Westminster Holocaust Memorial consultation attracts antisemitic comments

Westminster Holocaust Memorial consultation attracts antisemitic comments

The consultation on plans for a National Holocaust Memorial has attracted antisemitic claims of a "well-funded Holocaust industry" and complaints that Jews are given "special privileges”.
The claims appear online on the planning application to Westminster City Council for the National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre in Victoria Tower Gardens, next to the Houses of Parliament.
Ian Austin MP and Bob Blackman MP, Co-Chairs of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Holocaust Memorial told the JC they were "shocked" to read "antisemitic remarks about Jewish people and the Holocaust."
The former Labour MP, now sitting as an independent, and the Conservative member for Harrow East both called for the Council "to monitor these posts and ensure this type of language is removed straight away."

The same message continues: “Jews only make up 0.5% of the population of the UK and one would expect any memorial to Genocide built in Victoria Tower Gardens to reflect that figure.
Another comment says:”The well-funded holocaust industry could buy a plot of land anywhere in London to erect a memorial centre.”
Another submission said: “I am concerned by the ethnic and religious makeup of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation. There appears to be a grossly disproportionate number of Jews both on the board and Jury of the UKHMF relative to the jew population of 0.5% of the UK population, which appears to be discriminatory, unlawful and racist.”
Another response read: “If jews want a memorial why can't jews build a memorial in the new Jewish Cemetery at Bushey, safe and secure for jews and everyone else and the country saves £100million.

"Westminster council do your duty and protect the kids & tourists & jews. No memorial = no terror attacks on the memorial = no people die. The logic is compelling. “
Mr Austin and Mr Blackman added: "Ignorance and hate have led to horrific crimes throughout history and these posts highlight just how much a new Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre is needed.
"This Memorial and Learning Centre, next to Parliament, will stand as a lasting reminder of the need for each one of us to stand up and tackle prejudice and intolerance wherever and whenever it is found."

On Monday, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis was among those to add messages of support for the £50 million project.
The Chief Rabbi - who was on the panel of judges to pick the preferred memorial design alongside Holocaust survivor Sir Ben Helfgott and London Mayor Sadiq Khan - wrote: “The memorial will act as a permanent reminder of Britain's role in easing the suffering caused by the Holocaust.
“ It will commemorate the time when our nation acted to save and protect Jewish people from persecution and murder and remind us that we should never close our doors to those who need our help. It will also take a sobering look at our continental history, challenging future generations to safeguard our society from the very worst crimes against humanity.
“The memorial will provide a unique reminder of the fundamental responsibility that our democratic institutions share - to stand up for our values, and to cultivate a new generation of engaged citizens that can hold decision makers to account for decades to come."


A Westminster City Council spokesperson said: “It is extremely concerning to find anti-Semitic comments posted on our website. These have now been removed.
“The opportunity for members of the public to comment on planning applications is an important part of the planning process. There are valid arguments for and against any application and comments from the public help us reach informed decisions. However abusive and threatening comments are totally unacceptable.
“We will continue to monitor comments on the website and ensure any anti-Semitic or abusive remarks are removed.


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"Oy vey the goy is wakeing up, better get the anti-semite remarks ready chaim"

What a shitty design.

Jews Rule!! :D

Jews rock! :DDDD

they only understand ugliness, even their "IDF babes" are mostly of mixed foreign genetics.

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Is it a Libeskind? It looks like a Libeskind.

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Every one I have ever seen seems to have the same design criteria.

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Jews are hideous people with hideous souls. Of course their art would be hideous too.

That last one seems more like a tower of babel reference.

Kikes. I fucking hate them.

America has the most Holocaust museums and it was a fucking pawn of the jews then and now.
Not a coincidence. They use them as a sign of dominance over others in their way of using a perceived victimhood as a weapon. Either people wake up to this or are eternally slaves to the jews (with all the sacrifices and rape and more that entails). There’s no middle ground, and there’s little time to act. The only optics that matter are those of the winners who actually write history. They already are demonizing us and constantly pushing White Genocide, they can’t write much worse filth, unlike where we would write the truth.
This world is sickening, and few options remain.

Fucking ridiculous that they want to get rid of this park, this green, natural space right next to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, and put a great big fucking jewish concrete ribcage next to it

Isn't there some image about how jews hate nature and beauty?

And pretty sure this will piss of a lot of normally mild people. I already got a leaflet in my letterbox a couple of months ago campaigning against this bullshit

I'll never understand why anyone would even have holocaust memorials, fucking kikes are the eternal victims ad have to fucking drag everyone else into their kike shit

Zig Forums you are slipping someone post the comments url that has caused all the chaos.

And I like how on the public comments for the Planning Application, they make sure to put a big long wall of text supporting the plan right at the top, and make the page roughly 50/50 pro-against, despite the fact that looking at the total number of comments supporting or objecting, the real proportion is 93:790, so roughly 90% of comments are against

Real unbiased of Westminster City council isn't it. I am sure they are completely neutral and haven't taken any sides whatsoever.

