Druid/pol/ #0031 - "tfw WELL ENDOWED MAYPOLE!" edition


I bid you welcome, in the manner which has become sacred to our Rite, to our most portentous triginta unus thread. Ostara month is still upon us and we also anticipate the upcoming Mayday celebrations (on which I will attempt to find & link a working stream of "The Wicker Man" (1973) as I think that would provide a most suitably thematic matinee)
I also propose that the upcoming mayday celebrations also be marked with an evening festival of musicposting and general mirth (We can bring FPT forward or have both - can be decided upon nearer the time.
Despite the attacks of (1)'s and the occasional wall of redtext schizophrenic spam, the B.O.N.D continues to thrive & extend its sphere of influence. Shills and mentally ill threadshitters off their elixers are no match for might of the B.O.N.D!


…and no signs of slowing down either. Posting has remained quality and more potential Initiates find us each thread. The seeds have been sown for a New Order to take back The Old Ways from the leftist crusties, LARPers and pink haired weirdos who currently sully its grand legacy.
We are but now a sapling but, in the right conditions, the humble sapling can grow into a mighty oak whos branches spread far and wide into the heavens. We must strive for improvement and the acquisition of knowledge on a daily basis all the while. slowly chipping away at the encrusted fungal rot that infests society and elements of the very ether itself.

Busy as ever on the lodge front with much discussion, banter, .pdf posting and new interest. Topics of note, long with the usual historicism , divination and leylinery, have been infused with talk of entities/spirits, their nature and their relationship to man, to us and to the ether. It is a topic I look forward to continuing ITT. Also we must endeavour to invigorate our fellow anons and enlighten them where we can. In the spiritual vacuum the traitor class have created, a grounded sense of spirituality is important (less one fall to defeatism & materialistic nihilism) and gives the bearer hope, faith and something to aid him in the great minecraft fight to come - some spiritual armour so to speak.

This threads governing arcana is that of the IX card - the Hermit.
This card reveals an old man carrying a staff in one hand and a lit lantern containing a six-pointed star in the other. The Hermit suggests a phase of introspection where the Adept is drawing their attention inwards and looking for answers within. It signifies the need of a period of inner reflection, away from the current demands of position.
Upright the card represents soul-searching, introspection, solitude, meditation, self-reflection and a purposeful withdrawn from society. Reversed the card has connotations pertaining to being a misfit autist, withdrawing from loved ones, exile, sadness & loneliness. Its afflilated element is that of Earth and its Planet, Mercury - both if which shall also govern this thread.
Look forward to a Mercurial thread lads. Always interesting…

As always the topical newslinks are presented for the reader's perusal and delectation

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LARPing as a white man doesn't make you one.

Every time. Bot tier shilling btw.

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But he has a Jewish ex-wife and an honorary Aryan Japanese girlfriend and loves to seig heil on Facebook so he's whiter than you and an alt-right hero!

Where do I know that picture from? The name is SB2.

When will the punishment upon the nigger-saxons for their sins against Europe ever end?
Not one week goes by that the *nglo doesnt get BTFO.



that's obligatory, is true thread
ghost bots need to spew binary

so the druids were already getting corrupted around 500-400 BC? some explain why it got so easy for Romans to force their way north through Gaul and more…

Its the merchant ayylium thing from Xenon 2 that sold you the SUPER NASHWAN POWER. Old amiga & DOS/386 era shmup/bullet hell game.

Make us

Someone is salty today.

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It's getting a bit too much of a coincidence for the governing tarot to at least somewhat match my circumstance for several threads in a row now. Uncanny, really. I have a good feeling for this thread.


Since the schizos and anti-White Christians can not form a coherent argument against the Lodge for reformation, not annihilation, I will.

Fallacy of relative privation. Striving for perfection should be the ideal. Cleanse yourselves. You lads show promise, but ultimately alienate me.

Good to see a new thread with The Hermit card. /leftyspastics/ aside, how is everyone doing? Also I want to ask a very silly question. Gregorian chants and Mongolian throat singing utilize the vocal fry effect to have a resonating sound for chanting purposes. So what would a Druid chant with the vocal fry? Runes and phrases perhaps? Even though I've seen this more in Shamanism, is it applicable to Druidicism at all?

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Not the best source, but read through the epigraphy section:

Actually it’s probably just best to ctrl + f “chant” and “sing” to find what you’re looking for.

Isaiah 55:6-7 “Seek the LORD while he may be found; call upon him while he is near; let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the LORD, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

Acts 8:22 Repent, therefore, of this wickedness of yours, and pray to the Lord that, if possible, the intent of your heart may be forgiven you.

Sounds good. Getting into this with a vocal fry could be quite good sounding.

My ancestors didn't need your evil god and certainly we don't need you to tell us things that do no apply to us. You are cordially invited to fuck off.

At first glance, bait. But, in the case you genuinely care, it's fitting for the theme of introspection. Though I plan to be regular in the Lodge, I have not in any way earned the title Druid. I am merely Druid-Aspirant. I let this be known, as I am not in anyway a representative for the lodge—I shall allow them to think and do what they will.

Never partaken. Alcohol has its purposes, like an occasional single glass of red wine for those who need it. (For insomnia, etc.) Of course, offerings to the gods, as it has been conveyed to me multiple times now, is mostly about intent, the offering itself a show of dedication and intent. Hence, things that are difficult to obtain are good offerings. Alcohol is traditionally favored by the gods, so the use of wine, mead, ale, etc as a libation is another purpose. I guess tl;dr on my position is that the usage of alcohol for anything impure or not toward healing/bettering/magickal purposes as degenerative.

Currently a necessary evil. I shun the usage of drugs for the achievement of a hypnogogic state or similar. That is an insult not only to the individual by skipping steps and damaging the body, but to others, also. EG higher planar peoples or even corporeal family. I have sever insomnia, without my sedative, I cannot sleep. Once I am far enough along my path, I am sure that I will no longer need the medicine, and will be able to solve this with transmutation. Until then, I must feed the pharma-jew. And as for the case of "recreational" usage, it is as masturbation that harms you more.

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by this, but I'll give it a go. I use music as a strange means of personal "divination" as of late. Since last Friday It's complex, and really is probably a magick that works only for me, so I'll spare the details. Otherwise, I mostly listen to a small selection of music I hand selected for specific purposes. Music helps me achieve the state of mind and body I need before I can begin some things. Classical or a niche electronic one I can't remember the name of for focus, or metal and rock to induce anger so that I can use it as determination. (Think workouts.) Most of the audio files I use for meditation aren't even music. It's a combination of various frequencies and other sounds that help me induce a trance more quickly. I don't even need it, but it makes the process faster. I "need" this because I usually have a small window for practice, whether that's making offerings, meditating, scrying, etc. (I spend most of it meditating or studying.) Some music can help with trance, like the "pagan music" not sure what to call that posted in the last thread. IIRC, drums have been used for thousands of years for that very purpose. I'm well aware that this is likely entirely unnecessary with transmutation. I do admit that I need to work on how much I utilize music, I've become too reliant on addicted to it. It's time for me to drop the crutch.


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As for popular culture and images, I think you mean the varg, morgoth, jive, etc videos. I don't care much for cults of personality and e-celebs but I do think that there is wisdom to be found in all things. The survive the jive lad had some good information. I agree that it can seem to be a bit too much at times, nearing a cult of personality, but text lacks nuance of speech and I can't tell how the others view all of that. But this is a time of introspection for me, so I'm open ears atm. Lads, I don't mean any harm or offence by any of this, please don't take it that way.

I think you are referring to the claims about the Kaballah/Qliphoth. I haven't to my knowledge engaged in any of that, nor have I studied it yet. I might study it, but I doubt I will ever incorporate or use it. My intuition tells me to stay away from it.

That's two synchronicities in one thread, in one night for me. Last Saturday, I had easily some of the most powerful synchronicities occur. Numerous, they were. I will not explain it or what happened, but my perspective has changed. Yet again. I agree wholeheartedly that the perfection and cleansing of self is the ideal, at least for me. I have turned my gaze, meditations and study inward. I know that this all sounds like hollow sycophantic pandering, but I assure you my words are genuine.

I thought you to be bait at first, but I can see the possibility of genuine concern in it, and points that can be addressed. As I said already, I do not represent the lodge, so they will have to make consensus on you and your post themselves. I hope that I will not offend them, I have no desire to do such. I only want to become better. Pic semi-related to my last several days.

Thanks for the thread.

Fresh yank.

