Somalians - A Genocide Everyone Can Support

These bulb-headed subhuman filth are the lowest form of humanity on earth. All of Africa even hates these people and America has been flooded with them since the 90's. These filth were put into swing states like Ohio and formerly Minnesota, and Michigan in order to turn them blue because these parasites breed at rates higher than haredi jews.

Publicly waking people on the jewish question is extremely hard whereas by introducing people to the idea of persecuting entire groups/genocide with a group literally everyone on earth hates will help normalize it to the masses. Somalians are the perfect test case to run for the coming removal of the Jew from western civilization as they have flooded almost every western nation as parts of refugee scams going back 35 years. All other minority groups hate Somalian they are the weakest link and an easy target for persecution because of what human trash they are.

Once it is normalized that entire groups can be stripped of their citizenship, possessions, and human rights to be sent back to where they belong physically removing the jew becomes much much easier.

The Somalian Global Genocide is easily within our reach in the next 3 years if we push it hard enough and evangelize every non Somali on the topic. We can also help steal the Jew's favorite pets, the American Blacks, by showing them they can drive the Africans out the Jews have been filling their communities with. America really has a severe problem importing human garbage from the horn of Africa. 90%+ of American blacks want these people gone too it would be a natural first step to join with them to get rid of the Jews, a task for which we will need as many allies as possible.

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Whatcha sliding moshe?


Who you calling a jew you bulbheaded fuck; only a somalian would be retarded enough to defend somalians.

You assume this has risen to the level where anyone cares. I care about a random stray dog with rabies more than any somalian.

Grab one , hog tie it , put a go pro on it and have it livestream. Toss it off something real tall. Livestream the splat. Collect the live-streaming go pro and remind every one to sub to pew pew pewds

Eco Naturism
100,000,000 total. All whites


Ok you responded with that exact post to me in another thread. Are you a goddamn bot or just lazy?

Nope just had a good idea and running with it. My previous response suggested live-streaming while you hog tied the nigger and tossed it off. While live-streaming from a go pro attached to it. Get it right

Given the normies that are coming here, expect more threads like this.

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Genetically speaking OP has a point there is nothing more inferior than a Somalian and they are everywhere like a plague of locusts. They are basically a trial run for the jews that was OP's suggestion kiddo.

Ohiofag here. Somalians are a literal plague and need wiped out. I’ve seen a handful of women in full burqas, Somalian signs in a nearby medical clinic and them just acting like complete subhuman nigger colonizers before. Even my normalfag dad hates them with a passion

exactly convincing people to genocide them is very easy and a great way to normalize the tactics we will use on the jews later to normies

Somalispot is too entertaining though

Chaim is right, we must genocide the goyim and bring about mashiach.

Oy vey, the goyim, they hurt my wrists.

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Prepare the burnt offering, fellow cattle. Remember to mark the doors with the blood swasitic

6 million good men, that's all we need, bother

Why would you genocide your fellow Caucasoid brothers?

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I always noticed Somalis have the best noses. Hair as well wow.

East African women in general are the best

sorry Moshe, you will not turn Americans against our newly found Somali-American immigrant Muslim allies such as Ilhan Omar, who have graciously shouldered the burden of naming the Jew and all his AIPAC machinations to betray our nation to Israel.

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