The Coming Retirement Crisis (w/ Raoul Pal)

The Coming Retirement Crisis - Demographics

Good documentary on demographics and the stock / business cycle.

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ok raoul, go fuck yourself

I forsee lots of people retiring abroad, especially millenials. The big problem all of us are going to face is when taxes get jacked up to pay for the boomers and all the other deadbeats. Until we get death panels, we're going to get stuck for a bit. Those who can leave will; the rich will go first followed by those with skill sets that allow for mobility. I could see lots of single people fleeing like they did CA a long time ago. As always, it's going to be middle class families (more like what's left of em) stuck with the tab. Once all the funds from that and confiscation of wealth dries up, here comes the default then we're all fucked. Those who manage to flee abroad with their funds intact will fair just fine I think.

We need a reset of some sort, the boomers screwed things up too bad, that and no one is willing to work together to fix this, it's either the politicians or the American people just shitting on each other.

If you understand the cycles you can get filthy rich. I rather anons get the money and then fund the white rebirth.

Learn to trade.

More like good times.

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that's kike mentality, play kike game win kike prizes. Money is irrelevant. The richest man in the world will die just as easy as the poorest.

That's actually what I have in mind. I feel nothing for people here, Americans as a people are about as bad as Jews, hell worse if you look at the divorce rates. It's disgusting, even younger parents just toss their kids out at 18, especially the sons. When the parents are older and need help guess what? Either the sons are homeless alcoholics or dead. The parents end up in shitty nursing homes, if they're lucky.

I'm with you on the money part, anglos have been so damn shitty to one another they don't deserve a country at this point, maybe when they get their head out of their ass and decide to be decient to each other again, maybe. People sure forget how decient people were in the 50's, one of the main ingredients that made that happen? Kindness to your neiboors. They tossed that out the window and well, here we are.

That was all Jews and Communists brainwashing tho.

From a Jew poster

The Fed is in control and has hijacked the Business Cycle as we know it. My predictions are that the stockmarket (really all dollar denominated markets) are going to slowly grind downward until something is done. MMM doesn't work unless there is a one world currency (much like the dollar is the reserve today, only without competition) The BRIC's are really trying to print oil and coal contracts in Yuan, or some new reserve currency that can compete with the dollar. Some proof of this was the Saudi AAramco deal bond sale recently. They asked for 40billion in debt to sell to the market, they got 100billion. Why? Because the US needs the Saudi's more than they need us, but strictly to keep the dollar in power. Saudi knows that there is no growth in the 1st world, and they have been eyeing Asia for awhile, only problem is the US won't let them buy oil in yuan, SO, china and other nations have been backing their currency with gold as of late to entice them into opening negotiations with the Saudi's. If any of you fags was to learn about the federal reserve, Central Banks and their balance sheet, you would see that most Central Banks have been hording gold for the past 3/4 years. What does this mean? It means that CB's don't trust other CB's, who in theory have an infinite balance sheet, and have been stockpiling hard currency. My prediction is, is that Gold and Silver is getting ready to take a massive leg up because Trump's China Negotiating team, primarily (((Mnuchin))) and Lightheizer, are willing to devalue the dollar to keep from crashing the American Economy and to prop up China's slowing economy.
Pic related, anons. Read it regardless if a Christcuck or not. Fucking do it faggot. I dare you

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US will be fine. China will be fukd. All "crisis" are jew maymays.

Oh well shit that's completely refutes my argument with the typical jew shill tactic to deflect from them actually being a jew.

China dosen't care about their people though, they would just execute them if they got too poor.

Have to watch it with that though, if the number of poor outnumber the rich, besides a possible revolt, the Chinese gov't may be too poor to keep the kebab in check. Also, that would be a great time for Russia to invade.

Nope. The jews are 80% Ashkenazim. Many of which are paternal Haplogoup G ( or maternal Haplogroup K ( However, half of that group descends from one paternal and three maternal ancestors. The rest of jews are converts.

A faggot tried to puff his chest out at me recently by telling me of his conspicuous consumption. I simply told him to enjoy thinking about how much he spent on his death bed. He had no clue how to respond.

Most people lack any perspective of the world. They're focused on acquiring shiny trinkets and impressing people who don't give a shit about them. At some point in their lives, if they're lucky, they might realize they've wasted their lives on bullshit rather than enlightenment. The shiniest trinket in the world gets dull with time, enlightenment and truth are forever.

A what? You dont have money to invest at that scale. And people that do cause those events to earn on them, not play them as last on thr market.

Yoi are so poor you dont even know it. And live in a dreamland.

First time boomers will be good for anything. Old age poverty becomes wide spread and impossible to ignore. Follow up generations increasingly worry about their future. Awareness of the fact that the imported subhumans contribute nothing to the economy or support of retirees but suck up funds that should have been used to support our own folks become wide spread. Fear becomes anger. Anger becomes actions.
Boomers still die the slow death they deserve.


I think I have an answer to the forthcoming pension crisis. Why not import a shitload of foreigners to help maintain the rates of consumption and prop up the ponzi scheme for a few more years. What could go wrong?

Live like a cuck, die like a cuck (as a walmart greeter)

Any red pilled guys will do fineā€¦