Afternoon lads. I see we didn't get slid off the board overnight which was good. Just have a few errands to run in town and then I shall give the thread some attention.

relative hopefully being discharged from hospital in a couple of days so good news on that front too

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Fresh Notre Jive

Good video lad. I like a bit of AK for his vidya analysis. Every voice added to the chorus helps. All these critiques of postmodernity are akin to a host of ticks and fleas embedding themselves into the skin of a great beast. Death by a thousand cuts type shit. Critique (in a constant scathing & unending barrage) of their shitty propaganda is extremely important.

Me too lad. The Hermit represents soul searching retreat so i'v a feeling some innovation might come out of this thread. Ill defo try and get that leyline divination info up in the next day or two and I think the entity conversations & runelads work are coming along well too. And I know what you mean about the Arcana matching both personal and geopolitical circumstance - its too much to be a coincidence and pertains to so much - particularly at a personal level so I entirely get where you are coming from there, aye.
I know its a point of contention for a few lads here (as it is not really anything to do with classic druidry per se…) but I think the Tarot has proved itself a worthy addition to the threads (and I think if the ancient Druids had access to the modern Tarot systems, they would have no problems utilising it and would probably have created their own custom deck)

There is nothing wrong with a drink in moderation and alcohol is used in many rituals.
The discussion regarding drugs was related to scrying and how they effect the senses in regard to such practise. No one is "DUDE WEED 420 LOL" posting or anything like that. Also (in my case) I always add the disclaimer that anons with addictive personalities should avoid drugs entirely and I also make the disclaimer that everything must be used in moderation. Also as rightly points out, it is a necessary evil for some of us. Im the same. Without certain insomnia medication, I wouldnt sleep and would be unable to function properly (and I have a family and small busniness to take care of as well as following the Path.) A genuine upside is that being prescribed certain pharma has led to discoveries pertaining to AP and the hypnagogic state that I otherwise would have remained ignorant of. Also no one is pushing drugs/pharma. We are not going "LADS GET OUT THERE AND DO DRUGS NOW" - rather we were discussing the ups and down, merits & drawbacks etc of those who happen to be prescribed certain insomnia medication.
I will concede that maybe a bit too much time was spend discusing said topic and this is a genuine fair criticism that I will take on board. Norwaydruid and I will try to be less blasé about said topic in future posts.

Lad Freeplay Thursday is well popular and serves not only as musical offerings but a bonding experience. We are not dropping the music night. Its only twice a month and everyone loves it. This sounds like a nofun.jpeg post. Plus I think a bit of mirth and whatnot can help lift spirits in these dark times -something sorely needed imo.

Not quite sure what you mean by that one. Modern esotericism contains much christian and hebrew symbolism. It doesn't mean its not worth studying. If you remember, the B.O.N.D's attitude is that each Adept walks his own path. We are free to choose if we wish to delve into certain schools or not. There is no pressure on anyone to, say, read a crowley book or practise numerology but at the same time, no one will be condemned for doing so either. There are any different schools of thought here but we all strive for the same goal and will pull together to achieve that.

We are what we are lad. Im sorry if we "alienate" you. If that is the case, why not post more and tray and be the change you want to see. We are reasonable men. If we are wrong or misguided on something, im pretty sire most lads here would be willing to listen and correct their perception if needs be.
Far better criticisms than schizo or any of the shills btw so kudos on that front

Thanks lad. Im sure vocalisation is indeed applicable to Druidry and they were said to have chants which could summon storms and shit so its certainly worth looking into imo.

Cheers lad. All extra info is appreciated. Will give them a peruse in a bit.

Lad we don't proselytize in your Christian threads, please refrain from doing it in ours.

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Icke is on Jeff Rense's show
The two most majestically haired tinfoilers meet again. The gloriously intertwined white poodle-rock perm and tinfoil-silver mullet combine. Can the universe survive an encounter of such magnitude?
Let us find out…

I demand an explanation as to why these threads are allowed while legitimate threads like government mandated vaccines get deleted.

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You DEMAND do you? Well mr entitled, ill do my best to answer your stupid fucking question then:
The threads are allowed because

The fact they piss you so damn much when you could simply just ignore them is also a good reason to keep them going imo. And the claim that no current events are discussed is demonstrably false (what are the topical newslinks then you utter fucking retard)

Do they get deleted because they get little to no interest and are full of schizophrenic redtext spam that takes a half truth and runs a mile with it, effectively discrediting whatever the original topic was meant to be?
Are said threads full of schizo spam and belligerent to anyone who even dares question their veracity?

Tbh if you have a real issue, go and ask the mods in the meta. Im not a mod. I just make the threads tbh. The lads & I get our esoteric discussion space and the fact that it enrages entitled little shitheads like you so much is the literal cherry on the cake.
So keep raging lad. Keep smashing your head against that brick wall for our amusement.

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Inappropriate use of the word literal though.

Based gramma nazi tbh.
I should have said "proverbial"
Oh well, whats done is done.

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Yeah cry moar you little bitch-parrot-bot-schizo-mong-whatever the fuck you are.
We ain't going anywhere.
No more (you)'s now mongo so GTFO.

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Kike mods are trying to get TOR banned. Don't let them get away with it!

pew pew

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not bollock ticks

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I only drink when visiting somewhere which (((fluoridates))) the water and therefore, a gin and tonic or whiskey is the healthiest option. And those rare times, I never speak of period because they are quite boring.

Aside from caffeine and the aforementioned spirits I run clean. In fact, I make medicine out of foraged botanicals and mushrooms for my kith and kin. I currently have a patient I’m helping get off (((opioids))) for free.

Aside from Freeplay Thursday and reaction images this claim has no basis. You’re reaching lad.

You’ll have to elaborate; no one here espouses We Wuz Jewz. In fact, the original schizo used to claim such, but we have the archives to prove otherwise.

I couldn’t agree moar.

Sorry to hear that, but it is the time for Hermeticism.

Wew, same feels here lad.

Well done as always lad. I’m happy to hear your kin is on the mend. I observed portent today which garnered an irl ‘wew lad’ lad. On my drive home from work I was listening to a YouTube video on basic sigil craft. During which, the instructor drew a sigil with the intent that his viewers would see a black dog that day. Unremarkable, but specific enough to be greater than chance. Less than ten minutes after the video, a pickup truck pulled in front of me with a black and white husky type dog, wearing a plastic surgery cone. Upon closer inspection, it was a hybrid of a husky and a wolf missing one eye, on Wotan’s Day none the less. Clearly my next area of study is to be rune and sigil magic while getting deeper into Odinism. Afterwards, I sent some gibs to the youtuber and our wolf Merlin tbh.

Thanks fagots.

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Fresh extra-posh Dutton
bit of an odd one, this

Dixie here. Still hiding out. Figured I would say something in a quasi-hidden thread to let others know I'm not only alive, but things are thriving. Not much time so I won't really have time to talk, but things will come back with a vengeance with this year's harvest.

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Afternoon lads. Fresh utter ragefuel. Seems more veterans are to persecuted by may's traitor regime for alleged "historical crimes." On the plus side they are just fueling resentment from the squaddies and the people with an ear to the ground. UK lads, spread the vid if you can. There is a D-notice on the upcoming court cases so its up to the public to spread this disturbing news.
The veteran in the vid reckons they will be coming for the Iraq/Afghanistan boys next.

Good to see you lad

Cheers lad means a lot.

Now that is a clear portent if ever I heard of one. Most excellent lad - the path is being shown to you. The amount of synchronicities and other crazy personal happenings one experiences when one is delving into the arcane, is a phenomenal experience. Mindbowing stuff and a wonderful thing as it just cements my belief we are on the right path and the universe in on our side. Based punished lampshade-sporting "Big Boss" Odin-husky just goes to show that your causal thread is on track and the universal power at the heart of all things is showing you this & you have the right set of eyes to see it, so to speak. Your insight allows you to perceive that which could easily be missed. - as is the way with the universal language of abstract symbolism. Thanks for sharing the experience with us. It whitepills me when I hear stuff like this. We have spiritual allies the likes of which the mundane cannot even comprehend.

Totally concur. There is literally no other way to interpret that portent. I'm fairly literate at sigil magick (using a slightly self-tailored Austin Osman Spare method) so if you ever need any pointers or .pdf's or just general advice, just give me a shout k bretheren. I shall endeavour to provide whatever useful information I can.

Good lad.
The Christians are onto something there. There is wisdom to be found in certain bible passages. Problem is it has been so corrupted by youknowwhos over the centuries, that little of its original essence remains. I'll admit there is still a few good proverbs in there though ("pearls before swine" is a good one) and I once knew a Christian Mystic type who was sound as fuck and actually quite accomplished in certain occult disciplines) Anyway, im rambling and veering way off topic. Apologies lad. Good to hear from you anyway. Keep us informed of any developments.

