Remembering The Christian destruction of true European history

An eye for an eye.
Semites build their synagogues on the bodies of pagan Aryan supermen.
Where is your god now, christcunt?

Fuck off treefag

Everything born into this world dies.
Only spirit, being unborn, does not die.
If you call the spirit a name, that name is a creation of your culture, and it will die.
Pagan, Christian, Hindu, Incan, doesn't matter, all cultures eventually die, all names for God eventually fall into disuse, and all holy buildings eventually fall.
Everything man makes will fall.
Only spirit will remain.
-t. Buddhist

Let's not even get into the forests destroyed to build this masonic/jewish temple.

Larpagans are just jews without the name

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Christians have no understanding of true European history because of their Semitic brainwashing.
Where is Alexander's body? Where have you hid him?

Europe was converted to Christianity by the actions of an Emperor.
Who is to say it won't be transformed into a niggerfied Islamic union by order of the (((shadow emperor)))?… and yes, what comes around goes around.

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low effort d&c
stop responding to d&c threads
at least sage to not bump

Christianity is the main source of d&c in Europe. Kiss my feet, boy.

Totally agree, here is proof

Sorry but Christians will never be allies. Even in Germany during Hitler's time they were more of an obstacle than anything else. Christianity is (((their))) controlled opposition at best, much like Trump is today.


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We need something more.

Paganism is dead. Christianity is Jewish.
You need something of a compromise, representing new life.

A shared vision, a shared ideal, something a man can believe in, something people can relate to, something of depth to those who seek it but which brings truth to even those who merely wade.
Neither of those who are committed will bow, so its a dream for now, but I believe the future lies not in the past, or not entirely, but in taking that which is most important and undertaking a new paradigm of European thought which reconciles all the many threads of our being while distilling out the corruption which has taken root.

Yeah, Leon Degrelle was definitely a huge obstacle who didn't accomplish anything for example. Lurk for 2 years faggot.

New paradigm? I got it: make Jesus a Heathen God.

Not my point. This thread is just an attempt to get a pissing match going. Op does not encourage useful discussion or provide applicable solutions.
I'm well aware of Christianity being a semitic tool at its core. But I also understand that lots of European achievements wouldn't exist without Christianity.
What I don't see is how paganism is going to help our Volks and nations to accomplish the tasks we face.

Adding to that.
Almost nothing is known about ancient paganism.
All sources we have today are by Christian writers.
Neo paganism is therefore a modern fiction at best and just as semitic as Christianity at worst.

These thread of full of nearly identical responses as all other pretend pagan threads.

The vast majority of responses are also shills. We all know the cloned posts, the pagan meme is requiring more and more effort with diminishing returns. Less anons are falling for it every day. They're going to try a low effort and easily flamed Christian thread soon, trying to defend against the assertions that they make with equally flawed responses to try keeping it going.

I have a friend that works at C o g n i z a n t. He's been telling me all about this kind of stuff, the ones doing this kind of thing on fagbook get the same playbook as many of the people in Tel Aviv.

Eh. Getting warmer.

Then you haven't looked closely. Christianity has a lot of issues, it just isn't going to cut it. There's too many weak points at this stage.

The way of the Old Gods and the way of the new God cannot coexist directly, and neither will carry us forward alone. I can't say how to achieve that compromise which gathers all that is good and casts off what is not good, only that it must be done.

We have sufficient pre-christian writing to have a great many ideas, arguably as many as truly exist of ancient christendom, but you gotta face facts man: European men should not be embracing a foreign semitic faith, all modern forms of which being totally cancerous and gay in terms of hierarchy.
Christianity is quite simply insufficient.
We don't have the full view of our ancestors views, but we have some very good ideas.

We need that which is sufficient - that which is not good, even that which is good but which is not sufficient, will not do.

This is why you can't be taken seriously.

Note the forced (((compromise))), this is the goal of our current misfortune. Accepting the core premise that's been laid out to normalize a new paradigm and well poisoning with a nugget of truth that this is an obvious shill thread.