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Just look at modern architecture, it's all jewish and ugly as shit. Kikes have no idea what beauty is because before the west gave them a country they were just desert mud people forever

Goddamn kikes never stop fucking whining, as if they were the only ones ever to get genocided (even though they actually didn't). The bastards even tried to put a Holocaust memorial on the damn moon. Disgusting behavior. And they wonder why nobody likes them.

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I almost wish they'd succeeded putting their bullshit on the moon just so I could go there, smash that shit, and throw it into the void.

>make the horseferry playground better smaller
Seems to be in the middle of a cool park for kids.

Why? the moon already did that

The synagogue of Saturn hates all the Creator's creations and wishes to invert it. Hence, tattoos, piercings, make-up, and all those amenities are proselytized.

Tattoos are fucking gay as shit, no idea why any retard gets them, do the retards who get tats think it makes them look like some kind of badass or something?


A long time ago I asked my brother in law "How did they get boys to wear earrings and girls to get tattoos?"
He told me that was sexist.

Why are all Holohoax memorials so hideous? I remember going to the big Berlin memorial as part of a tour and it was the dullest thing I’ve ever seen, almost a stain. Jews have no sense for art

That's one of the reasons why they spent so much time subverting Western art and replacing it with degenerate niggershit. They couldn't bring their art up to the level of ours, so they brought ours down to the level of theirs.
It's pathological envy.

Well I mean to be fair about earrings those aren't new, faggots in the Elizabethan Era wore them

Forgot the damn picture

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One could find fifty million better things to spend that money on. The only benefit to such memorials is the potential to destroy them at a later date in a visible act of rejection.


Wasn't implying that at all, merely lamenting the wasted opportunity for good.

100% correct, I'd like to see a memorial to holodomor, or one dedicated to all the deaths under communism, right next to one a holocaust one.

It's fine, we just need to get into power and oust the jews like our forefathers did and return to normalcy

Just imagine all the dogging and drug selling that will go on between those slabs.

I mean earrings like my 4th grade teacher wore not one gold loop sailor style. Christian sailors wore one gold loop in case they drowned body washed to shore earring paid for decent christian burial.
Anyway my short answer is media.

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Then we can joyously deface the various memorials before they are demolished into history, like so many worthy structures were in the second world war.


They say we're created in the Creator's image so therefore any alterations is just a slap in the Creator's face. Although, can't really see the actual Creator enraged over trivial things. However, one is able to ascertain the constant hate towards Christianity. If the semites hate it, there must be something there. Just like how they hate nature in its' self. It's natural for a guy to like a girl all that other stuff is programming. Supposedly, you can build the adult by training it before the age of 7. Why would anyone leave their kids with strangers is just asinine(public school). One can see the evil in the details.

They hate nature, nature wildness and greenery is the spirit of the European.
See what became of 'art' when they took over russia. Everything became concrete blocks and squares.
They biologically have very low spatial awareness, so they can not create anything of beauty, it's why the false flag hayl hortler graffiti always looks like a drugged up chimpanzee has drawn it.

The most miserable thought of all, is where we could be as a people if it weren't for this parasite. It is like watching a thoroughbred race horse waste away in its prime because it has an intestinal parasite eating away at it from the inside.
£100 million, could house every single homeless man in london, all of whom are white.

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I remember going on a school trip to a holocaust museum in my country and the memorial for the jewish children was a literal pile of rocks.

Bullshit, the Jews will eternally point out that the British didn't took them in when Hitler wanted to kick out the Jews from Germany and make them a secondhand perpetrator of the Holocaust.
They will eternally hound them with that to give in to their demands and only allow them to see themselves as "saviors of the jews" if they behave like good goys.

what an ugly memorial, who would want this in their city

he's talking about the Israeli moon lander that failed.

50 million pounds for some shitty concrete slabs?
Sounds like someone has plans to pocket most of the cash.

Why does any country on Earth other than Germany have to have a Holocaust memorial – oh, right, cos this has nothing to do eith the Holocaust.

Oh is that true? I never knew that, still others besides sailors wore earrings back then, they also wore some really gay clothes too but that was just the times

Someone post a fucking link of wherever i can leave a nasty fucking comment on whatever dog shit this is

You're welcome, faggets.

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We have a hoax center here (detroitfag) I have always wanted to visit it but my caveat was I wanted to go with a jew. I have never been able to convince any jew I know to attend with me though. I found out when you enter there is a gigantic picture of Hitler on the wall.
Oh my now if I ever get to go and attend just gazing at the great man and triggering everyone near me.

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Holy shit, the Masonic influence here is glowing.

They were 6 million on that rocket, remember the 6 billion that died on the moon

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Obidiah 1:4

How's life in Hell?

jews seriously can't into architecture, that's why all their attempts failed, and it took a white man to build the third templeOS

Just curious, can any bongfags tell if the points of the star are pointing at anything relevant?

hi siege

FWIW anyone that posts they are from Detroit actually just lives near Detroit. I live in Oakland county Detroit is in Wayne county. The hoax center is in W Bloomfield.

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Not realizing this will be known as "the rack of yid ribs"
High iq

Reminds me of Kyle's mom. Damn that kike creator of South Park had his people nailed!