Also say hello to Mrs Yanklad and the wee Druidess for me

Been enjoying his stuff as of late. Proper English eccentric type isn't he. We need more people like that.

Good to see you lad. Hold on, our destiny is preordained, but we must go through the cycle of destruction and rebirth so we can emerge stronger. We are on the winning team lad - have faith (I know you have it else you wouldnt be here)
Sending some positive loosh your way from Sacred Albion.

Some interesting revelations today on the entity front, lads. It would seem that I have now attracted at least: 2-3 short shadows (Seen at least that many in one place at once), and one, maybe two taller ones. Desperately need to get out of this negativity, these things are getting more and more active the more I ignore them. Also something is communicating now. (More on that later.) Yesterday, I was cleaning the bathroom, when I noticed that the wall of the guest room was knocking. I sat quiet for a minute, and heard quite a lot of knocks, in a fairly rapid succession, but with no seeming pattern. Every time I enter the room, it always gets quiet, as if my presence itself pushes them away. The more I tried to ignore it, the more the sound that came from the room intensified. Next, it transitioned to the sound of metal upon metal, and as if someone was stomping circles on the floor, with great fury. I ignored this also, after noting it. Later that night, after finishing my nightly routine and getting in bed, I was in there for but a few minutes until I heard the dog. I went to check on him, to find him breathing strangely and twitching, but still asleep. He woke up after just a few seconds, and with his ears back, and looked at me with fear in his eyes. I pet him and reassured him until he went back to sleep. I made sure the windows were closed, and that importantly, a specific set of curtains had been held down with the recliners, as the entities have now taken to opening them ~1-3 AM. (Family thinks it is the dog, but the dog I assured them, he does not fit in a gap behind the chairs of less than 3") Oddly, this windowed curtain would look straight out into the backyard, which during the day is quite lively and has a similar feel to my blot tree area.

I returned to my room, I saw one tall one in the hallway, and as I got in bed after locking the door, willing this to act as a symbolic way of keeping them out, I noticed one short one in the corner, near the door. The act of locking the door may have had some effect, or this one wanted to be seen, as it did not dissipate upon my gaze immediately. I could not make out any form, and it seems to aid in my theory that the smaller ones are less intelligent or at least less able to exert intelligence due to lesser manifestation.

The last few days, they have been trying to lure me out of my relatively safe room now have 7 runic sigils and more than double the iron, by making sounds elsewhere in the house. Know now, the sound they make, including the knocks, although real in physical space, that is audible to all including fedora types, is generated in a non-physical way. I actually experienced this once before in my life ~ 7 or 8 years ago in a town in Nevada. I was in an old motel when the doors seemed to be slamming/opening repeatedly, but they were not physically moving. I know they are generated in some non-physical manner also because the sounds they make can be anything. I have found them to be capable of mimicking even the voices of others, as I have heard the voice of a family member who does not even live in this state come from the guest room. Actually talked to them on the phone later that day. (Yes, I plan to burn sage in there.) The implications of this are pretty large. I was first lured out by the sound of my front door being kicked/broken open, to which I grabbed my .45 and cleared the home, much to my dogs confusion, as the door was not only intact, but I was the only one awaken. (Although this could indicate it to be astral sound, my family sleeps deeply, aside from me and my insomnia.) I have heard doors open/close/slam/break, drawers be flung open, water taps turn on, knocking, scratching, the full ghost hunters wet-dream. (Not anything actually thrown yet, though.)



Yesterday, I dusted and cleaned my room. Now I mus not that I have ascertained one thing so far from their presence: their very composition, that is their substance "feels" or "sees" like radio/tv static, both the large and the small, difference only in intensity. This morning ~ 6:32 PST, I was pulled into the astral, but this time was different. It was talking to me, through imagery, mostly, but here's what happened:

>be shown an entirely black tube, likely symbolic for a shaft from the lower astral hell to this realm

Upon willing myself back, I could still feel the claws on my chest until I fully woke and entered the physical. Got out of bed, and shocked myself due to static. Thought this was from the sheets, but I built up another charge just standing there without moving. Strong presence in room. Indeterminable. Hair standing somewhat, but no temperature drop. I noticed then, that the entire room is now as dusty as it was before I dusted. Dust is stuck to absolutely everything. Now I know that the dust particles were also charged, as dust does not build up that quickly in my room, unless I have an ionizer on. During the writing of these posts, there were four more knocks, two of which were during writing this very sentence. Otherwise, presence seems to be gone.

My current thought on the matter is that whatever showed me this is benevolent, and that a second entity was trying to pull me lower. Or, perhaps it was a single entity, but why would it try to warn me about "it" the "spirit" coming, then try to feed on me? Most likely, something benevolent was showing me the warning, and when it ended, one of the shadow "people" tried to take advantage of me already being in the astral.

Not sure what to make of this entirely. I vaguely remember some of the specific features of the imagery, including the woman, so if there are any questions on that, feel free to ask. I think she had long, red hair. In the meantime, it looks like my inward focus will be forcefully disrupted while I deal with "it". Not sure what it will be, but I'm guessing worse than anything I've faced yet. Any material on prepping for that would appreciated.

I see significance in this. I feel strangely resolved. As though this coming battle has been Fated, foretold, inevitable. Such readiness for it, I feel. I shall either succeed or die with glorious honor.

I think I am going to need all of the knowledge and power I can get. I have refrained from sharing, but I feel now it is time, now I must. Last Friday night, I felt the inner light. The truest of Self, it called out to me. I already wrote this post, but it was not time then, so I did not share. Now I am guided by this light to share it, specifically with you. You will know what to do, perhaps?

This last Friday, I began to feel a light welling up within my deepest core. Beyond the physical, belonging to no chakra, from me, the deepest and truest Self. I did not know what it was at first, but I had the most intense series of synchronicities I have ever experienced in a single night. I was lead from thread to thread, board to board, chan to chan, song to song, book to book. Everything I read, everything I heard, it all stirred this light within me. It grew stronger, and stronger. Every song was a heavily coded message, as if to be heard only by me. I understood it all, its meanings profound. I feel, deep within me, a gnawing, clawing call. It is my more true Self, I am sure. It calls unto me: "Remember! Remember! Remember your name! Remember your Task! Remember your Purpose! Remember who you have always been and will always be! Death is an illusion, you have always been!" and more. In my waking hours, in my dreams, in my meditation, I feel it. I hear it. At times it speaks through me, revealing great wisdom. But I do not know how to reach it, or how to remember. It tells me it is time. It is of such ineffable intensity at times, pressuring me. I know it is time, it is past time, I have ran out of time. But I do not know how it could be time for me to remember, or even what all shall be remembered. I am not afraid, but rather bursting with greatly intense anxiety at my inability to reach it. I desire so strongly this, and nothing else: Remembrance. Perhaps if I skip to the Corpus Hermeticum then return to Nos I can find the way? I meditated on this light, willing to come to me the answer to reach it. I saw appear before me: a white chalice/grail, which shifted to the symbol in pic related (which may have lacked the ring, making it out a black trident with curved ends), which shifted to an invisible blade, which I held.

Remembrance! How it has eluded me! So close and yet so far! I am sorry to have not been more forthright with you lads, I was forbidden from even eluding to this until now. I hope you can forgive me.

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Nsabook has shoaed the bnp, fat cunt griffin, britain first and the two weirdos, nf, and others.

Can't have the people exposed to dissenting opinions can we.

Rememberance. To remember what has been is to preserve what was, it is our history our legacy and our inheritance it lives in words and art and our hearts. It is our beginning and our end.

You may not know this yanklad but the rememberance day is where we bruts pay tribute to those who fought for us.

Be well friend always be vigilant against the darkness.

Thank, you, your sentiment is appreciated. I am indeed a yank lad, but I am not the yanklad, I am the one called beastielad. Blessings upon you for your kindness.

