Lord of the Rings analogy thread

Since the muslims love analogy on this board, let's have a factual analogy thread.

Yids = Sauron & his lieutenant, Nazgul.
Muslim/shitskins = orcs.

You can't kill Sauron and their lieutenant, Nazgul and ignore the orcs, and you can't kill the orcs without ignoring Sauron.

But putting into muslim context, they would say if killing the orcs fits Sauron's plan for 4D chess into forming a war between orcs vs humans, never mind that that war is already here, and happens a long time.

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Orcs racially have lost their inheritance and thus must be enemies of the humans.

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Humans: Orcs just do something!
Orcs: No, it's the Nazgul, orcs dindu nuffin.

It's not exclusive, it's the nazgul who tells orcs to do that exact thing. Both are guilty.

why do you want to spoil a fairy tale, analožid?

Another analogy:

Orcs occupy Gondor.
If humans fight back, humans are gonna be exterminated.
So what's the solution? Humans must kill Sauron, somehow re-take Gondor and then peacefully deport the orcs.

Nigger what?

The great battle of our time.

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Except that's literally what happened.

Great idea user, let us ignore the Jews.

Really? Did Gondor open their gates and welcome the orc refugees when the orcs invade Minas Tirith?
Which is what I said, right?

Are you an orc?

Also, why did the battle of the Black Gate happens then?

Just kill Sauron, bro, why did Aragorn and his gang bother killing orcs at the Black Gate? Doing that will just let the orcs have reasons to exterminate the humans right?



Can you read English?

Does Sauron trigger you?

Also, answer this question:
Really? Did Gondor open their gates and welcome the orc refugees when the orcs invade Minas Tirith?

Answer it.

It was not possible to kill Sauron because as you know, he was not inhabiting a material body during the movies. Sauron was bound to the tower in Mordor where he exerted his influence without himself taking on a material form… He was only banished when the Ring was destroyed.

Yo, it's totally possible to kill Sauron, just drop the ring into Mount Doom bro.

Just like bringing a rifle into Israel and kill all the zionist jews.

Just do it, bro, why don't you do it?

Why fight orcs at all when you can kill Sauron?

Are you literally retarded mate?

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Are you?

Again, can you read English?

The Ring does not represent "the zionist jews", that's obviously absurd. The Ring is a powerful magic tool that was forged by Sauron to dominate all life, and tends to corrupt the person wielding it. So if I would compare the Ring to anything in the real world it would probably be Money, or Power in a more general sense.

And this question was not answered:

Really? Did Gondor open their gates and welcome the orc refugees when the orcs invade Minas Tirith?

Why did Gondor bother fighting the orcs, once you kill Sauron, the orcs are gonna peacefully deported.

Answer this question please.

Inoperable, this one.

What you're saying retard, is that the only way to kill the orcs is ignoring Sauron. Learn to read you fucking imbecile.

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The ring = Sauron = jews.

They serve as the puppeters behind the scene and even use the same corruption power to corrupt humans i.e. wealth and power i.e. nazgul = shabbo goys.

The comparison fits perfectly.

You just are in denial that the task to kill Sauron is as hard as killing all jews in Israel from the get go.

What I meant to say is that you cannot kill the orcs by ignoring Sauron.

I liken the ents to mobile nigger hanging gallows. kek

I'm not that guy, but that is pretty much the same symbolism you see in the movie, when Sauron is defeated the earth swallows up and all the Orcs fall into the pit.

Kind of agree, but the Ring is not literally Sauron, the Ring was a tool made by Sauron to dominate the world. Especially remember that the Nazguls were originally good kings that Sauron corrupted by giving them lesser rings of power (That were in secret subservient to the One ring that Sauron kept from himself in secret).

Also, Sauron is an entity which as we know, does not necessarily take a material form, so he cannot represent the actual jewish people but he could represent their god Jehovah, maybe.

Just kill em all m8

Yes , he could rep jehovah - also he could represent the archons that infest the “brain” of the jew
I use “” cause I’m not 100% sure they have a human brain in there.

Once again, please answer the question:
Really? Did Gondor open their gates and welcome the orc refugees when the orcs invade Minas Tirith?

Provided orcs occupy Minas Tirith, does that mean when they kill Sauron, the earth is gonna automatically swallow up every orcs in Minas Tirith?
Wrong, the Ring has an aspect of Sauron, which is why its ultimate goal is going back to Sauron and no one else.
And lo and behold, they become servants of Sauron.
Sauron HAD an actual physical form, but he was banished once when the ring was taken from his finger.

