Operation INSIN

There is a dangerous and rapidly growing group called insins.
Insins are women who are involuntarily single, as they struggle to have commited relationships with men. When asked the cause of their situation, insins blame anything other than themselves including society, gender roles, beauty standards and male immaturity. Insins believe they are entitled to marriage, and reject any claims that they should better themselves to acheive it.
How do we combat this movement of toxic femininity? Always call it out when you see it. Always point out the insin.

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Insins have a whole language and subculture of their own. They believe the men who reject them have a 'fear of commitment,' and refer to them as 'man-children.' They simultaneously deplore men for having relationships with attractive women known as 'gender-traitors.' People who suggest that they could attract a husband by improving their behaviour are called 'misogynists'. Insins signal to each other with phrases like 'where have all the good men gone?', 'someone needs to man-up and commit,' and 'I deserve a decent man.'
When you hear this type of coded language, please warn others that they are dealing with an insin.

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fuck off roastie insin

Insins like to project their issues onto others by obsessing about male 'incels' (involutary celibates.) They respond to anyone who disagrees with them online by calling them an incel.
When you see this behaviour from others, remind them that they are insins.

Lol this has got to be a city thing. College educated bitches who’s minds are so polluted with feminism they can’t find a man.

Which is hilarious

Found the incin

Reminder that Fifty Shades of Grey was so bad that BDSM 24/7ers protested the opening release of the film, and have hated the book since it became popular


Specifically because of the total lack of aftercare after each scene and the fact that even the biggest bdsm hack writers can do better than this Harlequin novel crap.


You're one of those deviants aren't you you degenerate fuck.

Emboldened by feminism, insins are becoming more visible. Even many journalists are insins who publish articles claiming everyone they dislike is either a Russian bot or a loser living in his Mom's basement. Insin journalists are impervious to facts, no matter how well explained.
When you see an article by an insin, you can share it with #insin.

But those are self-identified incels she is talking about.

Hahahaha. Omg, hell yeah.

So, male MGTOWs?


I knew a few, most of their stuff they did made 50 shades look like a trashy romance novel marketed to grannies in drugstores. Like holy fucking shit, almost snuff shit, breathplay, stuff with knives, and spending a week as a mutt on the floor with a shock collar that activates on human words in something called a "Bitch-suit"
But what really got to me was how they instagrammed everything and competed with others to do the most fucked up thing ever, constantly trying to go one further than the entire BDSM world.
They also tried to corrupt others into new kinks as often as possible.

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Wow, i can save hundreds of pounds when buying a new boiler? Great!

Yes cunt I'm talking to you


Insins have an extreme sense of entitlement, and believe that they should never be judged for their past behaviour. They insist that men must support their chosen lifestyle, which usually involves the pursuit of career development and novel sexual experiences followed by a late marriage. They frequently try to trick or guilt trip men to get into bad relationships out of a perverse sense of duty.
Warn the men in your life about the dangers of getting involved with an insin. Explain that these are mentally disturbed individuals who must be kept at a safe distance.

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Some insins even become violent when rejected. While the damage is usually minimal, there is a risk that a minority of these incidents may escalate and become a threat to society.
Please take every opportunity to warn the public about the clear and present danger presented by insins.


What a silly psy-op thread.
Lots of you glowniggers here working in tandem.
Imagine believing at this stage in this fucked up game you can invent another bullshit term to stir up more bullshit arguments.
D&C bullshit.
No one cares about this Marxist bullshit anymore.
Demoralize yourself, and face to bloodshed.

Some are pseudointellectuals, who justify their situation with lectures and presentations. Not content to commiserate with each other, they try to indoctrinate young women into their cult. Many young women are radicalized by these poisonous demagogues, and become insins themselves.
Warn the women in your life about the dangers of listening to an insin. They are not your friends; they just want you to be as miserable as they are.

The insin problem will continue to spread unless we are united against it.
Support those who highlight the problem and boycott anyone who gives a platform to insins.