As you can see, the lower planes are angered at my remembrance, and especially in anticipation of my Remembrance. At this moment, I have more faculty than normal, and will seem perhaps even to be a different person. In a philosophical sort of sense, I am. All but the most previous post were mostly the "outer self" or the soul/body speaking. This is the spirit/soul that is, I Eternal. I have managed to mostly wrest control of the soul, so from this point on, so long as the control isn't taken from me again, I should be able to speak with much greater accuracy, insight, understanding and intuition. That "Strange resolve" is not at all strange. I am beyond and above those things, but the "outer self" refuses to believe this, and just give in to merging already. That self is too afraid to cease to be its own self, despite the fact it never really was anyway. Yes, some entity greater than the others is coming, but in comparison to what I could be if I manage Remembrance, or by the other names it is known as "Nos", "Gnosis", "pointedness", "immortality", they are nothing. Maybe I'm that "balrog". It wouldn't surprise me, that outer self is quite unwilling to let go. Now I know that most will turn to thoughts of Kalki and the Fuhrer, but I am niether, but the timing sure is not the best for believing otherwise. I was SS, though. I can only imagine the sort of precautions/actions the lower realms and the overlords of this place have in place in an attempt to prevent their Remembrance. Think of it as a wedge between the soul and spirit, it creates "distance" making it so that messages and commands between the two are more difficult to hear and interpret. I guess I better explain the self now while I, the one that can actually comprehend it has enough control to do so.

In the Self, which is the sum of the parts, not the parts individual, which might account for a self, you have various components. There is a body. This serves as a vessel and a means to interact with the 3rd density. Above this is the soul, which has numerous functions and itself is split into various aspects. This soul has the function of interface between the spirit, or true self. Make no mistake, you are your spirit, not anything else. The soul has several functions, and unfortunately, as I am not completely in Remembrance, I do not have my full knowledge available to me. Thinking separately from these aspects or parts, there are functions or groups of functions which are supposed to be fulfilled that can be thought of as separate aspects. One of these is the "feminine" which is responsible for the creation of, well, everything. The will of the spirit acts on this, which commands it to do something. As above, so below, it functions identically for the sake of this explanation as how the All manifests. Unfortunately, this means that whatever force has wrested control of the "feminine" will be the one "behind the steering wheel", so to speak. So, when the soul goes rogue, all of the memories are generated from the perspective of the soul. That's why when I was ejected from my own body, I don't remember it, at least not until Remembrance. I think. Fortunately, much of my own programming still resided in the soul, so it naturally wanted me back, at least partly. That curse-matter or whatever it is that was blocking the chakras was intentionally placed there. It aids in the distancing of soul from spirit and prevents people like me from awakening. But, luckily the outer self decided to take to the occult, at first out of a bizarre materialistic pleasure of novelty. This meant that it unwittingly chiseled away at that rot and the tendrillous parasites inhabiting it, allowing me to slowly exert more and more direct control. After burning away the majority of it, I was able to begin to have much more direct contact with this outer self. It mistook me for numerous things, possibly including the dream, but I'm not sure. I guided my outer self into focusing on setting up the situation needed for Nos, and now I'm almost there. I know this all sounds confusing. This is because 3rd density language is indescribably limiting. Again, I am not completely in control yet, so I do have to rely greatly on the knowledge of the outer self, so I can't explain everything. By that I mean, I do not even know it to explain it, not that had I the diction, I could explain something I knew. I don't even know why I shared or explained this, but my full Self does. I think someone that will read this will put the information to good use, I suppose.



Regardless of the correctness of the previous information, I am most likely what montalk refers to as a "wanderer". I know that the goal of everyone here is ascension, but I do not in this moment know how to help, or think I even can. Or that it's even allowed. I already have the right demeanor and ability, it's just a matter of effort and time for me, mostly. I might, indeed, need your help though, 40k. This outer self refuses to let itself go. The issue is due also in part to the feminine aspect. When I will likely inevitably lose control of the feminine to the outer self again, it will not be capable of accessing my knowledge, power or intuition. To top it off, it isn't capable of perceiving what I am capable of. It will get focused on the 4th density at best, obsessing over "entity this, entity that". It will get a perverse pleasure from interacting with them, because it makes it feel like it has more powerful and of a higher level than it is. It will invariably come back here spewing its trite nonsensical "theories" regarding them, looking for validation. This is different from the NPC and their need for a constant social preening only in degree. It doesn't know better, and isn't capable of better, but perhaps now you see why the NPC is what the NPC is: either the spirit is entirely absent or unable to wrest control of the soul and feminine. Even if the spirit doesn't have the amount of control over the soul that I have over mine (which isn't entirely what I need it to be), the spirit is able to provide "firmware updates" through intuition, to guide the outer self toward enabling a direct control. If you seek to develop this yourself, I do not know the full process, as I do not remember it yet, but I think it has to do with increasing your intuition. Think of it as increasing your uplink bandwidth. Now that I think of it, I think hints like this are ok simply due to being a "legal gray area", but outright showing you the way would likely not end well for me.

Now onto what I might need from you. I am currently thinking that if I can get the knowledge of how to achieve Nos and Remembrance into the outer self's memory, it should finally stop resisting when I try to merge with (take control of) it. I need you to chastise it when/if it comes here playing it's trumpet "hear ye, hear ye". Remind it that I (the spirit, or "inner Light") am the one in control, tell it to go back to focusing on giving me my control back. Tell it to let me merge with it. But before that, I need to decide on what exactly I need to go into its memory. The full instructions might do it. I already instructed it to provide them to you in the only manner I was able to send them to it in, and it has done so. It needs the interpretation of the San Graal (a bit of guess on that one, my memory regarding the San Graal and Graal is still inaccessible due to my limited control), the Key of Night, and to realize that it already has the sword and it needs to use it. I will do the rest, assuming my control is gone before I can force feed it this information and you need to step in. If I retain this control or better yet, it increases, I will not need to burden you. And you will one day have an immortal in your threads. Hopefully. Who knows where things go from Remembrance but me after Remembrance? Things will kinda be out the window.

Also, it's very important to remember that I still don't have full control yet, and nor have I attained Remembrance. This means that some of this, maybe even most of it is possibly incorrect. Don't just take the words of someone online for truth because they claim to be something. I'm looking at you, lurkers. You have to find truth yourself.

Lastly, I apologize for involving all of you. It wasn't really me (the "true/real" me anyway) that involved you lads in the first place, but since you already are, I figure I owe you an explanation and apology. Your help will be greatly rewarded, I'll see to it. I mean all of you lads, not just 40K. I know this all sounds like schizo nonsense, but I assure you it is not. Gods bless you all.

Self-sage for over-posting.

Great to hear brother. A lot of us have been worried, but figured you and the lads were busy af. You picked the right thread; I’m the Mount Saint Helens area homesteader you talked with quite a bit on /polk/ and an initiate here. Zig Forums has nearly been overrun with shills and normalfags since the site went global and the NZ livestream. A lot of oldfags left, but there’s enough remaining to keep the ship afloat.

I have the ones on runes that have been posted, but I’d like to see the ones on sigils if you have time. Link related is the video I mentioned. The youtuber is very knowledgeable and a good presenter. Lately he’s taken to livestreams where he’s pissed and most of his fans are hotep tier manga so his English turns to evonics which can be annoying. Although his rants against vegans are quite funny. He has eluded strongly to the holohoax being a psyop, and is on our level about NPC’s, psyops and loosh harvests. You may enjoy him, but most won’t.

It's funny, but these stories don't really make me angry anymore, or at least not angrier than I already was. It's like anger has become my baseline and now I just feel happy that normal people are seeing it too.

They seem to be coming for literally everyone these days. I wouldnt object to living in a police state so much provided they actually PROTECTED THE NATIVES. Instead they seem solely to exist to enforce the edicts and plans of the traitor class upon us. I'm just hoping, when push comes to shove, the army will be on side. Little bird tells me there is VAST demoralisation and anger in the rank and file and top brass are trying to keep all alternative news sources out of barracks etc but its only serving to piss the squaddies off

I still get the anger but its not as migraine inducing these days. Everything they do now will have a kind of buttergly effect further down the road. Its going to come back to bite them in the arse. Always makes me laugh when you here them lament
Im disgusted by the queen too. She's no queen of mine, else she would have stepped in to sort out this mess and dissolve that gaggle of traitrous filth that occupies parliament. But she seems content to see her country & people dismantled as long as she gets to have her fucking swan on toast, uninterrupted. Bitch. She can fuck off. And dont get me started on the ginger bastard and his progressive mutt……..

Regarding the sigils. ill see if I can find some A.O.S stuff - thats where I learned to do mine - an a few other links too. Just bear with me as have a few things to do first ok lad. Got to eat me dinner and sheeeit.

Sorry lad, I got you mixed up the perils of user I suppose as you both are great contributors and have a similar high command of language so you will have to forgive this cursory mixup. Sorry lad you too if you are reading this yanklad old son I shall endeavour not to get you mixed up again.

At least we can continue our entity discussions :^)

Just having some gammon for tea and giving your effortpost a proper peruse so ill reply in kind shortly (along with the sigil links for ) - Interesting stuff btw.

