Archetype boomer puts millennials and zoomers on full blast

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Hope someone breaks his neck.

It never dawns on these people that their society is unappealing.

Based boomer. Cry in pain as he strike you.

So why are you driving traffic to his kiketube?

>have (((Q)))ushner mods

You literally have to have a million clicks to make ten bucks user

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Ah now it makes sense.

the guy is a fucking drunk. OK?

Both the boomer and OP should go fellate a shotgun.

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I did the work OP should've done. This boomer is a perfect example of why his generation will not be remembered fondly. He and the rest of his generation have failed in their stewardship of america and I bet he'll still complain about millenials while he's abused by niggers in a nursing home

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It's just their coping mechanism, they can't believe their whole lives, all that success, really for nothing but for to genocide their race and destroy their nation and their families with degenerate materialistic lustful disease. But, of course, it seems boomers think they earned the money if they went through the work of counting it.

Then bury his still breathing body headfirst in a pile of pig manure

this piece of shit literally deserves rope can we get a dox

webm without audio. at least you tried.

While OP is a faggot and should neck themselves, you should probably be swinging next to them.

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maybe theyll get it when doomers shut the lights off and all those hoarded sheks become useless. fuck us and then blame us? jokes on both of us geezer. no t bone every morning at the local diner in tampa for you. hahahahahhha

He is proud he sold out the younger generation to jews. Just look at his comments on people who call him out on his shit. When the RAHOWA starts I guaranty a zoomer has a bullet with his name on it.

Some one points out the immigration act of 1965, his answer? Tough shit, I got mine.

Truly I understand the day of the pillow now.

That's what I get for not paying attention to the settings and checking my work

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That piece of shit is the epitome , the embodiment of boomer filth
I’d see his throat cut with a full spoon and laugh

that is fine. audio is there. anyway. boomers deserve bullets. 9 of 10 for sure.

i wonder how many anchor babies living 20 deep in a 2 bedroom apartment that hes hired over the years?
and now you get to reap those benefits boomer. hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. its like never watching what your kids eat and then blaming the kids for being fat. boomers truly have no responsibilty at all. this guy even judges his kids success based on them making 6 figures a year. being a good person is irrelevant only sheks matter.

We're gonna need more pillows

I don't know whether to hate him for his arrogance or pity him for the hell his hubris will bring him probably hate him because he helped build that hell for me

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No. It is 90% of boomers.


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idk boomer maybe sabotage some 5g cell towers or go on a long bike ride so i dont end up a fat fuck like you. maybe ill find out where you live and extort some of those sheks you make a shit load of or burn everything you own. definitely wont be apart of slaving for zog paper thats for sure. i already did that to get the weapons i need.

Fuck you dipshit , you have no idea who you’ve fucked with
I’m not going to bother inserting any pasta here , just letting you know you’re fucked old man. Fucked
Eco Naturism will win and I promise you with my soul that you will not be in the one hundred million whites left on earth. Nope. Your done old man you fucked up so bad

Fuck you. Most of the Trump supporters are boomers. And I see almost all non boomers hiring the fucking Mexicans.

And all those boomers working at Walmart are living in boomer luxury.

Nigger Millennials were in the middle of high school when that happened. Christ fucking boomers don't even know how old millennials are.

Keep jerking off to Hitler for the Jews.

That is mistake because Trump love JEWJEWCUM.

So you are another ordinary boomer after all.

It's not the Jews goy but White boomers. Kill your White grandfather.

Fuck off asshole and your everyone is a boomer shit. You fags do nothing in real life to change anything.

Yes, exactly. Right over your head.

no bitch i did construction and ALL the mexican crews were hired by boomer geez’s. no young crews want to work with mariachi blaring beaners they cant even talk to. its boomers who hire the spics. no young guys want to work with beaners. fucking beaners see a white guy and tell you “oh you should go to college this work no good” meanwhile theyre getting paid 25 an hour to milk out caulking bathroom tiles because whites have been ran out and beaners can set their prices now. FUCK OFF

They are not like this one guy who the OP posted. You fags attack your own White people for the jew demons.

No, those guys are silent generation. Born before or during the war, but not old enough to ship out. The Baby Boom didn't start until the mid-50s, and Rockwell was dead in 67 or 68.

Bullshit they are all under 50.

Trump supporters are exactly like this guy.


