Nazism is Curable!

Psychiatrist say that racists should be kept in a ward and medicated until the stop discerning white from black.

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Where have I seen this before?
Oh, right in every fucking commie shithole ever to exist.
Leftists take 1984 as a guide not as the warning it is.


The solution is to kill the rabid dog , the dogs owner , and the dog catcher for not catching the rabid dog in the first place.
When that is done have a cold beer

Negative evaluations of minority groups are a central source of avoidance, discrimination, and conflict — problems which are of particular importance in today’s increasingly cosmopolitan world. The dominance of political norms of equality and tolerance in Western democracies limits the overt expression of prejudice in such countries (Schuman et al. 1997). There is, however, extensive evidence that implicit bias — automatic negative attitudes associated with out-group members (Greenwald et al. 1998) — remains a live and a potent influence.

The implicit association test (IAT) (Greenwald et al. 2009) is a widely used method to assess implicit attitudes to which individuals may have limited introspective access (Nosek et al. 2007). In this item-sorting task, latency differences between prejudice congruent and incongruent trials are evaluated, to measure implicit bias. There is now extensive evidence that the IAT is a reliable measure of implicit attitudes towards social outgroups, whether based on race, sexual orientation, gender, or political preference (Nosek et al. 2007). IATs were developed precisely to reduce the effect of social desirability responses which might affect explicit prejudice responses (Greenwald et al. 1998). A recent meta-analysis further suggests that the IAT is a consistently better predictor of discrimination against out-group members than measures of explicit prejudice (Poehlman et al. 2004). It has been suggested, however, that implicit measures best predict subtle and spontaneous biased behaviour (Nosek et al. 2007), whereas explicit prejudice measures predict deliberate behaviour (Fazio et al. 1995).

Several studies have suggested that, compared to explicit prejudice, implicit prejudice involves a stronger emotional component. For example, Phelps et al (2000) found increased amygdala activity when white participants viewed faces of unknown black people, a finding confirmed by other studies (Amodio 2003; Lieberman et al. 2005; Wheeler and Fiske 2005). Importantly, the magnitude of amygdala activation was correlated with the participants’ IAT score. However, these previous studies are largely correlational in nature, and cannot establish the causal mechanisms that underlie implicit bias.

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Only thing it says is if you get people high they are compliant. Learn to read. There's a reason you were put in the nut house and it's not because you're being persecuted.

the photos show a woman who was stripped naked and beaten to death, after allegedly confessing to stealing an unborn baby from another woman’s womb, and transferring it into her own body.

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That’s not a woman that thing is a monkey of some sort. An ape or chimp thing

The only way to "cure" in-group preference is with a bullet. But (((they))) want to make sure that (((their))) workforce is kept in line with lobotomy drugs.

A truly disturbing video from the city of Kampala in Uganda, a country in East Africa, shows a babysitter from hell abusing a child in a way that’s beyond sickening.

While force-feeding the child, the babysitter commands the girl to swallow, and slaps her violently in the face and head. Later on, as the child throws up, the nanny slams her to the floor, and starts beating her with the handle of a large flash light. She then steps on the child with her full weight, and proceeds to kick her like she’s a soccer ball. A kick to the torso is followed with a hard kick to the face. She then repeatedly stomps the crying child before grabbing her by the arm and carrying her out of the camera view.

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Behold, the pushers of rationality and subjectivism who will manipulate data and hide studies that show a natural law aka, natural truth, which goes against their agenda and societies current framework, are now going to dupe you into thinking that altering the natural brain composition of human beings with ((drugs)) can make them cephalic cripples.

Ironically this would prove that "racism" as we know today is a meaningless abstract concept and that naturally, ingroup bias based on race that occurs with every human being, but no goy, we, the big brains and overseers of your world say: "RACISM IS REAL, OUR DRUGGED AND INDOCTRINATED CATTLE HAS BEEN CURED OF THEIR ILLNESS"

It's almost as if every materialistic ideology is subverted and perversed when it comes to analyzing the human brain, the human consciousness as a machine, because everything about our fucking society is UNNATURAL FILTH.

A world where gender can be a social construct, but racism is considered a mental disease (A deviation from the normal human beings behaviour). Their whole life, way they impact the world, and self-conception is a paradox.

Psychiatry is curable too…Nationalists say that they should be thrown in a pit and left until dead.


judaism is curable.

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In South Africa, pregnant women are deliberately drinking large quantities of home brewed moonshine type alcohol known as Kah-Kah to harm their unborn babies. Their intention is to ensure that children are born disabled. The reason – government welfare money is nearly 5 times as high (1,200 Rand) when a baby is born with a disability as when a healthy baby is born (250 Rand).

It has been reported that South African authorities found battery acid in Kah Kah. The brew is sold in illegal drinking dens called Shebeens. They are frequently raided by police and shut down with Kah Kah seized and dumped before the operator’s eyes, but as soon as one is shut, another opens.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is the most common birth defect in South Africa. Children with FASD typically suffer from speech defects, physical deformities, learning difficulties and behavioral issues.