Yes, your cult is insufficient, but you cling to it.
The alternative is saying 'no compromise', and then we are simply at odds, and all your words fall hollow.

If you claim you know Christianity is a Semitic tool at its core, and don't see that there is value in that which the semite clearly fears, because of, to some degree, it being bereft of semitic influence, then your words fall hollow as well.

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Judengestaendnis, Voelkerzerstoerung durch Christentum

byErich Ludendorff

Language German !

Why does everyone say Christianity is Jewish? Its the least Jewish thing in the world. Even the God of Christians, who was born a Jew, was sickened by the Jewishness of that tribe, told them they were not special anymore, that their old rules were to be changed, and called them out for their tricks. They hated this truth more than anything and killed their own messiah because they refused to give up their jewy ways and as a result were punished for the rest of eternity.

All this, and you guys still fall for this "fracture-point exploitation" D&C shit? Come on. Pull yourself together pol. You're all on the same side here faggots.

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Interesting how you haven't actually addressed the rest of the posts. You claim that you know something that no one else does but you never even try to legitimize your argument.

Ever since it started failing things in the west have become worse. Difference is: I don't believe that God is just a human construct. Things exist outside of people. Solipsism is unbecoming.

You also seem to think that faith is something artificial anyway. If you can't grasp the importance of transcendence, thinking it's just another tool. You don't believe in anything anyway.

Just say you're an atheist, that's fine. Don't pretend to understand problems if you can't even conceptualize the soul. If you think a faith can just be constructed by humans and it's all the same you don't have any spiritual values.

Ever since the fedora jokes have delegitimized atheism we have had to deal with this facade.

Kikes trying to invert truth
Notre Dame was built over 100 years. The people that started it would never see it completed. What do you have now? Narcissism and decadence. Inverting truth really is the only tool in your toolbox isn't it?
Fuck off.

Which ones, specifically, would you like me to address?

No, I don't. I claim to know what you know to be true, but can't face, or won't face. I don't know you well enough to say which..
What does this even mean in your mind?

I said your cult is insufficient. I didn't say it was failing, not in that post at least.

I am a deist. How could I not believe that to be the case?
But belief = power, in divine terms. That's my guess anyway.

Religion is artificial as fuck my man. Faith is another matter.

What I believe in is not something I will willingly describe as "a semitic tool at its core", I'll tell you that much.

But I'm not. I'm just not a believer in YOUR cult. Because its insufficient, and "a semitic tool at its core".
Don't pretend you believe in what you're defending now. That's unbecoming.

Interesting how you don't address the point of the concept of compromise, which is that I am willing to acknowledge a degree of nobility within christianity, where you show nothing but disdain for the competition to the cult you seek to defend coupled with acknowledgement that it is innately semitic at its core.

My bad by the way, I thought you were that other nigger. I can address any points you'd like adjusted as appropriate.

You are a kike, as far as I am concerned, my man.
A spiritual kike.

Notre Dame means little to me, because, to me, it is the symbol of the conquering of my people by something foreign and gross, that has done far far far more harm than good.
Now, whether you believe that as well is irrelevant in terms of the thought experiment of seeing it from my perspective, instead of just calling me a kike.
I understand the value and import it represents to a christian mind, but I am not a christian, so I do not share that mind. As a European man, I mourn it as a loss of a historical artifact, but relish in the demise of an occupation under semitic influence… Granted, probably to be replaced by another semitic influence unfortunately, but thus is life on Planet Jew.

The product of hundreds of years of christianity.

If jews fear it, fear it more than even christianity, AND THEY DO, then clearly it must have some nobility to it.
And if jews fear christianity, AND THEY DO, I will concede there may be noble qualities present therein… I am inclined towards attributing them to the filter of the European people and their pre-christian heritage and beliefs, but that's my business, and if we can come to some sort of compromise as to the Truth of our existence that WE CAN SHARE instead of simply putting a line in the dirt and hating each other over it, that seems the preferable course.

