Suspicious Bearded Man in Muslim Garb Spotted at Notre Dame during Fire (VIDEO)

He appears to be wearing a backpack or satchel bag, possibly filled with arson materials?


Could be a genuine muslim terrorist or a jewish saboteur in disguise, or maybe just a confused tourist wandering around not sure wtf is happening.

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That’s interesting. Why the fuck would a toned bearded semite be there right there and how did it access that level? Hmmmm

I'm curious about the security around Notre Dame – do they check people's bags? You'd think a bearded muslim wearing a white robe outfit and carrying a bag would easily stand out and raise suspision among security.

Time for a new crusade. Too bad the current pope is such a cuck.

He WAS security

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All the shitskins are suspicious in their glee at the fire, goatfucker.

"muslim garb" can be donned by Jews

That's proof that this was mossad if I ever saw any.

Don’t underestimate how compromised ALL Security is now that subhumans are side by side with us. We have NO SECURITY outside our own kin/people now and to weed out kikes we will have to implement standards of testing that weed out foreigners completely from our ranks.

This is Paris we're talking about… bearded muslims are the norm, being white is probably considered terrorism. 850 year old historical landmarks having "accidents" is part and parcel!

A thread died for this

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>Suspicious Bearded Man in Muslim Garb Spotted at


Yes, but honestly, chances are it was even shittier than this thread.

Why do you mongloid newfags keep making these shit threads?
If you actually weren't a JIDF dweeb you'd pay attention and find this video has been posted in the 50 OTHER NOTRE DAME THREADS.

Fucking mouthbreathers I swear.

Sage and reported.

True. It could be a cop, the president, or a fireman. Paris is full of semites, and they'd all love to burn a cathedral.

Pretty sure MSM is already going with "fireman" on this one

Well why not, in kike eyes we are all just one happy family are we not and subhuman filth can be 'anything' in our nations.

Bump and reported.

Its a coincidence, unironically

That's just your typical Frenchman nowadays.
Shitposting aside: WTF?

faggot OP confirmed

Because it was open to the public and tours were going on. It's how you know it was arson. The fire started just as the tour were finishing for the day. The frogs will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make sure nothing about the cause ever comes out.

how dumb do they think we are?

I knew it was the Muzzy scumbags as soon as I saw on the board muzzies saying Jews did it .
Damn muzzies are dumb.

What news channel broadcast the original video?

cnbc video

Thanks. Looks like a guy wearing a yellow vest, i.e. a construction worker. Doesn't look like a sand nigger so much. Might be a fire fighter as some say, water can be seen getting sprayed on the cathedral. Or they're gonna claim it was a Yellow Vest terrorist and he set the fire.

If you watch for 2 minutes longer you see officers come in. They got infrared scopes and are clearly looking for someone.
I really doubt it was a Yellow vest. They adore the Church. The Hunch back hid there. It is a city Gem. In the close ups it does look like a muslim man with a backpack.

I don't think the Yellow Vests did it either, but I do think they might try to frame them as the culprits. No time to check the cops coming in, have to go to work.

If they don't tell you who committee the crime, it was a Muslim.

We will have to read the Guardian to find out the truth.

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The Guardian says that " This is not about looking for people to blame. "

You can translate it as : Don't ask us, it would be politically incorrect if we admitted that it was a Muslim.

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I'm not so sure why it matters who did it.
We know who our enemies are, the perpetrator of this incident doesn't change that.
The demoralized reject truth.
Knowing who did it is nice, but then what? propaganda? for who – the normies? (that witnessed 9/11, islamification, refugee "crisis", rotherham and signed up for more).
Go for the knee-jerk reaction and we'll have zionist leaders operating the next christcuck crusade.

Reminder than Hal "Asians have tails" Turner is/was a paid FBI informant and instigator.

Something to keep in mind, this particular video could be a bait with a purposeful weakness that is later revealed in order to try and discredit people who hold the perfectly reasonable position that all muslims are vermin and need to be gassed.

Why does MSM hide when a muslim does the attacks.
How high does the Islamic oil money go?
Just questions.
Jews are greedy fucks. Nobody will disagree.
But Islam is about domination with lies.

I wouldn't jump to conclusions, you will make a fool out of yourself if you're wrong. But keep spreading the video.

