For those whom stand against us

European Appreciation Thread
Post what it is we fight for!

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If the faggot frogs didn't import massive amounts of niggers and mudslimes to rape their faggot asses and every other country then it'd never have burned down

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Filtered and bumped

Unless it's National Socialist

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So long as a single breath is in me I will never cave to foreign invaders.


We're everything you can never be but yearn for you disgusting feind and don't think we don't know that.

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I appreciate electricity.

Fair enough

You fight for Muhammad to groom your daughters.

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I appreciate agriculture

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Yeah, lets leave the wealth in hands of jews! Who would give a shit for europeans to own stuff. You own nothing goyim.

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The leash is slipping

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Who gives a shit about the West? Europe isn't the West. It's The North, it's Europe. The West is the Americas which mostly belongs to the Asiatic people and has for thousands of years.

Quit pretending like we have a say what happens in the Americas these days, Europeans are minorites there.


I appreciate the internet.

Nigger, Northern Europeans were the first humans to reach the Americans.

Europe is the west kike. It's with relation to China, which is the east.
But (((you))) knew that.

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Yeah, you're jewish, and you refuse to accept it. Thats kind of the issue here.

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You'll never be White Ezekiel.

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I want to believe anons. We can still save this clown world.

it already is
europe is almost there
europe puts you in jail for wrongspeak
the west is ashamed of its culture, thats why it is giving away its land and women
we kind of already are by (((them)))

I'm already White, I'm just not as jewish as you. And so you bay like the dog of a Jewish demon that you are.
Woof woof faggit.

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Fuck off kike.
White women are the most racially loyal women of all.
Now (((your))) kikesses on the other hand are the roastiest roasts of all. Clamouring over piles of shekels for the next non-kike cock to fuck.

I'm American

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And you return their loyalty with weakness.

Get your fucking shit together you dysgenic faggot or shut the fuck up. - t Charles Darwin

So double jewish.

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We will never be philosemite

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It's all of those things at the moment.

We need to revive Europe like a phoenix from the ashes. It is dead right now.

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"It is life alone that all things must serve" A. Hitler

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Pretty striking image

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We already know what offends you. No need to work that forked tongue just yet.

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Judaism offends me, the jew of the cross as much as the jew of the cube as much as the jew of the coin
Demons of light play many tricks, and you are the creation of such deception if you try to mingle the Truth with Judaic lies, oh he who calls the kettle black, with the lisp of a serpent.

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Except that >the jew of the cross wasn't a jew, but a hebrew that died through the hands of jews. He was trying to fight off the corrupted hebrew temple, that would later become judaism. Read the New Testament and look out for everytime it talks about the Pharisee (orthodox jews) and the ((((Saducees))) (modernist jews)

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