But do not think that means you have free reign to shit all over everything, and then pout when you get slapped in the fucking mouth.

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These idiots. Even if they're not Christian, they share or should share a European heritage which is built on the white-race and its achievements and accomplishments, including its architecture. Those of you who celebrate this disaster. Assess whose interests you claim to serve, if indeed you serve any interests other than your own larping faggotness.

The fact that other people can telekinetically shatter your ass by fucking each other around the world without inviting you makes you a wimpy failure of a man. Learn to be less broken, ass-shattered losers.

When people talk about paganism they usually are talking about northern and central European pantheons. How about the legitimacy of for example Hellenic or Roman pantheons which by definition are also pagan ? Even feminist shitshows like wikka can be included into the pagan definition.
Fracture points over fracture points is all I see.

Except it's not really foreign anymore, is it?
Like it or no, christianity DEFINED Europe and back in the day united it more than pagan religions ever did.
Of course, modern cuckstianity is a limp-wristed shadow of it's former self that needs some serious fixing, but I don't see how paganism is in any way better.

Religion is irrelevant. Outside of the purpose of unifiyng, it carries no real weight.
Only the people matter.

Some people here simply do not want to accept (or are paid to) the simple truth that all historical religions of Europe are European.

Everything comes from somewhere, but it is absorbed, altered and christianity is no exception. It has been used by europeans, altered by europeans and it was practiced pretty much by only europeans until recently. 99% of semites hate Christianity nd want nothing to do with it.

IF you want to reject anything that isn't 100000% European, then I suggest you stop using the number system and get back to roman numerals

Buddhists don't believe in spirit…

Yes they do.

An offshoot of Judaism is the least Jewish thing in the world? That's complete nonsense.

Yes, Jesus was a great man. He was probably the best Jew who ever lived. The Jews desperately needed his reforms and rejecting them was arguably what led to what they have become today. However, Europeans were already better and Christianity (although it was a better version of Judaism) was civilised by European influence, not the other way around. It's not a coincidence that the better parts of the bible are in Greek.

Jesus was trying to use Greek and Persian philosophy to civilize the Israelites. Spreading the poisonous influence of the (((Old Testament))) around the world was missing the point completely. Catastrophically even.

Are we? That's pretty debatable. I don't know about you but I'm on the white side. Do white Christians care more about their white brothers and sisters? Or Nigerians who share their magical beliefs? I think you know the answer.

This… Jesus went to Egypt and studied the ancient mystic teachings and created something completely new. He utilized imagery from at least a half a dozen different religions… that was the whole point. The Hermetica and the teachings behind it had been spread throughout the entire region for millennia prior to Christ, and he was the final message by the Father to humanity. It's been perverted into a "Judaism 2.0" religion, when in fact its a completely different source.

Ofcourse, the abrahamic shrieks as he strikes you.

(((they))) burned you're church down and you just larp.deus vult LOL

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Any source to back that up.
The gospel according to biff does not count.

Omg this^. Just like how Somalis born on European soil are 100% European. In fact immagrants are the real Europeans. White "people" are just inbred mutants bred by Yakub 6000 years ago.

Yes and Islam has always been a part of Europe. When will these stormfags learn.

Exactly! White "people" have no culture. We were living in caves before BLACK people got there. These incel stromcucks are just mad that their grandchildren will be black. Europe's future is brown and it is beautiful. Whoever doesnt like that is on the wrong side of history.

Heres a fun fact: Jesus never called his father Yahweh. Not once.

There are many examples. Here's an easy one: what does the story of Jesus start with? Three wisemen? or were they Magi? Magus was the name at that time of Zoroastrian priests. The communion ritual is basically a repurposed Zoroastrian ritual that goes back to the Vedic period…



If God and Jesus are One,why does he need to call himself with His own Name?