He's a perfect representation of the jew, even make more sense considering he's a fallen god, like how jews are cursed by gods.

I didn't know the ring has an aspect of Sauron, that's cool to know, but why do you keep asking this question:

It sounds comical at this point.

Checked. He only lost it by an act of desperation when Isildur used the busted end of his fathers’ sword. The greed of the sauron/jew will be their eternal downfall. Sauron was reaching out for his final coup de grace and isildur had an ace up his sleeve
Zig Forums is the shard that will save the white race and life is fucking absurd

Because that's the exact argument some muslims here are arguing.

Muslims are actually peaceful, just let them in and once you remove the jews, they are gonna peacefully leave.

By LOTR context, this means:

Orcs are actually peaceful, just let them in, once you kill jews, they are gonna peacefully leave.

It's not just Sauron.

A big part of LOTR is human greed for the Ring.

Isildur doomed his generation by greedily taking the ring.

Just like how white men doomed their generation by enabling jews, and it takes hundreds of years before humans can regain their former selves.

LOTR is prophetic.

Can’t risk it brother. They could regroup if they were allowed to leave and the Uruk-hai could act as commanders enough to send waves of orcs back in after a sufficient rebuilding time. It would be most prudent to wipe them all out and leave none left

Too true user
So…….Gollum is 4cuck then kek

That's the point.

The muslims in this context say Sauron leads the orcs in, so orcs dindu nuffin and deserve the same respect as humans, or rather just victims.

Never mind the raid, the rape and robbery that orcs have done upon humans.

If I understood it correctly the orcs are made by Sauron like a genetic experiment, they are not normal creatures like the other races such as hobbits, men and elves but were created to suit Sauron's purposes of domination. They are evil because they don't really have any form of moral code (they fight each other all the time for example, they don't just hate men). So the orcs would ideally not exist in middle earth at all but they aren't themselves responsible for being the way they are, it is Sauron who made them that way to use as cannon fodder pretty much.

You would not that muslims would not exist at all if not for perversion of abrahamic religion.

They are a cursed existence, a cancer upon the land. Just like their creator i.e. Sauron/the jew.

And they actually believe themselves to be smarter and holi-er than humans in a twisted way (true for both orcs and muslims).

Checked. They also cut down the trees user. The trees are a friend to the races of hobbits men and elves. The orcs and archons are terrified of trees and groves

Gandalf is battling the balrog on his way down right this second. May Glamdring remain eternally sharp

Watch this

nobody argues that the msulims are peaceful though, some argue they are lesser threats or shoud be targeted seccond , which i dont agree with completly

Muslims seriously argue they are and will peacefully deport once jews are killed.

Yes, seriously.

This isn't 2013, faggot. Trying to hide subtle memes in pop culture references is beyond irrelevant.
Why do you "do nothing ever" shills and low T aut-right faggots INSIST on refocusing all efforts and attempts at action toward "make MEMES"?

why is an american pretending to be indian

While muh symptom muh cause analogy is okay.

No, it's not okay.

Tolkien books are analogy of history.

The charge of the rohirrim actually happened. Lobieski for win.

Just search for Daily Gondor

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No. But France did.

You could just read the notes and other writing by J.R.R. Tolkien. He explains who each fictional race is supposed to represent; as the entire Lord of the Rings story is a fantasy analogy of WW1 to help his son understand what he went through during the war.

[Citation needed]

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Fuck off back to reddit.

someone make a meme vid where the uruks march upon helms deep and cut to the guy who earlier screamed open the gate for the elves then cut back again to the uruks breaching the gate then cue the swedish anthem

Orcs were made by Morgoth as a perversion of elves.
Without Morgoth, or someone using Morgoth's taint of Arda (like Sauron), the Orcs become nothing but a pestering thing at the edge of civilization.
So ultimately, to answer the other guy's question, I'd say you CAN ignore muzzies. Without the kikes they're nothing and easy to remove. We aren't holding them at the gates. They're past the gates. Once Sauron's gone what need be done is turn the army around and cleanse then out of Minas Tirith.
At least, that is assuming we keep the LOTR analogy. I don't agree you can ignore them because even were the kikes removed, muzzies aint orcs in that they can operate without Sauron. And Jews aint Sauron. Both are Men. Evil Men under the shadow of the Shadow no doubt, but merely Men. Sauron is gone. So is Morgoth. Kikes and muzzies are both another manifestation of Morgoth's taint upon Arda. The evil is, unfortunately, formless, and there is no great Enemy anymore. All that there is is Men, and their willingness to refuse the evil. We are those that come from the Edain, so we more often know the right path. That is all we have. The good and the evil and our own sense to know which is which.

ts not much if a secret user.

