You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in New Zealand?

NZ Fag here. behind 7 proxies obviously

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The one country I wanted to emigrate to fucking ruined, sort yourselves out.

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as if it wasn't enough to stop buying kebabs

its not like you are dating a white woman in a wheat field … wtf did you expect

I hope this is totally untrue.
If not, surely something troilworthy in the whole event.

After reading this I went to look it up so I could join in mocking New Zealand. Instead of confirmation, I stumbled across this story.


Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg Pens Powerful Letter Of Love To Muslim Community After New Zealand Attacks.

Guess which one of those lines I made up for fun. I'll bet you can't tell.

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Me too, but I would not be surprised if it was true considering McD's history…

Sounds legit.

Love the meme op

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Yes I am ashamed of who I am. Yes I am ashamed for eating maccas. If I didn't own a dog I'd probably neck myself.

Believe what you like, but it's true. White women were walking around in Hijabs for two weeks after the attack, and everybody from the prime minister down, every university, governmental organization, every celebrity, every company, has been turbo virtue signalling ever since.

And how many of them got slapped by the first white man who passed them?

Oh, what's that? Not your place? I see. So, Brenton Tarrant will have died in vain then. Cuck.

That has a lot of words in your meme
The Muzzies on here might call you a boomer.
Muzzy have problem with words.
Pictures are best for the stupid,

Are kiwis aware
1) Their country has officially converted to islam by playing the islamic call to prayer nationally? You have all agreed you believe there is no god but allah, unless you disputed it being played.
2) Your PM is a tranny named Jason, not Jacinda?

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Nobody slapped them, we are a feminist-Muslim country now.

In fact after the Charlie Hebdo Muslim terror attack happened in France a couple years ago, people wore Hijabs because muh "not all Muslims". A "man" even turned up to work dressed like a sheep herder out of a nativity play and when I asked him what he was doing he said "It's in solidarity with the Muslim community", after a MUSLIM terror attack.

I can see why people become black pilled.

Yes I am fully aware of these facts. We are but a small island nation, but our virtue signalling and cuckery is world class and without peer.

Our tranny PM got in after only getting 36% of the vote, but I predict she will win by a landslide in the next election.

Holy SHIT his bulge is bigger than Michael Obama's

Is it a wad of hair or a dick.

Prolly both

Obviously you are fully aware, you wouldn't be posting here otherwise - I was asking about your country. What of the rest of the caliphate jew zealand? Is there a quiet discontent? Among how many?
About what % thought the complete subjugation to islam after the event was over reacting?

I thought leafland to the North took gold with cUKistan over the pond taking silver, but you all took top spot in less than a week after the event.

Is the video in wide circulation there? Despite it being punishable wrong think?
Is the manifesto in wide circulation there? Despite it being punishable wrong think? Pic related contains a good read - rename to PDF. thank God for our 1A!

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Nzer here. Where was this? Christchurch itself I am assuming. I myself never used Zig Forums but when they categorically blocked 4chan, voat, liveleak etc I was compelled to investigate. Had to manually adjust DNS just to load them. I was very upset with the call to prayer - what on earth are they thinking? This would NEVER happen with an alternative situation where the religions and situation were flipped on their head. Disappointed with the level of cuck we showed.

bro go to burger fuel if you need a fix

Also this
Cuckdonalds is globalist garbage and way overpriced

Brenton was right.
Muzzies are the problem
I hope his act will teach you. He told you this would happen.

I don't know if there is quiet discontent. I am legit afraid to even talk about it unless around trusted friends or family. They literally have police doing regular patrols anywhere remotely near a mosque, and police standing around with AR-15 at any big event looking at everyone sideways (in a previously nogunz police country). They have locked people up for sharing the video of the shooting and are going door to door to licensed gun owners. They evacuated a concert because someone in the audience was perceived to have "right wing tattoo".

I legit think that most New Zealanders are so sheltered from the real world due to isolation, majority white population, and high standard of living that they take the cuck pill very easily. Imagine a whole country full of people from Portland Oregon or Vermont.

