We have no political meeting places

We have no political meeting places, yes we have none here in America.

Adolf Hitler was able to rise to power by preaching the true word for everyone to hear in public, here in the states, we have no real identity or group politics meeting place, save israeli meetups, mainly because of the boomers (same state of affairs as in new zealand, we are just delusional about it).

Because of the misinformed citizen calling any meetups "honeypots" or "cia stings", we shall never accomplish our goals, once you realize agents do not have power over the citizens, and only a standing ORGANIZED military would be able to subjugate the people, the only thing left for us to logically do is to begin to form groups and establish trusted people with long family background of not being in any place of governmental power as the leader, i myself am a zoomer who is not or has not ever and will not ever server or go to any area where the influence of the NWO present, i will not be attending any college, i will not be going to multiculti population centers, i only with to become or join a group of right wing white men ready to fight and die for the Ethnostate that is the republic of the United States of America and that IS ALL.

Please realize, agents have no power, agents are cowards.
We need political meeting places NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ok dude. Thanks for making a thread.

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Do you believe or not believe that we should begin to develop areas or groups or protests where we preach to the public?

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Stop bumping your thread Agent Pedoberg.


Stop typing, sodomite.
I'm not going to your honeypot, either become one of us or get lost.
Head back to cuckchan. Slim pickings here for glowniggers, might have better luck with 4niggers.


You really riled up the heebs here. They get so upset when people talk about real world stuff that matters. Kike free first post.

Dont forget to filter the kikes.

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I dont care if anyone realized it or not, but this faggot will never be of any use to us, i think chris cantwell put it pretty nicely, most of you aren't dedicated to the cause, and won't ultimately sacrifice for it, cantwell, was at the statue of Robert Edward Lee and was fighting communists with his fists, these boomers have no plan, no great wisdom to teach us about how to solve these problems, only this, this right here, we will get no-where as long as these men do nothing.

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>like announcing to (((everybody))) where we are going to meet
yeah, nice try, fuck off

Hell, they beat up some actual niggers almost to death and our boys are sitting in jail right now, the video was glorious, every moment i watched i was filled with a feeling of revenge and thankfulness to those men who fought with their first and not with their mouths, i only need a place to rally men, beating niggers sounds pretty based to me, no agent would conduct himself as such, he will just sit and watch, plotting with kikes and his superiors.

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this is now a Tone thread.

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(((insert totally organic sage schizoid tier posts #876876312))))

At least talk to me

surely you can discern the difference.

You don't need real places to meet in person to organize. What exactly is it you expect to happen by having a meatspace meeting place? It may make you feel more important, but it won't necessarily help you.
It is better to start small anyway before deciding to go public with some sort of organization. You want to have a consolidated core, before you go about any sort of recruitment.
This is where you're going to run into trouble though. If you're advocating anything violent, the government will eventually find out, and they will send their agents in to disrupt your organization. Expect you and your members to be harassed at your job. If you rent for a living, expect them to go to your landlord. They're relentless, and they will destroy your life.
You should take a good look around at people who have already done similar things. Look what they did to the Proud Boys group, which was obviously a fraud from start to finish. Even belonging to something like that, let alone founding it, will get you in hotwater with the ZOG. And all they basically advocated was beating up leftists, not violent revolution!
My advice to you is this: start a secret organization. This the core group, the revolutionary group. These are you most ideologically hardened people, who will fight and die for the cause. Next you need some sort of mass group. This is a legal, open group. You should get as radical as you think you can get away with, and from that group, recruit to the core group of dedicated revolutionaries.

That is if the kikes allow us.

To any actual anons reading this shit:
>(((current year))) does


Know a good beer hall?

At least do it on an imageboard that's not compromised man. I do enjoy your idea of assembling and organizing IRL though, because net activism can only take you oh so far.

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Yes, yes, I know, shoot the idea though, not the messenger.

Looked up beer halls, firing ranges, hunting lodges, historical reenactment societies, HEMA schools, European cultural centers (Irish, Polish etc.) near where I live. Good places to start.

Attention: Read his until you say it unconsciously my goddam niggers

The ONLY reason for the UNABOMBER getting caught was his BROTHER recognized his published manifesto and turned him in to the glowniggers….moral of this story for you low IQ niggers is do NOT affiliate….do NOT electronic signature….and tell NO ONE your goddam game playin business…and NO ONE will ever fucking know who da fuk you is nigger

Those ugly kikes.

>if you organise you can (((vote)))
>if you organise you can change (((politics)))
Not sure if regarded as defeatist, but im waiting for a catastrophe, preferably an economical one, to get my people into action. Its why i hail Honkler. I will stand among the burning rubble of my once glorious society, and there i will find that my brothers are waking up due to the sheer shock. Ignorant of the gradual slide into clownworld, they will see once everything burns.

The destruction of my cultural heritage is a price worth paying.

