Anxious Times In Pakistan’s Pagan Valley
Rising Islamic Influence Pressures An Ancient People

Nine-year-old Naveed Iqbal frequently accompanies his grandfather to mosque in this valley surrounded by the soaring peaks of the Hindu Kush mountains. But he doesn’t go inside — not yet, at least.
“When I go inside to offer my prayer, he waits outside on the mosque stairs until I come out,” his grandfather, Bilal Shah, told RFE/RL in an interview in this hillside village in Bhamborit, one of three idyllic valleys in the Chitral district of Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.
Naveed is a member of the Kalash, a pagan community known for their fair skin that has long inhabited this area near the border with Afghanistan. The Kalash people, many of whom believe they are the descendants of the armies of Alexander the Great, have held on to their religious beliefs and colorful rituals for centuries, even as a sea of Islam has encircled them.
But the unique traditions of the Kalash are coming under mounting cultural pressure as the pace of conversions to Islam accelerates within Pakistan’s smallest ethnoreligious community. The Kalash population currently numbers between 3,000-4,000, and locals estimate that some 300 of their members have converted to Islam over the past three years, The Washington Post reported in November. Some local reports, however, have said the figure is not that high.
Kalash children are not taught about their own culture, religion, or history in schools, where most of the teachers are Muslims. Calls to prayer now ring out five times a day from 18 mosques across the valley, the result of a recent boom in the construction of Muslim houses of worship. The swelling influence of Islam in the area has alarmed many in the Kalash community who worry that their traditional way of life is slipping away before their eyes.

The origins of the Kalash remain shrouded in mystery. Many Kalash believe their ancestors came to the area from a distant place known as Tsiyam, which Kalash priests and bards invoke in songs about their ancestors during colorful and exuberant festivals. Tsiyam is thought to be an area in southeast Asia, though no one knows precisely where — or what — it was.
Others in the community trace their ancestry to Alexander the Great’s armies that invaded this region in the 4th century B.C. A study by a team of geneticists published in 2014 found that the Kalash had portions of DNA from an ancient European population, suggesting a possible link to Alexander’s armies, The New York Times reported.
While recounting epics about their ancestors during festivals, Kalash elders speak of a man they believe was a general of Alexander’s, called Shalakash, who settled in the region. Historians believe the name refers to Seleucus Nicator, who indeed served as a general under Alexander and ruled over this region after the Greek armies left.
A genetic link between the ancient Greeks and the modern-day Kalash remains disputed. Some Pakistani anthropologists say they have found evidence of a Kalash presence in the area well before the arrival of Greek armies in the region. And a 2015 study by Pakistani, Italian, and British scientists found that the Kalash share genetic likeness to Paleolithic Siberian hunter-gatherers “and might represent an extremely drifted ancient northern Eurasian population that also contributed to European and Near Eastern ancestry.”
“The genetically isolated Kalash might be seen as descendants of the earliest migrants that took a route into Afghanistan and Pakistan and are most likely present-day genetically drifted representatives of these ancient northern Eurasians,” the researchers said, adding that their study did not find support of a Kalash link to Alexander’s soldiers.
The names of the Kalash gods and goddesses, however, resemble those of the Greeks. And many words in their language resemble Greek as well. Their language, called Kalash or Kalasha, is a Dardic tongue that is in a subgroup of Indo-Aryan languages spoken in the area. It has no script and the traditional Kalash stories are passed down orally from generation to generation.

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Not going to debate you.
Don't care if you're Jewish or just a fool, but this time around when the day comes, you get gassed for real.

fuck off spiritual semite

Go fuck yourself.
Are you afraid of your own god?

Hail Odin

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I really shouldn't be surprised by this a day later but it needs to be said. The Notre Dame was barely on fire when Zig Forums shills came by to astroturf the board. When Zig Forums was barely trying to figure out how to utilize this tragedy to our advantage, Zig Forums was already trying to do that but to get Zig Forums to worship jews.

