The arson of Notre Dame is nothing new

1063 French Christian churches were vandalized in 2018.
How is that multiculturalism working for you Frenchy?
Burnin down the house

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If there is no war, France will be officially Muslim dominated (with jews ruling by proxy) and populated by niggers in 10 years.

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Holy shit how many Churches even are there in France?

Soon they will have burned every last one of them down.

Why isn't some anonymous hero burning down all the mosques?

It can't be so hard to pull it off and even get away with it.

Jesus Christ why the fuck do reddit cucks and phonefags have single lines for every single fucking sentence

Liberals are now telling me that it's officially announced that it wasn't arson, and how I should fuck off with fear mongering.

Oh god it's you again with the redditspacing retardation. I've been accussed of redditspacing maybe a thousand times now and I've never been to reddit, unlike you, who apparently is so familiar with the writing style of reddit that he can tell when people come from there; evidence that YOU ARE THE ONE ACTUALLY FROM REDDIT.

As for me, I've been on chans since 2007, and I've been on Zig Forums ever since Hotwheels created it and linked it on

What is their citation for this claim?

Maybe you should go back to /tv/

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Will you two fuck off? Nobody gives a damn, you're ruining another thread.

I've literally never even visited that board nevermind posted on it.

I primarily post on Zig Forums and sometimes /b/ and rarely Zig Forums.

Maybe you should fuck off with calling everyone "reddit spacers" for using paragraphs.

How about that World Cup though?

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Those aren't paragraphs, you reddit spacing nigger

Who gives a fuck if a temple built to worship a dead Jewish Rabbi named Yeshua ben Yosef gets burned to the ground? Are you some kind of fucking kike-lover?

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Will the population ever believe that it wasn't arson going forward? Will they pay attention to other attacks now? If they do will that reinforce their believes that Notre dame was covered up by the authorities?

I don't worship Ra but if someone blew up the pyramids I'd want them dead.
Kill yourself you fucking brainless cunt.
It's 100+ years of work showing the height of architectural european beauty, something you would know nothing about. Fucking yid.

I hope you and every other yid-worshipping Christcuck get Holocausted, you hook-nosed rat.

False-flagging negroid. You'll hang with your hook-nosed brethren.

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I ain't fucking off this is my homeland now that /new/ doesn't exist anymore.

I'm tired of kikes that derail every thread with talk about writing styles that are supposedly used on reddit, a site I've never been to.

My original post was on topic. He started this shit with ( ) and all his posts in this thread add nothing of value.

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user if you want me to, I'll send your pic to my Christian friend, and see what he thinks about it.


kill yourself shitskin

He never said a single thing about worshiping a religion.

Should we just burn down all of Europe since all the castles and many other buildings were made by Christians?

I'm 6'4", blond haired, and blue eyed.

I am whiter than you.

Before you look into your crystal ball again you need to clean it with some Windex. The evolution of the weapon determines the demographic changes of history.

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no you're a negro, now fuck off

I'm afraid that this will all be forgotten before the end of the week. People are apathetic at best. If Bataclan didn't trigger continent wide race riots I'm afraid nothing will.

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I am not changing my writing style to please you redditors that don't want to be reminded of the extra effort you had to apparently put in to format your posts correctly on your retarded site.

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Niggers not welcome.

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Yeah let's also destroy all the compositions, art, architecture, and writings of these Christians too, my fellow pagans.

goto reddit fuckers! i didn't goto the scummiest site on the net to read about notre dame!

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"the people" will demand something more "suited to modern times" to include atheists, Muslims etc.
Once the smoke clears they will start introducing their plan.
Screenshot this post it IS going to happen.

Then leave.

It was a warning to the yellow vests.
I'm betting on the (((government))) and Macaroon coming out and saying that this could have been prevented if resources weren't being "waste" fighting the neo Nahtzee yellow vests.

That's definitely not happening. (((Macroon))) will absolutely do that. Rabbis will definitely do that. But the French will absolutely, 100%, unequivocally not do that.
sage for double post

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o-okay user gee that is pretty bad isn't it what can i do

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>(((Pagan))) cuckery
Fuck off Moshe.