The master ring is (((global banking))) (ie: the IMF, World Bank, etc).
The rings of power are all of the national and federal banks (Federal Reserve, Bank of England, EU Bank, etc)
The rings of power were distributed in an attempt to enslave the races of Middle earth.
The national and federal banks were designed to enslave the countries of the world.

I genuinely wonder if these kinds of allegories aren't by design. This shit fits so well.

Sorry kike, LOTR is the white man's epic. And it is all the more powerful now than its ever been due to the situation across the world.

I forget who, I want to say Treebeard or Gandalf, but in the discussion of what the uruks are, you could swear Tolkein was a Zig Forumsack ripping apart racemixing. I hated how the movies made Aragorn out to be a wuss. In the very first chapter they meet him, he swears he'll be king and the sword that was broken remade. They deliberately changed that, so he would appear weak-willed and conflicted, when the only conflict he had was whether he lead the fellowship in the right direction.

The Ring is meant to be Power. Read Tolkien's letter included in most editions of the Silmarillion for more details, but Power is basically subcreation perverted to be about domination of others and self gain and greed.
Reckless industry, governmental power, and yes, unrestrained banks. It is all of those things.

At the end of ROTK the hobbits go back to the shire and find it has been destroyed and their people enslaved by saruman and his bandits, another problem we could encounter. Letting lesser evils slip through the cracks - cannot happen.

Yeah, let's just ignore orcs.

The Battle of the Pelonnor Field, the siege of Minas Tirith, all pointless, just open the gates and let orcs in.

Once Frodo throws the Ring at Mount Doom, the orcs will peacefully disperse and we can retake Gondor.

This is how stupid you sound, even using LOTR analogy.

It's just a '50s Christian reinterpretation of the Anglo-Saxon era. It's not that special aside from the language creation. Tolkien's study of linguistics may be impressive, but I'm not so sure his world/mythos couldn't be outdone by someone else given the time and effort.

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Just never let Sauron convince you he can you from the orcs.

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Funny, because that's what he did with Boromir.

With the Ring, you can destroy Sauron and his host.

Corruption is how Sauron does it.

what from the orcs

Not pointless, but Sauron attacked Minas Tirith because he thought the ring was there. It seemed to him the only logical choice. He never even passed the thought they decided to destroy the ring. So if the analogy holds… then using the ring is zionism and fractional reserve… so the only way to defeat them is to gas the kikes from orbit.

anything really, fill in the blank, but certainly don't think Choas can save you.

You're a fucking retard. How the fuck do you expect the report muslims en masse without control of the state? Kikes need to be removed first.


The good guys would of course be the NSDAP.


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No, destroying the ring is destroying the usurious currency, after returning it all to Mt. Doom or the Mint.

But you say it's pointless. Just ignore the orcs/muslims bro, when Sauron sends the orcs to invade Minas Tirith, just open the gates and let them in.

Did the king of Rohan order Eomer to kill the uruk-hai?

Yet Eomer still kill the uruk-hai.

Do you see Eomer "deporting" the uruk-hai?

In retrospect, e2fa59 (wormtongue) would say it's best to not kill the uruk hai, else Rohan would have to war make war with Saruman and Isengard.

We just need to kill Sauron, then Saruman would wise up and leave Rohan alone.

Gandalf had to take control of the state of Rohan from the jew corruption surrounding theoden before the uruks could be successfully fought. Arabs arent under the direct control of Jews either.

But before that, Eomer was killing orcs and uruk-hai before wormtongue was even removed.
LOL yes they are. What do you think ISIS are?

And no, the state of Rohan was in a mess.

The actual military of Rohan can't do shit against the uruk-hai, and it's actually exiled generals and patriots like Eomer who organize the fighting back against uruk-hai.

Without Eomer returning to save Theoden, the state of Rohan would be lost in Helm's Deep.


There are many similarities between Wagner and Tolkien.

Tolkien's works just have more optimist on good men.