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Yes, but will we manage to kill them before they destroy the Earth and all Life on it?

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Can we crowd sauce this?

And sit in the shade while all the world grows up and prospers in the peace and safety around you.

Interesting because that furniture is not 'inexpensive' furniture either (the legs of the couch look like mahogany or cherry)…that means this is the house of a very well off nigger.

You wanna bet that 'babysitter' is dead, executed by another ghetto nigger for $50 bucks? This is how we should handle things in our own nations as well.

Good. We can use this technology to cure fags.

This is yet another reason why I hate jews

There's even a tire around that chimp…

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This groid and his ilk would be serving up "Red Flag" ERPOs like wild

The same things they tried under communism will come back of course. In new and sometimes more insidious forms, other times they'll just drop the same thing out again as they expect people to have been conditioned to accept it.

So all those voilent minoritys are juat in my head? Wow.

Full Blown Dystopian Nightmare.

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It gets better.

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Lel, every fucking time.

Oh it goes even deeper, but I don't have the time for a full dig.


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Oh man that's really some big old science there.

Oh shit, the "scientists" who did this study are retarded.
Propranolol is a beta blocker, it stops the physiological side of anxiety.
Anxiety causes momentary hesitation/increased reaction time.
Hesitation is how the implicit bias test calculates how "racist" you are.
Propranolol just blocks that and allows you to better function under pressure with less jitters and hesitation, which is exactly why olympic shooters used to take it and why it was banned, and why it's causing the appearance of decreased "racism".
I'll bet if you tried the same test with a benzo or a good opiate, it would have the same effect, while your actual thoughts haven't changed at all.

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You can't make this shit up.

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Given strange aeons, even death may die - but not a jewish political organization.

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There's a follow-up to that video. When the family discovered the footage, they tied the "nanny" up in some cellar and beat the shit out of her. Whether or not she died is an open question.

No state would pay to accommodate so many patients, especially when you will get the same outcome with a good old fashioned lobotomy.

I don't care that they're different, I care that they are fucking it all up.

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How does one cure people out of national socialism.
Can anyone fill me what these people meant?

No. We are the best. You are cattle.
t. israeli jew

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Some poker players dope with it as well. Also, it's a wonder drug (off label) for stage fright.

It is natural and logical to fear something that you know threatens your well-being or the well-being of those you care about either through acquouired knowledge or personal experience). Propranolol is used to treat, among other things, anxiety i.e. the fear of things real or not. Therefore, the way to treat people who logically fear something that they know is a potential threat is to drug them. Consequently, they will be robbed, raped, assaulted or murdered and be surprised every time.

Whenever I excuse myself to take a dump, I say, "excuse me, I need to go take a fat stinky nigger".


Fucking Yuri. He's correct of course. This information could be broadcast 24/7 on all networks and the sniveling egalitarians would do yet another mental backflip and declare that there is clearly a bunch of apartheid injustice left over in South Africa and thus the white man better increase the gibs. The plain and obvious fact that these things truly aren't human will not hit home, even as our egalitarian friends are being macheted to bits by niggers, cowering in their post-apocalypse hovels.

That nose should require a red flag to be affixed to it for operation on public streets.


The result being no discernible difference from the general negro population.

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Communism and globalism will label everything true, holy, and self-preserving a mental illness ("hate").

This is one of the most important topics. Evil that masks themselves as liberals and leftists will be the first to encourage poisoning everyone with toxic suicidal drugs. But the utopia they dreamed of might turn to hell sooner than they think.

Reminder. Black on white murder is 13 times higher and that's with a small black population. Victims and truth matters.

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I was forced to take an IAT in college and it concluded I have no automatic associations based on race, yet I am a National Socialist. Figure that one out commie scum.

It's almost banal by now in Jew madness world, such criminal villainous insanity is typical degeneracy and represents only so much more death at this point.

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Wtf is an IAT? Also these jews think we are so fucking retarded that we'll give them honest/correct answers on anything lol, not even being able to see through their paper thin narratives.

Psychiatry is not legit. I am glad when they had me in the ward they were respectful to me and did not drug me. Had they attempted to involuntarily drug me, I would have slain them all, and you guys would have watched the news about the guy who did a parkour escape through the rooftop of the hospital and fled off into the woods that all the police are searching for but can't find.

Did that niglet survive that beating btw?

An Implicit association test. It supposedly measures if you have automatic associations between say black people and crime. It is totally unscientific, but commies are pushing it to required if you want to be a police officer.

Here is a link to this retarded bullshit if you want to try it. You would not believe the bullshit I had read in PSY-101 AND SOC-101.

He would have to lockup every jew for their transracism. Don't misunderstand. I'm referring to racism that transcends skin color. Every jew would have to be committed because they only respect people that carry jewish DNA.