Agreed. I'm thinking something like Der Mythus des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts + 9 Noble Virtues + Aristotle.

A new religion should focus on values, culture, rituals, community and not focus on deities. Deity worship is dead and a shitty argument to make. If you base your religion on "because my deity says so", then it can easily be ignored on the basis of "what proof do you have that your deity exists" or "my deity is better". Any new religion must be based first on ration truth, then later draped in the trappings of European religion so that it is sound at the core.

In other words, a religion should always aim for the truth. Otherwise it is vulnerable to empircal attack and can be rejected by it's adherents. This has happened with Christianity in white nations, and is what makes asatru seem larpy and untenable which prevents it from growing. So what is worthy of veneration and also "true"?

And probably some other points I have missed.

All these are objects or ideas which certainly exist and are worthy of veneration. Of these, the one most important is one's people. I do not have an argument to support this, but I would guess that most people I ask would say the same. The argument can be made that you can't have one's people without nature, but what does nature matter without one's people. The same applies for the other items.

Notice this list contains no deities. Why should deities, which cannot be shown to exist, take precedence above one's people? Even if a religion supports the prosperity and continuation of one's people, why would you place the deity first and the people second?

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Cathedrals are European art.

That explains why whites are where they are today.

Christians have not yet realized they are now the Pagans they once too subverted. The process is more or less the same. Internal weakening of the religion in major urban centers(i.e mos maiorum getting less and less important for Romans). Arrival of foreign or development of anti-traditional forces in urban environment(Mithraism, Sol Invictus, christianity, etc…). Mongrel urbanites discover this new "religiosity"(i.e liberalism) and impose it on everyone else, re-evaluating every value once held, including rural and suburban people(literally "Pagani"). Final phase, once the urban takeover is complete and political power is achieved(c*nstantine), begin the purge of the old.

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Good riddance I say.

Paganism lives on with the blood of the people.

Well… I have something for you

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You jewniggerfaggots.

1. Disparaging and Offensive:
+ a person who is not a Christian, jew, or Muslim; a "heathen".
+ an irreligious or hedonistic person.
+ an uncivilized or unenlightened person.

Whatever your ancestors were doing before the first century is what you should be doing now.

It's best to just not engage or do this:

They're just going to keep doing the same thing. Same tired talking points, same boring attempts at creating a fracture. It's 90% shills and 10% retards not realizing this is just blatant shilling. They never explain themselves outside of calling everyone else kikes and celebrating the demise of white people.

Also keep in mind that they try the other side from a Christian POV to attempt to strengthen their own narrative.

It's not working and they know.

The Roman Empire and Alexandrian Empire were both Pagan.

Are you a slavic troll?

Likes and Slavic scum will not rewrite history. Neither will Amerimutt trash.

Who is being anti-pagan now. My viewpoint is
Slavic scum
Amerimutt catholic trash

True, only kikes and 1 digit brainlet would shill for it.

They were not.

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Yes they were. Stop your revisionism.

oh boy here comes christmutt mental retardation
hear hear folks, Romans were actually abrahamites all along!! das rite!

To LARPing pagangfags I say this : Go be converted somewhere else. Thats all.

If people really need deities (not saying that they do necessarily) then this can be reconciled by the idea that the diety is IN the people.

The reason there are only shills here is because people already made almost all the arguments they could against Christianity, they really tried, you ask for proof but you don't give a serious answer to anything that isn't a shitpost, you are no better than the people that believe that race is a social construct, your ideas would be so easily changed if you didn't shove aside anything that challenged your views, and it's not going to change, you refuse to listen. You will never wake up, when you should have woken up or never have believed in the first place when you where a child, and maybe a teen, like you did with Santa Claus.

Christianity is so depressing, knowing I have Christian family makes me just as sad as me having leftist family members, it's just unbelievable how a 2000 year old levantine religion appeals to and controls so many European people to this day, but I have to admit, it's really impressive.

