French anons are you finally gonna do something, or you just gonna still sit here and look how your country is dying?

french anons are you finally gonna do something, or you just gonna still sit here and look how your country is dying?
I dont belive, i literally dont belive that in whole France there is no ONE officer in army who don't have balls
you just have start, we will come from every European country and help you, I personally have a backpack packed and I'm waiting to go
can be in 6hours in France, if there will be no traffic jams during the journey in germany

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Europe can't even use the Internet you fucking Retard. They Shit in the streets and shit. Watch the fucking plague erupt

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im in europe and i use internet, i can even lurk pol, maybe the reason its because im from central europe but doesent matter
any frenchanon here?

We are ready too.

What are you doing yourself?

im ex polish soldier, artilerry section bm-21 wr 40 types. Unemployment for now,learning french language for last 5 months.
training everyday, every week going to shooting training to local shooting centre
i dont know what i can do more, just waiting to IT start somewhere so i can come and help

It starts with you. Remember, precise shots into the heads of Macron and the (((others)))

You are expecting someone else to start something. But I'm guessing those other people are also waiting for someone else to start something.

the reason is not location.
when the EU "passes" a law, what it means is the individual nation states are "encouraged" to make up own legislation (modeled on key principles established by EU, i.e. niggers good) on the topic.

of course, it means "do it or else", but also that it takes a few years for bureaucracy to actually implement an "eu law" into a real, applicable national law.

and also it means the general population never sees it coming, because the law comes into effect several years after a topic is discussed in the media, but is suddenly globally enforced - leading you to believe it is legitimate (because universal and not discussed).
And if discussed, they'll reply "no concessions on rights earned".

Macron will be using the rebuilding of the Notre-Dame Cathedral to look like the "adult" with reference to the Yellow Vest protesters.

Why not join French Foreign Legion? They will teach you the language, and with the background you can probably handle the discipline.

They can rebuild the cathedral but it won't replace the 80% of the total religious relics they lost. They also won't be able to cover up that the fire was deliberate for long. I wonder how people will react to it.

It is filled with shitskins mate. lonewolf is the way to go

No, it isn't. South Americans, Slavs of all kinds - yes, but not shitskins. Legion's command is independent and they just refused to accept them not to train potential islamic militias.


i thought about it, but then i read more and more about french foreign legion, this is full of niggers/arabs army and i don't think they gonna stay with European people when the race war start.

this is our mistake. We should build a groups, dont act like a lone wolfs, but how to build these groups when every european country police are chasing us? I don't have answer for this like everyone else from ours side
the only rational solution is to train, read, and wait. But if we just gonna wait then on someday we will wake up and there will be zero chance for win because they gonna ountnumber us soon
i dont know what to

then it changed because my brother applied for it years ago and there was lof of negroes. well, much less than in regular French army to be honest.

Be careful about what you write about yourself here, I'm fairly certain this place is under surveillance due to recent events.

are you French? Can you tell how is it in French army? Do you got many niggers/shitskins in normal France Army?
i can't find data about it, i just want to know what type of people are in your army
do you even think that is a possibility to France army take power?

Only answer is go lone wolf. Goverment fear it because it is unstopable. Downside is you have shot. If you survive you will stay in prison forever. That is also why it is rare.

This is obviously revenge for Tarrant. Thanks too him we skipped 5-10 years. Do it few times and we have racewar.

Your average soldier is either a nig, a shitskin, a wigger. You'll only find proud Whites in officer ranks, special forces, commando, air force etc.. anything which require a three digits IQ.
The (((French))) army taking power to restore juden-peace is a meme they are trying to sell to the masses.
Technically, anything is possible, as long as you don't follow the juden-way-of-doing-things (democracy, rights of man etc..)
From what I see and the testimony of my brother, I don't see that happening soon as the top officers are masons and good shabbos for the most part.
The only positive aspect of it is that it is a way to acquire mili knowledge.

ok thanks now im gonna delete

You mean take out the actual attackers, aka jews?

or are you just talking about focusing on jews' bioweapons?