The absolute audacity of jew-worship. They truly only do care if you worship jews or not. You can redpill virtually everyone on the board, redpill them so they are aware of the longest-running jewish scheme known as christianity, but the jew-worshiper from Zig Forums will wait until the heat dies down. Then they will restart their astroturfing campaign.

How does one astroturf with all of that condemnation? Astroturfing is simple. You present yourself and your post like nothing you said was wrong or of condemnation, and with lots of virtue signaling. Zig Forums posters constantly rely on this instead of debating because they know like with other jewish schemes that are ban-worthy here: racemixing, homosexuality, defending jews in general - there is no defending that.

Therefore, this is why Zig Forums posters will rarely risk debate, because they can't debate in good faith. Once you pierce through their pretense, their ugly nature of jew-worship springs out with the same demeanor of jews themselves. They truly are spiritually jewish.

Shill thread.
The shills fear Christendom. They paint it as weak, pathetic and defenceless. They paint the Church as the reason for all race-mixing, immigration and the fall of Empires.
You know, dear friend, that they are liars. Their only goal is to have you perpetuate the same lies.
They fear nothing more than Christendom. That is why they bring Islam here as their weapon of choice.
Why do they fear it? Because every Catholic country in the history of the world has recognised the Jews, has thrown out the Jews and has defeated their wicked plans for the destruction of nations.
Wake up. Don't trust the anti-Christian shill. Don't trust the Pagan LARPer. The anti-Christian shill has nothing to offer. The Pagans never expelled the Jews from their lands.
Christus Vincit. Christus Regnat. Christus Imperat.

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>'Europe' as in the Semitic Goddess 'Europa'


You anti-Christian shills are not very bright, are you?
You have nothing of substance to say, because all you say is lies.
Europe is the Church and the Church is Europe.

I wrote that the modern depiction of "jesus" is actually the son of a Fanish King. Look it up, niggerfaggot.
Is the name of a Semitic goddess who was raped by a bull. Look it up, niggerfaggot.

Christianity is a jewish religion from the Middle East.
There is no debate, you stupid nigger.
Go grovel on your knees and eat a cracker.

Man, you guys are really busy this week. Must be feeling a little anxious, it being Holy week and all.

Good luck!


Yes…. Spent all your time trying to educate double digit IQ Christians go- I mean heathen!

They larped as the descendants of jebus.
Fucking deal with it.

You actually need a physically different reality than the one that exists in order for your argument to make sense. You can't just assert it.

'Pagan' is an insult. Please do not use it. It is like 'Nazi' (Ignatius/Ignatzi) or 'Bubba' because you live in the country and not the jew city.

That's not true.
Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Assyria expelled the kikes.
The reason why Catholics have expelled a greater number of kikes is because the rise in Catholicism has a positive relationship with the number of jews that infest your nation.

I just use the term "European"

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There is only luck or no luck.
"Good luck" is redundant and "bad luck" is oxymoron.


Who needs facts, history or a non-superficial understanding of what Europe's religion of 2000 years is?
Clearly so much better to have a catch-all phrase to paint Christians as foreign, as philo-semites or as Jews in disguise.
Amazing how all you anti-Christian shills pop up right now. Are you worried that Europeans, seeing Notre Dame destroyed, may realise what they have lost?

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Can we exterminate anti White, anti Christian White Nationalists already?

As in 'Europa', the Semitic Goddess.
This is a middleage maymay.
Your actual homeland is called Celtae.

You have no argument, faggot.
I don't care if Christianity was 10,000 years.
It does not come from our Blood, or archetypical understanding of ourselves, each other, and Life.
Keep sucking zombie kike cock, and failing your Western Heritage as it burns before your eyes.

I guarantee this is not it.

The Romans almost had the kikes exterminated in 70 A.D. and Pontius Pilate was a well-renowned kike hater. Try harder.

Athiesm is, without fail, a tool of Jewish Bolshevists to subvert society.
They always want you to throw off the old order and reject the accepted truths.
Once you have done that, you are defeated.
Well done on being a useful tool to world Jewry, twatface.

