault. Blame both.


So we all agree jews did 9/11, so why would they not have burnt the church of Notre Dame down too? It is also odd how one could burn a stone church down, as odd as it is that reinforced steel beams can be melted by jet fuel but that's another story.

you obviously have no idea how many whites these shitskins have killed, tortured, murdered, kidnapped, trafficked, raped, assassinated over the centuries.

nigger its whites vs the world, deal with it.


Was Macron complicit to this crime? Was this his way to punish the French nation for humiliating him, that little filthy nigger sucking faggot?

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Oh boy here we go, each time a muslim does something, you would be sure a jew is blamed for it.

Look at the DNA if you want to know who is who…DO NOT LISTEN TO THEIR STORIES.

DNA tests show that jews are not European.

Hey retard, kikes are responsible for the shitskin invasions into the west, how many times do you need to hear it before you actually get what everybody else knows?

the fuck does that have to do with my post
do you even know what IDs are? do you know how to use this website?

Oh my mistake, were you not the one who seemed to be arguing that jews were european?

refer back to below response

fuck off kebab internet defense force

Got it, thanks. Pretty sure that one is the David Magarshack translation.
(Sorry for the thread drift everyone)

No worries I love books with a passion I am happy to have the information.

Hey retard, kikes are responsible for bringing them in, but they are responsible for the crimes inside the country.

Or somehow muslims are not responsible for any wrong doing committed by them?

I'm not telling you to like arabs and niggers, but you can't cure cancer by targeting the cough, you have to target the cancer itself, otherwise your cough will just keep coming back.

If a puppet is doing something evil, attack the puppet master, not the puppet.

Can somebody tell me who the fuck this is, and why is he up there? Interesting if vid legit.

If you do not cure the cough, the cough is gonna kill you, the same way a cancer does.

Is it funny that it's always muslims who use these fucked-up analogy?

It's totally okay to ignore pneumania or the plague if you have AIDS.

Actually, muslims aren't puppet, they are willing, living people.

Only boomers keep talking about the muslims instead of the real problem, because kikes want you to fight their wars in the middle east for them. Boomer cuckservatives are the only ones who side with the kikes against the muslims, when it was kikes who brought them in, so I became wary of everyone who focusses on the muslims and doesn't say much about the kikes who brought them in.

Was just walking on a show width concrete median with over 100lbs on my back like it was nothing, I don't drink.


Okay then it was the askenazi arabs who brought them in, and are the root of the problem. They're the ones who should be targeted first for shame and blame.

Again with this.

Kikes brought them in.
Muslims are still responsible for the crimes they commit inside the country.

Of course they are, but if you don't target the reason they keep coming in, they're just going to keep coming in, what about that don't you get?