a sky captain needs to make an emergency landing into the UN one day….i heard a story of a couple faggots who staked out soros and got close enough to the guy to heckle him and take photos but did nothing more than that….
i think a lot of us over-estimate security, which is actually another layer of security if you think about it.
i also think a lot of the reason nobody actually does anything is the same old shit, people are too comfortable still and still feel they have too much to lose. i know personally i have a family and have acquired the sort of American dream lifestyle of the 1950's, my personal life is about perfect. People like me are never going to be the ones to get things started, we have wives and children, we wouldn't only be sacrificing ourselves but our families as well…i don't expect some of you younger guys without children to understand, it's ok, you don't need to, you just need to believe what it is i'm telling you here about a lot of people and why they aren't going to be the ones to kick things off.
There is a big difference between leaving your family to go off to go off and fight and die when there is an actual conflict and going off to die in hopes of starting a political movement, i admit i'm not good enough at communicating to be able explain the difference but a lot of us do see a difference there. i dream of the day for open armed conflict, i really do, i'm more than ready to lace up my boots and go out and do what needs to be done to secure a future for my people and my children, just not/can't be a martyr and sacrifice the lives of myself and my families for something that may never even get legs….my sons are to young to be without father.

if you want some historical context, revolutions have always been started by the young, it is only after a movement is going and in conflict do middle aged and older men join the fray to give guidance and lead with their experience, when older men start revolutions it's in the form of a coup, often with military or an already formed militia at their backs….long story short, go easy on us older guys, we're here and present, we just need to see something real take shape before we do anything.

was being monitored before that, just more heavily now…i'm not sure what to think about recent events,on one hand the board is all shitted up and feds just falling out our ass on the other hand there's a lot of new people who were inspired, which is great.

going lone wolf can only go so far though,there has to come a point when an organized group responds to the response created by the initial lone wolf if that makes any sense….like the case with NZ, they lost thier firearms, free speech and a whole bunch of other shit, things advanced a number of years by your own account, well what now? shouldn't the streets be filled with pissed off people fighting for their rights? ……you are right about the dynamic of the lone wolf and the need for them but there needs to be a group of people ready to respond to the actions taken by the government after the lone wolf does his thing.

the whole reason things have gotten to this point and this bad for us in the first place is because we're unable to organize, between the feds, faggots doxxing us and us, ourselves being retarded and infighting on 50 different fucking levels we just can't seem to get any real organization going on any real level….i'm 100% sure that is by design, the most dangerous thing we could do is be organized.

that said, i completely and utterly understand why we aren't organized and why people are scared to, a single person running thier mouth on the internet is just freedom of speech and incredible hard to arrest someone for without causing more problems, but once you try to form a group then there is a whole fucking list of charges they can and do bring against you and the general public isn't going to give a fuck,a lot of the laws against organizing where created in relation to 9/11 under domestic terrorism….us being organized scares the powers that be more than anything else and it's why they try so hard to stop us from doing it….

just to be clear, i'm not suggesting anything here, just POV.

Nice try FBI

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Does FIB's hang in chans btw ?

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South Americans are shitskins

Paid shill confirmed.

Sure so you can be a gun for hire for cartels and corrupt billionaires. Fuck off…


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why would anyone defend a country full of people who agreed to the policies established? just leave and find people who still care. you are making it complicated. why waste time on souls that drag you down.

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I am looking so forward to meeting you worthless shit smears.

Officers live very comfortable lives. I wouldn't bet on them risking their lives until the order to attack Iran/China is given. France is actually doing a good job of postponing that most inevitable of events. France's military might be as niggered as America's before the order is given, making China pretty much invincible. Diversity planes will crash. Diversity missiles will not detonate. Diversity troops will get lost. It's going to be so embarrassing for NATO.

im not from France, but i care about France as a European, im culturally and socially European like France,Germany etc so i care about them.

maybe you don't know, but some brave man said

if im from poland that is better for me to fight on the walls on the tower, because when I have to fight at the doorstep of my own house it will be too late.

Kill Rothschilds and their lieutenants. That would start something.

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it's time to act. no one is going to unfurl a banner saying the war is going. it's obviously here.

this is how it feels watching radical agenda. i think he's a fed. "hey brother, what about those niggers, spics and jews huh? i went to jail so you know i'm legit."

