I'm writing a book

In this book, the character is fed up with bankers, politicians, and contemporary American society in general.

He wants to target, and cripple the entities that are the foundation of these people.
Who, what, does he target?

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Long time bankers and long time bureaucrat politician.

i.e. really old fuckers like Soros or that bitch in California.

Traitourous politicians who the public hate and would evoke no sympathy.
Be more immaginative than to simply assassinate them (in your book ofc). Consider that any politician with a modicum of power is likely to be compromised with blackmail info being held over them.

What if there was an anti-White hate group sort of like the SPLC led by a guy who lives in Nashville called Tim Weiss or Tom Wise or something? Then the main character can assassinate this piece of shit and seriously cripple an organization that spends hundreds of millions of dollars harming White children and brainwashing them to hate their own people.

How do you even find someons's exact address?

He could probably target orgs that are persecuting his people, like ADL or SPLC.

I have no idea how to do it IRL but in your fictional story, your main character might go to a fictional website like "ThunderFront.org" and search for Mr. Weiss's dox which could be there in your story.
Coincidentally, I heard that there was this guy IRL named Tim Wise who lives at 4016 nebraska avenue nashville tn. What a coincidence. He sounds just like this fictional character. Small world, eh?

To make the story more interesting, perhaps your character might be suspicious of whether or not this info is true and does some canvassing of the area long before he assassinates this traitor.

Most importantly, if you wanna go that route I do hope you have some military/leo experience, ideally from combat, you know some basic security and glowniggery etc. Your book will be shit if you don't. Pierce got away with plenty of bullshit that could fly in the 80s, mostly because of technological limitations, but not today. We live in complex word and wearing latex gloves for killing is not enough anymore.


Can someone post that screenshot on how to take out an entire city block?

Checked. I like your Minecraft manuscript


Give the villains a jewish name to inject the counter-semitic propaganda

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Don't waste your time writing a book, most people won't read it. However, in an SS13 or Minecraft RP server, I would kill lawyers and judges.

theres a difference between actually planning out and killing civilisation created by the jews and LARPing about it in some book. only feds want you to talk about killing feds, because they cant catch you if you never tell anyone about you plan and just do it like evey mass shooting, terrorist attack or school shooting in existance, 99% of them never spoke about doing it to anyone so they where able to do it with the element of suprise and not be arrested before they do it, just like the 100% of people that do speak publically about it that get V&.

its a pretty easy concept to understand that you shouldnt talk about the crime you are going to commit before actually commiting that crime, otherwise people could easily stop you from doing it. its literally an ancient spook tactic to make someone else talk about commiting acts violence just so you can V& them, and they do it by pretending to be a member of the group that no one would suspect is a spook.

unless you want the entirity of Zig Forums V& by getting everyone to say they want to kill niggers or jews or muslims

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