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bretty funny how ignorant fedoralords are of the history of catholicism and christianity.


Eat shit and die, D&C kike.

Zig Forums is JIDF/Hasbara OP . They utilize the EXACT SAME tactics. Or maybe spiritual Jews are simply not any different from actual ones.

See this post for an example. Of course, it would take you much more effort to debunk these lies than what it took this kike to tell them. Meanwhile, he will post them in another thread, or open a new one.

There is no DC jew worshiper.

The last remnants of true Aryan history, purged in my life time. The same has occurred in modern Iran, where the last Aryans with platinum blonde hair are absorbed.

There exists a living relic of Alexander's conquests in the modern day, both in religion and race… I did not know this. A place on Earth that still practices historical Hellenistic religion. If the UN truely cared about preserving world heritage this ethnic group should be protected.

Nice strawman.
You argue like a fucking jew.
I'm not an atheist, you fucking stain.
I've educated myself on my History, Heritage, and Culture.
You're a lost slave to a kike fantasy.
Great job.

More unreliable than snopes. Utter confirmation bias.

No, we were here before you and we'll be here long after.

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Charlemagne and the Christian Roman empire brought the Jews to Europe, so your argument that Pagans are Jewish shills makes no sense. Pagans never expelled Jews from their lands because they never brought them there in the first place.

Christianity and Paganism are both unscientific and outdated with the current state of technology. We should set the Nietzschean concept of the Übermensch as the new goal for humanity whilst maintaining our European traditions. We should use Pagan Gods as personifications and archetypes instead of literal magical beings you can superstitiously pray to for help. This solution avoids Semitism, nihilism and hedonism and supports the development of Art and Science.

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For that user who was looking for the link in the "Muslims are Pedos thread.
Manufactured Gods…and Words From a Far Off Land

Basically, it goes over the fact that all Gods are manufactured from the psyche of the people whose mythos they derive from. The Gods are a reflection of the actual character of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of a people. So Thor, who is actually the Patriarch of Europeans, in the Prose Edda and who led us out of the Caucus and settled in the Rhineland was literally a person. Over time to honor him for caring for our family and guiding us, we have incorporated him into our mythos as our DemiGod below Odin (son of Odin/Gott). The great knowledge of the people in terms of the terrain, environment and the culture is incorporated into the DemiGod characteristics which we all have access to through our LITERAL BLOOD LINE meaning that the character of our Gods and Demigods is written in our blood.


9. A king in Troy hight Munon or Mennon [Minos], his wife was a daughter of the head−king Priamos and hight
Troan [Trojan]; they had a son who hight Tror, him we call Thor. He was fostered in Thrace [Greece] by the duke, who is called Loricos. But when he was ten winters old he took his father's weapons. So fair of face was he, when he stood
by other men, as when ivory is set in oak; his hair was fairer than gold. When he was twelve winters old he
had full strength; then he lifted from the ground ten bear skins all at once, and then he slew Loricos, the duke,
his foster−father and his wife, Lora or Glora, and took possession of Thrace; this we call Thrudheim. Then he
visited many lands and knew the countries of the world, and conquered single−handed all the berserks and all
the giants, and one very big dragon and many beasts. In the north region he found that prophetess who hight
Sibyl, whom we call Sif, and married her. None can tell the genealogy of Sif; she was the fairest of all
women, her hair was like gold. Thier son was Loride (Hloride), who was like his father; his son was Henrede;
his son Vingethor (Vingthor); his son Vingener (Vingner); his son Moda (Mode); his son Magi (Magne); his
son Kesfet; his son Bedvig; his son Atra, whom we call Annan; his son Itrman; his son Heremod (Hermod);
his son Skjaldun, whom we call Skjold; his son Bjaf, whom we call Bjar; his son Jat; his son Gudolf, his son
Fjarlaf, whom we call Fridleif; he had the son who is called Vodin, whom we call Odin; he was a famous
man for wisdom and all accomplishments. His wife hight Frigida, whom we call Frigg.

