Indian Brahmin pilpuls like a jew about the caste system

Indian Brahmin pilpuls like a jew about the caste system

Is this the future of the western world? Jews instating a caste systems with jews on top or will we have some strange form of communism with forced interracial pairings?

We will have eco Naturism
One hundred million total population world wide all whites

Do you think the brahmins have kikes on top btw. ?

Indian jews are a thing after all…

"We are Ayran"


The brahmins are mixed descendants of the Aryans, it is true.
I don't know why you're insinuating that they're bad.

High caste subcons are cousin status at best.

Northern Europeans > God Tier
Southern Europeans > Good tier
Eastern Europeans > Bro Tier
Persians and Armenians > Would retake Jerusalem with Tier
High Caste Subcons > Cousin Tier
Eastern Asians > Honorubu Tier
Everyone Else >literal poo

Truly the Ultimate Caste System

I'm born to Northern and Southern European parents where tf would I go?

idk bro, sicilians are literarily arabs

Goood tier

The whole world is a caste system. They just pretend it aint

The insinuation I thought was that kikes filtered into the caste and broke it. Either way, op is a fag.

More Aryan and less kiked than you, Pedro.

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Race mixing the north and south ended any chance of India to be an empire.

Yogic religion is science, far superior to western religion because instead of telling you what to do and not to do, it tells you about yourself, self psychology is at the heart of yoga.

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If one was "God Tier" AND "Would retake Jerusalem with tier", would that just make them "Bro Tier+" ?

Both. In successive order. First it will just be a strange form of communism with forced (or rather coerced) interracial pairings. Then, once the goyim are homogenized and all the bright Whites turned cryptogoy, it will wind up being a caste system that - as usual with caste systems, divides people based on skin colour. The increasingly dark-skinned Eurafrican mutt will be the slave caste, while everyone with White skin is just assumed for various reasons to be part of the tribe and thus enjoys the status equivalent to that of a member of a higher caste in a traditional Indian system.


The Western part of India is filled with India's merchant class called gujjus (pronounced guj-jews). They are the biggest funders of rightwing nationalist parties, which in turn give them many benefits. The relationship is same as between Republicans and Capitalists.

Spotted the we wuz tier panslavist. Now tell us about the evil normanists covering up the fact that you wuz greeks, romans and vikings all at once.

This pretty much settles it

Caste systems are neoreactionary. Neoreactionaries are Jews.