I'm leaving the alt right!

Let's have a thread about this new psyop

Cucks claiming to leave the alt right:
* youtube.com/watch?v=sfLa64_zLrU
* youtube.com/watch?v=HWUUuMGlvXs

Right winger commenting on the phenomenon:
* youtube.com/watch?v=gCZFzRBFjVI

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I knew an antifa from Virginia that momentarily associated with / "joined" the alt-right then a few months later left.

They're cucks who have no idea what the fuck our actual beliefs are but somehow get drawn in temporarily for retarded and nonsensical reasons that only make sense in their own head.

yeah these people are lemmings

The same people who join the Jihad then one day realize they are in it for good.

Lol yeah there's a lot of people that joined ISIS and then got executed by ISIS.


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YouTube recommended me this fucking bullshit. Definitely a psyop. He gives thanks to Destiny and Contrapoints, a beta cuck nihilist and a tranny, for healing his Molyneux brainwashing. He did remark on the strong attraction to race realism, so maybe normies will be drawn to it too.


"alt-right" was a psyop from the beginning, so it's only natural to expand the operation.

Artificial containment and disinfo op falling apart as it has served its purpose.
Sheep begging to be admitted back to the herd.

just reminder that communist never represent any true facts.
They just try to manipulate with people's feelings. Most of their claims are pure lies. Besides why do they do not have videos where they represent right-wing views? It's because they are just pure liars

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Can we stop with the (((alt-right))) meme already?

look who it is

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It's not our meme, 66

Bad goyim, y u kno shekel my paywall now?

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>No knowing the (((alt-right))) is a sham
Room temperature IQ

good of you to realize ISIS and the alt right are the same

Thinking of this kid specifically

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Can we flip it around and say we're leaving it because it's a controlled opposition big tent cesspit and we're becoming national socialists?

Following Christchurch, a group somewhere has decided to launch a "deradicalisation" targeted at us. This video is part of that program. The guy in that video is literally an actor reading from a script.

Watch how excited he gets when he talks about the Lauren Southern v desTiny debate. It's pretty funny.

probably just a shitposter trolling people

Videos like these have existed before. It's just tricks to demoralize us and make us look stupid.

one of them is liberal, the other one is a communist. I am 100% sure they never were (((alt-right))). they are just trying to manipulate people emotionally. Mostly to lower our self-confidence.

Join or else xyz jew

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How did the kikes even get the Alt-Right going? A bunch of white supremacists, headed by gay Jews and also includes Libertarians. I guess they can just throw Nazi and white supremacist around and everything else gets buried.

Literally how is anything that man has to say informative


Watching this guy.. Wow. WTF was going through his head?

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the only thing this is going to do is get you painted as a traitor

the enemy will eternally call you a nazi, and the left is currently ejecting all White skins.

the day of reckoning when all whites are purged from the left, is the day when everyone accepts (even if they dont support it) that whites are going to be advocationg for our people. this is also the day when cucks like this will learn they have no home on this planet, as men like myself keep lists of every White race traitor specifically for this approaching day of reckoning.

this "day of reckoning" i am speaking of needs to be memed now

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Ook here, you oonga boonga nutboxen, nobody is the good guys unless they’ve got integrity, and nazism is self-sabotaging corruption through and through. Fighting retardation like OP’s is part of why political correctness shouldn’t get too omnipotent, because we obviously aren’t done shattering the weaklings who abandon the independence of mind that buttresses western civilization.
You want to do some good in this world bringing forward other cultures, try taking off the bondage of nazist corruption and healing from the collectivist psychosis of racism. You are one person and you do not need to live the lying mewling slave life of someone who tells himself he’s strong because he got terrorized into terrorizing others. You CAN have your pride back. Just stop obeying the people who tell you your pride is so gone you have to debase yourself seeking pride in pigments, and bam, instant dignity.
You don’t even have to give up your sense of superiority in being a member of a more advanced society. Try this: legalize psychedelics, lure in foreign tourists, and send them home with scrambled brains to sow chaos. You don’t ever have to partake yourself.


glad you guys see this is psyop/just people conforming because they are npc/drones.

lol, this is genx.

you literally have your head up your ass.

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laughably desperate.

It's just the next wave of disruptive spam being posted in many threads. Slightly cleverer than the tor redtext spamming the last few days because people will actually waste their time on reading and responding to it.

No different to the alt-lighters who joined in 2016 and then declared it 'dead'. If the alt-right can survive them it can survive a few antifa lolcows.

The alt-kike itself is a psyop, newfriend. Look up William Regnery II, Dickie Spence's handler.

Nope. I can tell by glancing at the post that they didn't lurk. On top of that, muh natsis is an automatic filter.

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Nigger, he's right, it is copy-pasted shillspam, it's been happening in this format for a week or two. Here's an example from another thread, the very same post.