These words should speak to your soul if you are European:

I know, that I hung
on the windy tree
all the nights of nine,
wounded by a spear
and given to Odhinn [Odin/Gott/God];
myself to myself,
on that tree,
which no man knows,
from what roots it rises.
They dealt me no bread,
nor drinking horn,
I looked down,
I took up the runes
I took them screaming,
I fell back from there.
- Hávamál (Bellows)

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Also this as well…sorry for the interruption anons…the mods deleted the thread, or I would never mess with your thread.

12. Thereupon he fared north to what is now called Svithjod (Sweden), there was the king who is called
Gylfe. But when he heard of the coming of those Asiamen, who were called asas, he went to meet them, and
offered Odin such things in his kingdom as he himself might desire. And such good luck followed their path,
that wherever they stopped in the lands, there were bountiful crops and good peace; and all believed that they
were the cause thereof. The mighty men of the kingdom saw that they were unlike other men whom they had
soon, both in respect to beauty and understanding. The land there seemed good to Odin, and he chose there
for himself a place for a burg, which is now called Sigtuna. He there established his chiefs, like unto what had
formerly existed in Troy; he appointed twelve men in the burg to be judges of the law of the land, and made
all rights to correspond with what had before been in Troy, and to what the Turks had been accustomed.

13. Thereupon he fared north until he reached the sea, which they though surrounded all lands, and there he
established his son in the kingdom, which is now called Norway; he is hight Saming, and the kings of
Norway count their ancestors back to him, and so do the jarls and other mighty men, as it is stated in the
Haleygjatal. But Odin had with him that son who is called Yngve, who was king in Sweden, and from him is
descended the families called Ynglings (Yngvelings). The asas took to themselves wives there within the
land. But some took wives for their sons, and these families became so numerous that they spread over
Saxland, and thence over the whole north region, and the tongue of these Asiamen became the native tongue
of all these lands. And men think they can understand from the way in which the names of their forefathers is
written, that these names have belonged to this tongue, and that the asas have brought this tongue hither to
the north, to Norway, to Sweden and to Saxland. But in England are old names of places and towns which
can be seen to have been given in another tongue than this.

Degenerates are not allowed in the ethnostate.

Hi rabbi.

Yep. Sage this shit.

Another Christian hating Jew.

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Retarded and a Jew lie.
Jews hate Christianity. Absolutely. Jews are satanists, Christians worship god.
And you don't even understand the whole "fruit" thing. What do you see out of judaism? War, degeneracy, lies… What do you see out of Christianity? The flower of humanity!
Idiot jew's lies this pagan shit.

This are probably the descendants of the mighty aryan SCYTHIANS

Raise awareness wherever you can to save our aryan brothers!

You guys are still going after the Notre Dame?

Absolutely disgusting.

Nah, you kikes are absolutely disgusting. Truth does not have an expiry date.


Wow, that girl is pure Aryan. Pagan Aryans should be preserved at all costs

pagans belong in India

I actually have Kalashi blood from my Grandpa who fled Afganistan around the time of the anglo-afgan wars, not sure why but he went travelling across India and ended up in Singapore where he met my iranian grandma. He used to tell me when I was a kid that we were descendants of Aryans and the barbarians (his word for muslims) killed many of our people and conquered large amounts of our lands.
He also told me never to forget my history or we would go extinct.
I got brainwashed by the jews and refused to listen to him in my teens and he passed away without me getting to learn more of our history. I miss him so much and I hate myself for rejecting the truth when it was available to me
Ever since I woke up after discovering Zig Forums ive made it my life's purpose to fight the communists and jews wherever they are and with all possible methods: memetic, kinetic, and even genetic God willing.

Fuck off.
You aren't welcome here.

How's it going, Ariel?

I know youre a troll but heres what you look like anyway
Dont let them get you Zig Forums, followers of Abraham are very adamant on sharing with you their version of the (((truth))) while shutting down any rivals

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More D&C B.S.