This may not be an accident.
They have attacked the chapel of the kings of France too, earlier this week.

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And there will never be a clear answer unless the current regime falls.
Let the historical significance of that simmer in your braincase.

unfortunately Notre Dame is a Mossad operation…
I hate ragheads like any other guy, but this is kike job, and don't be persuaded otherwise!

While potentially it's far too cohencidental for this to not be a retaliatory event in response to the Yellow Vests.

Charls Carroll - Notre Dame
well made points

frenchfag here.
Well we have a lot of churches (kinda in every cities to be honest ,even in my kind of neighborhood with 10 peoples we have one).
No ones go there to be honest ,most of french are atheist ,i'm not even catholic and don't go in there to be honest(but i'm a believer).Actually it's kind of hard to live your faith in france ,people mock you and have no knowledge about religions.
What else to say except that we share the same problems : you got your latino we got our arabs and africans except that our arabs are muslim and just import their way to live with them.
Our economy is fucked,our political system is fucked,UE is fucked,Kikes seems to accelerate things (don't know why tho),people are divided about political things,normies just don't give a fuck(get money,fuck girls,party,video games,weed you know).
What else to say : i live in the country,i don't consider paris as my capital and i just follow /sig/.

that is another possibility, yes. the first thing that MSM in Lithuania blamed right out of hand were the GJ. we live in a timeline where everything is fucking possible. the connections are many and extremely intertwined
just as with Christchurch - anything was possible, but the result is good anyways (despite the sad thing that centuries old monument was destroyed) - because it promotes accelerationism.
in short, almost everything that kikes do today plays into /our/ hands, because the only thing that would bring us back on a more stagflationary demographics and thus to a "end with a whimper" is a thing that no kike will advocate for.

I see tens of thousands of Muslim commentators celebrating the event on social media.
Whether they burned it down or whether Mossad did is of little importance. I hate them for being in Europe while laughing at the destruction of this jewel of Christendom.
We are cucks to have let them in, but this is beyond the pale.
Listen to this march. This was the march they played for St Joan of Arc when she marched into Orleans with her army, restoring the French king.
Glorious days. These ones are ignominious.

absolutely based, my Frenchbro! keep preparing until the DotR!

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The only thing that would help kikes in the position the world is currently in is a huge muslim offensive on israel with tens of thousands of jewish deaths.
That won't happen.
Jews are nigger-tier retarded and can't into causation.

Soon we stand together. Not as 'believers', but as family.
Remember that: We are family.
You fucking jew.

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oh, I agree totally. kikes, mudslimes, shitskins of all denominations, all should be fucking purged to the last. but most importantly and most thoroughly - kikes
thanks for the manly and invigorating music, fren!

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Everything is a mossad operation on Zig Forums.

they used to be at least cunning. but hubris taken over after couple hundred years of impunity (with a short exception of 6 years back in 33-45)
now that was always their biggest Achilles' heel

hello nufren/normie/hasbara

Hello mossad.

Every times a muslim does something, a mossad is blamed.

as it's saying on the pic
"With your european comrade
under the sign of SS
You'll Win"
Keep fit ,keep reading,keep working and I wish the Best for you

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Just checking, but have you guys made #EuropeIsBurning a thing yet? I feel like it's a great tag line, with the Cathedral being a good selling point.

Whether you defeat an opponent or disarm him with the weapon he was trying to kill you with, you have still advanced. The enemy will be easier to defeat, robbed of one of his primary tools.

You are welcome for the music. Here's the old anthem of France, to boot.

You sound like a shit-skin. That's was a historic piece of European architecture, designed by European minds, and built by careful and precise European hands. That's a part of French culture and identity. It's not just a temple, it's an achievement of French people. By destroying it they are erasing a part of French history and identity. They are cutting ties between French people of today and their ancestors. Look at Russia. Look at China. Look at the Middle East. They have lost almost all of their ties with their ancestors due to marxism and islam. Their monuments have been destroyed. Their historical figures have been tarnished or erased. Their identities have been destroyed. Remove a people from their heritage and they're easily controlled.