People probably are quietly discontented, but with such a small population, getting outed publicly as a "racist" or whatever will ruin your life and you will have no way to really move somewhere else and try and recover socially.

Nope, my maccas incident did not even occur in Christchurch.

No Burger Fuel but that's all I'm going to say geographically.

same questions to any other unfortunate? kiwis in new sharialand…..

Posted photos are merging as they laughed after they burnt it on social media.
They are trying to find the muzzy scumbags who did it.

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I heard people get 14 years for sharing 1s and 0s. How long did they get?

Hicks don't take shit. Their way of the highway in their country.

If I read that a year ago, I'd have sworn the person who wrote it was from China or NK. NZ flipped into a totalitarian country overnight.

The previous image I posted, you can save the original tyj.png. Then rename it as .pdf, open and read The Great Replacement because - fuck totalitarian regimes and censorship and shit!
The attack was streamed from Facebook and (((Facebook))) didn't get blocked, but the guy posted a link to Facebook on here and this site is shutdown/crawling with feds.


Holy shit, this is even worse then Sweden. Never seen people do shit like that. Even after cristchurch most people didn't care about the muzzies. I think such stupid virtue signalling is directly correlated with how shielded you are from muzzies. NZ will get wiser in the future.

That is correct.
The narrative was to push White supremacy and hate.
But the jokers who have been kicked out of all social media found their way to Chan over the years.
Now silliness is going to take the board with truth.
Honk honk you fucking honky.

umm… "As you gather this evening, I write to tell you that this City is absolutely committed to your safety and wellbeing"? That one seems a little bit too masculine, a bit too out of place. am I warm?

You'd think so, but Bernie Sanders is the Senator for Vermont and they consistently vote democrat. And I didn't say Oregon, I said Portland Oregon.

I want you to type Allah is a faggot, and Muhammad the prophet of Allah sucked his goat off. Draw a picture of Allah.
Then I will believe.

Silly silly cat.
I am a fucking clown.

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cities are fag magnets apart from salt lake, & degenerates love coastline for some reason.

Allah is tops and Muhammed is his ginger pedo fanboy. Jacinta Ardern commands you to convert to Islam or die now.

If I convert to Islam can I fuck your sister>?

Better, you can fuck your own sister.

We can slap hands as we fuck sister.
Yeah to Islam..
I in. I want to be a sister fucker. Fuck your sister only if you join Islam. Sister fucker unite.
Silly clowns unite.

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Damn, I always wanted my big cock in my sister can I fuck my aunt too?
Islam says yes.

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You want to fuck your sisters?
You sick fucks

All you fag boy cucks stay away from NZ
And if you are in NZ then GTFO

That's the most islamophobic thing I've ever heard. For shame.

user got clowned.
Welcome to the clown world.
Silly us

Theres muslims everywhere in NZ you fucking cocksmoker

Kiwi here, wanting to leave Kiwicuckistan I have a UK and NZ passport.

Can I go be a yank easily?

Did your ancestors do that? Stay and fight for your heritage if it means anything to you.

You should be training yourself, not degenerating yourself, white man

ffs user

And what do we do with traitors, user?

I would have gone without lunch if that happened, which it wouldn't because I'm not so cucked to not keep at least one MRE in the truck if I forget to carry lunch.

Hitler would never run away

We went from being better than California and Canada to laughing stock of the world in one week. I'm too ashamed of my country and people.

Didn't he go to Argentina?

This is why things are turning to shit, you shouldve said fuck you and drove away, just like every other customer should have. This is jsut pathetic.

Our ancestors must be looking at us with disbelief, at the sheer complacency and cowardice that has consumed our once brave core and left it as riddled as the shells of buildings following the war.

But user, if he stands up for what he believes in, he doesn't get his big mac.

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Kill your enemies

A lot of tough guys on here talking about fighting and killing people. Your countries are all cucked to a large extent as well, yet here you are, posting and jerking off on an anime forum.

