Its Time

Its time, we can not ignore this, we can not forget this. Notre Dame was more then a cathedral, it was the pride of Catholic Europe. And now it will never be the same. Whether or not this was intentional arson, they are mocking us, they would have gladly done it given the opportunity. Speak up. Send a message

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but it's so beautiful inside user

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That should be easy.

Not as easy as you might think at first. It's constantly surrounded by an (theoretically) infinite number of human fire-extinguishers. You would have to not only set it alight, but hold the door shut. Then they'd probably come in through the ceiling or something.

Much better, at least there's some use on muslims, by becoming a fuel.


An arson is by definition intentional

The only way to destroy it would be to act like a muslim. Take the journey (Hajj) with a c4 vest. You need to take the journey so you would not be noticed. When you get to the Kaaba near the stone. Grab it and blow your C4 vest
Some user out there can do it.

People wanted Fire

Your pope sucks nigger toes.
Nobody is scared of you anymore.

On the one hand I'm torn because centuries of Christian tolerance are what got us into this mess in the first place.

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this isn't even about religion, its about the white race

Plastic explosive will create plenty of fire and poisons gas.

Plans will be made. Remember it was your fault it happened. Tell your friends.

Fuck you Snitch.,

user we didn't start this. Let's finish it.
Someone out there take it down..

And fuck you bitch why don't you pray to your jewish Gawd to make everything oke-doke. Oke.

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If I prayed to a jewish god I would want to destroy the Kaaba.
You sandniggers started this.
White folks will end it. We will burn every fucking Qu'ran and end your tolerance.

If I prayed to a jewish god I wouldn't want to destroy the Kaaba.

You sandniggers started this.

White folks will end it. We will burn every fucking Qu'ran and end your tolerance

The high score is 50+, good luck faggit.
Do a flip.

No its not, its about your jew shit. Your jew shit is evil. Fuck you and your jew shit, jew.

You stupid nigger, you're a jew whining at a jew over what flavor of jew you prefer.

Stop being so jewish.

Are you ready?

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If you eurojews actually start a crusade, I'd fight with ya. Just for kicks. But you won't.

They have metal detectors and that place is under tight security.

I'm also a burger as well.

I have already a 3 count. I served in the Iraq war and shot and killed 3 muzzies.
Sure I don't have a high score, but I am on the board.

this isn't g-d's revenge for christchurch is it?

Are you ethnically european?
Do you worship christ?
If the answer to these two is yes, you're a eurojew.

If not, hey, my bad man.

Too many travel through.
There has to be a way. Maybe an explosive not able to be detected.
I bet a true user will find a way.

Put on a show for me boy. Show me what all those ZOGbux can do. Do a backflip.
Until then, shut the fuck up with the LARP shit.

Just makes me sad, because the purpose of the cathedral has failed. Europe is no longer Christian. Most people upset about this are reacting to hollow symbolism.

Nah, not directly at least.
Besides, g-d and God and Allah are the same thing, in different masks.

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So larping is serving in the arm forces. ???
Muzzies are terrible shots. In a fire fight we killed 25 to 1.
Only kills muzzies got was with street bombs.

Who did it?
Muzzles, jews or something else which is effectively muzzles and/or jews.


When mosques and churches are getting mowed down, what's to stop synagogues, too?

Says a white person ever.
Fuck you Muzzy.
Kaaba is going down.

Christian is jew, so yes.

No zogbot, your service to Israel and your present state of LARP are different, try to keep up.
Maybe do some pushups or stick a finger in your ass, get you back in the zogbot listening mindset.

If you're so badass, show the world. Nobody likes a big talker with a small dick, is all I'm saying.

Served in the American Air force as a MP.
You mad I killed your brothers.

I can't help but think the kikes are sitting round the table thinking "what the fuck do we have to do to get these goyim to fight back!" Surely they have a contingency plan. They're waiting and they're three steps ahead of you whitey better get smart.

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Don't drone me bro. And unless you operate in the NE US, not afeared for my brothers.

Nobody likes Zogbots, nigger, you're in the wrong place.

The thing is, they're NOT that smart.
They're brazen and arrogant. Its what always happens with jews.

Yet with any Military ID anyone who served can box nasty it to any location in the world.

What's the answer you say I'll tell you, as a wise man once said, "no way out but through the jew." Kikes first.

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Nobody gives a shit if you killed muslims in their own countries. Use your experience as America becomes increasingly shit, and you'll earn some particular respect.

Do. A. Flip.

No shit, but its like toxic waste. Gotta get rid of it, but what to do with it?
These creatures have their claws in so many pies, crossing them and moving them aside tends to have dire outcomes down the road.

