France: Migrants threaten to rape 3 year old Chinese girl, French Police censoring vid

This thread shows a reply containing the video below the French Police asking people to remove the viral version:

It has been removed on Reddit, YouTube and Facebook and there are no English language articles on it in the hope it blows over and is forgotten

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Already seen this before like a week ago.

And yet nearly all evidence of it on social media was removed and not even one news article outside France. Can you imagine if a White did something even 1% of what this video shows? it would be the most globally viewed story and trending twitter topic

This no longer means anything, sadly.

We've become accustomed to the double-standards to such an extent, that this sort of shit is barely inflammatory anymore. These mudfolk can basically pimp and rape children in the fucking street, and the cops will arrest parents for trying to stop it, so the fact that Whites would get rekt for a fraction of that doesn't mean much.

That's how bad things are at this point, there's no impact to revelation of the disappearance of data which doesn't fit the narrative.

To be fair (which I am not) a white did kill 50 sand niggers on fb and it got censored to shit

Context denial af bruh.

This muzzie shit will be silenced because it paints the muzzie too badly.
The Brenton Tarrant shit will be silenced because it paints the White guy too well.

But that became the most global news story in the world seen by hundreds of millions of people? Literally everyone knows about it.

Zat is ze joke

What a player.

Saw this like 5 weeks ago


Why would it be? That's a normal every day occurrence in every major city in western Europe. It's like making a news story about someone getting raped in Africa or pajeets taking a shit in the streets in India.

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So you didn't see the frame by frame slowdown where the nigger has his dick out and is fapping using the kids hand.



Can someone find me Brenton Tarrant's archived thread where he was talking about inheritance and his late father?

There's quite a lot of evidence I've seen of things turning nasty for the Chinese because of the brown tide coming up from the turd world. Businesses looted, people harassed and the leftist and migrant activists agitating that these people are now just as much as an "oppressor" as the White natives. Probably because they do not fit their precious image of evil White racists as the Chinese just used smarts, hard work and nepotism like most people to get to the top in their areas, while the rest aren't capable of it so chimp out and demand gibs. They might be allies for Whites in the future (they're still not White though, no honorary White bullshit please).

We had a thread on this week's, ago, anons were trying to put this on Chinese social media.
I don't have the link anymore, I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me it ended with something.

Slide thread.

4 niggers already got away with brutalizing a severely Autistic white looking, could have been a mongrel i dunno kid. no one cared, and the niggers didn't get locked up for life or put down.

Old as fuck, already had 2 threads.
SAGE nigger.

Everyone has to see this and I guarantee that many have not. This should be a sticky.

The poor child is being sexually abused not just verbally because the muzzie is holding the girls hand on his crotch.

I find this every bit as offensive as the attack on Norte Dame cathedral, but unlike in the case of the cathedral attack here there is 0 doubt as to whether it’s Muslims.

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I knew that cringey animeshit was from reddit!

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Three? By Talmudic law she is ‘ripe’ for her rape and then subsequent murder by a semite for ‘tempting him to rape her’.

Kill yourself nigger, you are incapable of learning.

Fuck off cunt, you will never be white.

I thought it was funny that redditors were upset at our memes. I hate muslims as much as it’s humanly possible. The only difference I see between muslims and kikes is iq.

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Slide thread.

At least it's a shit-skin and not a white kid.

No I haven't. This needs to be shown to everyone. Arc up that Streisand effect.

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Is this supposed to be surprising or shocking?