>I lamely linked to a jewpedia article instead of forming a coherent argument therefore Romans were materialist consumers Epicureans for 1000 years.
Epicureanism was one philosophy among many in Rome. But they were fundamentally pagan from the beginning and continued to be so until Constantine instituted Christianity as the official religion of the Empire.

jews hate him

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If anyone has a imageboard that isn't infected with Christians please tell me, Christians are turning me into a defeatist.

Under-rated post. Christians are too emotionally invested in their 'faith' and are unable to see that the tables are being turned on them.
I don't believe in Karma but every church that burns down and is replaced by other semitic filth like Islam or marxist hubs is pure irony. The invader and destroyer of native culture/knowledge/art gets a taste of their own medicine.

Capped for posterity

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Remember the jewish paid shilling.

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You faggots need to review your Evola. Christianity is the grandfather of today's liberalism. They are different strains of the same disease. You cannot be a Christian and fight against today's degeneracy and inversions of the proper order you yourselves promoted and instituted the inversions and degeneracies that lead to the clown world we have today. Christcucks are just liberals from 2000 years ago. They are the same.

inb4 "that's not real christianity"

Yes, I noticed the similarities between the Christian conversion and the "liberalization" of Europe as well. Foreign ideas infect nations and shun everyone that doesnt believe in their foreign ideas, and later claiming those foreign ideas are part of the nation.

thanks for the wikipedia copypaste but I could've searched for it myself if it had anything to do with paganism and non-paganism
"Romans" aka the Latin speaking Italics of the city of Rome, descendants of Latins, Sabines and Etruscans were as pagan as it gets and the biggest nightmare of semites ever since they curbstomped punics
They were so pagan in the true etymological sense of the word that even Greek philosophy was seen as degenerate and decadent at the beginning and a sign of urban degeneracy against the archetypal Roman of the time, an austere farmer-warrior.

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to hel with you

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I'd post the picture that compares the laws on Christianity and Judaism in Christian Rome but the file already exists…

Are you retarded?


gee I wonder

Not all Slavs are christkikes.

But all d&c posters are actual kikes however

My ancestors were sacrificing babies to moloch in the area of malagabefore the romans came and the romans religion might ad well be as foreign to me as is islam
Catholicism is more Spanish than any strain of paganism

Weird how the insane push for secularization, "rationalism," and atheism in western nations preceded the past two centuries of massive liberalization. Weird how the modern progressive is as triggered by Christianity as he is by National Socialism. But surely you'll fool somebody eventually.

By the same logic why would he call himself father? That is not the point though. Im not arguing whether he is one being or more. The point is he didn't say either was Yahweh. In fact he says the opposite.

John 5:37 And the Father himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his shape.

And yet in Genesis it says Yahweh walks with people, talks to people, even wrestles a guy!
Now obviously Jesus was familiar with Genesis, every Judean would be (even the foreigners would have heard some of its stories).

So unless he is wrong or lying (which would be impossible and blasphemous) then we're left with two possibilities:

He's saying Jews aren't even of the line of Adam (ie not human) which I guess could be true if you take John 8:44 super literally, but it seems unlikely he would recruit actual demons into his church. So eliminating that we're left with…

He's saying Yahweh, who they have seen and heard or at least claim to, is NOT God and not his father.

Good for you?

Imagine not being satisfied with shitting up allt the Notre Dame threads with fake pagan/christian D&C that you have to make another thread specifically for this garbage. You kikes sure are a gluttonous lot.

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Christianity has been allowed to poison the European spirit for far too long. With the knowledge we have come to gain, it is clear that (((Christianity))) is nothing more than semitic filth that has infected Europe and spread destruction and death within our own homelands. Christianity is the real d&c here.

