Another Jap Girl Murdered by "American" Sailor

No photos available of perp, but it's a spic judging by the name.

We've had niggers rape/murder women in Okinawa fairly recently. Now a spic. Okinawans don't want the base there. Maybe the Navy could offer to send all the niggers and spics elsewhere in exchange for staying.

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Remind everyone of the nigger gangrape. Comfortable japs need to not relax. Especially when Abe is itching to import niggers, and jews are trying to get studios to put niggers in anime.

The Navy will most likely do the opposite.

The US is such a scumfuck country. I laugh out loud at articles and videos of their soldiers getting shot.

Correct. The low-level terrorism is intentional and desired.

Japan should expel these Zionist scum. But then, if they did that China would probably start to hassle Japan more so they're forced by circumstance to host these parasites.

They should expel all non-Japanese, TBH.

A nuclear arsenal and formal peace treaty with Russia would curb China.

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The Okinawa Murders must happen again
The Okinawa Murders must happen again
The Okinawa Murders must happen again
The Okinawa Murders must happen again
The Okinawa Murders must happen again
The Okinawa Murders must happen again

Toll paid.


You think?

Japan should build an arsenal of NUKES, and then expel the ZOG USA. I hate being associated with niggers and honorary niggers just because they are granted citizenship.

lol more like the US would sanction them. China would probobly still trade with them like they do with Iran

China is importing nigger in their own country.

Yea…that's why I said it nigger. Great contribution

So are Japan and the US

Which means China is just as fucked.

kek, it's pretty obvious from the wound descriptions that he tried to rape her. she stabbed his groin several times. he grabbed the knife killing her but, bled out.

Nothing of value lost but maybe the japs can leverage this to get us out of their country.

They tend to ignore US sanctions regardless

at least she got the worthless spic to kill himself. probably was a in the moment decision after realizing his dick was gone

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US doesn't sanction China and vice versa.

Both ZOG are joined in milking their population to death.

I don't get it, If I was China's Emperor I could conquer the world simply. Conquest is not that complex. Simply export your males while closing the boarders of the homeland. There, conquer all of Africa. China has had many foreign dynasties, one of my fantasies is becoming Emperor of China. I'd do much better for the average China man than the jewish communists.

When he realizes chinks in Africa are mixing with blacks and create nigger slants.

Blasians can actually be attractive. When the Chinese man dominates the african female, this is a example of good hybridisation. Aryans on the other hand do not mix well with niggers. The Nigger genes dominate. Aryans are a receive race, and so 'racism' is more important than other races for their survival.

*recessive race

Racemixing trash, die.

Reminder that this is not new.
Controlled media not reporting crimes of zog puppets!=absence of said crimes(look at Rotherham.)
Also know that this happens in every country with American military bases.
Look into the case of Holly and Jessica in the UK.
They simply grabbed the lowest status White male who admitted seeing the victims on the day then framed him through the media.

Sorry but nothing is equal, including race mixing.

I know it is hard for the average pleb to understand reality. They need a strong hand to guide them.

this TBH

Race mixing trash, die.

Blasians are better than blacks but worse than asians. So it's a net loss, since you are just making something worse than the better of the two.

What else is new?


She died after he tried forcing his aggressive greaseball shaft into her crooked, old slanty snatch.

I'd heard about American crimes in Okinawa, it never even crossed my mind that the perpetrators were anything but White.


It happens, but they are more often than not minstrel characters.

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You're new here…

This kind of things will be more common, as the Okinawans are more isolated and based. So they will be forced niggers on them, like said.

Just now Japanese are turning into Chicano culture to find inspirations and shit. I see pozzing of Japan in the future.

why am i always the one digging

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Everyone talks about the Japanese getting killed and raped by the US Military but no one ever pays attention to the shit-holes they've made out of the numerous bases in America. Any major military town in the US is a mini-Vegas with Strip Clubs, Bars, Tattoo Parlors, and Pawn Shops. Everyone is addicted to drugs and there is practically no job worth a damn because of the drills and degenerates.the women bring it on themselves 99% of the time

woops, scratch that

don't care

Here he is.

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And that's the problem.

Cities are a mistake.

It's a spic

So he likes older mature women who say Ara ara, huh?

fuck marines, fuck the (ch)airforce, fuck the navy I just want to be a jolly green manlet and stride around the world for this great empire.

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According to the Stars and Stripes, Hindman’s child reportedly watched the murder and called a relative, who in turn called the police.

he two had had spats in the past, and police had been called to the residence in October, after Olivero broke several items in her home during an argument. A few months later, Olivero allegedly raped her during a brutal breakup.

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That is not the photo of the guy. That is from a special forces soldier, green beret killed overseas by Navy Seals in a personal dispute.

thats an army dress uniform, wrong photo

Eat a fucking cock you ZOGbot cock suckers, it's him. dressed during a halloween costume party. Kill yourself you pieces of total shit

ZOG influence under ZOG occupation is unavoidable. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Just now there are so many hapas being born in Japan that it is mind numbing. And the rate is increasing too as more foreigners pour in. Pic related is a fetish for Japanese women.