You mean this guy right>>13142967

Kind of not hard to blame the muzzy scumbags.
Go fuck a goat

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Holy shit, the Masonic influence here is glowing.

Yeah, Jerusalem and the Holy Land will be freed from jewish devils.

says a muuzzy.
You got squashed you fucking muzzy roach.

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Only the walls are stone. The interior furniture and roof is all wood.

The cathedral burning means little in the end, whether it was accidental or done with malicious intent. Buildings crumble, wood dry rots, steel rusts. But our bloodline is forever. We will survive to build new monuments, larger and more beautiful than the old ones. This isn't over.

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Limited features for certain videos

Hate speech is not allowed on YouTube. We remove content promoting violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes. YouTube also doesn’t allow content intended to praise, promote, or aid violent criminal organizations.

Content that doesn’t violate our policies, but is close to the removal line and could be offensive to some viewers, may have some features disabled. This may include the following. This is not a complete list.

Inflammatory religious or supremacist content without a direct call to violence or a primary purpose of promoting hatred

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I'd need to see more than two fucking seconds of this to make a judgement.

I read an interview with an expert of restoration of historical sites. The guy said these things are super flammable and it's very likely for fires to start and smolder somewhere out of site for hours during restoration projects. Ie, drippings from welding, power tool heat being conducted through old piping, open flames, etc and so on. Fire prevention protocols are supposed to be strict including a constant fire-watch so that fire break-outs can be responded to immediately.

So I bet money the cause are lazy / incompetent brown construction workers not following regulations.

We need to use this event to rally more to our side.

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I doubt they check anyone's bags. The line was long when I was there 20 years ago, you go up some stairs, get to look out, then go down some stairs. They certainly make sure you pay admission though.

Party like it's 732 A.D. again.

It's a firefighter

Hey shlomo

You know that people with IQ below double digits aren't allowed to post here right?

I think it was probably arson but I don't think this vid is proof of it. In the streams you can see other firefighters up there too. Why would the arsonist stick around that long after the fire?

Skippy in NZ = Christchurch
Big Mike in Paris = Notre Dame

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Causes of the fire:

(1) Accident

(2) Arson
(A) Muslims. Ongoing campaign of attacks on churches,
including, in Paris, The Basilica of St Dennis, resting
place of the French kings,(9 March) and The Church of
Saint-Sulpice, second largest church in France (17 March)

(B) Elements of the French Intelligence services. The
destruction of Notre-Dame will act as a call for unity
among the French people, take the focus off the yellow
vests, improve Macron's terrible image and make him
look more statesman like, and give people in Europe and
the EU something to unite over.

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varg dickernes dressed for 'pagan' mass

The answer is 2B, this was done to make the Yellow Vests look bad and prevent the coming revolution in France. If you were Macron and you knew your head was soon to be in the guillotine, what would you do to stop it from happening?


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imagine my shock

So did we figure out who this dude is yet? I found this pic in the original thread

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Nothing sums up the problem with Christianity better than the sea of "end times prophecy" bullshit you are met with when you search "notre dame".
Instead of placing the structure and the fire in the context of thousands of years of European history we are looking back at 2 thousand year old Semitic babble based off of plagiarized Babylon mysticism.
Christianity leads to the French Revolution, which leads here, to stupid attempts to find conspiracies so one Semitic belief system can struggle against another.
Europe has been dying since it was possessed(even our words are jewed) by a foreign metaphysics.
If you are a Christian, you are a traitor to your people.
Anyone who has seen a relative get suckered into this cult, knows what I mean. Jews and Christians, two sides of the same coin.

Because the media jews decree it as so. If the media didn't cover for moslems and the public learned that it was "acceptable" to criticize a minority group, then public criticism of other minority groups would follow in short order, and the whole multiculturalism house of cards collapses (like it is currently doing, only faster). Thus the media shuts down criticism of ANY non-white minority group, no matter what it is, or what its crimes are.

IDIOT! That's one of the CLERICS who was busy saving ancient relics while the church burned. (Look to the right, you can see the fire's already going.)


Like I just said to OP: that was one of the clerics who was saving the ancient relics from the fire while the church burned. Seriously, if a MUSLIM had been caught on tape while committing arson the MSM would have BURNED that video and MURDERED whoever took it!

No chance this isn't bullshit.

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These are our enemies. Why are we supporting them?

I watched the clip. The guys who come in later look like firemen, not cops.