The Real Redpill

Friendly reminder: if you push accelerationism, you're nothing more than a glownigger useful idiot.
Anyone who pushes GAS GAS GAS shit is a stooge. That bullshit didn't work for Charles Manson and it's not working now. All it's doing is putting a bunch of faggots in jail and attacking the only right-wing politician left in the west.

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go back to t_d

Ok retard.

Obviously, this is a board of peace and tolerance. Unlike the hate filled and intolerant bigots of the left all are welcome to express themselves here.

You're just an overweight coward who will never do anything, fatty

Jesus fucking Christ. You actually think that we're so credulous and stupid that we'd fall for this?

We will gas cowardly retards such as yourself after The Final Victory.

and SAGE

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Trump did a good enough job of that all by himself when he called for more legal immigration than ever his state of the union

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Fuck off back to reddit

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When we do nothing we get attacked anyway you retarded nigger. Either you die by a thousand cuts, or take a risk and try to fight back. Oh wait, I forgot, we're totally going to get everything we want by electing some new flavor of kike into office. Good plan.

you're glowing

Nigger we are like the Observers in the TV show Fringe.

Friendly reminder that unless something massive happens in the next 20 years, European America is doomed. Yes even your precious 90+% white states are going to start being flooded by non whites.

Mass deportation of 100 million immigrants is a pipe dream that will almost certainly never happen and would cause riots the likes of which have never been seen
Just stopping illegal immigration will not save you.
Getting some gun rights back will not save you
Voting in cuckservatives will not save you
Even voting in a natsoc president will not save you as everything he does will be denied by courts/congress

There is no option besides civil war and immediate cutoff of the last remaining white states from the rest of America. This is your only viable option. Will you let your country die out a pitiful death via voting in cuckservatives, or will you try to start a real change?

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It's already over dumbass. The white man has all but given up. Just let the shitskins drive Western Civilization over the cliff side and be done with it.

The current 90+% European states are still easily salvageable assuming they break from the rest of the states under a new country/leadership. A heafty goal for sure, but it's the only option the amerimutts have.

America isn't the entire of western civilization.

Hitler did nothing wrong, Mossad.

t. Johnathan Greenblatt here to make us participate in normalnigger NPC Republican VS Democrat politics.
Deradicalization shill.

Everyone say it with me now.

Only if it is one person, but realistically, we either fight or die.

Yep, balkanization is unironically our last hope.
Take the Billy Roper pill.

wew. that's some glow you're giving off

Not an argument.

Offer something else.
Empires never last once their dominant racial/ethnic group becomes a minority.
Hell, a recent example of this is the soviet union.

And mind you, the USSR, while a multi racial and multi ethnic empire, was still 75%ish Slavic.
America is sub 60% percent European.
Which means that this process is going to be far from peaceful.

wew. whatever you say officer.

You are why people hate christcucks and amerimutts. Please hang yourself within the hour.

I'm sorry officer, but I'm not going to do that.

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I'm sorry, am I blowing your cover, officer?

Everyone on Zig Forums besides your normie MAGA retarded Texas faggot ass is an officer okay sure whatever you say :/

that's against the law, officer.

dude who THE FUCK ever told you to shoot up a mosque? Tarrant had balls. Doesnt mean everyone has to be like him. You can just stockpile ammo and redpill White normies. You CAN fuck up some muzzies but you dont have to.


People dont hate Christian's unless they're kikes or muslims or your tiny internet gang of larpagans. The vast vast vast majority of real natsocs are Christian. Adolf Hitler and natsoc Germany was Christian. Mussolini was Christian, Franco was Christian, Mosley was Christian. You're a faggot.

Who told you to shoot up a mosque? Answer the question because thats your only arguement.

that's against the law officer.

Die christcuck. Fucking die.

Your proselytizing gets real old, real quick.

Franco was a raceblind jew who sicced "based" morroccans on his own people and let them rape and murder at will.

Mussolini was a philosemite who had a jewish mistress.

And I wouldn't exactly call Mosely or Hitler pious Christians.

i love Christians but jesus I now undrrstand the hate they get on here lmfao


Eat shit you mongoloid

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eat shit glownigger

People who know kikes hate kikes. Ditto with Christians.
Sure thing, (((David Horowitz))). Keep being Christian, goy, amirite?

This site is loaded with Jews pretending to be White as well as their golem, whom are mostly leftist women.

Waiting patiently for zombie apocalypse.

Other than losing,nothing.

Dead kike on a stick? That's why they lost.

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Don't worry, no muzzies were harmed in the making of this movie.

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Oh of course, fellow actual user, doing literally anything at all makes you a glownigger. Let's make memes and complain on the internet while voting for Trump in 2020 in the hopes someone else will fix all the problems for us! #MIGA #trusttheplan #Q

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retarded newfag

You're way too interested in that to belong here.