With the destruction of Notre Dame, Semitic genocidal hatred is expressed more clearly than ever

With the destruction of Notre Dame, Semitic genocidal hatred is expressed more clearly than ever

We explained at length, from the outset, that the current war is fought between two irreducibly opposed minds: Semitism on the one hand and Aryanism on the other.
Aryanism has work as its fundamental value where Semitism has theft and speculation as its guiding principle.
Many people were able to detect yesterday, at least confusedly, demonstrations of joy at the news of the destruction by fire of Notre-Dame de Paris.
First of all, the Jews, who, unlike the contemporary French, never abandon their tribal memory.
Among several, one of Israel's Jewish leaders of Baruch Marzel's movement, Otzma Yehudit ("Jewish Power"), heir to Rabbi Meir Kahane, with whom Netanyahu has just made a political pact.


I assume you don't read modern Hebrew.

Google Translation:

In other words, the France of Saint Louis, which had violently fought the poison that humanity still faces, is finally punished by the flames on the scene, according to this Jew, where the King of France had thousands of copies of the talmud burned.
In reality, the talmud was burned in Place de Grève, on the other side of the Pont d'Arcole, but the proximity is very real.
Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral is the indisputable symbol of the apogee of French greatness in the Christian West and this does not escape the Jew. Baruch Marzel bears witness to a racial memory and hatred that spans centuries and even millennia.
He is not the only one. If we are now used to this twilight Catholic church, which is subservient to the Jews, medieval architecture says something else. And the Jews know it.


To your mind, it seems esoteric, distant, funny. At worst, hateful.
For many of you, you say to yourself, "Why talk about such stories from eight centuries ago in 2019? ». You are thinking of the first symptoms of madness or folkloric bigotry.
For the truly Jewish Jew, that is, freed from the coating of liberal acculturation that he had a time affected to display in contact with the goyim.
The exacerbated individualism that governs the minds of today's French and Westerners convinces them that their collective amnesia masked as magnanimous liberalism prevails for all peoples.
Then, suddenly, at a time when the destruction of their ancestral heritage reminds them of their common heritage, even if confused, they discover Jews who express their anger with the same rage as their fellow human beings under the reign of Saint Louis.
They see them cursing the goyim, as if they were possessed by the demon.


Or laugh hysterically.

The Jew, from Israel to France via America, is as if excited, feverish at the sight of destruction, of flames.


Some will say, "But we have seen Jews show sadness! ».


But not for the feelings that our brave French people attribute to these Jews.

B.-H. Lévy showed it to us on Twitter.
It is not the holy place of martial Catholicity fighting, under the leadership of Saint Louis, against the synagogue and mosque of which Lévy speaks.
It is the "Resistance" of the Gaullist-Communists of 1944 but also of the atheism of the Marxist homosexual Aragon.

Once we have read Lévy, let us read the Grand Orient de France (Freemasons), a declared secular enemy of what Notre-Dame de Paris represented.

According to them, Notre Dame is "the right of asylum", a place where people gather "whatever their faith" but also a place where "liberation" was celebrated.
This is an admirable convergence of spirit.
This cathedral, according to the Jewish figures and their followers, is more like a temple of Judeo-Masonry than the epicentre of ancient Catholic France.

At the same time and more surely even, before these Jews, did you see the Mohammedans not hide their joy in front of this annihilation.

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You see here a homogeneous vindictive memory unfolding that is not your memory.
This memory, which sometimes expresses, among the Semitic supporters of the most strict desert monotheism, the thirst for destruction of what is foreign to it, sometimes the appropriation of the nomad who advances under the mask of cosmopolitan democracy.
In both cases, the spirit of Semitism blows on the banks of the Seine from the burnt plains of Palestine.
It is never about the memory of those who built this cathedral or, for that matter, the others.
It is not the spirit of the builders of Notre Dame de Paris, the Aryan spirit that was used to raise these stones. This spirit that has disappeared from the state, which is now a monstrous creature afflicted by the wounds of Semitism.
But always this hatred expresses a radical opposition to aryanity, creative and sedentary. The one who pulls from the ground where she lives the material that allows her genius to transform reality.
Many French people and even other whites, faced with these reactions, talk about cultural hostility that could perhaps be adjusted one day.