Take away the bread and circuses.

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who cares about the so called wise words coming from flesh and bones?
there were so many of them before, then they all died.
Psalm 33:12
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom he has chosen as his heritage!

Isaiah 60:12
For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you shall perish; those nations shall be utterly laid waste.
Psalm 47
God Is King over All the Earth

1Clap your hands, all peoples!
Shout to God with loud songs of joy!
2For the Lord, the Most High, is to be feared,
a great king over all the earth.
3He subdued peoples under us,
and nations under our feet.
4He chose our heritage for us,
the pride of Jacob whom he loves. Selah
8God reigns over the nations;
God sits on his holy throne.
9The princes of the peoples gather
as the people of the God of Abraham.
For the shields of the earth belong to God;
he is highly exalted!
And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place,

what is it you don't understand?
god will take care of the mess eventually.
no need to be worried about anything.
it is not your doing.
just have faith, he will come.

word of god or ramblings of some wise man made of flesh?
he's dead anyways and probably didn't even exist.

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Imagine being this cucked. I hope your God is real so that way you fags can burn for your cowardice in the face of evil.

he just trolling, every smart person know that christianity is most cucked religion on these days
but guys seriously, someone has to be first so everyone else can follow him

baruch pls

This is the lazy servant Jesus beats when he returns to find the house unkempt.

Why do you ask questions to which you know the answers.

I'm just sick of the religious bickering. From either side. Now is the time when such things(policy as well) should be set aside to defend and revitalize our race. Not argue about sky daddies and the finer points of policy in our non-exhistant ethnostate or whatever one wants to call it.

The Yellow Vests have been putting their skin at risk for months now. That's no mean feat.

Are you a massive dildo?

Hop to son , that’s a direct order


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If you are going to an hero do it a day after a kebab sets off his diversity fireworks.

It's funny to me, that anons think they can "use" military training.
Like they will go through it, plus time served, without the indoctrination program doing exactly what it's supposed to, erasing your previous beliefs and making you loyal to ZOG.

I've got nothing against people taking action, but anyone advocating for specific actions or plans on this glownigger infested shithole is either a fed or a LARPer.

Shut up nigger. Kikes are literally importing millions of 65 IQ raping niggers and shitskins and you're panting about surveillance. The problems we have is because of being too careful and letting the kike media take the narrative in the 2000s.

Don't buy the kike alternative that immediate dumb violence is the only answer either.

Think, prepare, lift, educate yourself, expose the conspiracy and criminals now with language you can use openly while you plan to kill who you need to kill when they kick off chaos.

Shouldn't you be somewhere being criticized by your kike mother?

>>>Zig Forums


This. Those who are actually going to do something aren't posting about it. unless they're a total retard

more like you are a jewish shill

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It is really not. Most of the volunteers currently serving are Slavs (mostly Russians, Ukrainians, Poles and regular mix of Czechs, Slovakians etc., mix of Anglos (Americans, Brits and Aussies etc.) and some more or less whiter South Americans with Brazilians in lead. There is very very little of actual niggers and even less sand-niggers.
t. been there

If any European wants to be as good as he can be, there is rather simple way how to do that:
Now, get yourself a gear. Plate carrier with plates (ceramic) & some minimalist chest rig, good boots (Salomons or Lowas), good 30-40l backpack, uniform in modern pattern (multicam variations etc.), good solid IFAK (do the research), solid sleeping bag (Carinthia, Snugpak etc.) and sleeping mat (Therm-a-rests are great, surplus Bundeswehr ones too). Do you research, do not buy airshit. Once you have the gear, check Czech Republic and Poland for tactical training classes. Especially Czech Republic is great and rather cheap for any westerner. Hardtask or Thor Tactical (check their websites, they are in English) are great companies which trains civilian contractors on world class level.