Checked for the Old Gods march with us to victory and the Stars beyond.

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Looking at these images and playing

Gives such a powerful reaction what the fuck. I thought it was a good idea but Notre DAMN.

Based Josef agrees. The feels.

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That fire is way too spread out for it to be accidental. Though we already knew that much.

By an user for my anons

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You sound like a Jew.

All you offer is subversion and perversion of what is good, beautiful and true.

It pains me to see so much art destroyed , every one of these churches tends to have a story and be quite impressive on the detail and design that go into making such works of art , from the structure of the building , to the painting that are on the wall

yeah , you can call me a faggot i guess

as an atheist. the very idea is an affront to any sensibilities. it needs to be rebuilt as a cathedral in honor of the men whom originally brought it to birth and testament to their architectural skills and masters of beauty.

Anyone who denies that these church burnings are done by Islamic perpetrators is either deluded or a liar. The destruction of historic monuments always happens where Muslims have power.
Destruction of Hindu Temples
Destruction of history by isil
Destruction of mosul museum
Ancient sites destroyed by isis

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Checking these sick-ass trips.

Learn to write, nigger.

It would be one thing if Whites gradually replaced christcuck monuments with Odinic ones. This is just genocide and open terrorism perpetrated by governments run by hostile aliens.

Shitting up the board is the top sign you aren't from here.

Oyest of veys

Bump. The (((media))) and authorities have been pushing the accident angle way before they could know the cause.

The jew was behind it

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Fuck off Achmed

The jews are always behind everything. Get out goldberg.

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There must be a video recording of the person who set the Notre Dame alight. These buildings are always under cctv surveillance.

See above.

Looks to me like a muslim in a kaftan and one of those little white hats they wear. And a beard.

also, the very same day:

Also, on the first the of Holy Week
Also, there were a series of churches vandalized in france (set ablaze, too) this year alone.
Also, the very same day that faggot macron was to address the GJ proposals.
Also, Paris is one of the most dystopian CCTV camera hellholes in the world yet they couldn't start a reasonable response to the fire in at least 20 minutes in one of the most important historical landmarks of the world.
Put all of this together and add the fact that less than 24h later after the fire, somehow, the official narrative is that it was "definitely an accident"

How in the hell can they can be sure of that so quickly, is beyond me.

It was definitely intentional and it definitely meant something.

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I don't get it.

So moslems start a fire in their own mosque and quickly put it out, that means it's Mossad?

Did I mention mossad? quick reply, btw :^)

Too many (((coincidences)))

The fire left some interesting patterns.

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You are quoting someone who said mossad actually:


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you're right, my bad. Not necessarily mossad but highly probable. Definitely intentional and planned, though.

You can't be this new.

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Why was it cept secret that the victims of bataclan was beheaded? Why was the morroco video cencored? They don't want increased tension over migration. Every week I read in the news about terrorist attacks prevented in Europe. That's why they started using cars, because the radical muslims are under such a degree of survalance that anything but spontanous improvised attacks is now impossible.

You are subhuman scum.

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Global report for being paid to post here.

People like you ruined this place.

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muslims dont listen to jews you utter moron

On a scale from sand to shit, how brown are you?

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Inb4 KKK gets blamed

I agree on the first two propositions, but I believe the cars and trucks of peace were either allowed to happen or blatant false flags. Many of them shared the same MO, being:

-perpetrated by someone who was "already under surveillance"
-conveniently left ID on the crime scene
-only low res videos available
-the suspect kills himself or is killed before he can be interrogated.

I'm not saying there wasn't a truck mowing people down. I'm saying I'm not so sure the people behind the wheel were the guys on the found IDs.

We're living in clown world, remember. You post an anti-semitic comment on facebook and you get a visit from your local LEO, yet they can't stop an enormous fire on notre fucking dame before it goes wild, or prevent a sandnigger with criminal records from renting a van.

stop bumping this thread

European paganism is asian because it came from the asian steppes