It's good to care what controlled ops are doing. They are the ones whose orders are to target normalfags. Seeing the agenda of controlled ops helps us counter their narratives before they gain traction

but they dont gain traction, thats why they're controlled

thanks i haven't seen this faggot yet…should be easy to remember thanks to talking about psychedelics and shit. lol
oblig pic

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Some do, like Alex Jones. More recent example would be Bernie Sanders. Both set out to put out narratives that their jewish masters believe people want to hear. Of course they will never truly "win" like in the case of Sanders, but the experiment is useful nonetheless. By monitoring these experiments, we can shift the narratives to our side, as controlled ops usually tow a fine line to actual radicalization

This was discussed weeks ago. Stop sliding with your three sentence OP and direct link to your shitty channel.

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Hello again, faggot.
Its a pleasure to meet such a free and critical thinker. *tips bredora*
Like the Tibetans that helped defend Berlin from the commies?
We are the living manifestation of our people and they live and die through us.
Its called giving a shit about your people and not wanting them to get raped to death by shitskins.
You should try it, the raped to death thing i mean. By niggers. Niggers like your dad.
Its like a teenage faggot got sick of being told to do his chores and is trying to 'rationally' argue that doing them is a form of slavery so he wont have to. But with white genocide.
You came here because you know you are wrong but you don’t know how or why.
Lurk for at least 6,000,000 years then hang yourself with your girlfriends strap on.

On topic:
Maybe stop spamming this shitty, no balls, chinless faggots cumguzzling channel so the dipshit can save up for reassignment surgery?
That said when he talks about 'the memes D=' and tries to cry is fucking hilarious. Probably webm that bit tbqh.

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Alex jones always had a following, its nothing new

despite being commies they arent too far off, just replace barron with a jew, all of these people are only slightly right wing of stalin, acting as centrists LARPing as hardcore rightwingers, to get the masses to mix in with them, thinking they're with people in good company, in containment so they never become fascist or national socialist

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Youtube is giving these people an algorithm boost (Contrapoints, etc) and then they complain about the algorithm. It's definitely no coincidence. In around 2015 we could pretty much say what we wanted because the "right" was pretty much unknown anyway, but we were gaining supporters in Europe at a rapid rate, now, at least in the West, it's fizzling because of reach limitations and definite psyops.

The aut right is just a word hillary made up to cope with the fact that she was getting heavily memed upon.
You know someone is a far leftist if they claim to be or have been in the aut right. Because only far leftists believe it exists.

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so all those Qfags, pepememesters and MAGAtards are figments of my imagination?
What do you call them then? The sure as hell aint national socialist, as they are all capitalistfags

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I call them Qfags, pepememesters and MAGAtards.

one job

That picture is gay as hell, Trump didn't help the fire rise, he put it the fuck out.

I think its referencing the fact that Hillary expected to win easily and just like the CIA man in the movie she was lead towards drawing false conclusions.

You've confirmed that the alt-right exists and is jewish. Stop being retarded.

I think you're a faggot.


Hillary confirmed it existed. But im very skeptical. Ive met some kekistani kids and maga people but never an aut righter.

Have you checked your local gay bar?

No but they would be the 'gays for trump'. As well as far more gays who dont support trump of course.
I definitely dont think Hillary was referencing fags when she coined the aut right.

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you do know hillary wasnt the guy to coin the term alt right? it was someother guy and its been a thing since 2010

Jewgle trends shows that absolutely nobody was searching for or talking about the alt right until August 2016.
So it definitely only became popular when the 2016 US election was in full swing.

Hillary definitely popularized the term. Even if she didnt coin it.
Id be happy to read your proof otherwise.
Im also totally willing to accept that hillary is a guy. I dont even want proof of that.

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Let's not.

Yes, just with a different ideology but there are methods that just work. One of those methods is to kill traitors

ef-fin xactly ! sudden eu-uploadfilter shillop… coincidence ?


that doesnt stop the altright existing since 2010 with the "alt-right" being coined in 2013.
i also dont get your obsession over hillary and the madam president thing, its not like she was ever going to be president as it was always decided trump was to take the throne, do you believe that votes matter?

I don't know who these videos are aimed at, other than under age fags. It's like watching YouTube videos directed by tv crime drama Jews.

It doesnt stop a lot of things.
As I said I would be happy to look at the proof behind what you say because its quite interesting. Ive already conceded that she is a guy.
Id rather be wrong amd learn some new information from you than be right for the sake of being right. But I cant look in to your mind and believe you I would need to look at the source that you used to draw that conclusion.

Mostly I just find her funny. Shes symbolic of the delusional entitled establishment feminist.
A lot of people lose perspective over time. But your idea that Hillary had no chance in the 2016 US election and Trump was the front runner is bizarre inversion of history.

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Is that you Kike Enoch?

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Wow, how will we eve recover?

This visionary Oaks fag seems like he's came straight from one of those leftypol "AMA ex-neonazi" threads. His criticism Soros pro-immigration stance doesn't actually fit the pattern of the cynical capitalist exploiter out for profit. Soros clearly has one specific group in mind, that he's targeting, his son has even spelt it out. It's not limited to immigration, too.

if you really didnt know altright has been a thing years before the 2016 election then where were you? are you just another election fag that needs to be spoonfed instead of finding basic information that eveyone that keeps watch of jewsish tricks already knows? next you'll be saying that PC and SJW shit only began this decade


Nothing about his face looks Jewish. He just looks fat and alchoholic. Only kike DnC pushes this idea.