Yes I should have staged a last stand for the white race in the Macdonald's drive through, you guys are right.

Ah, no. It's only the larpers and faggot weebs that are into that.

Brenton is calling. Will you answer?

How many of them could there be? Just kill them and then you won't have to worry about it.

Do something or kill yourself. Nobody gives a fuck about your "woe is me things are bad guys just look how crazy this is haha" faggotry.

Yeah…I don't understand…there is no law anymore, your nation has been invaded…fucking kill them rather than complain. Problem solved.

It is not like you have ANYTHING TO LOSE you are being displaced and GENOCIDED…


Supermarket clerks (95% women) are forced to ask "donate $1 to breast cancer?"
I tell her "I donate minimum of over $100 a day to fight Breast Cancer, via taxes, why do you keep voting to spend it on (((other stuff)))?"

I'm seeing an uptick of posts about mcdonalds. Just, no.

NZ doesn't have a Muslim Problem due to Muslims. No Muslims ever even knew WTF NZ was, much less wanted to go there.
Muslims are hard-core "home boys" who feels uneasy unless surrounded by 1000 of their closest family members less than 5 miles from the graveyard they have been all using for last 3000yrs.

NZ has a Muslim problem because, in spite of near Zero Jewish population, they keep reelecting a Jewish PM for no logical reason. NZ had no problems, much less any that needed outside help, much much less that needed Jewish anything.

You niggers will never be welcome on Zig Forums

Naive, user, naive.
Bet you have at least 5% crypto jewish population. You just dont recognise them.
And yes, Jacinda (from spanish Hiacinta) is sephardic jew.

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Fucking this. It's probably for the best though, since I'm kind of forced not to be a coward.

Same for Switzerland.

They probably thought that if it was Kosher, it would be Halal too.

I drove though the midwest last year wondering why Starbucks still existed. I live in a liberal city, so I'm not shocked to see it here. But it's a wonder some other more aggressive coffee bar hasn't eaten suckbux's lunch.

This is why conservatism has failed. It just relies on liberals to bring them their lattes and big macs. And then proceed to get ridiculously fat so they have to survive off welfare.

Where it should be when a conservative sees suckbux shitting all over their values, he should make his own coffee bar and shit all over liberal values.

I'm truly not shit posting. I am in the united states surrounded by fast food chains, and I absolutely will not eat at any of them.. Under no circumstances do I eat at MC Donald's. You need to look up the odd ingredients they put in their foods.

They literally work to make you even weaker then you already are, considering you eat at fucking McDonalds, your supporting the enemy and he is weakening you evey time you swallow his load.

Once again if you are posting on /pol and consuming mass produced corporate foods you are completely blue pilled on diet. Thus effecting your fitness thus effecting your mental and spiritual fitness. You really have no right to post here. Lurk more.

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This is the truth

Six kiwis already charged for sharing forbidden material. Stay safe out there. Maybe print out the manifesto for samizdat.

Act like you love mudslimes a lot and you just got back from a charity event in the area that was raising money for sandniggers so they won’t spit in your food

more like mcCacca

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And a tranny…look at those fucking teeth.

There is only two fast food outlets I dare to touch, subway (For their subs as a salad with all the veggies possible to have) and Wendy's because all extra everything is free, unlike mcdicks where every slice of lettuce is extra.
That and their mascot is a redheaded blue eyed girl in traditional dress.

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I dont often eat maccas but im def not buying it now. What sacks of shit.

starve the beast. Live simpler and healthier.

I'm seeing a lot of bot posts spammed around here. Be careful anons

Nope, its got lower standard of living, widespread poverty and huge wealth gaps. The population is what remains after anyone with half a brain left and they have been drenched in marxism and neo con propaganda for decades. They are cucked beyond all belief, just as bad as Sweden or the UK in terms of the level of brainwashing and multiculture acceptance. Now that have full police state with ar-15 armed cops everywhere. Its gone boys.