Do you believe in (((cohencidences)))? The same time the Notre-Dame Cathedral was burning there was also a fire at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. You know, the one they want to demolish in order to build the third temple over it where they want to crown the antichrist as emperor of the world government.

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Sound like islamics try to false flag their own to avoid suspicion.


It's been quickly classified as accidental so I think it's Mossad as it's not the modus operandi of mudslimes to be discreet.

Huh, yes, I see the Boston bombing occurred on 15 April.

Macron could also be a suspect, he needs a reason to mollify the yellow vest protestors, who will look terrible if they continue to riot during this tragic time. Recall the yellow vests smashed up a Freemasons Hall, don't put it past them to scheme this fire either.

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The (((Bolsheviks))) burn a lot of Churches in Europe.

The fact that other people can telekinetically shatter your ass by fucking each other around the world without inviting you makes you a wimpy failure of a man. Learn to be less broken, ass-shattered losers.

Wouldn’t be that surprising if it was the french gov working with Mossad because this way it may help stop protestors and unify them as all French whole also seeding suspicion that muslims were behind it causing more division in the long term

Also Al Aqsa burning at the same time reeks of suspicion as it was swept under the carpet and will also potentially rally angry browns in France to copycat what they did in their little op at notre dame

when 9/11 happened the media told us immediately who supposedly did it and why. this is the opposite. therefore mossad doesn't want europeans to get mad at muslims

Al-Aqsa Mosque fire was a grass fire near the top next to the guard station started 4 hours after Dame. After Muzzy shills started blaming Jews.
No damage at all.
Try harder Muzzies.

Holy shit, the Masonic influence here is glowing.
This morning, user made a post earlier today indicating another explanation for the Notre Dame fire. In one of the earlier threads (source of the first screenshot) ( indicating that another piece of motivation behind the fire involves with Saint Louis (King Louis IX), and his order to burn 24 carriage loads of Talmuds back in 1240 (one of Judaism's most sacred text behind the Torah) which later would lead to the expulsion of the Jewish community in Paris. The same user also posted these articles for your pleasure:








Australian shitposting doesn't have the reek and irritable smell of rotting Kosher Deli meat.

Now the fun part. If you took the time throughout the day to search up "Louis IX burning of Talmud" on some search engine (ie: Google, Bing, etc.), This article would show up (Second screenshot):


Only to be replaced hours later with an article from the J-Post news media outlet (third screenshot):


More articles for your pleasure







Are you seriously linking to cuckchan?

>Do you believe in (((cohencidences)))?
If that was mossad, they would have burned the place down.
Also, mossad are not very subtle in Occupied Palestine. Their schtik there is often to just walk into a refugee camp and kill everyone. Women and children alike.


Purpose of false flag is to put finger on someone. Jews don't want us to fight back. Jews want to us to be destoyed by muslims. They want to destoy our genes and culture. Same thing they do to Americans. Flood them with non whites and tell them whites are evil and deserve to die.

This was muslim revenge for Christchurch. Everyone with brain can see this. This show that majority people on earth are brainless idiots.

Pure (((cohencidence)))

Don't worry, Mossad will build 10 mosques in Europe to make up for it

Even if it wasn't, it must be used as means to incite masses to kill jews.

Church fires in France solved.

Jews in Alabama set NINE alternating Black/White church fires in attempt to spark Race War. Once caught (((authorities))) called it a "college prank".

Maybe Nortre Dame fire was just a couple playful Jewish kids reenacting that scene from "the hunchback" were he makes a big pot of molten lead to pour on attackers during the siege.

And of course Macron needed SOMETHING to break up the Yellow Shirt mobs. IMO history will paint Macron as the "man who burned the Cathedral to say in office".


Little rats.

No we didn't.

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>Notre Flame catches (((fire)))
There are no coincidences.


No sane or intelligent person would think that burning down a church leads to a fall in Christianity, only low IQ persons would do something like this. It means it was set on fire by a muslim.

The mainstream media tried to cover it up so hard that it must have been the muslims.

If it was Israel, it would have been published, the msm likes to bash Israel.

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Nigger are you serious?

obviously they wanted the remodeling to take god into consideration
the church already accomodate pedophiles

You're hilarious, kike.

This kike thinks bashing Israel is some left wing jew on the msm criticizing Netanyahu for being too blatant of a blood thirsty kike and making the tribe look bad.