Trump supporters are against mass immigration. You're the stupid generation.

Why don't you two nigger lovers fuck off back >>>/qresearch/ where you belong?

trump supporters are evangelical christcucks who worship any leader who larps as a cuck of christ

Better than import millions niggers like your generation.

People ghosted jobs way more often in the past, employees would just pay them whatever and they'd move on to another town, it was incredibly rare for people to stick with a job for a long time. I don't know when this mentality started

Worthless faggots should kill yourselves.

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Where were you when the boomers do protests against immigration? Showed up in a Hitler costume for the Jews?

I never seen such protest.

Boomers risked their lives so that we could import more kikes and niggers and foreigners to America. This shit is on them

He sounds pretty entitled himself… you dont deserve for me to make a decent wage

They were on the border doing protests.

While you fags were jerking your tiny dicks to "natsoc" and alt-right.

How did that work out?

This guy will rot in a nursing home under muddycare while his kids play switch with their multiracial 'partners'.

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Doing dat dere protest just like in them rock n roll glory days? Can't believe it didn't work!

i dont hate white people. i hate christcucks and boomers who wont acknowledge theyre cucks. any boomer who admits what he is i wont hate.

It would be a shame if any authorities got involved.

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His shit is full of muds though.

Awesome. Any success with your protests? Any success with anything pro white at all in last 50 years?

ok ban this faggot

Lets cut to the chase… the biggest problem with the Boomer generation is SPORTS/ESPN…. glorifying nigs for bouncing a ball and paying the monkeys virtually unlimited salaries… Jews may have promoted the NFL, NBA, MLB…. but it was the stupid Boomers who ate it all up

Some but most Americans sat on their fucking asses and did nothing.

Authorities are a waste of time. 9mm is infinitely faster and cheaper.

rewatch the last 2 minutes then reread this comment

Doesn't look like it.

Boomers like football and golf not basketball

I don't know what you faggots are talking about. This guy is a great boss and employer. He paid me well when I worked for him. You are all just a bunch of faggots. Before I worked for him as a paint mixer I was a stoner barista working at starbucks. One day, I woke up and decided to pull myself up by the boot straps and get to work. I hit the streets filling out job applications and meeting with managers. I finally stumbled across this painting business. I combed my hair, shined my shoes, and walked right in. I looked the owner square in the eye and gave him a firm handshake. Then I called him back a week later to ask about the handshake. I got the job mixing paint.

I started my trade that day and it was great. I was making just over minimum wage which was fine. I was able to pay for college 100% myself just working here in the summer. Once I graduated college, I had enough money to buy myself a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom starter home in the suburb. My wife didn't have to worry about working, I could provide for her and our future children.

I agree 100% with this video. The fucking handout millennial generation just doesn't get it. They just don't realize that all of this is 100% possible today. Just need to put your head down and work. Pull yourself up by the boot straps. They are just lazy, they don't get it. I did it. Why can't they do it?

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Far more than you faggots ever did.

Most Boomers never played basketball…. but they still pour money into it
Is this the guy in the video?

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This boomer faggot and a lot like him are LARPing about Civil War 2. If they only knew…

Put signs in front of his business.


He can complain about illegals and hire them at the same time. He's a boomer.

WTF are you carrying on about faggot?

Go fuck your Jew loving boss up his ass.


That post is tongue in cheek.

There are far more non boomers that hire illegals.

I have no doubt that’s exactly what it is user. Tongue in cheek.

the only illegals are the ones that havent shit out an anchor baby yet how stupid are you


Lel, very good.

So why don't you tough guys go beat up some old Boomers at Walmart and other retail stores for the Jews.

time to go back to reddit, grandpa

It's him.

Boomer romance, folks. I'm surprised he didn't specify a minimum credit score.

I want double my SSI or else I start cracking skulls and eating brains.

he says "when this thing collapses" and then brags about the "solid money" he'll "have to spend" and how everything he owns is paid for as if those would be things of value after a collapse. wave that title and deed around, man, go for it.
they have no idea what's coming and will be picked off like rabbits.


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Yeah it's funny how he assumes that when people's money loses all value they won't just form a mob and take all the shit he paid for when the money had value.

At least he can count on his illegal spic pals to watch his back for him.

There are a lot of auto places in Craig, CO. I'm looking but having trouble finding the one this guy owns.

they'll do lots to his back, i'm sure