/pol in a nutshell

lynch niggers rape women gas jews shoot muslims burn fags execute disabled.

anyone ive missed?


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pleaase ignore the picture of pewdiepie, i added him for relevancy.

your attempt to understand and categories us is pathetic. filtered

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Also the woman part isn't true, we are obviously pro white women.


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You had one job, shlomo. And not only did you use the false narrative, you also brought your own degeneracy into it…
Are you only a half jew intern?

You missed one. Filter and sage newfags

You missed OP. Sage.

Starve the poos , starve the beaners , gas the bugs

Always Berate Original Poster

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Deport them and kill those who represent a danger

Only the dangerous one, deport the rest

Get them into mental institutions and re-education centers

Only the genetically disabled ones

A Glownigger

OP I think you meant:

I am fine ascribing to these 3 views.

no, just sterilize them if their disability is inheritable.

Start with the Stormtards and "natsoc" and Whites might be able to recover.

National Socialists do not endorse raping or stripping rights from women. That is degenerate, nigger shit and kikery and we will havr none of it.

As for the rest, sure.


No. Make them into virtuous wives and something to be loved and to be proud of.

No that is impractical. Better to slay jews the way the soviets did. Just make them dig their own mass graves and when they're done thwack em' in the back of the head so they fall into the grave and make the next bunch of them fill the mass grave back in, then start on another trench for them to die in. Alternatively bulldozers can also be used to accelerate the process.

Yes although poison, bombs, bayonet, etc. all works good too.

Pushing them off of roofs, beheading them, stomping their skulls into a curb, etc. there's lots of ways to deal with the faggot problem.


Race traitors like yourself, chinks, pajeets, spics, trannies, and other vermin.

Why isn't the moderation doing its job?

Kill yourself zeemaps meetup boomer fed kike shill.


This minus the mental institutions and re-education centers. Fags should just be exiled, executed, or maybe turned into faggot battalions to go on suicide missions to Israel.

The ones who are braindead and horribly crippled by reason of injury should be euthanized too though. It's one thing if someone has a broken leg or whatever like some injured vet but is otherwise able to take care of himself and another if they're a drooling paraplegic retard without the mental capacities left over to really be human anymore.

Zig Forums is not one person FAGGOT! This is what ‘free speech’looks like you worthless subhuman Marxist kike mongrel.

we are the disabled, autists… fuck off kike op


They are a burden and their existence is pure misery and keeping one alive for say 3 decades can end up costing like 10 million, money that could go towards actually healthy and productive people instead. It is better to just euthanize them. As a rule if they incapable to consent to euthanasia, they should be euthanized. If they have their mental wits about them enough that they can consent, they should be encouraged to accept euthanasia, but their wishes to live respected if that's what they want and it's not too expensive to keep them alive.

t. someone who has had to see this firsthand his whole life.

I endorse stripping human rights from everyone including women. However raping women is fucked up.

Depending on how severe it is they can't work at all they can only lay around and shit and piss and vomit themselves while they wait to die.

ETHNOGLOBE…peace on Earth…peace for animals and LIFE which no longer needs to be terrorized by the subhuman devourers who EAT FUCK AND DEVOUR; EAT FUCK AND DEVOUR; EAT FUCK AND DEVOUR.

As one of my personal projects I am working on inventing a method of death that is so wonderful that after it is developed anyone who dies an ‘ordinary’ death will consider themselves cursed by God. I am going to take away pain and fear.

Most white women are degenerate and can't hold up their own weight. It is our job to show them white power and show them who's boss.


AIDS has a right to exist.

Quit hanging around ghetto whores. My experience is the EXACT OPPOSITE of yours. The only thing I can think of is that you, personally, have TERRIBLE and defective judgment about who you are hanging out with.

It will be immaterial in ETHNOGLOBE. After we remedy the subhuman situation we will eliminate parasites and the diseases of the planet.

yes. you sucks, you can't even do this right. SAGE yourself.

You hit most of the points but the order is wrong.

Jews are greatest threat level, Muslims need to be exterminated 2nd, faggots 3rd, niggers just need to be niggers in Africa away from whites. The severely disabled shouldn’t be allowed to live. It’s not fair for them. Would you want to live as a severe retard who can’t talk, think or move? Anybody who is only slightly handicapped and can still be used for the greater good of the volk can live, but not allowed to breed as part of our eugenics program to eliminate the unnecessary suffering of being born with disabilities.

We don’t agree with raping women. Only niggers and subhumans do that. We only want to put women back in their place, their natural role of being house mothers who have lots of children. That is the best thing they can do for our race. Pair bond early with a good man and create a family. Any women who decides to fall for the lies of the Jew, to be a whore and get a career instead of raising a family shall be slut shamed and ostracized.

Lurk 2 years before posting faggot and research national socialism.

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