Start with basic Small Unit Tactics (SUT), TCCC (combat first aid and casualty care) and CQB (close quarters battle, doorkicking & room clearing). Try to befriend people there during classes and/or in your home. Try to get your friends on the track too, because you can then train and refresh that knowledge back home. Then continue with the same classes, but advanced level. After that the sweet price - shooting classes. Start with dynamic rifle and rinse and repeat through all tiers. Train as well back home, try to utilize and later teach others what you learned from instructors, always refresh so it gets into your muscle memory. This whole thing is rather long process and somewhat expensive too (absolutely doable with regular income though) but on the end of it, I can very well guarantee that you gonna be on par or better than most of your country military, minus some special guys. This will also prepare you pretty much for any violent eventuality in your future, be it racewar or some hardcore subscribing to Piewdiepie.
You can and should also add some long-term hiking, camping, survival and landnav, but those are readily available even in most cucked countries and can be easily learned from books and internet.

General rules:

saved, quality post Frenchbro, i see you think just like me, training which you described is very good option,

I would just like to add that every user can pass basic military training (probably 3-4 months) in your local army.
this dont make you a hero but you will have a very good base for racewar, probably better than most of the shitskins/nigers.
You will know how to shoot, how to use grenade, some simple army tacticst that can save your life in real race war.
just think, train, read, and always be ready to move, because when it start you have to instant travel.

Yeah I'm expecting that vile little jew to blame the French for this and not the jews who hired the muslims to do it.

I'm Czech, Polebro.
This is a very good point in my opinion. Everyone who can should do that, there is no rational reason not to. It will also save shit ton of money you would spend for basic classes and probably generate some good friends you can count on later.

amazing post man, but
nice typo there, filtered and blocked forever

"Listen goy,serve ZOG" said the jew.

Soon, meine kameraden

Very soon

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I am French, the French here are a minority, trust me, due to the fact that the demographic change in France is censored people don't realize it, but i would suppose that 60% of the France population are sandniggers and niggers (a lot of sandniggers with french name due to legal changes), 10% of the ethnic French are boomers and, the 30% are young Whites from all country. There is no words to describe France anymore, but reminder that the government explicitly wanted ethnic French to go extinct by promoting "Métissage" (Kids with White/Black Parents), some towns in France, don't even have 1 ethnic french, most of the towns have kebab and mosques, but don't despair, Mother Nature will get rid of theses niggers in time.

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Oh and the young White remaining are listening to disgusting arab music and acts like sandniggers. Don't come to France for the people, come to France for the landscape remaining today. Most of the population in France looks inbred, that's because they are.

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I tried to go to the most isolated places in France but guess what, Arabs and blacks breeds like rat and they're no better.

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Only going by the track record of retardation. All the news about the stupid fucks who attack random nobodies and get insta caught is what your statement goes by. Meanwhile, rapists, murderers, assassins, go for decades to never getting caught. Don't be fucking retarded and your idea of what happens if you even lift a finger doesn't happen.

Bumping I wish the france luck.

is the guy in the pic supposed to be white. France must be extremely misceginated if that mutt is considered white. Our old stock French Canadian here in canada look nordic.

ITS NOT ME, it's Mitch Jones lmfaoooooo

Thank you user; saved.

Instant travel to where though?

If only

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You make me laugh, the french are some of the most jew loving people on the earth.

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Solid post, thank you brother.

kike first post


Yes they of whe let it all happend.
They let their own race destroyed and THEN not only that church are lost and their culture is for mulattes.
Who care's about it? In the rich european nobody (almost nobody) give about his can go to pol and be racist,and without that there is nothing to do.
Nobody care about the white race and nobody believe's in's lost.
and when they take over europe they take anything can better hope the climate destroy the white races before of that.

Is there really nobody there who want it so MUCH that he do it?
really nobody who want to fight for his race and want to die for of?

WHAT a weak humans are we whites.
Whites are really a weak race/humans.
Why whe are so weak?
Why do nobody something about it?
The white male let it all happend.
There living to MUCH negro apes in the racial territory.

Fuck off kike


I know plenty of whitenats in the armed forces in my country. You are wrong.

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French are cowards by nature, they will do nothing unless play videogames and fap to their children being raped.

Shalom my friend, also those amerifags with ntheir guns and the swedcucks who are our ene, ehh i mean friends.

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Just get out.

I wonder who is behind this post.

I wish the french luck

Bump for the yellow vests.

Makes sense.

Rename the left a fbi nigger.