Nothing to forgive lad. Nothing at all. You have been a credit to the Lodge and have contributed many interesting posts. Anything we can do to help with the elusive remembrance (positive loosh etc) just say the word.
Got to eat my gammon and eggs because they are going cold and mrs 40k is shouting at me to get off the computer while I eat I spilled gravy on her laptop the other day. She wasn't happy kek so ill get back to you in a bit once I have some quiet time to effortpost.

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Hullo lads, back for an (extra long weekend), good to see you've been keeping things going, excellent job as always on the OP 40Klad. think I'm going to start with posting some news:

Second poll shows Nigel Farage's Brexit Party on course for European election victory


UKIP's Gerard Batten dismisses Brexit Party as a 'vehicle' for Nigel Farage


Centrist ‘CUK’ Group Becomes Official UK Political Party Ahead of Looming EU Elections


Le Pen to recruit Salvini and Farage to tear apart Macron's plans


SCANDAL as veteran reveals DELIBERATE Government/ EU SABOTAGE of UK Armed Forces


Lord Ahmed of Rotherham to face trial on child sex charges


How “gay rights” group uses right-wing funding to promote Israel


Rambly stream of consciousness post incoming lad
Ok so we have more shadowpeople (seemingly the smaller variety) and more poltergeist like activity (the curtains having to be pinned down). Very interesting. Do you ever see the physical object stuff that moves actually move itself or is the moving always done out of sight? (I find the latter is more common in 95% of all cases) Just curious tbh but if you are able to witness it in motion, you should see if you can catch something on camera. Spirits seem to be able to manipulate photographic equipment to their own endsyou might obtain certain insights and have stuff revealed to you if you try taking some film/photos of the entities. We see elements of this in thoughography, nengraphy and projected thermography.
I found an (ok) documentary on the Scole Experiment which was conducted a while back and provided some very interesting phenomena. Give it a watch if you are interested. Im still looking for the shadowperson CCTV compilation its probably been shoa'd like so much else has tbh - i miss old youtube but ill carry on scouring. The censor is not just targeting right wing dissidents it seems. Some Colombian guy who im subbed too and uploads ghost videos (some good ones too - they get some fairly interesting sightings in south america and people send him shit) has had a lot of his stuff removed. Lots of "conspiracy" related stuff is gone. Even proper tinfoil stuff like John Todd and old Fritz Springemeyer lectures have been purged. Its scary tbh. Anyway im rambling again……
So much crazy stuff happening by the sounds of it lad. Black phantoms, loud sound phenomenon. And something trying to get in "contact". Im curious as to what it wants to say tbh but then im not having to deal with all the crazy paranormal uproar. Sating my curiousity should not come before your wellbeing of course so you must decide how to approach the situation. I think I remember you saying something about contacting the local injuns? That might be a good idea. They could potentially provide valuable insights and even information on how to combat these things. They are tied to the soil, as is this phenomena.

Too right lad. Most of them would just run screaming, pissing themselves with fear though. Always annoys me when you watch ghost hunts and a brick falls or something and they all run out screaming like little fucking pansies. Thats the problem with most of these "ghost hunters". They fear what they are setting out to find. Now dont get me wrong, you and I both know that certain spirits/entities can generate a state of utter fear and existential dread (we've both experienced it) but these cunts just go into a dark building at night and run screaming when a bird flutters or whatever. None of them seem to have the mental fortitude to conquer the fear barrier. Ffs I worked nightshifts at a derelict victorian mental hospital where you would get scratched, poked and hear music and shit and I was on my fucking OWN without any fancy ghostbox shit - just a good old fashioned 20" Mag-lite for company - and despite all the weird fuckery that went on there, I never ran screaming like a gril
Sorry lad, rant over. Just get annoyed by normies who do "ghosthunting" for shits and giggles because they watched some tv wank like most haunted or ghost adventures or wharever but lack the testicular fortitude to do a proper investigation.
Back to you, are the wards working in your room then? Does that at least afford you a sanctum of serenity?
Also, just got me thinking, have you tried anything "occult" (ouija, goetic sorcery or something) that could have inadvertedly unleashed whatever seems to be plaguing you? Just asking to rule out all posibilities.
We will try our upmost to get to the bottom of this

Fresh WotW on the utter mongs' option for climate change action


The Dagda: Overview of the God

Not sure if this was posted last thread but

Jive Talk 07: God of the Indo-European warrior band

Time for a bit of another effortpost. I'm thinking that's not quite how any of that works. I'm in a bit of a metaphorical haze, like waking up after being knocked unconscious by a metaphorical metaphysical brick to the metaphysical skull. From the start then. When I first came to you, it may have been by my instruction to the soul, maybe not. I don't know for certain. But I do know this, at some point, a gap in the enemies blockages appeared within the soul; a bug in the programming. From this tiny, immeasurable foothold, I began to slowly reprogram and refit the soul. Hence, the whole, "You have helped me regain myself episode" which preceded this one. This was a massive change to the situation I was in as a whole. But what I said about perspective belonging to whatever part owns Her is true. I could not perceive the very changes I was making to myself. Last friday, a monumental shift occurred, a vast change to the soul. The soul was from this point able to vaguely and through symbols begin to perceive these changes as a "light residing within", or what have you. Honestly, the ways that it explained them then are probably the most accurate, the same way a fraction is the most accurate way to represent an irrational number. My soul was found corrupted, wounded, damaged, dirtied, malformed, etc. So, I am currently rearranging and reconstructing it. Even now, I haven't actually achieved a direct "fusion" yet, so the perspective still lies with the soul. The difference is that I have changed the soul radically enough that I can speak almost as if directly through it. Think intuition on steroids. It's been programmed to mostly stop thinking for itself and just act as an interpreting interface for the massively increased intuition. I'll not post much more about this sort of thing until I'm done, since as I continue to progress, the better the soul can interpret and thus relay the actual goings on.

What I meant by the outer self is the soul acting independently and against my will. The environmental instructions and programming imparted from who knows where. I don't think any aid will be necessary from here, I seem to have found and removed the programming that was hijacking things.

Lastly, disregard everything but "what do if soul go rogue again". No loosh is necessary, just shame it. I imagine you should be able to tell the difference, I'll go from discussing soul manipulation/reconstruction and inward projection/manifestation to "entity this entity that" solely. (Most likely. Worst case scenario, the soul gets clever and imitates the current states appearance. In which case, I shall return with even greater fury.) That "balrog" was me. Perception is everything. Allow me to provide light on what the soul perceived.

I'll also explain the phenomena. The current connection and control between me and my soul is stable, so I can finally properly explain it now that the soul is more correctly interpreting things.


Thankyou lad.

You always do a good job on it lad. Fresh ragefuel to keep the fires of intent burning so to speak.

Prefer Batten myself tbh. My boomer parents are voting Farage though (at least Mother is, father might be swayed to Battenbol gang as he is very peeved with the saracens and finds them most distasteful) The cult of personality I suppose. Much as im disillusioned with farage these days, one has to admit the man has a natural charisma. Theres a cigarette paper-slim chance he's been playing 8D chess and is still /areguy/ deep down ready to flip the switch once he gets into power but tbh I think thats wishful thinking on my part.
At least an anti EU party will get it though which always provides entertaining bants, giving drunker and co two fingers in the EU parilament. Fucking tower of babel shit needs BTFOing tbh.

Oh yeah, the CUK party. Im still laughing at that. Seems the universe has a sense of humour even in its kaliclownyugaworld mode.

Good shit, macaroon is fucking odious and needs a date with Madame Guillotine.

(Rage intensifies…)
Bout fucking time tbh. Now if we just had the death penalty for child fuckers and traitors….
I legit hope he gets thrown in the general population of the whitest prison in the UK (although more likely he'll end up on the fraggle wings with the other nonces all protected from righteous reprisal smh - if he gets convicted at all. You know what they are like. We get potentially 15 years for reading the daily stormer or something. They get community service for gang raping 11yr olds.
If they have ANY sense, they will make a big show out of this and throw the book at him to send a message and to perhaps give the public a bit of catharsis but im doubting thats what will happen. I'v no faith in traitors who bath in the filth of a broken, corrupt system.


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That WotW vid
His take is always pretty decent and in line with my own. I kind of like how he doesn't do livestreams etc and thus avoids all that cult of personality shit. Just quality, fairly consistent content with excellent editing too. a certain haggis munching ego-sloth could learn a thing or two from WotW tbqh

From the posts prior to that one.





