Trumps 2nd Veto Ever, Supports Saudi War in Yemen

Tired of winning yet?

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Zero fucks given.

Baste Trump supporting baste Muslim?

Here is archive for those who want it.

Kushner wins again.

2449 Tracy Pl NW Washington DC 20008

Home address of Jared Kushner and Jewvanka Kushner send your thanks to them


Ruminate on things like this when you shilled to death about the oil industry, the automotive industry, and all tangential industries related to them being natural things that "right wingers" should be supporting. Take a long look at what it has brought this country.

Filter it and don't respond.

only congress can declare war, so how are we at war with Yemen if congress opposes it? It's almost like the constitution is just some piece of paper and doesn't protect anyone or anything…

Iran you're next!

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Zogsteinblattbergowitzs Drumpfenbergler Circumcisoblatt


KYS Kushner scum. You all are going to get the rope you kike loving sycophants. Traitors first!

…from ZOG hands. It matters, they will want to destroy Israel forever and ever.


This is indefensible.

Can someone explain to me how this conflict relates to Israel? I can't really keep track, are Saudis/Israel basically in cahoots but pretend to be rivals?

So muslims = jews all alone?

But they're not even pretending to be rivals. They're allies.

Muslim is an Abrahamic Religion, not an Ethnic group.

Funny because jews are the same, judaism is an abrahamic religion, not an ethnic group.

Jew are an parasitic Ethnic

Muslims are also a pararistic ethnic.

"His blood knows only the cruelty, his brain only the nakedness, his nerves only the tickling of the shabby, his feeling only the cold gold …
In China he deals with opium, in South America with girls, in America with alcohol, in Western Europe with Freemasons, in Eastern Europe with Bolshevism, in Hungary with Marxism and treason …
He is a Catholic Italian in Rome, a Dutch Calvinist in Holland, a Mohammedan Arab in Mecca, a Buddhist Sinhalese in Colombo, a Confucian Manchu in Mukden … and everywhere he is the double-faced Janus …
In Rome he kisses the pope's hand while he murders the priests in Mexico. He comes with the rag bundle, with the land register extract he goes. In his words he is a patriot, in his deeds of wicked traitor betrayals. His patriotism is far from his conscience and has no limits. If somebody steps on his flat feet in Europe, he screams in America.
He knows no wife, only the wife, no society, only orgies, no laborer, only slaves, no friend, only fellows; he has no character, only qualities.
Once he is a denomination, once a race, and if necessary, both! "

Funny because this describes muslims as well, and how you can be "racist" against muslims.

You can be a Christian today, tomorrow a Muslim and a Hindu the next day.

You can be a jew today, a christian tomorrow and a muslim the next day.

u can't.
muslims are not a race

Apparently you can:

US involvement in Yemen is a proxy war against Iran

Greater Israel takes north of SA, they get Yemeni land.

You want to make us believe this shit, Herschl?

You better believe it, all the early christians are kikes.

And all muslims are Kikes.

True, the same semitic shit.

As others have said, they don't even really pretend anymore. Yemen is definitely the Saudi's play more than Israel's, but they're on the same side. The opposition in Yemen are a bunch of barefoot mountain Arabs armed by Iran, pretty entertaining dudes by all accounts. Their liveleak footage features decent amounts of actual aiming and badass infantry rushes in comparison to the usual potshots+aloha snackbar that most middle east combat footage consists of.

Whatcha sliding mordecai?

Why is another Act needed?!
[The Congress shall have Power…] To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;"
I do not understand the US. Why having a constitution if its content is irrelevant?

This one get's it!

For the plebs they are Jews against Muzzies but the elites work together to hide oil money through Israel. That's why the Palestinians don't get any substantial support despite being RIGHT ON THE BORDER. Libanese otoh get support from Iran, who from time to time really does build up a strong danger, so that Israel has to uh, just be sure and go have a look so that nothing serious could be happening, right.
I mean look at the map where Isis was and which cells were just at the right places. They never showed the live maps on prime time TV.

At the expense of US taxpayers who had no say in the matter you epic mongoloid. Gas yourself.

money well spent, tbh.

lol wut?

congress is supposed to declare war before the president can use the military. that never happened. trump has zero constitutional authority to be fighting wars for israel.

I'm tired of wincing…every time I hear about further cuckining. But I think Trump was meant to be an object lesson in learning that the only action that can be taken against this fucked up system is individuals acting outside the system, no strings, no fall-back, no hope for a hero to save you.

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The rules of the game have changed a long time ago. The damage already done by past presidents overstepping their power can only be combatted using the same power.

Like using a weapon in a fight that is supposed to be hand to hand. Trump has no choice but to play the game according to the new rules and take out his weapon too.

Ron Paul was wrong about this. Republicans can never undo the damage done by democrats by playing by the rules, which the democrats don't play by.

a war amongst arab muslims on their own land is a good thing. trump is probably just supporting whichever side is weaker to insure the conflict continues.
for those of us who want to put islam back in the bottle (arabian peninsula). They have less resources for expanding the islamic sphere of influence when they're busy fighting in yemen.