Do they even know what culture is?

Why love these stones if you don't love the men who shaped them? These men who are of your blood and who tell you, with a millenary of distance, that the spirit that carved these stones sprang from the blood they gave you.
These stones have no value in themselves: they are only the material mirror of the action of your racial soul through the ages, projected onto the world generation after generation. The genius of your fathers who express themselves in a language identical to yours, of action and flesh, if you open your mind to your longest memory, if you know how to open up to yourself and decide to let this language express itself.

Conversely, how could men of foreign blood, unaware of all the work, suffering and flesh of your fathers, love these stones since they hate the face of the blood of those who carved them?
The hatred of the Semites who express themselves openly is more authentic, more true than the perfidious language of those of them who pretend to love these blocks of stone but who actually hate the race of their cutters.
It is not love but theft excited by jealousy hidden under the lie.

They want to destroy your blood and your lineage

What these Semites express, what they want, is not to destroy the stones.
It is to destroy the blood that makes its mark on these stones and excites the destructive hatred of the Semitic spirit.
Destroy you physically but more importantly, destroy your children, that is, the ability for the Aryan mind to continue to shape the world for millennia to come.
To exist.
This is, in its entirety, the effort towards which Semitism tends.

What matters is not to be the owners of a temple, but to remain the living owner of the source from which flows all creations : the blood.
Which happens through the crushing of those who want to destroy that blood.
A Semiticized France, biologically altered by Negro blood, will no longer produce anything great. Nor any Aryan state that fails to protect itself from Semitism. To worship stones is to no longer discern the spirit that acts and that alone really matters.
Aryanism against Semitism, culture against savagery, creation against destruction.
This is the confrontation that this tornado of fire symbolizes.


The fire of the Aryan builder must answer to the Semitic destroyer.
This is our exact situation, the front line on which we all are, us, carriers of Aryan blood from the icy far north.


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So far the most salient Notre Dame thread yet.
Video proof or not, we all know (((who))) did it.

sage since gazillionth notre dame thread

They explicitly, and emphatically are not. They're (((anti-Masons))) in every sense of the term.

bump because this is a much better thread than that guy who had """proof""" of jews burning down the church.

Is that an article from the french dempart board?

Reminder to everyone kikes want us to 100% just focus on Muslims. We must also focus on exterminating their handlers. Their handlers are the high ranking generals of this war, the Muslims just golem peons.

We kill all the generals, the golem won’t be getting marching orders anymore and victory will be imminent.

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Beautiful I can’t wait to screencap this…in many ways I love the Masons despite how much shit they get on Zig Forums I love them for their craft…for their effort…for their love of our kin and nations. Lastly and most important because they love creation as much as I love creation and Life. Whenever I read the terrible things that were said about them here I always reserved a place deep in my heart for them and our shared love of the principles of creation.

Screen capped and very well said. My dad asked me why I care so much about the burning when I am not of Christian faith. This is why. Thank you.

You have the articulation to get messages across nicely. Your kind is essential for waking up the aryan spirit.

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All Freemasons are based on ancient stonemasons, but not all stonemasons are Freemasons. By capitalizing "Masons" you heavily imply Freemason jews.

My great grandfather was a stonemason that helped build the Chicago water tower. We are German Lutherans; aka anti-semites.

I don’t know that much about it so thanks, I only know that I see their work and I love it and then for it. Obviously there are problems now within masonry just as there are in every institution. But it is a little like looking at a beautiful but heavily veiled woman, underneath that veil her beauty cannot be hidden.

Wtf are you on about retards? Freemasons obviously have nothing to do with stonemasons

What part of ‘don’t know that much about it’ escaped you? :)
I thought I made it clear that I was interested in the builders and people who create. Maybe not though.