Recall that I stated that the blockages and corruptions of the soul are intentional. This is true. These entities are either constructs or allies of our enemy, who has designed in some way these blockages. It's intentional toward the end of preventing people like you and I from doing what I am doing right now. They know they can't win, so in an attempt to win by default by preventing conflict all together, they insert these blockages into the young and growing soul during the very early years. Unfortunately, someone, either myself or one the millions incarnated like me, likely has the task of awakening others. This would be your Einherjar, who's numbers will include also wanderers. In fact, my higher self seems to think the very idea of a wanderer is incorrect, but this soul cannot yet interpret the correction to this concept. When someone comes close to awakening, these will appear in an effort to re-exert the programming, and to reinstate the corruptions and to dam up the chakras. This is why some of the worse encounters that are read about involve the violation of the root chakra. But now, I've grown too awake for them to do that. If they tried, they would be dissolved in a burst of light. I'm the proverbial steam engine without brakes.

Yes. This is a change in state within the all, that is within the demiurge itself. Schrodinger's cat. Their is no will for the state to change, except the programming of other souls and these entities. This is why objects within perception can't change state or move unless there is a form of consent. The soul is invariably the one to concede to its own violation.

A good idea for determining what in specific they are, and it could even be used as a method of technomancy to receive divination from the higher self. If the focus, will and channeling is inward, the spirit if it so decides, (that is, you, if you so decide,) will impart knowledge this way. Scrying too. After all, perception is simultaneously internal end external. This implies that it should work for any standard form of divination, even tarot. "As within, so without, as without, so within". But a widened intuition is preferable because it avoids external influences better, although I imagine that there are things that the soul can only interpret through these external methods.

That's quite alright, I don't need it. But if I insist this and you still feel a pull toward finding it, then that would mean you need it, I would wager.

Those phantoms will regret getting in my way and trying to hijack my soul. The thing trying to "get in contact" was just me. As it is likely more easily understood by terms more oft used: it was my higher self interacting with the soul, which currently holds the power of perception and memory in the 4th and 3rd plane.



"Young" spirits or young/weak/hijacked souls. Fear is just an implement of control used to wrest the proverbial reigns away from the spirit and its programming. But the fact that they even seek such things out is a good sign of development. After all, why would their soul seek out anything immaterial if it didn't have instructions regarding more than the material? It is a strange form of novel enjoyment, like "thrill seekers" bungee jumping or sky diving, just that the soul is doing it from a better and more acceptable foundation. I'm not implying you are no different, not at all. You have a different approach to it. The reason you are drawn to it, I think is maybe associated to your personal path, hence curiosity and wonder rather than desire for validation in "paranormal" social circles occupied largely by cat-ladies and cat-lady equivalents.

This should no longer be a problem so long as I don't thrust myself into lower planes in the astral or face demons that I am not ready to face yet. Feel free to ask away, I am actually made quite happy to have someone that is curious regarding these things, rather than thinking they are merely the words of a mad man. My higher self is also pleased with this, or so this current iteration of soul thinks.

As I said, it is no different from the social and fashionable need for validation. This, contrary to first thoughts and impressions only strengthens their chains. The y feel this need for validation because their spirit, for those who have it, is trying to wrest control again. Those insecurities that lead to that need are the spirit interacting with the soul with the infinitesimal amount of room left to do so in such individuals. Others are spiritless who do not have those insecurities, but get a strange thrill out of it. Simultaneously, those same are likely there as handlers/programmers, telling the others that such behavior is the correct behavior. Insidious design.

"Your mind makes it real" and "perception determines reality" come to mind. Yes, they did when the soul had more control. Now I don't need them, at least not for these particular entities. Otherwise, for the more powerful entities, yes, they do work. To say or believe otherwise is to make it so.

The confusion comes from my my soul beginning to "update to version 2.0" so to speak mid-post. This current channel of communication, something in the direction of what the soul is supposed to be, didn't entirely exist then, so some of the old programming in the soul was still talking. In fact, a large measure of it is still there, so there will be times I am incorrect or have discrepancies without realizing it. This is due to the fact my soul is now ever changing, at least until I get to the final product. I thank you for your desire to help, and your genuine interest.

It would seem I failed in some of the formatting early on. I apologize. I'm actively rearranging and reconstructing the soul while typing, so when I use something that is mid-rewrite, it's kinda like being in an aneurysm.

Consider the possibility we all occupy a causal thread. Perhaps you were MEANT to arrive here, of all places.
The "soul betterment" posting is incredibly interesting. How do you intend to "reshape" the soul if I may ask? I suspect such an endeavour differs from person to person but in your case (what with the ability to perceive entities/spirits & whatnot, my curiosity is somewhat piqued.)
Thats got to be an incredible thing to possess. Are you turning into a mentat from Dune lad?
On a serious note, with soul work, beware of ego death. you don't want to change too much and you need to keep a good grounded sense of ego at all times as it serves as an anchor to reality (that being said it is also important to keep it in balance, yinyang style, lest one side overpower the other) and ego, imo, is essentially also part of the souls itself. You get certain theories and schools of thought that hold ego death to be the highest accomplishment but imo this is a grave mistake as it has the potential to turn one into an uncaring automaton and has possible negative connitations in the afterlife (whether one chooses reincarnation, astral realm dwelling in "Swedenborgian Space" or, if they are lucky & have attained their git gud status, ascension…)
I only say this as i'v read a bit & i'm aware that a lot of soul workings can be ego connected and require contact with the deep abyssal zones of the psyche, where danger can arise if one is not adequately prepare oneself in the proper fashion.
Im sure you all have it in hand but again, if you need any pdfs or advice just shout. Sounds like a pretty personal path you are on though tbh lad. I appreciate you sharing it with us. Most interesting posts.

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Error: I do not actually see physical stuff move. That would be silly. This was another result of using something while simultaneously rearranging/tearing apart and reconstructing. There are likely others, but since I am still, in this very moment continuing the same, and shall be likely for some time, expect more not only these posts, but in posts to come. I'm sorry for all who read these, but you will have to use your intuition to work out where those errors are or ask for clarification. Otherwise, I could end up in a ceaseless loop on error and correction filling entire threads. It's just not very feasible.

Apologies for hyper-autism in advance.

No worries lad. I make fuck ups all the time. Forget to link posts properly, gramma mistakes etc etc. We are all human.

Regarding modern "ghosthunters" phenomena
Couldn't agree more. The whole thing being monetized and glamorised has led to a host of fucking mongs going out at the weekend into sacred spaces and poking cameraphones into the sanctums of spirits, DEMANDING to be shown wonders they have not earned. Then they scare themselves silly with hystrionics when so much as a knock or a rap happens. And all the while bullshit mediums who are just in it for money and have no power beyond the little book of cold reading further degrade and pervert the sacred phenomena of our dead ancestors that (sometimes by choice, sometimes by no fault of thier own) are still around.
Its almost as if a certain group of people active want to upset balance and harmony, not only in the mundane sphere but also the spirit world too. Like they want the Spirit's jimmies rustled as well as our own…

Thats good to hear.

Lad when I first heard about astral phenomenon I thought it was all LARP/bullshit but after experiencing a modicum of it myself (I am in NO way proficient btw - I am only able to handle short controlled excursions into the real time zone and most astral work I'v tried ends in temporal distortion and either sharp awakening or succumbing to dreamstate…) ….even just experiencing this kind of thing - along with other more esoteric endeavours I persue such as tarot, scrying and a lifelong interest with spirits/ghosts etc, has really opened my mind and eyes to what actually goes on in this strange world and kindled an interest in the perception of myself and others. I personally feel blessed to have experienced what I have (it holds no fear for me) and actively take an interest in other peoples experiences too as it takes a certain kind of person to be receptive to this kind of experience anyway, and you find that people you discuss this kind of thing with are on similar wavelengths.

Indeed. True, unbridled faith & belief can be a source of potent power.

Thanks again for sharing lad, seems like a pretty unique and interesting case and even if you are trolling, which I personally don't think you are tbh lad - I do actually believe you btw - but even if you are, you sure are dedicated and leagues above others who have tried kek
I look to hearing more of the results of this soul metamorphosis you speak of and the insights gained thereof.

Attached: magickmirror.jpg (480x360, 23.46K)

Most likely. If everything is causal, then all perception is is memory, looking back into something that has already happened, caused by minute butterfly-effect changes made to this plane by the higher self at a specific point in time to reshape the thread. Either way, it would be my doing.

