'Armed and dangerous' girl, 18...

'Armed and dangerous' girl, 18, wearing black camouflage is being hunted by police after she 'threatened Columbine and 20 other high schools just days before the anniversary of deadly massacre'
Columbine High School was on lockdown Tuesday due to a 'credible threat'
Police are hunting teen Sol Pais, said to be 'armed and extremely dangerous'
The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office tweeted: 'Last night Sol Pais traveled to Colorado & made threats. She is armed & considered to be extremely dangerous'
She is said to be 'infatuated with the Columbine school shooting', reports say
Described as a white female, approximately 5'5" in height, with brown hair
FBI investigated at least 20 other schools days before 20th anniversary
Law enforcement said children were safe and deputies were at schools
Mass shooting at the school killed 12 students and a teacher on April 20, 1999
Remembrance services, vigil and community service day are planned this week
By LAUREN (((FRUEN))) (((crypto-kike))) FOR (((DAILYMAIL.COM))) and the (((ASSOCIATED PRESS)))

PUBLISHED: 15:40 EDT, 16 April 2019 | UPDATED: 18:44 EDT, 16 April 2019

>Diana Wilson, a Jeffco Schools spokeswoman, said in a statement they went ahead with the lockdown at the request of (((ZOG bots))) = (((law enforcement))).

Drills teaching students to 'lock down' inside classrooms became routine.
Schools formed teams to assess threats, particularly from students. Security firms forged a (((multibillion-dollar Israeli industry))), introducing surveillance video, panic buttons and upgraded doors and locks, which benefit((( JEWS)))
>Former Boyfriend claims she's a thot who will fuck anyone except him……. story is (((DEVELOPING)))


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TFW no QT mass murderer GF.

5'5" 113 lbs, considered extremely HOT and dangerous to the virginity of young boys everywhere……. that are currently virgins, football team excluded.

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At least she’s white and a solid 8/10 unlike Lindsay Souvannarath.

remain vigilante user, she's dangerous, doesn't like at home with parents at 18, no smartphone, deleted her Google email, known to browse Zig Forums so sayeth the Jew.

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Oh my God, she keeps getting hotter, I need to get a flight to Colorado.

ZOGbots hunting the pussy in matching footwear, shelter in place everyone.

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This better not be too good to be true.

Klebold did nothing wrong kys.

(((Federally))) funded local ZOGbots recreate the 1983 hit, The Safety Dance by "Men without Hats' at local school terrifying all children enrolled.

Ah we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
Well they're are no friends of mine
I say, we can go where we want to, a place where they will never find
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Leave the real one far behind,
And we can dance
We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
Well they're are no friends of mine
I say, we can go where we want to a place where they will never find
And we can act like we come from out of this world
Leave the real one far behind
And we can dance.
Ah we can go when we want to the night is young and so am i
And we can dress real neat from our hats to our feet
And surprise 'em with the victory cry
I say we can act if want to if we don't nobody will
And you can act real rude and totally removed
And i can act like an imbecile
I say we can dance, we can dance everything out control
We can dance, we can dance we're doing it wall to wall
We can dance, we can dance everybody look at your hands
We can dance, we can dance everybody takin' the chance
Safety dance
Oh well the safety dance
Ah yes the safety dance
We can dance if we want to, we've got all your life and mine
As long as we abuse it, never gonna lose it
Everything'll work out right
I say, we can dance if we want to we can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
Well they're are no friends of mine
I say we can dance, we can dance everything out of control
We can dance, we can dance we're doing it wall to wall
We can dance, we can dance everybody look at your hands
We can dance, we can dance everybody's takin' the chance
Oh well the safety dance
Ah yes the safety dance
Oh well the safety dance
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Oh yes the safety dance
Oh the safety dance yeah
Oh it's the safety dance
It's the safety dance
Well it's the safety dance
Oh it's the safety dance
Oh it's the safety dance
Oh it's the safety dance
Oh it's the safety dance

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Schools ought to be shot up. Schools are where the soul of our people go to die. I will overthrow the government if they ban homeschooling because I know that if my children go through school they will turn out damaged degenerates that will swallow the anti-natalism and faggotry and marxism.