The most retarded thing i ever saw lmfao

God these fucking marxist kikes are retarded, total pseudoscience neuroticism.The funniest thing about it is that the assosciation between blacks and crime is something backed and verified by solid statistical evidence from real criminal cases, nothing else. And here you have these judeomarxist commie rats acting as ideological supervisors in the name of "education".

National Socialism IS a cure. The ONLY cure.



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Not only that, but when she called the cops, the father showed that nannycam footage to them and not only did they let him off, they arrested the nanny.


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Propranolol is a blood pressure drug.

Jews always win with you Stormfags. Thanks.

Fuck off Ari.

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Right. That's why I outlined how it makes perfect sense that a drug designed to lower blood pressure… HAS EFFECTS ON THE HEART!!!!!
This is just to get the ball rolling with stronger and stronger treatments.

You know what, they're right. Every time I see a pack of niggers howling about white people, there is a little bit of psychological tension that builds up in me. Thanks science, you solved it.

Such as that. Turning off parts of the brain turns you into a low IQ /leftycuck/.

I had this done. Not racist anymore. #YangGang2020

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I took this test online. You'll be glad to know I have no racial bias at all. Or I have an IQ over 95 and can spend 10 minutes concentrating on fucking up a test. Either way, gimme a badge and off-roster guns.

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or it's proof you have a sub 75 IQ

Good shit. Looked this one up and found a couple others in the related papers.
"β-Adrenoceptor blockade modulates fusiform gyrus activity to black versus white faces."
"Beta adrenergic blockade reduces utilitarian judgement."

Wot a coincidence m8!

My feelings are conflicted, the nigger deserves to be beaten every so often but this is overkill.

I jacked off to this
That's enough internet now

We need a quick rundown on (((psychiatrists))) from a true persecuted fringefaggot. I summon Masonnigger, where's that schizo bastard when you need him?

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Jewry aside, psychiatry is frequently a case of 'giving a man a hammer'. Give a man a doctorate of psychiatry and everything looks like mental illness. Many of the ideas of so-called "psychotics" would likely be much better received by a doctor of, say, theology or philosophy who are actually interested in addressing the concepts presented on their own merits.

This right here.

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They got rid of that because it was insensitive to them.
They can't bring back asylums until they're at the unironic gulag stage.

Definitely agree, especially when the concept of "illness" is being broadened to include everything that brings people even mild discomfort, or which would be more accurately diagnosed as a societal problem, not an individual one. "Disorders" are becoming too subjective and reified, to the point where if you merely tick enough checkboxes on a list of arbitrarily combined "symptoms," you can technically be diagnosed with anything, even when your actual state doesn't match the phenomenology of diseases known to us for thousands of years. Therapists are more to blame for that than psychiatrists, though, as they need to shove people into codes for insurance.

As an aside, allowing non-doctors ("prescribing therapists") with zero knowledge of medicine or biology to dispense pills is dangerous and stupid for all involved. People are quick to blame primary physicians for prescribing antidepressants after a single visit, but I don't think many are aware of the former group.

There's a quote I read somewhere, that "no one ever leaves a psych's office without a diagnosis." That really applies today. Assuming "illness" rather than health, right off the bat, then going looking for confirmation of it, or fabricating it outright.

Overpathologization is what fuels the psychotherapy industry. I have some theories about the modern west's "psychotherapy culture" which I may add later, having to do with controlling elections and connected to news outlets; as a replacement for religion. Particularly the replacement in common language of "narcissist" for "sinner." It's unnerving once you see the cult's pervasiveness.

Have you read R.D. Laing's "Divided Self"? It's a book about exactly that, approaching psychotic patients from a philosophical perspective, as equals with a communication barrier, rather than as a scientist probing and labelling every action of the "psychotic subject" within the context of mental illness symptoms. It's a fantastic read, I highly reccommend it. I personally found some of his ideas incredibly useful for getting rid of dissociative hallucinations.

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Looks like humanity is either going to get commie anti-racism camps or NatSoc work camps, take your pick.

They're going to rape the kids they lock up under this pretense. They think it's funny.

I guess eating all those mud cookies as a kid really fucked his cognitive development up.

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Can I say the N-word now?

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I hope wards don't have niggers, that will really hamper their plans.

You can always say the N-word. The question is, "Do you want to?"

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Psychiatry is sharia law for materialists, makes perfect sense if freewill and agency do not exist.

Well said. I'm stealing this.

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Science has been going the same way western civilization for years now: down the drain.


Your black fragility is showing, newfriend.

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The thing is, if they don't care about themselves, why the hell should we?

Opinion disregarded, it's a jew rat

Actually, its a nigger who works for jew rats.

Extremists never learn. They're narcissists hell bent on getting their way or else going down in a blaze of glory. Leftists say they've come down from their ivory towers, but they haven't. They haven't renounced their faith in the false god of socialism. And now we see they can't be bothered to denounce Soviet methods, either.