Totally (((organic))) threads by (((fellow white people)))

It's almost like muds and kike shills are swarming all over this board like cockroaches.

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Fuck off Zig Forums.

All I've seen is threads blaming semites, what site have you been looking at?

Don't forget that one ID who had something ridiculous like +90 posts in multiple Notre Dame threads, all d&c attacking Christianity and purposefully disrupting any attempts to dig into the renovation team or discover who was responsible.
Anons here have always had a wide range of thoughts on the matter of Christianity, but never before have I seen such a concentrated campaign of vitriol. It's fucking obvious that a small but dedicated group of posters are trying their hardest to convince anons that this was somehow a good thing, that we should be happy that our history and monuments are burning down. They don't wan't us getting angry, and they don't want us to uncover who did this.


My apologies user

how long have you been here? Zig Forums has changed a great deal from the days of the National Socialist threads, the red pills and the floating lampshade.

Christians and Pagans both get the bullet

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Fuck's sake who doesn't get the bullet then faggot?

And it's all ignore the jews, kill the mudshits. Gee, I wonder who could be behind it.

god's chosen of course, goyim!


Can you prove your point?

Nowadays, anyone who dares say let's kill muslims are gonna be called a jew.

Muslims are using jews as shield against criticism.

Don't worry, you'll always have Israel.

I remember you in threads claiming every user in every thread was the same user. kys

With every roachpost they strengthen the case for their own removal.

Keep to your abrahamic bickering to your own board.

If you care more about a desert religion worshiping a dead kike than you care about your people, then you arent natsoc and you're basically a traitor to your people.

Christianity is dying fast because it's a cuckfest.

It's being centrally coordinated. Caught 2 posters apparently taking directions on how to reply, from a team leader.
Virtually identical posts.

How are these two posts in anyway identical?

Meanwhile, I got actual proof of muslim damage control.

Totally (((organic))) one post by this ID.

How to burn a mosque in fortnite.
1. Buy gas and fill it into a canister, preferably at a gas station in a different city or far away from your home adress. 4.5 litres should be more than sufficient.

2. Get 2-3 large water bottles. Remove the wrapping with the bar codes.

3. Clean the water bottles under runnig water while wearing a double layer of rubber gloves.

Do not handle the water bottles without a double layer of rubber gloves from this point on.

4. Fill the gas into the water bottles.

5. Scout out the building on the fortnite map which you chose as your target. You might have to scout out multiple buildings while remaining inconspicious, so this might take a day or two.

6. Put on freshly washed dark clothes, ideally shave your head or wear a cap. This way any DNA traces will be less likely to be found, if the pigs decide to search for them. You can buy a cheap windbreaker for one time use so noone can identify you from your clothes later on. Antifa often does that.

7. Pack your backpackwhile wearing gloves. You will only need a few things. A mask or something else to cover your face, a lighter, the water bottles filled with gas and some food as a cover.

8. At around 3am at night, walk to the fortnite building.

Leave your phone, aka your spook tracking device / bug, at home.

9. When arrived in its vicinity, check to see if there are people around. If clear, put on the mask.

10. Enter the building (the details of that can be found elsewhere, wether you use glass cutter and sucker cup, a crowbar, a picklock or just the good old glassbreaker is up to you) or approach the previously identified weak spot on the outside.

11. Pour the gas over a flammable area.

12. Light it. You can leave the water bottles there.

13. Get the fuck out of there.

Avoid main streets. Wait out bypassing cars in the shadows.

14. Wipe the lighter with a cloth after you have travelled some distance and throw it away, and take off your mask.

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1.a. Pay for the gasoline in cash.

Globally reported for fed posting

Oh look who it is, the kike from the other thread.

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Great image from the shared JIDF network folder

5.a. Learn the location of every single security camera between you and it, and for the love of God don't stand there staring at it.