The semitic cults all work the same way. They encourage the underclass to be envious and resentful of their betters, so when the time comes they're ready to stab their own kinsmen in the back. That's how the Muslims won against so many Persians and Romans, it was a slave revolt coupled with Arab raiders. Spain could have never fallen without the Jews there to open their gates. Just as Haiti had never regained it's complexion nor its civilization since 1804, neither has the Central Asian world recovered from the Aryans being overthrown by their servants. The Semite would rather be king of a shit pile than to have a share in a mountain of wealth.

But what happens when the desert cults are present where there are lush forests? Surely they aren’t desert cults if there isn’t a desert.
Photo from Jabal Sawda, Saudi Arabia.

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I would argue that it does. The notion that only ideas that come from within your own borders are worthy is insane.
Obviously, our ancestors saw some worth in it when they converted. And christianity itself changed to reflect Europe - practically every holliday or event is tied to other historical celebrations or events. So it my have originated outside of Europe, but so what? Whites existed outside of Europe. Back in the day, the middle east was full of whites. To blindly cling to ancient paganism as the only worthy thing is a fallacy.

Christianity lost it's spark, it's drive to defened itself. Back in the day we would have burned degenerates or cast them out.

The D&C is real. Or it just might be come faggots that are way too fanatical about their beliefs and cannot stop spilling their spaghetti.

Either way, shill or retard, fuck both of you. Pagancucks and christcucks. Both of you need to fuckign wake up.

Pagancucks need to realize that the old faiths are gone and that what replaced them IS European, regardless of how it started. They also need to realize how many religions changed over time. So which set of gods should we worship?
Christcucks need to realize how weak and harmful christianity has become and stop clinging to the scripture so blindly - it's written by man, not God. There can be no more direct writing of Gods will and law than nature.

Neither side has any real arguments, only outrage and preconceptions thrown around with a serving of passive-agressive bullcrap. You'd think you're on your periods or something.

Which race are you?

Each nation has its own pantheon unless you are a worthless mutt.

wow that sure worked out great. just kick the can down the road, play hot potato, fucking based!

Pontius pilate also tried to save Jesus.

there's nothing jews love more than their christmutt golems

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scythians who are also said to be the 10 lost tribes of israel. As they came into existence conveniently after the israelites were displaced.

They are so corrosive that they make lush forests into wastelands and deserts by their envy, greed lust and hatred of all life.

I am seriously considering the Scythian question. They have a lot in common with the Barbarians and Vandals.

Friend, you've been trying to force this meme for almost half a year now.

The practical man would support yellow shirts.
Piss off soros


I like that notion. I find myself spilt between Norse Mythology, Christianity (or Atheism, which i do not want, i want to believe and have spiritual guidens). What you wrote seems like a good solution.
Any ideas how to make a moral framework with that spirituality?
And which books would be recommended other than "thus spoke zarathustra"?

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the kalash are an interesting people. pure kalsh look perfectly european in every way, however genetically they are completely different. Kalash are the only race to exhibit varying hair and eye color without european admixture.

Its a persecution complex inherited from the jews, that was purposefully set down by the Pharisee Saul as pay back against the Romans. Some centuries later other jews created another derivative of judaism, which is Islam, which is resistant to the persecution complex of Christians because they have their own inherited persecution complex inherited from the jews. Sadly non-Abrahamic belief systems especially in Europe fell prey to Abrahamism because they cannot triumph over the guilt of attacking their own race because of being Christian or Muslim. This is why in Islam and Christianity martyrs are always brought out, usually National martyrs to remind the adherents to feel guilty and believe.

Ironically in both Christianity and Islam the first generation of these martyrs are mostly jewish, creating a "Holocaust" narrative, which more goyish generations build off of. Since the goyish Christians see the jewish Christians martyrs as brothers forgetting about race, that's the whole purpose of "No Greek nor jew". This "Holocaust" narrative of the adherents has no basis in sources outside of Christianity and Islam. Did the jew Paul really die the way its said under the circumstances its said?