Both groups are groups of people broken and made miserable by a feminist society.
Incels/Insins are better described by whatever characteristics make them undesirable: entitled, disrespectful, untrustworthy, shrill, idiotic, ugly, old, lifeless, uninteresting, and so on.
Each has got to their situation on their own path and having a word hide the actual problem(s) makes solving the problem harder.
The only use I'll ever have for the word insin is to lay a barrage of verbal abuse onto the first faggot I know personally who spends all their time complaining online about how incels are trash and then decides to start talking about how we need to help insins.

it's more like they got fucked by a 9-10 chad way out of their league who just wanted to blow a load while on a slump and now compare all other men who would be willing to be with them in their rightful 4-6 range as disgusting

Bahahaha insins. They won't last.

Great, another gimmick label/meme/incorrectly defined concept to distract from the important issues.

You aren't really happy, faggot. That dopamine rush can't last forever.

Butthurt pleb.

the main reason men don't even think about getting married is becos it's imposible to get a job that will earn them enough to provide for a family
sure there are millon other good reason to avoid marrige in le current year,l like feminist laws or women being roasties but the economical factor is likelly the only one where incels and insins will agree to work together
a most unholy of alliances but it'd be fun to watch if it happens

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Not sure of the distribution, but cities seem to be hit hardest.

You're thinking of mfw, newfaggot. MFW means My Face When, TFW means That Feeling When. Lurk at least 2 years before posting

The parallels between his experiment and today's society are uncanny. The only question is: Can the behavioral sink be reversed?

Degenerates get removed on DOTR too. You better kiss your ass goodbye or get one of your butt-buddies to do it.

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The last funny gender psy-op was Thot Audit, imo. You had me at roastie, anons. You had me at roastie.
A new acronym at this point is just pillow talk.

At least it would be, if they weren't celibate.

Probably why it's only read by incins.

Never said incels don't exist, but normal people don't really notice them. Only insins obsess over them and make long videos about it.

Initially, the population grew rapidly, doubling every 55 days. The population reached 620 by day 315, after which the population growth dropped markedly, doubling only every 145 days. The last surviving birth was on day 600, bringing the total population to a mere 2200 mice, even though the experiment setup allowed for as many as 3840 mice in terms of nesting space. This period between day 315 and day 600 saw a breakdown in social structure and in normal social behavior. Among the aberrations in behavior were the following: expulsion of young before weaning was complete, wounding of young, inability of dominant males to maintain the defense of their territory and females, aggressive behavior of females, passivity of non-dominant males with increased attacks on each other which were not defended against.[2]

There is no such thing as an incel female.
When a woman says she is "lonely" and "can't find a boyfriend", she is describing a totally different situation than when a man says the equivalent.
Even the fattest, ugliest and deformed women will have multiple suitors vying for their attention at any given time.
All the truer for a relatively attractive female.
What is truly meant is this:
>I am not receiving offers from men of the quality I feel entitled to.
There is no need to "solve" this, simply don't marry old or liberal women.
Immunity to these "dangerous" women comes from self-discipline and doing the right thing without regard to pleasure of pain.

More proof that there's no such thing as a female incel.

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Insin detected.

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I will breed all their stupid cunts like Genghis Khan broke horses.

Leftist thread with no hope for anything good

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I don’t think it can easily be reversed. I remember reading one of Calhoun’s original articles on the rat utopia and in one of the experiments some of the survivors were moved from the original environment to an environment lacking overpopulation but still behaved abnormally afterwards and didn’t breed. I think humans slightly more adaptable than rats so I think steps towards reversal could be made under the right circumstances. I think the wild-ride is just beginning though, we can already see the aggressive females, hypergamy and the beautiful ones amongst us

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I can literally not comprehend why someone would marry this creature. Half the reason to even marry in the first place is to get an attractive woman with good genes and impregnate her. She’s 1) too old and 2) repulsive

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Except for the fact that we aren't having an overpopulation problem and society is more complex than a rat civilisation.

You should instead focus on these aspects:
1. Marriage has been destroyed.
2. No-fault divorce
3. Women in the workforce
4. Homes aren't affordable for

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I like this.

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The Thot Audit never ends. Vigilance against thots is our continual duty.

That's why we don't call them incel, we call them insin. Involuntary single.
Even if you don't marry them, they will still be corrupting your friends and family. Hence the need to raise awareness and warn others.


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Salty insin detected.

For those of you who have not yet entered the Chateau



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So the female equivalent of Incel then?