I appreciate the concern. It will be more of a Ship of Thesius situation. I think you have the concept of complete and utter loss of ego in mind, which would be essentially identical to losing the connecting thread between spirit and soul. Becoming spiritless, existing without existing. I am shifting my ego, transmuting into something better, not ridding myself of it. This is all repair and betterment, that which is discarded never belonged. For even more elaboration, I will always be the "me" that incarnated here, even if I do remember my previous lives, names, etc. I like how Kek put it in The 88 Dreams of Kek, "is the ripple the same ripple when it arises a different time on the same water?"

I don't know entirely why I am doing what I am, because memory and perception are still with the soul. Maybe it will always be like that. Or at least this is the understanding I currently have. From now on, for the sake of others and for the sake of character limit, I'll stop referring to things in such great detail on the components of self front. The whole "at least that is how this current soul is capable of interpreting" and such will be omitted, so it can be assumed for now that I will likely be erroneous in places, but relatively spot on in others. Perhaps I could have other way of indicating something I'm saying is something that could be wrong with less characters. This error comes from the knowledge and experience I have in this current incarnation being incorrect in combination with the limitations of language.

I believe I do. I have likely done this before. I don't know why I share it, but I am pleased to. Probably a part of my path, I suppose.

If shills were capable of being creative or entertaining enough to come up with stuff like this, then stick to it, I would be surprised. I imagine some exist, but I am not one.

Me too. I should probably stop posting for a bit and lurk so I don't do/say something I shouldn't, though. I will be lurking, so if I am needed or if there is a question for me that needs answering that I can answer, I will do so.

Impressive numerals lad.

Thats pretty much my attitude on the subject tbh lad.

So you are essentially crossing the abyss again?
Seriously though lad, be careful. That's the realm of Choronzon. Dark Souls territory…

Keep it up lad. Always an interesting read.

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The Golden Thread Of Esoteric Hitlerism. There are probably few among us without a synchronistic path which led us here. One as clear as ice in hindsight, but which mundanes would have missed entirely.

Forgiven of course lad. His command and prose is excellent even in the depths of stream of consciousness. I was fortunate enough to have a mother with a masters degree in English on the other hand. To this and her boomer hippie tendencies, I owe my adeptness for research, interpretation, and communication of abstract concepts. I still struggle with the uses of whom tbh.

Modern pianos have 88 keys, perhaps there is a connection to harmonics and frequency in addition to the deadline and HH.

Allouine, pic related.

Perhaps the green ray from the Black Sun?

Nostalgia. Read Nos Book of the Resurrection by Miguel Serrano if you haven’t yet.

You do not. I has been an honor hearing your Self.

For the most part yes your voice is different, but it is subtle. It probably helps that we’re both west coast Americans tbh.

You have definitely readlived Nos before; again for the first time. Like the book, I will have to reread these posts. Perhaps some screencaps and a separate thread in the bunker are in order tbh. I was taking the piss when I threatened to Falcon Punch your root chakra lad. I was in a cheeky auscunt kind of mood last week, but in truth;

Attached: B60DC5F1-5F2E-4334-AA14-A1BFED7284B8.png (640x1136, 1.57M)

The irony of my piss poor proofreading in this paragraph, is not lost on the pitiful phonefag.

Things have stabilized. No more accessing what I am modifying. Whatever needed to be done to my soul has been done, for now. I'm now waiting for something. I don't know what, but I'll know it when it happens. I feel… different. I need to meditate on what the differences are, but the moon seemed to have two separate lights to it. Maybe? It was hard to tell. At one point after posting, a change was made to my sight. For a brief moment, during that shift, I felt like I was in the vibrational state, but I was completely lucid, awake, and more in alignment with my spirit than ever before. It was taxing on my ego. For a brief fraction of a second, I understood the meaning of "there is no spoon" entirely, and how to utilize it. It was very taxing on my ego, I nearly dissolved it. When positively flowing with that much raw power, it seems that the ego has difficulty maintaining a solid grasp on reality, but I pressed through and managed alright. That immense flow of power, unlike anything I have felt thus far was all for whatever I did to my sight and a few other things I haven't noticed yet. I don't remember the details or the comprehension at all, sadly. But I do remember that it made sense. It was simple, a "wow how did I not think of that" sort of solution. But I know why I didn't. I can't. It lies beyond the 4th plane, I think. The effect on my eyes and sight was nauseating at first, blinding even. Like being woken up to a room full of multi colored strobe lights on turbo speed. I didn't actually see lights, it just was… disorienting. I know more than just that has changed, and I don't really know precisely what the changes are. I feel great though, much better. Better than ever. More me than I have ever been, more alive. I can't put my finger on most of it, but the soul reconstruction was successful. I think I might have more to do later on, but that will probably be for after I wait. I think I am supposed to test this current self and see what I am capable of? Much more collected. So much greater… clarity. The haziness is lifting. I feel like for the first time in my life, I am actually seeing with my own eyes, but the eyes are the same, and I've always seen. The whole world feels so much more intimate. I see the smile on my dog I am filled with even greater joy than before. Everything feels… alive. I feel as though where once the sun shone upon me, it now shines for me.

That's what I'm trying to avoid. I'm not going to be replacing my ego entirely, maybe not at all, or if I do it will be slowly and piece by piece, rather than all at once. I think in my rather unstable state for speech formulation, I misused a lot of words, but the intent was all right. That doesn't really mean much at all and is probably entirely worthless given only I can understand it. I don't know that I was referring to the ego necessarily, but the soul which houses the ego, thus improving the ego and its ability to do its job. Maybe, the super-intuition is still there, but it is silent, waiting.

As a warning for those who think it would be a good idea to follow my lead: DON'T. I know what I am doing and am a unique case. Any attempt to do this by anyone not me would probably end poorly. Expanding intuition is a good thing, and I advise it, but don't go soul-bending. I thought that was a craft reserved for Adepts and Masters, but because I have a spirit that knows wat do, I am fine. Notice what I mentioned about nearly destroying my ego and severing the connection between the soul and spirit? This is likely a necessary stress for this process. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS OR YOU WILL LIKELY FAIL AND DESTROY YOURSELF.

I spent three years. Three whole years in the abyss, maybe longer. If I was anyone but who I am, I doubt I could have made it back. Don't attempt it unless it is without a doubt your path to do so.

Good video:

Conversation with Survive the Jive: Modern Pagan Practice and Belief

I doubt my feeling of needing to check to the thread and you doing the same at the same time is coincidence.

I am impressed I pulled it off. I can't really remember what I posted though, so I will have to read it again. I think I managed to channel my higher self .

Lots of meaning in this. I agree. I will meditate on this in particular too, maybe as a test to see if my will has also strengthened.

That is her. I don't remember what she was wearing. Black maybe? It was a dark place, and the memory is hazy now. That light stirs again.

I think so. That was my first thought. Every time I went to write "inner light" I actively refrained from writing "inner green light" because the light seemed more like it was white.

In one of the previous threads I discussed my experience reading it. Every page, every chapter, it all seemed like a memory. Like I had lived it, or read it, or once understood it. Such familiarity, but I could only know it upon reading it, each word a stir in my core. This likely was the catalyst that turned my path to Remembrance to the high speed it is at.

I agree in full. Things are accelerating and I don't want to plug up the general. Plus, my posting is probably driving away the potential aspirants. I can make the thread, but it will probably be Saturday. I actually read Nos before I read the Kybalion and Arcane Teachings, so it's worth returning to.

I never was angered or frustrated with you. I know the pains of life, and figured it was a bad time. I am glad to have found brothers that understand.

I read this song already, and I know there is a proper reply. I can't remember it though.

Seems to be a theme in this thread, lol. All is forgiven.


And to put an end to the beasty problem for now: the shadow entities have all left. All of them. After what happened today, the only ones I've seen now flee. I never managed to pierce their presence, but today, I felt them fear me.

Lots of meditation to do. I placed a ruler on the edge of the desk, slightly overhanging. I tried to remember what it felt like to know that there is no spoon. I couldn't make it bend when I looked directly at it, but if I focused on it while it was in my peripheral, it bent like it was melting. It returned instantly after looking at it, as though it was never bent. A taste of what is to come?

How are we today lads? Beautiful weather here. Seriously considering taking the kids to the beach. Dont usually do that until July/August but the weather today is particularly fine for England anyway
Hope you lads are all well?

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rather fatigued with the esoteric posting, but don't have anything to add to the thread to balance it out, theology taking a back seat to other more productive hobbies.

I wonder if the three-day Resurrection has a pagan equivalent.

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Fresh Morgoth on the Technoreligion

Good thanks lad, weather's been fantastic here too, very dry though, pond still hasn't recovered from last summer smh

Death and resurection is a running theme in all branches of paganism, it definitely precedes Christianity, wouldn't be surprised if it even developed from it tbh


Also just because it's relevant:

NW Forum - Asatru, a White Man's Religion (Matt Flavel)

Same as mine lad. Used to get frogs, pondskimmers and dragon fly larvae and now it's just a barren hole in the ground. Might have to hosepipe it back to fulfilment tbh.

