One day in and ive already seen people on twitter blaming trump for the fire at nortre dame...

one day in and ive already seen people on twitter blaming trump for the fire at nortre dame. they say he sent secret service to start the fire and blame it on the renovations. whatever caused it, terrorists from isis, or renovations, can we please not spread this fuckin idea

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epic single post made into a whole thread
fuck yourself

It's certainly as viable a conspiracy theory as any other surrounding the event. Dump is team zion, team caliphate, team globohomo [Rockefeller Republican, natch].

A few dumbasses on twitter don't deserve their own thread.

whats the motive tho. stop with the buzz words. give me a motive or you have no theory


Because it's good for Israel.

Create chaos for team Hapsburg, who is seen as a less than enthusiastic, and possibly ambitious, vassal.

Catholics are butt hurting so bad, bells are peeling all day everyday to bring the sheep in to pay. Notre Damn a desperate call to make the stupids give money to the organisation. Fake donations by satan's crew to convince the sheep it's good idea.

they are trained to burn down notre dame and not protect the president?

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ok now thats a theory. because it has a MOTIVE , not just "buhhh drumph bad"

one dumbass one Zig Forums doesn't deserve their own reply. see why thats retarded?

in what way.

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No, spread it as much as possible.
Crashing this train with no survivors.
Sage for shit thread.

Okay, kill yourself.

Jews or Muslims did this: you believe it.

Trump did this: never! Stop spreading lies!

Question yourself? I guess not

Why does the moderation allow this cancer?

i dont belive they did it. dont assume shit faggot

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Site owner wants all whites exterminated. Zig Forums has nothing to do with truth or protecting whites anymore. We need to leave.

My theory is that mudshits were running train on OP's mom and inbetween Muhammads she was smoking. She probably tossed a cig into an area that was being renovated and something caught fire.