To some extent yes, although they are more dangerous as they have infiltrated multiple institutions. They even host tv shows and teach college courses.

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The way I see it, a lot of sense and logic can be derived from the entire ordeal. The whole thing stems from the fact that having excessively numerous partners causes more harm than good. Now it's become 'habit' that these women have multiple, multiple men each. Years of setting up a habit of taking whomever just for physicality have left these individuals completely ruined for any kind of marriage potential. The only way to fix this will essentially need to be a form of "sex-fast" to reset the dopamine levels from arousal (to require less to kick it off, same issue happens with a lot of chronic masturbators for instance) which will actually allow the mental biology to find arousal in a single partner.

Still, I don't think women are into the whole sacrificing something you like just because it benefits you in the long-run thing the same way men do.

That's why you can't fix an insin. All you can do is warn young women about the dangers of associating with them.

Trying to fix an insin only raises their profile and validates them with attention. All efforts regarding insins should be directed at keeping young people away from them.


Insins have actually been around for a long time, polluting our culture. Their toxic influence will continue until they are exposed.

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Well that's new, OP… sort of. Really not our fucking problem though. Dumb cunts are going to be dumb cunts.

She looks like the kind of cunt that hungers for nigger cock. I wonder how many gallons of Tyrone's black seed have been dumped in that trash bag of a uterus.

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It will be when they are indoctrinating your children. Expose the insins or fall prey to them.

This is the same attitude Boomers had which caused all the current problems.
Every social issue is your problem. Future generations will blame you if you don't make it your problem.

Never said she was a trad queen or anything. Just noticed that she was pointing out the insin problem.

currently no reddit community with that name. Why don't we start it and just have a couple mods and the rest of us fake posts and shit until it gets big? Would be fun as fuck and we'd have control over the content once it gets big and actual insins start visiting. Could be big in the future, who knows?

wow I must hate women, that made my day

I mean, he's not inventing the concept. It's just being rebranded. In my generation we just called her the crazy cat lady.

good idea, just created r/insins, who wants mod?


I need a description, genuine looking posts and mods. Not everyone can be a mod.


Are you sure you don't hate women OP?

bump this shit needs to go mainstream

I won't lie, those piss drinking videos got me hard. Where can I find a piss guzzling bitch?

insane maybe? just sterialize them all. fucking degenerates.

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their own ovaries are dry, it don't mean we can't use them as incubators for IVF from good embryo sources. Well they memed Handmaidens tale into existence, we are just giving them our own version of it. We use them to breed from better specimens.

Ever seen a woman gnaw her way through a steel collar. Nope me neither. Makes too much noise? ball gag. Don't waste potential labor sources, those dishes aren't going to wash them selves.

I follow "femcel" communities online, and what people here fail to mention is that the involuntary celibate women in the west are mostly shitskins.

Even shitskins in the Middle East get abandoned by their men that openly tell them that they want to go to europe to get a wife.

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I don't think we really need to do much against them.
Of course they will poison some minds. But they still won't get the men they feel entitled to and most people have some obnoxious insin type in the family and /or social circles to serve as a negative example. Not to mention the fact that the electric jew presents insin types as laughing stock and undesirable to normal fags.

rapefugee women in europe literally can't get fucked and all dream about simply being desired.

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The opposite is also true. I've been getting hit on by single non-white bitches for the past decade. Virgins, roasties, single moms. But when a single white woman is in the same room as me, nothing. It use to be the opposite back when I was in HS.

OP here. Good work, just joined as LauraMesi. Would be happy to mod and make posts.

yeah, same with me. Arabs, mutts, rapefugee shitskins, "Southern Europeans", gypsies, even jewesses like me. I have two illegitimate kids with two different Korean women that I know of and neither ask me for money. I really want to start putting more effort into knocking up rapefugeesses.

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The fuck is a moid?

Sent you an invite to be a mod. Could use like one or two more. Then need many people to make posts. We could literally create the illusion of a genuine community until it grows and becomes true while running the show behind the scenes, would be epic if it actually happened. Watch #insins become mainstream by the summer, fucking hilarious.

moid is what they call heterosexual men.

Insins =/= women. Insins target women and try to turn them into insins.

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