Schools ought to not even exist any longer at this point. Get rid of all schools.

Seriously we have the right to view all schools and universities at this point in the same way the Native Americans see it. They serve the purpose of taking our children away from us, destroying their identity, their heritage, and their culture, and leaving the damaged with drug abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, etc. forever. It's all the same shit.

How can that be considered even remotely credible? What was the actual threat? Are we supposed to take their word?

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18?! bitch looks about 35. meth head roastie confirmed

Kys, she’s /ourqueen/ now.

Very true

Yeah you're supposed to take their word for it, including time and help zionist/jews in government who can't even do their fucking job with the billions of dollars at their disposal.

Muh "potential credible threat" i.e "we want you to report on this person even if they haven't done anything wrong"

Hope she evades the zogbots and carries out her plans, fuck schools.

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Dear CIA
Thank you for transitioning to a bloodless version of the mass shooter hoax to end the Constitution.
You're still vile scum, and the mass media will still point to this chick's threats as a legal argument, but at least with this new procedure no kids die.

Kalki incarnates as a woman maybe?

She's wearing camouflage so they'll never find her

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As we've see before 21 locations at a minimum of 6 Mossad agents per location and an additional 135 crisis actors to pull off each false flag.

126 Mossad agents in management of murder.
2,835 crisis actors for media purposes, as sacrificial lambs to the slaughter.

Mossad doesn't have the balls for such a pull-over right now. After the anti-christ appears they may up their game.
Girl will be arrested, at Chick-fil-A drive-through window, and security will once again be re-imposed by to glorious ZOGbots, in matching forward.

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That thing looks like it's about 40.

That bitch is Jewish

Press G to wish her good luck


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fake news

She's no 10 out of 10, I can see that. But she is much hotter than the land whales I have to see everyday here in California.

Last seen wearing abercrombie & fitch girl's black camouflage pants, consider her thot and dangerous

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camouflage is racist

Objectively 5
Also , best of luck to the mad lass

All ZOGbots need is am excuse, and this is good enough to riddle a corpse with bullets…………. have you taken a look at ZOGbots recently???? they're no Andy Griffith………. murders, all of them, they're all fucking insane

Kalki was named specifically last night when the question was asked what pantheon would be brought up and several were discussed. Kalki was mentioned because she would destroy them then dance on the ashes. still a female though and would most likely fuck something up

I'll give it 2.75 for not be morbidly obese.

She reminds me a lot of Dylann. She is probably just totally alienated from this sick society.


and she did it all with a 22 autoloader. Pretty jewish to be THAT cheap.

dis fuckin hussy disgusts me, painted toes like a whore, showing her bare ankles and belly. SLUT

Ill be waiting for an actual happening.

Give me a break…probably someone ZOG wants ‘disappeared’…we know nothing about this woman other than what ZOG says. Honestly ZOG can go fuck themselves.
What has ZOG done for us lately?

Nasim part 2?

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awwwwwww, bun bun


I saw her first and I’m only a few hours away. plus I’d help her readjust target to a mosque & synagogue Back off faggot!

What if I payed you $5000 to bring her to me?


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True but imagine the shock if another mosque was hit. Or synagogue.

Oh my god why not both? Or twenty one of each?

Raping Jewesses to death is great fun.

Kill yourself

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Nice feet.

nasim but way hotter

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I can't lewd her though.

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Wait her name is Sol Pais? Is she a Space Aryan?

I hope she is not a total THOT.


The Black Sun Rises

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The sun rises in the west


My dick is really hard for her.

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It's not the kids fault they're being brainwashed, not even the teachers'.

rolling for Sun Country to rise up

Better to have them burned. See how the kikes and sand niggers like it.

Day of the Rope now?

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Far Cry 5 but real? Rope County?