Der Ring Des Nibelungen is just depressing, good men are tricked and evil men triumph, even the gods fall and wither.

If only you could summon Hulagu and his army of Mongols like how Aragorn summoned the ghosts to take care of the Orcs.

The ghosts are symbols of redeemed traitors.

Hmm, I wonder what they actually are. Maybe old ass boomers who fought in WW2.

You fundamentally misunderstand why Lord of the Rings, and really Tolkien in general, strikes the chord it does, if you can so easily reduce it down to "a reinterpretation of the Anglo-Saxons"
It is a fundamental capture and exaltation of all that is good in Man. It makes it clear what is evil and gives it an actual form. It carries the melancholia of lost tradition and the spirit of defying the long defeat to the last breath.

And in the books that almost got him killed. He was jailed at the least and completely relieved of any command.
It took Gandalf freeing the king from Wormtongue's treachery to set shit right.
You NEED leaders. Not just because of strategy and statesmanship. Hierarchy is the natural state of men and we put our lot in with those who would lead us.
Even the most grassroots of armies once they get marching put their lot behind individuals.
I'm not suggesting waiting for a leader, but at the very least, make yourself one.

Aragorn was literally the most kingly of all Men and in him flowed divine blood. Not even just elven blood, literally blood of a Maiar from before Eä.
Tolkien was a monarchist, heavily so, and believed in the divine mandate of one's blood, but also warned that the man himself regardless of blood can still be completely and utter shite.
After all, it was the same blood that got Númenor sank under the waves.

He was exiled and relieved of his command but his faithful follows him, with or without the state.
LOL, Eomer returns with Erkenband and his band of eastern rohirrim to save Theoden's ass, the "state" of Rohan was nearly destroyed.
We need leaders, we need strategy. We don't need to wait for the state to give us leaders and strategies.

That's the point.

Muslims here suggest that WHEN and ONLY WHEN jews are removed that the state can remove muslims, never mind that people like you and me can already do that.


The Jews are the high ranking generals of the war. We won’t ignore the muzzies/orcs but we must prioritize our (((targets))).

Just think, if all of the elite Jews had died during ww2. The allies wouldn’t have any marching orders. Without any orders from a higher power all their armies would lose all the ability to successfully mobilize and fight. People would just pack up and go home. The war would be over.

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Oh, so why didn't Aragorn and his band do that?

Why didn't just assassinate the Nazgul and Sauron? Why bother fighting the orcs at all?

If you successfully kill nazgul and sauron, the orcs are gonna pack it up and go home right.

He was thrown in jail in the books. If we're talking about the meaning Tolkien intended, we ought to take the books as the highest source.
Éomer was at Helm's Deep from the very beginning. Erkenbrand was the one that sounded the charge upon the Orcs and attacked with Gandalf
No, you need to place yourself in a position to lead. You already have people that would follow.

The muzzies don't need the Jews to ruin your shit but so long as there's Jews and their goyims in government, it wont matter how many lone wolf attacks you perform.
Even were the entire population of France rise up when it comes out (as it will surely must) that it was a muzzie that put fire to Notre Dame, without leadership it will be put down. And in the majority of revolts you barely get 10-20% of the populace and that's enough.
If we were to hypothetically discuss a situation where Zig Forumsacks of different western countries go lone wolf, the best targets would be high profile kikes and politicians. Because if you can't trust any leader that arises in the system, then kill the enemy's leadership.
And you wouldn't, in this purely hypothetical scenario, ever seen the fruits of your effort, so hypothetically, you would have to steel yourself and fight the long defeat, with only hope as your companion.
But again, all of this is hypothetical.

I didn't agree to use the analogy in that post.
I said quite clearly that ultimately as vile as the muzzies or kikes are, they're just men.
There is no easy way out of this. There is no Ring to destroy. Sauron is a formless shape and all that's left of Morgoth is the taint he poured into the Earth which others use to ever corrupt.
The analogy was retarded from the beginning.

OK, I admit my mistake.
Once again, agreed, but it doesn't change the fact Eomer was killing uruk-hai to protect his people in the neginning.
You can lead the charge in the front and offer advice on tactics and what to do, you don't wait for le redpilled state to give the orders.
Again, that's like saying what Theoden and Eomer should have done is to send assassins to kill Saruman, while ignoring the massive army sent to his doorstep.

Aren't orc just evil men?

Isn't Sauron just an evil god with lot of resources behind him?

