Farmer said he won't allow same-sex marriages at his orchard. City exiles him from farmer's market

He's not backing down. Pretty soon you'll get fired from your job if you refuse to be sodomized.

You can support him by buying some of his products online:

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Literally another shoah

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That's a slam dunk legal case right there. Hope he gets a huge settlement.

(((Slam dunk))) is right

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I just may.

Owen Benjamin would find this interesting. Maybe we can get the news to him.

By your quints he will get a huge settlement and well he should

Who does marriages at an orchard anyway?

Owen Benjamin would find dog shit smeared on the sidewalk interesting.

The digits have spoken as a regular seller at the farmers market in MI 2 convienent locations I was aware of this before the post.
Of course I have been pulling for the farmer.
Ironic side note East Lansing is the home of MSU the largest university in land area in the world. My grandfather had his masters in agriculture from there.

It's popular in the midwest.

Owen Benjamin is a kike who regularly interacts with (((Vox "Boomer Herder" Day)).

Cases like this probably have the kike lawyers lined up for miles because it's free money. I wonder if kike lawyers will kike each other to get this case.

Well duh user who got BTFO by not being able to participate?
And a whole shit ton of tree huggers as well.

no need to wonder

city market is public
farmer's land is not
case closed
fuck jews

Fuck you. National Forests should be State Forests and there shall be more of them.

It's an orchard. The community is lucky he has it open for ceremonies at all. If I had an orchard I wouldn't let normalfags pull that kind of theatrical shit. Fuck off, I've got fruit to pick.

Checked. He's gonna Chaos Dunk on their asses

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You're brain damaged if you think anything other than homelessness is going to happen to him.

There is a big difference between people who love our forests and people who wear the label of "tree hugger" in modern society and all that term is associated with. You're on purpose playing dumb if you're pretending you don't know what is meant by the "tree hugger" reference, or if you're a false dichotomy shill if you're pretending that being against the kosher "tree hugger" movement means that you are against protections for our forests, rivers, and wildlife.

Somebody should tell him.
Not it.

Pretty sure the supreme court just told the people fucking with the cristfag baker man to go to hell just recently. If you're going to push blackpills, at least try to make them plausible, you gargantuan faggot.

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Try harder.

Aww is the baby gonna cry?

This is an extremely overlooked quirk of jews. Jews jew each other just as much as they jew non-jews.


Cry moar, jew.

Pruned you nigger faggot

Sounds like it's an exploitable weakness.

I cried. So what. It is European to cry. It is my empathetic curse. Now fuck off back to foreskinmunching you foreskinmuncher.

One daughter is "plain", as you put it. The other is into chicks and is maybe being told it's okay to be a dude at school. They tell that to kindergarten so they for sure tell the pre-puberty kids, too, during "sex education".

Communists in the government destroyed private property with the Civil Rights Act, forcing you to let niggers into your privately owned businesses. Now they are slowly beginning to destroy the free market

You're full of shit.

And this is from 2017 OP unless there is some current news

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This. The fucking kike has a mossad handler to boot too

Braise Kek

No, it's new. He's seeking to have the ban permanently lifted. The action in 2017 only temporarily suspended the ban, apparently. Read the article linked in the OP.

The only reason he was able to do that is by being a ricj farmer probably paid off by some jewish soybean industry or similar. If any everyday normal user were to do the same they'd simply be outcast from society for life and forgotten.

And I suppose cake shop guy was payed off by the jewish soybean industry as well, huh? Fuck off kike.

Either you let the dildo cake baker sell his goods at the farmer's market or you force every cake baker to bake dildo cakes. That's how the legal situation ends up. Go back to plebbit with this libertarian shit.

It's nice to know another small place in America has been corrupted by the kikes


What libertarian shit? OP is supporting the right to not be forced to hold gay weddings on your farm.

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The freedom of business enterprises to succeed or not, is NOT something that can be constrained by political, religious, or socio-economic policy, but by ONLY those economic hurdles for which industry has always been availed of. It's called Capitalism and what your defending is communism, the right of the state to allow or bar whomever they choose for no real purpose but for their own personal profit. The USSR would have LOVED people like you

Not an argument. Torniggers have still not made one worthwhile post in the history of Zig Forums.

Not an argument.

Torposter right on queue with his relentless faggotry.

This thread is getting smashed by jewish shills trying to undermine support of these people in one way or another. The photo of a happy, uncorrupted White family and sets their blood a boil.

how new r u?

An even funnier thing to do would be to only offer a certain portion of his farm for faggot “””””””marriages””””””” and he could have it be in the middle of , oh I don’t know , his pond or he could offer to let them stand in his pens that have manure in them or be creative. Fags get tossed in the bog/pond
If they want to take pics of that then we’ll meh

you need help bud

You all are delusional if you think this will go in his favor.

It would be funny, but it would be the antithesis of what he should do unless his goal is to be hated by indifferent normies. All he must do is remain a decent man and stand up for his beliefs or we will all suffer in losing ours.

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The harder they try, the harder they bump.

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What a hero. This is going to profit his business and make him a legend just you watch. He who stands up to evil like this and doesn't back down will receive many blessings.

