Sean Hannity Removes All Julian Assange Content From His Twitter Account

By now, the whole world knows that Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange has been arrested. This puts quite a few people in an awkward position, since they had openly championed the Wikileaks dumps of material from the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016. One such person seems to be Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

As of Monday, it appears Hannity has deleted everything regarding Julian Assange from his Twitter feed. Hannity used to be quite the Assange fan, even telling the Wikileaks founder that he would make a good guest host for Hannity’s radio show. Hannity also promoted Assange’s credibility, saying that “nothing he has published has ever been false.”

This makes the Assange cleansing of Hannity’s feed seem most suspicious, considering the timing. However, it seems that Twitter personality Richard Feren was too quick for Hannity’s team, and has preserved the pro-Assange tweets for the world to see.

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sean hannity's an opportunist, more news at 11

Sean Hannity is a shill and an enemy.

Sean Hannity is and always has been a jewish mouthpiece. Who cares what he says? Hes not on our side and never has been.
Get the fuck off my board boomer.

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is it an attempt to rewrite history? They are scrubbing so many attempts slowly from the internet. other anons just post shit like this and without analysis. why would hannity remove the tweets?

shabbos weasel

More at 11.

No, they just understand that Trump's base really is that stupid.
Because he never supported Assange or his organization's aims apart from using it temporarily to push Hillary out of the way. The same way Hannity does not actually have a problem with the way Hillary ran the State Department and would not have done anything differently, he just fronts for a faction that wants to be the one controlling it [and thus skimming off of it].

I guess the word is out. Assange will die for telling the truth about the people Trump was elected to fight. If Hannity is vaporizing him, then Trump's people have put out the signal that no help is coming.

Press F for the one man who put Hillary on suicide watch more often than Bill. The worst part is how pleased she is with all of this.

Plot twist: Assange will go into protective custody before emerging as a witness in the Deep State purge trials.

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Trump is the deep state.

If only Assange would get a MyPillow, or maybe use some of Dr. Carver's Shaving Butter on that Randy Quaid-like beard of his…

Fucking lamer

Yeah no shit boomer, fuck off

He’s not dead yet. I will press eph when that day comes , until then he is memetically fighting the balrog on the way down right now kekspeed to the madman

Hannity and Trump met through RE (Hannity is a notorious slumlord in NYC). They're redpilled landlords but hide their power level when their (((masters))) want them to.

who actually cares about this kike worshipper?
The guy blasted Ron Paul during both of the elections.
The guy attacked Rand Paul for being opposed to saber rattling against Iran.
He sees the wind is going with Trump and realizes he might need to adjust to stay popular and plays like he's a fucking populist now.
When the chips are down, he bends the knee every single time.
This is the exact kind of guy who would open the gates for the enemy while no one was looking.


Kill yourself

Between this and their Notre Dame antics they might as well be CNN; They probably get their talking points from the same Ivy League CIAniggers.

You just realised this?


Proof Hannity did it, and not twitter?

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Don't underestimate how many low-IQ trumpniggers infest the board.

Stop bringing up these mutt losers.

Then why did Qanon say Hannity was a patriot? Checkmate, shariablue.

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The news is fake and so are you.

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Well, I guess this all optics and part of the trust and plan.
Back to watching the movie.

WEED 2020



Because Q is Hannity
And John Oliver is Banksy.

It's got to be archived or cached somewhere. We need to preserve those twats.. I don't twatter, I've no idea how or where that would be, but I hope someone gets on that.

Julian Assange leaked BNP membership roles to get racists fired, stop worshiping this fag just because he exposed Hilary. That's commendable, but he's not /ourguy/.

It was obvious where it was headed after Rupert handed the reigns to his faggy kids.
It's just ugly to see them turn on Assange like this (including ZOGnald). Completely devoid of loyalty; Doesn't sit well with me at all.

Hannity is a fine example of controlled "opposition" who acts as a pressure release valve for people who notice something's fucky.
That's his role. To give the impression someone sitting behind a desk hears complaints and has the ear of the people's President. Hannity is just another tool for the deep state to tamp down our rage and keep us on our asses.

You faggots first, unless you have something substantial to contribute. Or did we interrupt you and your boyfriend?

Do you think Hannity and the ZOG Emperor are?

*rolls, pardon me.

They are provably not.

BNP members are all undercover cops or (((activists))) user. Pretty much all organized groups on the right are honeypots.

And Sean Hannity lied for years to plunge the US in multiple fraudulent jew wars that got tens of thousands of White men maimed and is directly representative of exactly who the BNP is ACTUALLY fighting. If people like Hannity weren't running the West, BNP likely does not exist in the first place and neither do the policies that motivate them to form.

At the leadership level yes, and I think Griffin is degenerate. The average working class man who joined with good intentions is the one that suffered though.

This goes for anyone on television.

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Faggot coward boomer cucks? Where's the news?

Yes they are. Now what exactly are you doing?

Lel. Read the fucking op user.

Lel. Read the fucking op user.

Yes, they always infiltrate to levers or power. They don't aim to be the almost anonymous guy at the bottom pushing leaflets through a door. That one in particular is a well known fraud and working for the state. Brits were well on the road to being ahead of the rest of where European groups are now back then but the state pulled the trap door lever and the noose was tightened around the organization. That's how they play it, they let it build up and let your hope and money pour in and then dispirit you with it being destroyed, hoping you give up and isolate yourself and delaying things for another ten, twenty years and so on.

The reality is though that the vast majority of good people who did the work, brought the money in and cared about their people were genuine and existed after it was gone. When people realize that in numbers they'll be hard to stop with the same old tricks.


your mom

The Q shit has painted themselves into a corner. It's either reconciling conflicting points, or 14chess. Hopefully it will come to head before 2020.

Shouldn't be awkward at all.

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We are entering very strange times….

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The reason Assange must suffer is because he crossed the global jewish elite, and they have a rule, that is rule is that anyone who crosses them to a certain extent must know the consequences. Assange is so serve as an example. If he manages to avoid the consequences, it will be a rallying cry that the jewish hand has a weak grip.
While I am aware Assange is probably some weird mix of a democratic marxist, and not our ally, he still crossed some powerful jews. Assange isn't jewish, he doesn't get permission to do so, therefore they must make an example of him. That's what this is about. It's about petty and childish jewish ego.

There is no head. It's just pedantic wheel spinning taking low-intellect rubes in circles while they cheer on the PNAC agenda with some early 90s "paperclip runs everything!" window dressing attached.


Yes, the "deep state" has come to mean Obama appointees.

Assange is the product of a CIA financed LSD cult where children were dosed with hallucenogens as part of their upbringing.

All the children had their hair bleached blond.

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Who other than boomers even watches Hannity.

And we are all so very impressed.

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