So lets get a group together and plan a meet up. Basically just IRL shit posting and besides if any of us posed a legit threat, they are already monitoring us, so wed already be detained.

I would like to create a fraternal order of sorts so we can at least survive.

Why aren't you redpilling normalfags at the bar OP? The bar is where White men forment revolution. See our glorious Uncle and founding fathers of America for examples.

take the niggerpill user

You must go to nigger bars. All the ones I go to are all White. Had some boomers laughing at Tarrant's epic one of the last times. Go to "redneck" bars, you'll enjoy yourself.

Hitler had two things going for him;

1. Support from the military/industrial/Roman Catholic clergy. Financial support

2. Masses of battle hardened soldiers that were fucking pissed off and used to fighting like wild animals and accepting military discipline.

The USA isn't anything like Germany particularly post Great War Germany.

It's a jewish country. Face it it's a Cromwellian puritanical country of pseudo jew protestants. The south isn't/wasn't because it had a different culture and heritage that was crushed in the civil war. And after the civil war swarms of jews descended upon the USA and took it over. Expecting a Hitler to arise here now is like expecting a Hitler to arise in Israel. The USA is Eretz Israel. Go talk to a fundamentalist preacher and they'll admit to this fact eagerly. Eretz Israel = Israel, Britain, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Even if america is controlled that does not mean people should stand and take it in the ass even if it is not exactly the same situations as weimar than different tactics approaching this will be needed.
You need at least 10% of the people to overthrow the current system

For info

> It may make you (((feel more important)))

Newfags are still trapped in the kiked paradigm. Took me several years to break out of it. You don't need validation from the (((press))) or others to spread your message and might be prematurely (((identified))) and hassled with before your most effective time to play your role.

No one wants to meet anyone that larps about Shitler.

We dont need them in America, let the rest of the world to meet up. We have the god emperor.

10 day old honeypot thread. Still up.

So making us meet in public is the latest glow in the dark op huh?

It's afraid.

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You have temple, moshe.

Don't be a lazy faggot wanting it handed to you. You have to go out and make it, earn it, develop it like a true Aryan man.
Your meeting place is at your local chamber of commerce monthly meetings. Your city hall community council meetings.
Be a real organizer and network with your community. This is how you make your memes into reality.
Stop being a faggot and get out and network.

You've done good.

God's work


OP's cognitive dissonance…

So the point of meeting up is to spread the truth then? In which case, as long as we can communicate, the only thing your fat ass is missing out on, is free donuts.


Because that worked out great in Charlottesville, right?

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And which chatbot is?

The Internet is the meeting place. This is why the Jew needs to shut it down.

Sure, and you will never shill them on here or else you will be fucking banned for being a retard and trying to entrap everyone.

masonic lodges

The stormfags showed up and ruined everything.

Jews want to keep Whites from meetung up. So do White Nationalists.

Normal Whites meeting up is what scares them the most.

because the movement is full of zog wannabe informants getting sheks and to feel like a secret agent. i suppose you could get together and discuss charity drives and so forth but whatever you do, the zog will supply their agents with 10x the resources for their own pr. brb give poor whites food and clothes. zog gives shitskin agents 10x the stuff to give to poor whites AND shitskins and give them media coverage. but redpilled men know violence is the answer and if you dont have friends or cant make friends then trying to find a group that accepts randoms for a specific political goal is filled with informants. either lone wolf it or redpill people you already know.

Revolutionaries begin meeting in bars and pubs and spread from there. Seems to be the standard historically speaking. Works fine for me, I've redpilled several people there.

I agree OP and let me tell you a story. I run a conservative group in a state that has been somewhat successful in the past but we has since been an inundated with shills and destabilizing autists. People who you and I would consider red pilled, but don't know how to conceal their power level. I have always tried to maintain a healthy balance of appealing to Boomers to get their donations, and organizing redpilled gen-z & millennials to sign up as precinct committeemen to take over the Republican party from within. Unfortunately spergs have blown our cover and we've been outed by antifa. The GOP doesn't want us associated with them anymore, and were forced to reorganize under the shadows again. It's difficult enough fighting the left but when you are fighting people on your own side to stop acting like retards, this ultimately goes nowhere.

wtf are you even thinking you degenerate

t. kike

Posts about meeting places and Hitler in one post.


And this is what I'm talking about. Going full 1488 in public like Patrick Little, David Duke or Richard Spencer will not get you anywhere. All you're doing is being the caricature the left paints the right into.

Good input fag. Why don't you show me how it's done. The NSDAP and founding revolutionaries of America definitely didn't do the same thing. I should concede to your obviously greater wisdom. 10/10 faggot.

Is it so hard to ask that we downplay the esoteric nature of our movement and just speak in a way in public that appeals to the normas? because that is the only way we solve our problems before a civil war becomes inevitable.