I've watched quite a few of these new crop of leftist Youtubers, and their goal is to recruit the alienated (from their view, in Marxian terms) people who would normally come to the right by just explaining their weird shit. It's clever in that they realize being the typical screeching antifa is a gift to the right. They're mega pissed that the Youtube right is a real thing, and so want to gentrify it with their bizarre shit.

Imagine making a video on YouTube comments and thinking you've achieved a political victory.

and in addition to , the victory of Brexit, Trump and then Charlottesville was like the last straw to them and they want to destroy the right because if the right, especially in Europe, maintains it's current trajectory, the typical neocon softball opposition to the left will be replaced by a much less negotiable and self-destructive new right. I know it's those three things, but especially the former two, are all the more powerful leftists complain about. First thing's first though, they need to regain that neocon 'opposition' by destroying ground work right-wing activism.

I guess I wasnt one of the less than 1000 people google trends says was talking about the alt right before August 2016.
1000 people out of 7 billion is 0.00005% of the population. I dont think its fair to imply that everyone should have known that.


There's going to be tons of milquetoast weaklings who hop in and out, the people who will be the middle that get washed around by the tide of culture and history. There will also be very dodgy people who were in it as spies or to do retarded things to taint the good people in it, like IRL agent provocateur stuff, saying he loves being a furry or some stupid shit like that.

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Britfag here. A lot of lefties support Brexit and hate the EU. Like Sargon of a Cuck.

Jeremy Corbyn, the British version of Bernie sanders spent 30 years slagging off the EU to their faces.
He changed his tune as soon as the EU was paying his bills of course. But the ideology doesnt support the EU.

You really shouldnt trust google trends of all things for discussion on the internet and interest in specific topics

Right. His beady little rat eyes and schnoz don't look jewish at all…

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Right now its either google trends, or believe a guy who refuses to provide a single piece of evidence to support his claim.

Isn't Jeremy a non-starter for his party? Doesn't Blaire still control it? His own party hates him, from what I understand. I know that even people who support him hate Brexit and the people that vote Brexit. I think ultimately the old left in Britain, him, is going to be the loser in that sectarian conflict.

This is a prime example of nu/pol/. They think we’re just memeing and being ironic when in reality we are deadly serious about wanting to save our race and nations. Doing this will not be bloodless. It’s not for the weak. Just look at this cuck’s soft, weakling eyes and big, crooked nose. He was a born liberal, born dysgenic

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t. quote from an anarchist YouTube channel

Germanics often have large noses
Nope. Not hooked at all
Not really a jew trait.

Saging for more kike bullshit

I've never seen anybody who isn't a massive faggot using this term.
Why is that?

You obviously don't belong here, you filthy TRSodomite. Even if Kike Enoch isn't a jew, he still married one and had a kike kid. Go back to the TRS forums and worship your kike king there.

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Why do you think that the video was made by an honest person?
Do you blindly believe everything you're being told?



Fuck off moshe.

Spell check.

Well you're right since ISIS and the alt-kike are both directly funded by Israel. You thought you were being snarky and would get big internet points over on Zig Forums with this awesome gotcha you were gonna pull on us.

Unless there is good evidence this is a psyop would it really be that surprising that some dumb halfchan memers couldn’t take the heat?

more like oust yourself as a newfag that cares way to much about the 2016 election and google statistics

This, also true. The fact is the "alt-right'' attracted psychopaths and losers. I do very much believe, with the amount of political attention it has gained, there were no doubt infiltrators and agents. Also, though, people would advocate breaking the fucking law and acting like morons. They couldn't step back and see that just because antifa acts like idiots doesn't mean THEY can act like idiots too. Not the same playing field. Such a basic fact in any kind of competition in nature that not everything gets to play by the same rules, and many couldn't realize that (Charlottesville)

90+% of the e-celebs of the aut-right are faggots, known frauds or crooks of the past, shekel hunters, trannies and non-whites. TRS is a rainbow of faggotry. A great example of the diversity of it is the Jew Mike Penisvich with his black brother, chinese niece and a B'nai B'rith wife who was on his "fashy" show before the jew wife outing and was around all that time to paw over and see the show being made, the people doing "d'nations" and all the other dox. Don't forgot Mike's parents were subscribed to Jewish newspapers too. Sooooooooo fashy!! That's just one branch of the pride parade of retardation that the aut-right is. You've got Anglin too who happily declares for the death of all Europeans on air and then five minutes later he's working on his "fashy" website (plz donate to us too, we're so edgy we're legit lol!!!). The enemy are fucking telegraphing what they are doing to us and you still get retards (and shills) who keep trying to pretend the aut-right are somehow legit and healthy. They must laugh and laugh at how many gullible people still fall for this yet, like retarded cultists who just keep clinging to their programming.

Thank fuck places like this and other corners exist as the truth of their falseness and corruption leaks out from here even when they try to suppress it.