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SA is ruled by kikes and they're allied with pissrael, not enemies. Lurk more.

Israel supports Saudi Arabia in this war, but maybe not enough to put strong pressure on Congress through AIPAC, since Congress did back this bipartisan bill. The war in Yemen is too terrible, too senseless, other than power politics.

So what you're seeing is a good example of Trump being more beholden to Israel than a typical member of Congress. To understand the context, realize that Trump avoids using his veto powers more than any president since the 19th century, so he must have felt strongly about it.

The bill had bipartisan support. Not overwhelming, not enough to override Trump's veto, but it was there.

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So is everyone ready for the next wave of Muslim refugees in Europe?

Something to know about Yemen is because of their proximity to the Dark Continent, they are more African-looking than other peoples from the Middle East. Not all Yemenis, but many.

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I'm going to assume Congress would never have passed it unless they were sure Trump would veto it. Some large donors must have asked their representatives about the war. Now they can continue donating knowing that their representatives tried. Press the button, Kim.

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666d chess, trusd de plan goy!

This is a Saudi operation. Over a hundred years ago, Saud invaded Yemen and took some of their land. It has nice oil, but they haven’t exploited it yet because environment is harsh and they’ve got much easier pickings. The invasion split the Houthi people, eventually leading them to become a minority in their own country.

Fast forward to today. Saud aims to genocide the Houthi, getting rid of an angry minority in what is now their territory as well as in Yemen, and control the rest of Yemen. Saud sponsored a coup, but it failed. The coup captured the former the legitimate Yemen leader and forced him to resign. But this was not a successful coup because the entire armed forces didn’t go along with it. So it devolved into the civil war. Anyway, Saud declared a new government although their puppet has to live in exile in KSA, kek.

The USA is making a buck off this.

What should we drop with them? I suggest one of us send them a pressurized canister of evaporated pool water.

Jews are a unique enemy, they can't be compared to any other group.

Jews are an ethnic group with an ethnic religion called judaism. When we speak about jews, we speak about jews as in people with jewish blood. Only christcucks speaks about jews as being followers of judaism and nothing more.

Let's see:
It was still an act of aggression to an enemy of Israel
And now:

Can someone who supports Trump tell me if this is enough betrayal yet?

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The jews wanted him out of yemen but not syria. Makes you think.

That's just it, it isn't a war. Congress and the other admins wanted this shitshow going. Now because it wasn't an official war congress can't do fuck all without passing something that the president can wipe his ass with.

That's why pissrael does genetic testing on hebes looking for gibs, right?

Fuck it, honk honk!!!

What was his first veto?

Legislation overturning his border crap.


lol they will be shipped to where you live after (((Trump))) recognizes their homes as part of Israel, retard

This thread is being slid off the front page. Kushner shills are afraid of newfags learning about (((Trump)))

No, guy, the house of Saud is cryptokike. The people they rule over are just a bunch of camel jockeys.

I didn't even realize the US had troops involved in this.

i feel like the goalposts have moved on the definition of "neocohen" but maybe im just taking crazy pills

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silly user, if pissrael is involved then you know USofZog will be there.

conservative who works exclusively for the kikes and never for the people. common symptoms include warmongering, importing cheap labor, exporting factories, and inability to enunciate due to gagging on jewish cock.

>lol they will be shipped to where you live after (((Trump))) recognizes their homes as part of Israel, retard

That will be totally based, though, since they will be legal immigrants, which makes all the difference!

They have tried to keep it as low-key as possible, much more so than with Syria. Total numbers are probably very low, but who knows?

Supposedly they didn't cross the border into Yemen, but were right on it, blah blah blah. Who the fuck knows. What is clear is that the United States has predictably taken the side of Saudi Arabia and Israel against Iran, and they support the conflict in various ways.

For some time now, the Yemen Civil War has been worse than the Syrian Civil War, which has been winding down for over a year.


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So what do you have to look forward to with Yemeni refugees? Yemen is very close to Africa, and you can tell with the people, many of whom look mulatto. That is a lot of what you'll be seeing. Even the Caucasians are more Arab-looking than Syrians on average. When Europe is flooded with refugees, don't expect the occasional pretty-much-white SyrianGirl qt.

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Saudisraelia first! Fuck America!

Lying kikecuck piece of shit.

Trump's a jew.

The executive will get increasingly more powerful over time because congress is shit and can't agree or enforce anything. Its just another road on to the imperium.

Its a shadow war. The US is involved with dozens of those

Where is the danger in disengaging from a foreign entanglement? How many Americans will be maimed or killed if US troops aren't fighting on behalf of Saudi Arabia? I could see danger for some ZOGbots in staying in the conflict and none if they leave.
At the end of the day, I don't give a shit though. ZOGbots in bodybags isn't a tragedy, it's an inevitability.

I love Donald Trump! Heil Israel MIGA 2020!!!

Who the hell needs 15 bathrooms?

we're paying for them to starve though, why are my tax dollars being given to oil niggers to fuck over other sand monkeys they don't like?

Kikes do like their shit.

It's likely that the Saudis want yemen so they can expand, and so that Israel could expand greater israel. You know, land trade up.

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