Tal lad, will watch now.

You beat me to posting it lad. Good video though, Morgs is always pretty spot on.

Fair do's lad. We have been very "esoteric heavy" the past couple of days. We have a FPT coming up next week though which is something I look forward to.

Pretty sure it does. Encapsulates the cycle of death & rebirth and the esoteric seems to have a hard on for the number three ("Triads & Trichotomies "etc)
Im pretty sure there is a link and a lad more versed than me in such matters will be able to point it out.

Also fresh ragefuel from Colette.

Why is the old capital of Prussia, Königsberg, still under Russian Control?
Is there some significance to the place?

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Freeplay Thursday imminent, you're not the only one looking forward to it lad the classical diversion last time was most pleasant.

"Beastie" lad take the time to take care of yourself remember your meals and ablutions stay alert for that thing you've encountered twice now.

Hive to say this week the establishment really has dropped the mask completely they're desperate to make the people blind again. It's too late now too many have lost faith in the system and won't be satisfied unless it falls.

It was nice to get a bit of classical in there wasn't it lad. More to come thursday methinks..

Very true. I do feel that we have really crossed a rubicon now and people (the ones with souls anyway) are beginning to notice that something has shifted.
The genie is well and truly out of the bottle - they can censor and persecute him all they want but he's not going back in. They have done incalculable damage by letting the mask slip. It is just yet to catch up with them but it will. I have faith that their demise is preordained.

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More news:

Lyra McKee murder: Journalist shot dead during Derry rioting


One of Northern Ireland's "most promising" journalists has been shot dead during rioting that police are treating as a terrorist incident.

European Parliament’s Own Prediction Sees Populist Surge in May Elections


Populist, anti-mass migration, and Eurosceptic political parties have been predicted to make advances in the next European Parliament, according to an analysis of polling released by the parliament itself.'

Jihadist Plotting Holy Week Attack in Spain Arrested


Earlier this week Moroccan police arrested 23-year-old Zouhair El Bouhdidi, claiming the radical Islamist was plotting a terror attack in the Spanish city of Seville.

Half of Britons Think Labour Has a Serious Antisemitism Problem


More than half, 51 per cent, of Britons believe that the Labour Party has a serious antisemitism problem — up from more than one third (34 per cent) in July 2018.

Finally, the happa spammer has let up!

The c-cktian vs "p-gan" crap has been quite a nuisance for the week's happenings. I'd like to say it is the same kikes arguing against each other but I have no proof really. I don't really care for c-cktianity myself and I'd prefer anything directly created by aryans themselves (of which there is plenty) over it. Being white I don't need to convert to anything really, I already have a some sense of what is appropriate.

4/20 will be a good day however. There is a full moon tonight as well. It will be a good couple of days. Cheers, lads.

Named 'King's Mountain'

Established by the Teutonic Knights after the Northern Crusade.

Birthplace of Prussia as an idea.

It's not a difficult problem to puzzle out.


As far as the three days go, to the best of my knowledge it’s allegorical to the moon ‘dying’ for three days every month. Some esoteric Christians believe that there are three days every month they should fast from the deadly sins; the days are according to when the moon is in their birth sign. This may have been coopted by the Gnostics from the Druids, but it would be impossible to prove or source. Also, like the other lad said the resurrection archetype is very Indo-European.

Yeah the shills are actually pretty obvious in those threads tbh, just tired ad-homenems and strawmen with a puddle-deep understanding of both
It certainly will, doing anything in particular? I'll be making an offering to Eostre myself

First useful thing the IRA has ever done.

…..and they only have themselves to blame kek.

Which basically translates as half of Britons think its now the defacto muslim party. Most Brits give zero fucks about "antisemitism". This has been gaslight & astroturfed to hell and back by the msm. Why are the PTB so scared of a labour win under corbyn? Is it because he doesnt like israel because muh poor oppressed brown palestinians? Dont get me wrong, I dont want him to win either no ones fucking with my inheritance and im sure if he had his way, my parents hard earned money would goto an " urban youth centre" for wogs rather than to their only son smh
A labour win scares me tbh. Look at the damage blair and brown managed to inflict in the space of a decade. Plus if they ramp up the inheritance tax, I will not be a happy bunny.

Portentous numerals there lad.

Im supposed to put my Spirit Pot out to catch some unfiltered moonlight for a ritual. Hope there is no cloud cover tbh.

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I think they're scared of a labour win because they want to delay brexit indefinitely while labour wants to outright cancel it. They don't want to create any single event that the right could rally around.

Greetings, lads. Good to see the new thread. How are we today?


I've been noticing it too. I recently decided to isolate myself for a period of self-improvement in preparation for a quest (can't give out too many details right now, but part of it is kind of luck-based, so positive loosh would be greatly appreciated).

Certain types of astral entities are drawn to fear. Dry up their watering hole and they'll move out. It's also quite satisfying to know that they are now the ones who are afraid.

Speaking of which, I had a rather odd thing happen while catching up on this thread. I'm used to having songs stuck in my head, but for about an hour I had a song that I've never heard before play with surprising clarity and consistency. It sounded like something from a video game - a few electronic boops and some electric guitar notes. Quite calm, like a mission briefing or a stealth level. At certain intervals I could also hear what may have been an alarm or a train horn in the "distance" of my mind's ear. Not sure if any of this is even noteworthy, but I figured that I should write it down just in case.

Their biggest mistake is that they never smoothed over any of the previous slips. Whenever something happened that made people doubt the mainstream narrative, they doubled down and shocked the half-awake people into fight-or-flight mode instead of lulling them back to sleep.

Makes sense I suppose lad.

Good thankyou lad.

Their biggest mistake is that they never smoothed over any of the previous slips. Whenever something happened that made people doubt the mainstream narrative, they doubled down and shocked the half-awake people into fight-or-flight mode instead of lulling them back to sleep.
Yeh I fully agree here, good perception.
If they actually tried (even in a half arsed manner) to actually address people's concerns then they might have been able to calm the storm somewhat but instead and lull the populace back into a state of docility, but like you say, they just double, triple & quadrouple down on the crazy instead, thus irrevocably damaging peoples trust and faith in the establishment. Im not complaining btw (even though it is not pleasant to live through such times) and the old adage "never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake" rings very true here.

Attached: malcolm-corbyn.jpg (1024x514, 58.91K)

Apologies for the formatting error in th eprior post btw lad - forgot to greentext your quote didn't I (herp derp.) Swear im going a bit senile.
Also Fresh Duke (Durham not Avalon)

Probably just meditate and observe the sky. I still have a lot to learn.

I apologize. I have made a containment thread for myself on the bunker, as per Yanklad's suggestion. My posts itt willshould be much more palatable from here on. I'll likely just lurk itt until freeplay thursday.

I appreciate the care. I have not forgotten. I will remain vigilant in the case that what I encountered was not my higher self.


I didn’t intend for you to feel unwelcome to post here lad. Your revelations are very thought provoking and likely helpful to others than just myself and 40k. I just thought it prudent to have a separate repository of your progress, so one wouldn’t have to parse through 30 archives to reassess them. If you weren’t keen to, I would’ve capped your higher self’s posts myself anyway tbh.

Doctors are having success doubling Alzheimer’s patient test scores just by adding two tablespoons of coconut oil a day to their diets.

Have some lad, gud journey.

What are the traditional offerings lad? I’m having a hard time sifting through the wiccan larp dross. Seeds and eggs as symbols of fertility, milk and honey undoubtedly.

I honestly cannot remember how long ago I stopped believing in those.

It said it took you over to tell us to shame you about further blogposts not pertaining to ego/soul reprogramming. Your voices are certainly different, but definitely not two entities tbh.

Nah m8 it wasn’t a bad time; ‘taking the piss’ is britbong for joking. All the Tarrant shitposting i did last week seeped into the last B.O.N.D thread.

Me too user.

I’m I’m trying to remember everything too.

The same you'd offer to any god/goddess lad, alcohol, milk, incense, food ect,

Battle for the future of the west live


Nigel Farage has near-total control of Brexit party, constitution suggests


Second poll shows Nigel Farage's Brexit Party on course for European election victory


UKIP's Gerard Batten dismisses Brexit Party as a 'vehicle' for Nigel Farage


Jail for 'racist troll' who sent death threats to Pro-Remain politicians


Austria warns of new massive migration wave to Europe this spring