But it is funny that the thought of destroying a god by dropping a specific ring straight at the enemy's stronghold is the "easy way out", while the simple thoughts of killing jews and muslims are hard.

There are muzzies and kikes to destroy.
Pardon, it's you who are retarded.

Muzzies will keep using muh symptom muh cause analogy over and over again but ignore the reality of situation, that muslims are orcs and kikes are their leader, Sauron.

Without marching orders and the helping hand of the Jew, the muzzies will be extremely easy to conquer. They will pack up and leave otherwise all of them will die if they refuse (honestly might have to not give them the choice and just kill them all so that the orcs never mobilize against us again)

The point is prioritizing targets is a legitimate strategy. It doesn’t mean ignore the other targets it just means go after the fuckers on top. Killing the top dogs fucks up the chain of command.

Okay. Who decides when we all bust out the hidden guns and make for Washington/London/whatever?
Who's call do people answer?
Who's willing to put their neck out and be the rallying cry? And if that happens, will people follow them in enough numbers?

There is no army that's the issue. The only weapon they brought with them was lies and deceit
I wish they had tried to bust in armed. Would have made the last decades far easier.

Just like how killing Sauron means the orcs are gonna pack up and leave.

LOL the muzzies here are to argue exactly that. If you kill muslims, you do the jews's bidding, just like if you kill orcs, you are helping Sauron.

The patriots in their areas? Who decided that Washington was the leader? Who decided Hitler? Natural leader forms in conflict, not before it.
Yeah, the muzzies here aren't an army bred to destroy whites, no siree, no, they are just "refugees".
You would wish that, would you, funny how you can call the enemy refugees then they will stop being an army.

Does Gondor have soldiers out in the Himalayas whose only job is to light the beacons, or are some of the beacon watches Rohirrim / contractors / etc?

Do you watch the movies? They have scouts all over the land, rangers.

That's too much of a simplification. But the issue is that Orcs are united by fear of Morgoth and Sauron and by their very wills. Without them they fold like straw and are nothing. But that wouldn't happen with shitskins if you suddenly killed the kikes bringing them in.
Because ultimately as shit as they are, shitskins and kikes are human still. As perverted as you can get, but men. And the evilest and shittiest of men has twice the bravery and/or cunning as the greatest of orcs. The easterlings were the last ones fighting at Pelennor and by all accounts were brave in their last stands.

But no matter how much they accounted of themselves, they'd have ravaged all of Gondor from coast to mountains if given a chance.
Now imagine if they had come without weapons. If they simply flooded in. And those at Gondor's helm did nothing to stop in, in fact encouraged it.
We already have all the power we need to stop this shit cold. We have the people, the people have the means. Someone that the people trust just needs to come out and lead and depose the fucking kikes and goyims at the helm now.

An assembly of selected representatives, each representative chosen by the elected government of the colony they belonged to.

Who decided Hitler? Natural leader forms in conflict, not before it.
The entire German people through proper elections.

I never called them refugees, and you're being a dishonest little shitstain if you're implying I did or would.
But it's the truth that if they had come armed, they would have been shot the fuck down. They wormed in through deceit, that's the only reason. That and traitors within.

Orcs rape, kill and burn, muslims rape, kill and burn.

They are the same. This is not to mention the actual evil men employed by Sauron who aren't orc, but the same as orc.

That's what happens to Rohan actually. Orcs were free to pillage Rohan while Theoden was cucked, so it's up to Eomer and his warband to put up resistance.

Again, there's no "waiting".

We do not wait for Gandalf to come up to uncuck Theoden, Eomer didn't wait for that.

The act is now, do it or the chance is lost, forever.

And how did Washington emerge from a bunch of candidates?
Again, how did Hitler emerge through his elections?
And that's my point. Funny how when the enemy doesn't come with weapons, they are more dangerous than an armed army.

No, it doesn't. It makes them more vulnerable, what's holding back is the will to fight back, nothing more.

I read it as "SAVE"

[Clap, clap, clap]. Outstanding. Everyone, stand the fuck back, we have a based zoomer who will educate us about why [thing-x-widely-considered-the-pinnacle-of-category-y] is really just [five-to-ten-word-description] and not all that great, to be honest, aside from [inb4-unassailable-aspect-z]. In this case, you might argue, literally 70 years of exponentially increasing autism has produced volumes of unsuccessful attempts to “outdo” Tolkien, but I’m sure it's just around the corner.