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I married a Japanese woman. They are very endearing people. Certainly wasn't the result of ZOG influence.

autismo response, not a zog bot, just alot of possible missinformation. one source lists him as a petty officer(navy rank) and some say hes a marine. He could possibly be a navy corpsman (medic) attached to a marine unit. that photo is an official DA photo or atleast is resembles it, most people at his paygrade rarely have them (e-4 if he is indeed a Petty officer 3rd class) and it would be more unusual if he was wearing an army dress uniform in it. there are strict regulations surrounding the wearing of army or any branches dress uniforms so it would be highly unusual to wear it at a halloween party, they also cost around $6-700.

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You are maybe an upstanding good man, but a huge chunks of expats are not.

i didnt thouroughly read the OP he is a Navy Corpsman, but either way the rest of my points stand

He is a Navy corpsman (medic) attached to a Marine Unit, because the Marines don’t have their own medics (you seem to know, this is for others info)

All expats are degenerate cowardly morons who are contributing to the problem and not solving it.

And you’re retarded spreading incorrect information. You read jack shit about a Halloween party. Stay on the fucking topic and do proper research faggot.

I didn't care about any of the bullshit you're talking about, when I traveled Nepal, Tibet, and western China, I raped nearly a hundred girls at every opportunity but didn't kill them. just got my rocks off, several times their husbands or boyfriends watched me rape them. I always cummed in their pussy bareback like this brave US Marine.

His only default was Kabarring her. Dummy. I once hit some old bitching village lady in the head with an Arowana I was transporting it not only killed the god damn fish but maybe her. I kept going. Fucking slant whore.

The time-honored tradition of telling "war-stories"

Since 1972
13 murders
Other stuff like molestation and rape totals out to 20.

Jap wife here so reading about it

Apparently Japan will never change. Okinawa needs the money. The bitch who died is a Gaijin Hunter. move along weebs Japan isn't dead or dying. Was there for 6 months just now, probably saw 30 Muslims and 20 niggers in the whole time mainly in Osaka city mind you.

Please protect Japan.

The world needs at least one model to look up to.

Are there many like her? Asking for a friend.

Already happening :
Food wars
My hero academia
Promised neverland

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Imagine my shock.

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You wished.

Do Japs realize niggers and spics aren't real Americans of good European stock, or do they just lump Americans together? The correct solution is for the men to beat the shit out of niggers on sight and for establishments to throw them out. No Jap bouncer should ever allow a nigger inside his club for instance.

Clinging to fantasy isn't how you should live your life. We need to deal with the grim reality of what is.

i was a baby when my father was stationed on that base and i lived there untill i was 3. to all Japanese anons, i am very sorry for the loses you have suffered over the decades from this base being in your country. non-White Americans are fucking disgusting and do not represent White Americans, but this shit base should be shut down

I was stationed in Kadena. Spic and nigger Marines are literally the lowest form of life on the planet. I wouldn't consider them expats or people. I hated seeing them ruining Okinawa. Okinawa is a wonderful and beautiful place with fantastic people. I don't believe it's true but I always liked believing that the spic and nigger marines are kept around as cannon fodder.

I don't live in the US anymore and work in Japan. Still pay taxes to Uncle Sam. Not really sure how I can help solve our problems by being home in the US. If you are referring to Americans who renounce citizenship. I'd argue they are doing more to help solve the problem. They are no longer paying taxes to Uncle Sam and thus not funding the kike welfare scheme or Israel.

Do you want rapes or not? It's not like Japan has to keep owe these niggers anything.

Why are Americans using their army to spread poz around the world?

Are you an English teacher? Do you know about r/japancirclejerk?

Jews made this possible

I know we were talking about Japan. I was pointing out its silly that Japan would be worried of an invasion from China if they purged the US military from their country. The only nation who would be out for blood would be the US if that happened

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You're as obvious as mudshit shills, the only difference is mudshit shills have a low IQ and actually believe their own retardation, you, like the jew, know you are lying

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International jews using the armies of Western countries, specifically America to quash Nationalist uprisings in other countries? Yeah that history goes back before WWII, you could even include the Union funding the genocide of Whites in Mexico in the 1860s.

Okinawa isnt Japan.
The principal is still bad, but any time you read a story and the jap is from Okinawa Nagasaki or Hiroshima dont fret too much.
All those places are shunned by the rest of Japan, and usually they have no chance to leave unless they racemix, since no other japs will marry them.

It's a shame too, since Nag/Hiroshima used to be nice places till we bombed them.

Actual girls or women?

I don't give a fuck.

Hispanic Jew

Yet another instance of the BAD DECISIONS quirk emergent.

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Look at this snivelling kikenvermin everyone and laugh!

fuck usa, you kikes have to go back and leave japan and korea alone

>“Earlier this month, the Japanese Police closed their investigation due to lack of cooperation from the victim; however, [NCIS] continued with an active investigation into the alleged sexual assault,” Marine 1LT David Mancilla said in a statement. “At no time did the U.S. Military discourage the victim from talking with Japanese Police or filing an official complaint.”

Then why was she fucking him?

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Typical behavior from the greaseball but its not a loss considering the victim.

She was Japanese, living in Japan, how about you take your spics and niggers out of Japan?

Why should I care? I'm a white nationalist, not a slant-eye loving wigger.

Why do women want to marry and breed with serial killers?


Well, so wha

Okinawans are the niggers of Japan.

It's just like when black and Arab soldiers raped German women in the Weimar Republic