Attached: Brooklyn_Museum_-_Battle_of_Karbala_-_Abbas_Al-Musavi_-_overall.jpg (870x1592 217.31 KB, 182.7K)

I've seen this retarded jewish bullshit here a lot. You jdif fucktards need a new D&C script. Or at least, if you really believe this anti-historic nigger gibberish, kikes need to get some new golems, because your batch is clearly inbred to complete fungal IQ

Was Saul not a Pharisee? Do you think Paul was some kind of "good" jew that you should believe the words of? Thus do you believe in any good jews?

If jews as a racial group are a problem how can I trust any historic jews, even if they profess a different faith? So called "secular jews" or atheistic jews do a similar thing, where they act like they aren't something but still always proclaim jewishness.

Attached: 135287-004-D5B3B872.jpg (209x383, 20.7K)

Has their religion been registered? It could serve as important of a role in reconstruction as ancient vedic texts.

These are our enemies. Why are we supporting them?

I love eating kebabs. Why do you guys want to kill the Muslims?

Jews reject Christianity because they know it's a poison designed to kill goyim, they are not going to drink it themselves.

Once i saw a rapefugee from Afghanistan who looked full 1488, blonde hair/eyes and all that, he was whiter than me lel.

Desert is a state of mind

Christianity was the original D&C, moron. It made more whites kill each other than any other belief in history, and served the interests of it's creators, the Jews since day one.

The name Celt comes from the greek Keltoi which is what they called the mainland european peoples they came in contact with. I dont know what the Celts called themselves or their land. But if we knew i think that would be the closest to a "native" name for Europe maybe.


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Watcha Sliding Chaim?


this thread really is full of dumbfuck americans, isn't it?

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88 Precepts is a foundation to this line of thinking.

not sure if troll, shill… or just an idiot.

Attached: christian_state_deusvult.webm (640x360, 2.47M)

Sicut Judaeus Non ahold be dropped every time the Christcuck D&C gets spammed here. They've had 1000 years to handle it and they blew it. Also, the most Catholic country I know, Poland, stood by and did nothing as they turned Poland from one of the strongest and wealthiest nations in Europe into the most poor and servile.

D&C of Christainity and paganism is a kike psy-op. We can argue about what’s better for the white man later. first we must unite against and defeat the (((enemies))) that threaten our existence.

The only reason Judaism has power is because of Christianity propping it up as "the chosen ones" for the past 2,000 years.

Without this Christianity propping it up, Judaism would have long been forgotten, absorbed, reformed… gone.

But alas.

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1. he rose! He's the messiah, listen to him
2. no, he is a fake, listen to this talmud thingy
3. no, they crucified another guy, he was a good man but listen to mohamed guy
4. no there is no god of abraham at all
A cursory analysis suggests group 2 and 3 are in direct antithesis with group 1 while group 4 is battling everybody else.

So, the meme of the three monotheistic religions is BS. Pick one group, and STFU.

All philosemites deserve a single collective homeland in an oven.

Reminder that pagans were tripping over themselves to get circumcised cock in their mouths before Christians ever did. This is an indisputable FACT and no amount of larpagan cope will change that. You were the OG Christcucks.

Attached: goodgoyjulian3.png (1920x1040 19.6 KB, 368.62K)

Varg-fag, Christians warned against the deceit of Jews throughout the new testament and especially in John.

John is literally the Zig Forums of the roman world, even has indirectly jewish faggotry like yours written down questioning the Christians, varg-fag

you're 100 percent right. Their time has come, we will rid the world of the greatest evil very soon. We will release ourselves from the jewish shackles, and then exterminate our true foe.

personaly i trust Bushido is the futur of white man survivor , he need power for fight
every white man need bushido way of warrior + aircraft mitsubishi for her 16yo

Attached: le-mythe-de-la-lhonneur-des-kamikazes-japonais-vraie-nature-anecdotes-historiques.jpg (1215x684, 171.95K)

Looks like rocks with a few sparse drought resistant trees.
I live in CA. The state is mostly desert. I know what a desert looks like. That's a fucking desert.

Just like long before pagans were sucking cut dick, they were killing and taxing the jew.

unironically fuck off rabbi

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