Muzzies shoot like shit.
White folks are gonna kill you by the millions.
Ask the Japanese.
Death will come.

Apparently we have to run for office. Even Hitler conceded that true power doesn't stem from the barrel of a gun but from the polls.

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You're an idiot or a jew. There's obviously not many muslims on Zig Forums.

Bro you are such a faggot. You don't even know how WW2 got the US involved, do you?

Says a Muzzy.
We have an infestation.
We know.

Not sure I agree, but fuck it.

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That's it? That is the best that they can make? That is the pinnacle of their architectural abilities? I've seen more impressive bathrooms. This is what the kikes want to trade us for?

Larping how the Us got involved in made up text shows how stupid you are.
Cry baby Muzzy.

Boomer af my man.

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Did I hurt your feelings?
Fucking Muzzy goat fucker.
Fuck you and your feelings.

Chances are shits gonna hit the fan and its gonna be rivers of blood on all sides. But if we just.. yeah no that's probably where we're at now

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Threadly reminder that jews are actively courting the far right, such that when SHTF, they swoop in and offer their kosher solution to the migration crisis. Namely absolving themselves of engineering the crisis to begin with, and going to war against jewish/Israeli enemies to stop le-caravans. Crisis created for the purpose of justifying a solution; modern political engineering 101.

Most institutions which labored the past century to manufacture this social context are operated by jews, not muslims. There is no kernel of intellectual billionaire muslim elite pulling strings inside the west, as it is with jews.

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While you are right, it doesn't change what OTHERS view this as, and there is also the fact that the architectural wonders of our peoples represents something more than the function of what they are - in this case a cathedral - but it could have been a university, or whatever. It's the symbol of French wealth, power and dominance.
This is literally just the symbolic death of France or christianity in France - and you may not be a christian, but generalizing, the shitskin will consider you so, by conflating race and religion.

This, never hesitate to call out kikes and put pressure on your local right wing representative to not lick kike ass.

They are the crisis and we won't be able to hear them over the gunfire.

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Once DOTR all Semites go bye bye, especially the architects of all Semitism, namely the jews. (((They))) will squirm, they will try to use every trick in the book but the amount of tricks the jews have is finite and countable.

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The mosques they made in Spain are actually impressive, but that is because they forced Europeans to build them for them.

You niggas really think you're going to do something?
Wew, you're like assistants in SS13 who think that they'll bring the whole thing down with basic electrical gloves.

Hi, jews.

Good Gods you're stupid.

Yup. Don't worry.
It'll be terribly fun.

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Nice cube, kike.

Jews bombing sandholes, always good for Europe.

I used to do that all the time though… Protip: Chemistry is the best for destroying the station in my experience.

Nothing beats random bombings. Except less than random bombings. - t. Venture Industries Public Relations

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Muslim immigrating to Europe, always good for Europe.


t. cuck

There is one place america hasn't tried bombing…


Bombing shit is gay bro. Thats muzzle shit.
Go for the high score and do a 360 backflip.
Besides, bombing muzzles is gay unless its a nuke.

Yep, nuke is better.

Your house, Chaim.

Do I smell a muslim?


Muslim detected.

I'd rejoice if the sacred mosque in Mecca burned to the ground

I'll just let him run through the manual

And an interesting monument it will become, a rubble covering your corpse.

Fuck off glownigger if we're gonna hit something first it's gonna be the western wall never fight the symptoms fight the CAUSE

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You're absolutely right. The cause is your apologetic passive submission of a degenerate cuck mindset, that prostrates at the goatfuckers like a bitch in heat.

This is so degenerate. Literally degenerate WNs openly talking about bombing something but whine if someone bombs them. Amazing degeneracy.

Wanting bad things to happen to your enemies while not wishing of being harmed is "degenerate" now?

Eat lead, cunt.

No it's so child like. A child hits another child then gets angry if they are hit. It's a joke.

Politics is adults being child.

When you realize nobody ever grows up, you will understand politics.

Now eat lead.

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And you're a proud goy on a leash doing what kikey wants fighting its golem(islam) for him instead of the master

Muslim are the jew's pets, destroy them and they cannot outbreed you.

Or take out the master and stop them from coming to white countries and deport the ones that are already here

We would still be dying out due to low birth rates. Brainwashed bluepilled whites are embracing degeneracy just like the kikes want.

Or we kill them both, master and puppet since they are both invaders.

Nothing raises birthrate more than a good war.

Notice how Iraq and Syria have higher birthrate than Sweden despite the wars.