There is no economic or social strife precedent for a revolution in muttland. Trying to start a revolution this early in the game is suicide. Which is why feds like OP are trying to entice it. So people blow their loads early and fuck up. Revolutions tap into a deep hatred people have of their govt. Right now there's a manufactured dialectical hatred between left and right which is purposely pushed by jewish run intel agencies in order to distract from actual enemies of the people.

Want to make an actual difference? Get wealthy enough to be a real player. Hitler had backing from famous billionaires, from the German elite, military strategists of the highest order after the war. You're not going to win a war with the US intelligence agencies and security forces by larping that they have no real power. Sure they're not as powerful as meme posters on chans claim or the movies portray, but they're not super weak either. Otherwise a foreign state would have couped them from within already.

its the only thing that will get US anywhere as a race. if you still think YOU are going to live to see a better world, youre wrong. the only way forward is no filter and kill anybody who comes to take your freedom, wellbeing or life.

they didnt have zogs as entrenched as the one you exist in where many whites would side with shitskins and their government protectors over their own people. this includes the entire republican and democratic parties. they fear government consequence. they dont fear white resistance consequence. they have no reason to side with you. you think arguments matter to normalfags? the only thing that matters is what you can offer them in the present. what can you offer those youre trying to redpill at a bar beyond becoming an enemy of practically everybody including most of their neighbors? enough time with access to information on the internet has passed. if someone is white but not natsoc they never will be until you give them a reason to. and an argument for why we are right isnt enough. they either need to fear you or be getting something in return. idealogues are always the minority in an insurgency. and the zog can always offer more than you can so the best bet is making whites that side with the enemy more scared of you than the zog. none of this matters in practice unless thousands of men are willing to act violently and repeatedly until victory is achieved.

There is a tradeoff here you're not thinking of. If they fear you more than the govt, then YOU become the tyrant the jews can rally the retarded normies against you with.

You can't make them fear you, you must try to make them love you. You must appear to them the rebels who fight against injustice. Normies wont fight either way, but they are leveraged to get the military on board with a war.

The way in which you make them love you currently is not there. It would require more polarization via demographic change. So essentially you have to be patient.

While I don't disagree with the broader truth of your post, for myself and those in my area at least it's not as much an issue. I'm an open National Socialist and still have a healthy social life and normalfags like me, for the most part. As for the people I redpill, it depends on their station. Lately I've been focusing on older monied folks who care about the future of their children or grandchildren. Their purpose will be funding mainly. As for men of action I've kept that among close friends and acquaintances for now. Perhaps nothing will come of my efforts but when I die I want to know I did everything I could for my people. Maybe I'll get murdered or black bagged one day, but death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain. I will carry on until then.

you can make them love you easily once they fear you as the truth is on our side. how could you compare fearing the zog to fearing us? the zog is based on deception. like i said, having the truth on our side is a benefit but its not enough. normalfags are irrational, you dont even need to equivalent to what you think. they will fear you based on a low rate of action, as they fear other agendas the zog pushes that they shouldnt even be worried about. we still need thousands willing to commit violence day in day out against orchestrators primarily then their underling protectors and our race traitors. shitskins can be genocided when the zog is weakened significantly. as long as we have enough acting. if we dont, we were meant to go extinct. my thought is that as vocal as many are about hating the zog state of affairs, they can still tolerate it without lashing out. we dont even have many being vocal about it and being vocal is much easier than killing and destroying. my hope is many are willing to act but dont want to be doxed before then so they stay quiet. we’ll find out soon enough. the zog just wont stop pushing further degeneracy. enough isnt enough for them.

You're falling right into their silly trap, or you're one of them trying to extract outlier intel. Don't think in an insular manner, there are international pressures to consider as well, international partnerships, trade etc.

As polarization gets worse through whites becoming closer to minority status whites will naturally become more radicalized. Now the jewish run intel agencies want this to be wasted on a bullshit left v right civil war meme. That's their out. If you start acting EXACTLY as the feds claim ns's act, then they have their precedent to further push the left v right civil war meme. They NEED the big natzi boogeymen in the sky in order to function as a society, it's essentially what gives them blood in their slowly draining arteries. You are falling for their dialectical subversion. Either left or right, antifa or neo nazi, either direct violent action or no action at all. All of these are controlled dialectics which they can leverage. What your goal should be is to not do what they expect. Put yourself in their shoes. The number 1 thing they want rn is for neoliberalism and neoconservatism to gain legitimacy (which they are rapidly losing). The only realistic way this happens is if retarded siege fags start killing people enough for them to create a new lolocaust type narrative. Since the actual holocaust stuff is getting old and nobody cares, they need a new negative foundation myth by way to polarize people back into liberal jew friendly neolib, neocon ideologies.

Revolution is more than just martial strategy, you need the social and economic precedent to succeed, of which there is none right now.

Bump for interest.

The Jews and shills in this thread are indeed afraid. It's great to see.

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Get that monkey out of my face.