Which ones are those ; the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th (kek) or hell even the 5th amendment? Surely you jest sir
God bless the white wizard. I hope he smears shit on his prison walls or gives the jailers a big ol moon pie
And yeah he SHOULD try to piss off the normal faggots. Toss literal fags into his pond and say “you’re welcome to take pictures in my bog you ass faggots” and laugh as he walks away

Checked full house
Easy there Satan , getting hated was 1/4 of the plan

Checked yourself, big boy.
But what's going to happen is that Michigan will use this as an excuse to pass full fledged anti-discrimination laws for gays in their state. Right now it would be illegal for him to not host interracial marriages on his property, they'll pass laws to make it the same for gays.

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No, I do not jest. Non-degenerate people acting with good faith and character are the only thing standing in the way of evil.

You’d be wrong, then. Read up on the topic.

He’s going to have his farm seized and his children taken away.

No he isn't. Are you a Eurocuck? That's Eurocuck thinking.


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What does Shitler have to do with this?

You're massively naive. This is how the American public is reacting to this story. If they tried to block interracial couples from being married on their farm, they would be thrown in prison. The United States of Pozz is going to destroy this family.

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What? Are you saying I can't marry an ox at his private property!? Remove this anti-stemite.

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You joke, but it would be illegal for him to not allow interracial marriages. You really think they aren't going to expand that to gay and trans marriages as well?

Every single post here leads to the same conclusion. The only solution is is the complete and utter extermination of every single leftist, kike, faggot, tranny, yid, nigger, jew, and soyboy are forcibly removed from our society.

So what would be the alternative? Don't stand for your principles because you fear the outcome? If that's the case, then you've already lost. Better to make a principled stand and demonstrate to all the idiots that still believe they have freedom that they don't have freedom at all.

im surprised he didnt get exiled for being white and having 5 children.

I don't know if it's small, it's pretty much a party town in the schoolyear with the university there

Hopefully he can get back into the market, I'll go support him on the weekends

I never said that once. It's good that he's fighting, and we should publicize this as much as we can, but he's going to lose and we should use that loss as a propaganda point to push accelerationism. The only way out is through, conservatives are weak and there's nothing left to save, everything needs to burn.

This is what you get for letting your kids go into the school system.

I unironically will violently revolt against my government the very moment they ban homeschooling or try to enforce such a ban on my family.

Good. I'm glad we cleared that up.

He should do that all at once and make a giant bunker and train his kids to shoot (honk honk)

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Filtered for being anti-privacy.

There still exists something thats called racial solidarity. He and his family will be fine.

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The upper middle class have ruined farmers markets with social signaling faggotry. Small family farms should just focus on CSA's and drop off locations for loyal customers. I buy my raw milk and eggs from a family like in OP's pic. They deliver to a place in my city once per week and I order online from their website. Zero Jews involved and never have to smell a dirty leftest hippie at the farmer's market.

On one hand, he doesn't have a right to decide who gets married on his own private property where his private enterprise exists, because discrimination.

On the other, Farcebook Twatter, etc, can discriminate against anyone they disagree with because it's a private enterprise.

Who do you think runs the website and the credit card processor on it?

It's not marriage if it's not between a man and a woman

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Every western civilization has a massive problem with liberalism and communism.

He's not going to have his farm seized and kids taken away over it, which is what I was responding to. America isn't that cucked yet, thank God. We're headed there if tides don't shift but not there yet. Some states will stand their ground when the fed puppets attempt to set globalism to Stage 2.

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Oh…sorry I slipped on that one. It happens to the best of us.

Found the jew lawyer who lost the case to another jew lawyer.

Do jews even try anymore?

Why do you lie to yourself?

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Ruby Ridge does do a BTFO of your perception.

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Because America isn't that cucked yet. EU/Canada/Aus/NZ are 1000x more cucked than many parts of the US. It's headed there if truth is censored. I've already taken most blackpills, but dwelling in them wins no prizes.

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Fuck off greenblatt

leftyniggers are odd.

They may very well kill his family like they did at Ruby Ridge, unless men with guns come to protect him like Cliven Bundy.

I guess you may have point though, as there wasn't much internet communication back in the Ruby Ridge days, so very few knew it was happening in real time and that it develop as it did.

To any user saying the fed gov will Ruby Ridge him:
They won't.
Bundy was a message to the (((fed gov))) to reign it back quite a bit.
The public reaction to Ruby Ridge and other similar situations was that too.

The current, kiked federal government has no balls. None. If it does start a shootout; even if it wins that shootout, mark my words it will start something bigger that can't be won by a kike government.

He won't allow fruits among his fruits?

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i swear fags go out hunting for people they think wont tolerate their degeneracy so they can file a lawsuit against them.

You ommited the fact that It's only a matter of time before you get as "cucked" as the jews want, because they are in control, you under the most degenerate government and the most evil system where open politically connected pedophiles like podesta/Jeffrey epstein roam free, despite evidence and despite courts. So your agument doesn't matter. We're all in the same boat, self delusion is comforting, but not reality.

Ask yourself the question of what are you going to do when they are coming for your guns like in NZ? Honestly. It's an easy thing to say, but not to do.

We're getting ethnically cleansed by jews and their collaborators from Washington DC and a solution must be found. That solution means doing absolutely anything socially/politically to thwart these people. Anything.

This. I was in class today when some really loud students went down the hall, they were so loud they disrupted our class. So the girl next to me looks out the class window and made a gun shape with her finger and said, pew, pew…and the instructor stopped the whole class and said, "If you do that I will have to report you." Literally, reporting her for making a gun shape with her finger and saying "pew" because she was annoyed that our whole class had to stop.

If you didn't know before you know now that we are in the full grip of Bolshevism, where thought crimes are monitored and recorded