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Yeager's fiancé from Hunter was much hotter
Redheads are the supreme lifeform (When it comes to females)

How long until Nintendo greenlights Angry Goy 3 for the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo is based, so it wont be that long.



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Life should be taken more than it is created nowadays, that would fix a lot of issues.


The right PIC for sure looks hot.

kikes can't even shoot up schools properly

You people are fucking pathetic. You talk about degeneracy all day, and yet the second a woman does anything you remotely like, all you talk about are your cummies. You're all no different than the degenerates you despise.

Give me a break.


Don't you know all people promoting mass shootings are feds?

Everyone who idealizes this rat WILL head out camping. And that's final

The nose is obvious

That's your feel. We just know how school shootings work (and who runs them).

That user is denying it

I hope she's gonna make it to the top 50.
No fail, Sol. We count on you.

someone should recut the (((david lee roth))) version with actual "california girls"

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Metal Cover

Solid observation

Mid 30s Italian descent. 6/10 for cellulite smuggling in bikini.

Confirmed Roman phenotype toe configuration.

Maybe you can give her conjugal visits in prison. LOL!

So is this really happening or is this some Sam Hyde shit.

(((Google))) already has (((MSM))) articles on the first page for any results for "Colorado". This smells of a false flag.

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Did it begin??

They just want to ruin Hitler's 130th birthday. Manufactured paranoia to dissuade or prevent open birthday celebrations. Chances are there will be an incident at one such gathering and the gremlin or a Hollywood supremacist will be used to further clamp down on perceived anti-kike activity.

dont forget cruz, homles and lanza

First, some background. I am a former employee of a technology firm that has a business relationship with a particular government agency.

Months ago, Nvidia publicly revealed a technology that allows for the creation of hyper-realistic composite images (fully computer-generated), a technology applicable to the scenario I am about to describe.

This technology, as of a few hours ago, was put into operational use for the first time. In this case, to float a false story about a totally invented individual by the name of Sol Pais.


According to the story, which is missing details usually found in such stories, the FBI is seeking an 18-year-old woman who was said to be obsessed with Columbine High School, where on April 20, 1999, a shooting took place that killed 12 students and a teacher… a shooting that took place 2 years before the person in question would have been born.

The article makes no mention of from whence the aforementioned woman drove to Colorado. The article does not mention why she would be wanted for "seeking to purchase a firearm" especially since she is 18, and legally old enough to purchase as many firearms as she chooses. It mentions, bizarrely, that she made no threat to any school in the school district home to Columbine. Which begs the question: Why the lockdown? Why the search? Is there even really a search?

The answer is no. Sol Pais does not exist. She is a composite, created by the same software unveiled a few months ago. Literally translated from Spanish, Sol Pais means "Sun Country."

If that term sounds familiar to you, it should. "Sun Country" is a phrase used frequently in the past to describe Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, as well as any other sunny equatorial climate that might be favored as a holiday destination.

In this case, SUN COUNTRY is also likely a trigger phrase, alluding to a specific set of actions for individuals in South America to carry out in the furtherance of the overthrow of Nicolas Maduro. SUN COUNTRY is one of over two dozen possible strategies for overthrowing the regime. Interestingly, this codename lacks the property of most codenames… that it is astronomically unlikely to be used in ANYONE's private conversations. Such combinations are chosen due to the fact that it makes them easy to flag and easy to follow up on potential leaks. The selection of this combination suggests that this is not an operational codename, but rather, part of a much more informal and short-term application. SUN COUNTRY in this case, is a trigger, not the name for the operation. That name has surely already been selected by this point, and is not contingent on the specific stratagem used.

All we can say for sure is that this is an abuse of a supposedly free press and a harbinger of things to come.

Also Israel Keyes and I wouldn't be surprised if Ted Bundy is a kike

Lol stfu nigger

Unless she's just throwing some chaff to get them off her scent before she subscribes a synagogue to pewdiepie then apparently she learned nothing from her time here.

That's bullshit but I believe it.

I like it

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I'm not a fed and I say there is no other solution except violence

Yeah, that's total bullshit.