12. Leave the fucking lighter in there, don't take it with you.

14. Destroy and throw away absolutely everything you used. Shoes, clothing, everything.

Epic's new update is fucking lit fam but shouldn't you just use a pickaxe?

How do you know they have a shared network folder?

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actualy i just google sweaty jew picture

This way you can acquire more Zyklon Bux.

Because it would be the most efficient way to keep several people posting the same images, rather than having them all save them individually.

t. network engineer

Fixed that for you, Moishe

Keep posting please. Every post you make only reinforces that Codemonkey is malicious.

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Please continue.

Why not synagogues, mr. Mossad?

Always a traitor before the enemy.

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There is more muslims than jews in Europe. Muslims are bigger thread.

And why is that, did they come by their own volition so suddenly?

Who owns every single pro-immigration NGO?

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Muds and kikes are both enemies, not traitors. White people serving kikes willfully and consciously are traitors.
But if it calms your autism, you can apply the same guide on synagogues in fortnite. Although currently a mosque would make more sense to stoke the fire started in Notre Dame (literally).

This is not bad at all, but still somewhat larpy post. Allow me to explain:
1) 4-5 litres WON'T be enough by far, unless you specifically target flammable areas like wooden frame.
2) running water is not enough, use some stronger soap/detergent.
3) do not wear dark clothes like some moron ninja. Wear regular clothing that everyone wears, dark jacket and dad jeans etc., and yes, wear it one time, get rid of it afterwards. Do not forget rubber/latex gloves - wear them during the whole action. You can even get dark colors you gimp. Same applies to virtually everything you use, backpack included.
4) do not wear any kind of mask, buy yourself high-necked jacket or shirt, large cap (ideally baseball cap so you can just look down to defeat cameras) and good large black glasses. It will have same effect as mask, but you won't get arrested by random cops. Also try to have hair and beard like you usually don't. If you have beard, shave it. If you don't, let it grow.
5) when scouting by using various map services, always use Tor, ideally with VPN and on some secured device. Best solution is to use security-oriented linux distro like Tails or Qubes from flash-drive on some public wifi you never used and will never use in future, out of cameras.
6) Not only fuck phones, but also fuck smart-watches and any electronics really. Don't carry even a dumb burner phone.
7) Before entering any building, be wary of alarm systems and other security and cameras. Study that shit.
8) Actually learn about weakspots in buildings and their construction, about setting good flame. There are websites for this (hint: totse and archive).
9) Get rid of everything afterwards - burn the clothes, smash what can be smashed and dump it on different places around the city/country, drop the shit that can't be smashed in rivers (especially if you live next to the sea, then where the river enters it). This must be done asap after the deed. I really mean asap, in matter of minutes if possible. Plan your routes accordingly.
10) Never say nothing, never talk about it. If asked by police, use your right to not talk. Don't give any info whatsoever. More than 80% of minecraft crimes are solved from interviews, by players talking to admins.

You should also not use gas alone, it burns out too quickly. Take plastic container, fill it with your gas and start adding smaller pieces of styrofoam. Stir. It will slowly dissolve in the gas. What you want is honey-like liquid. If it gets too rigid, add more gas. That way it will burn strongly, for much longer time and produce enough heat to actually burn things. Do not prepare this anywhere near your home or places you visit (like work). Test beforehand so you know.

Always pay in cash. Also skip the whole canister meme and just tank your car. Then use a tube to suck the needed gas out. Don't swallow it. If you don't have a car, then yeah go with canister but pick old gas stations without cameras or with very old cameras. You can also suck the gas from other's cars.

Don't leave nothing there. Not even a fart.
Extremely important. There are projects aimed on mapping security cameras, check those out. Again, all internet research must be done with at least Tor!
Do not forget to destroy gloves and everything you used in preparation and making.

No one is forcing you to do any of these or both of these. You are your own master, you can do anything you want with your life. We are just talking theory and satire in minecraft here. But oh wait, you are here just to bitch and moan like a cowardly pussy you are.