Freemasons = crypto-kikes secret societies aka LARPers (powerful for some, irrelevant for others)
Stonemasons = Aryan heroes

Nice summary…what in the world would have attracted kikes to an organization that involved ‘work’? Their nigger ‘gibs me dat’ mentality of their welfare states would seem antithetical to such an organization.

Because originally it was stonemasons' fraternities but we're far from that time.

Démocratie participative is for the most part always high tier in their analysis.

Their board is utter shit though, full of christian hating LARPagans, a lot of shills in the whole I think.

Pls post the screencap while you're at it

Semitic genocidal hatred is has been expressed by Jews throughout history. Jews have displayed seething contempt for every kind of people that they've lived among or had as neighbors.

For example they hated Egyptians, and then Persians (SHTF in roughly 500 BC when Jews lived in Persia- the Purim holiday serves to remind Jews of the the old hostility), then the Hellenic Greeks (Hanukkah commemorates war with those Greeks), then the Romans (inciting payback by the Roman Titus in 70 AD, and then Roman Emperor Hadrian around 130 AD or so), then the Visigoths of Spain (in the 700's AD Jews helped the Muslim Moors in their bloody conquest of Spain, and in the 800's the Christian priest Agobard recorded evidence that Jews were constantly kidnapping White children, castrating the boys (historians estimate that only 1 in 10 boys survived the knife), and selling both sexes into the Muslim slave markets. (BTW - Muslim written sources from the era agree that the Jews were doing this.). Jews entered England after 1066, and by the 1100's the English were rioting against them, in part for constantly offering bribes to corrupt the King and nobles. In the year 1215 the original Magn Carta had 3 clauses seeking to protect widows and orphans from the money-lending usury practices of Jews, and a few generations later the fed-up King Edward 1 Longshanks expelled all of the Jews (Edict of Expulsion) from England. In 1492 AD Spain's monarchs Fernando and Isabella expelled the Jews from Spain (Alhambra Decree). Since then bloody animosity between Jews and their neighbors has flared up in in Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Germany from the 1800's -1940's..
Beyond that consider the Americans who died on the USS Liberty in 1967 or at the World Trade Centers or Pentagon in 2001, or in the wars for Zionist goals since then.

Semitic genocidal hatred is has been expressed indeed, in an ongoing and continuous pattern, across millennia of time.

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Here you go ;)

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Saving this as well.

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Probably the best thread on Zig Forums right now. 1488% better than the Trump Twitter or barely 150 character threads. God shit OP and thanks for this essay.

seems like a good bread to post this

Corrpution of blood has no place in modern civil society. The US even has it written into their constitution.

Also, since jews killed Jesus, the Son of God in 33, they should STFU. Want to play that game, kike? We do it better.

This sounds like Seana Fenner wrote it. 10/10 Odinic writing.

Mooslimes are a pest. Kikes are the real enemy.

Stop making this about your kike mason shit.

Give them a double dose of hatred then!

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Continental (GO), UGLE or Prince Hall, they all work for the jew.

Your ggf was an operative mason. Faggots in lodges who worship goats and three headed demons are called speculative masons.

I'm not disagreeing with you but even at destroying we are better, it takes destruction to create. The perfect architect is the perfect deconstructor.

Hail dempart

Bump well written

Continental, UGLE (Home GLs), and Prince Hall are fine and normal.
It's only liberal "masons" like the GOdF who are kike promoters.

So many of us have forgotten. They haven't. Good post, OP.

Saint Louis was truly the greatest king of France. Weird synchronicity, was just reading about him a week ago.


in France they control all politicians, magistrates and others high civil servants…

Where are all these shills coming from?

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Shit…… yet another coincidence*

Which is another reason they should burn. It's incredibly (((anti-Masonic))).

does someone have the prophecy from that asian guy that got posted on Zig Forums a year or two or three ago?
it included "the star will gorge itself on clay", iirc, which happened

Good. The fire rises in more way than one.