They rejected christianity because it did not go far enough. Where do you think they got their ideas of radical egalitarianism? the bible


are you sure they were your ancestors and not some punic foreigners? most of Iberia at the time of the Roman conquest was already Indo-Europeanized, meaning their religion would definitely be closer to Roman religion than any afro-asiatic cults

in any case, maybe if you took a look at medieval Catholicism you'd realize its great elements have little to do with the first century foreign levantine cult of christianity and more with its Hellenic intellectual elements and Roman military and civic elements incorporated with time, as well as Germanic Chivalric elements

by equating or comparing the particular middle ages expression of European spirituality called Catholicism with primitive levantine christianity you are only doing a disfavor to the former

in any case, middle ages Catholicism is by all means as dead as 1st century Paganism

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Your post inspired me to look that up and I found this on Wikipedia

Hmm where did you get that meme buddy?

National Socialism shuns not the Christian, the Pagan, Satanist or Zoroastrian. It transcends these petty machinations of mortality in favour of that which unifies all: Race. National Socialism is an ideology, nay, an all encompassing World Doctrine, that places Race at the very centre of all its dealings. For it is Race that unites us. The Pagan breaks bread with the Christian at the table of National Socialism. They are one Race. The Pagan is no less European than the Christian, and the Christian has no more exclusive right to European Morality than does the Heathen. Both are of the same Blood, the same Flesh, the same Folk. What does Christianity offer the Pagan apart from Judgment and Foreign Ideals? What do the Old Gods offer the humble Christian apart from Fear and Harshness? Neither offers what the other desires, and in that, a schism of conception. National Socialism unites them on the one thing neither can obtain nor be rid of: Race. What is the Christian when he is not Christian? What is the Pagan without his Paganry? They are European. This, and this alone, is the underlying factor to all that comprises them. Their faith does not change their Race. Their faith does not choose their Race. Their faith does not negate their Race. The European is as he is under Nature. It is his Nature that he is European, and it is his choice that he partakes in a religion. His choices do not change his Race. But, it would seem that merely belonging of the same blood as your brother is not enough for some. They would mean to control his mind, his faith. Why? For what purpose does this task need accomplishing? Ask yourselves why Christian must preside over Pagan, or that Pagan lords over Christian? What Rights do either have over the other? By what basis do you brandish thy blade at your brother? Your kin, your blood, your Race. To condemn a Pagan or Christian is to condemn the European behind the belief, not the belief itself. Attack Christianity. Attack Odinism. These are but beliefs. But do not attack the follower of Christ or Odin, for they are Europeans. National Socialism cares not for Religion, for it is a religion unto itself: a Religion of the Race. One by which European Unity may be achieved. It holds sacred the Blood of the Race, the Land, animals and rivers of the Earth. It holds Nature as the highest power; a power no man is above, and a presence no man can fathom. From Nature came the Races of Man, and to Nature they shall return. Only the Blood of the Race transcends the Existence of the Individual; from generation to generation, we pass the same blood. It is the literal manifestation of Immortality. Within the Race flows a Common Blood, and this Common Blood is the gift of Life from one generation to the next. This is why the Jew drinks the Pure Blood of the European; for it is blessed by Nature itself as untainted by the pollution of lesser blood. This Common Blood, this Life Force of the Race that transcends Time, is at the core of National Socialism. National Socialism ensures the existence of the Common Blood, the Folk, so that a Eugenic future may be achieved. The Religion that is National Socialism is a Religion of the Blood. It makes pure the Common Blood, filters out impurities through Eugenics, both Social and Biological. It is an Organism, a self contained system that provides all that is needed for the Folk, because the Folk provide all that is needed for It. National Socialism has no preference for the subjective beliefs of the individuals that comprise its masses: it cares only of Race. So long as the Race is Pure, so long as it is Whole, its Strength is immeasurable. The Strength of National Socialism resides in the Strength of the Common Blood. The Will of National Socialism resides in the Will of the Race. The Spirit of National Socialism, is in you.

Of course I know, catholicism is the closest thing Spaniards have as a genuine native religion. Both roman and celtic are invaders religions and so is islam.