Also, why the fuck does there need to be a Lolocaust memorial in England? England had nothing to do with it. They weren't occupied by Hitler nor did they ally with him. They were a fucking sanctuary state for Christ's sake!

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No not really.
Left and top just pointing towards the air, right is pointing to the river

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Visit it as a Zig Forums mission and post what you find. Wear a kippah if you need to go undercover.
Remove meta data first. You're doing God's work undercover user.

How many WW2 Veteran Memorials have they built in Israel?

None, jews don't care when Christians die

Doesnt really matter at all, as long as they can kvetch about the holofraud and farm some shekels in the process.
Ah, the show that turned a multifarious situation like illegal immigration into a simple catchphrase to indoctrinate an entire generation: Dey tuk our jubs!

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they're supposed to be ugly. the entire purpose of these things is to be disgusting eyesores that mark ownership.

None, because it would be the decent thing to do.

Interesting theory.
It reminds me or what George Orwell said about communist goosestepping. They don't do it *despite* the fact that it looks ridiculous: they do it *because* it looks ridiculous. It demoralises the population by letting them know that no matter how stupid they look, no one can stop them and no one can say anything against them.
Our leaders and influencers remind us every day they they can do and say the most obviously stupid shit and no one will dare to go against it.
It's not a side-effect. It's a tactic.

The sad thing about that episode is that it's not supposed to make fun of the working class people who complain about losing their jobs. It's supposed to make fun of the white-collar workers who spout clichés like "they do the jobs we don't want to do" because they assume that their own jobs are safe.
Randy Marsh is very woke about immigration until a time travelling geologist takes his job for half the pay. At that point he becomes extremely red-pilled.
The audience was too stupid to grasp that point.


I would love to, I am pretty sure picture taking is verbotten though and I would have to rig up stealth secret agent kinda shit and practice first.

Hearty keks there English Scotch Irish 6'/190 I doubt the tribe would believe me in a jew beanie, so was always why I wanted to go with a jew and be a "sponsered goy". That would be the way for me to be an undercover nahtzee.

This could evolve into a new Zig Forums capture the flag event. I could easily beleive there is no picture taking at everyone of the 30 or so hoax centers in the US.

that fucking pic

even a slow death is too good for a kike

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London needs to keep ONE public space the Bobbies keep clear of Muslims and prayer rugs, Muslim thugs and drug dealers. I guess this will be it. :)

I think Christians needs to build a Jesus Christ Memorial in Israel. One that will stand a lasting reminder of the need for each one of us to stand up and tackle prejudice and intolerance blah blah blah

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just remember anytime you see some bullshit about yiddish "words":

they don't have any. yiddish is fucking hebrew ebonics; yids are illiterate.

The holocaust is the justification the brits use for siding with Stalin.

This memorial just says "Look there was a holocaust see, so it was okay that we enslaved half of europe for half a century"

yeah, it's just the fucking chutzpa.after all the suffering they caused for germans they dare to try to steal their names and rebrand them as their own.
I can't even express how much this pisses me off right now.

guess we should let them know that

Here's the holohoax memorial in Miami, Florida.

Ugly and brutal art was one of the planks of international communism. Inflicted on other people, its intention is to break them emotionally and spiritually.

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And yet they have zero excuses for Churchill being a White Supremacist who murdered and genocided millions of their precious pet shitskins and campaigning to 'Keep Britain White'. The Churchill family will be skinned and beheaded in broad daylight once the shitskins find out, the muzzies and poo in loos in GCHQ will murder their colleges, that family, the lords, and the royals for what they've done to them. Serves those muppets right.

That was a fun thread.

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holy fuck, why are these memorials always so ugly?

It never happened

you fags realise its only the 1000s of muslims that are talking shit about the jews and not cuckwristed bongs?

If you want to be an edgy faggot, consider who will get arrested for anti-semitism. It wont be the sandniggers, it will be the whites.
Kindly neck yourself.

Soulless, just like the jews themselves.

This is the only explanation ever needed for these so called "Holocaust" memorials. Recently some US based jewish "architect" proposed another one of these disgusting eyesores to be build in Amsterdam. It would have required cutting down the trees lining a street to build an ugly brick maze serving no purpose other than to stick it to the nonjews living there.


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Throw seedbombs in the memorial grounds. Have a sign saying "Mother nature knows the truth and nothing but the truth."

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Yeah, I'm going to go out on the same limb as others here and guess such a budget isn't actually required. Humiliation is obviously a goal, but what else? Are they laundering money through this project like they do with their 'fine' art purchases?
Wouldn't you know it, the (((woman))) who set our migration policy escaped from Germany - or her family did at least. And this is how they repay their best goyim for handing them Europe on a plate.
Friendly reminder that Scaphism exists just for these people. On another note,

The application comments are here goys, but you need to register to post them


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what are the best plants for doing this? i know kudzu but what else?

No it isn't

Yeah don't see too many memorials to all the Irish and Scots the Brits genocided.

can they come up with a better design?

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Remember the holohoax never happened

So when we dont want our dog to get too hot in the summer or when you would rather not have to deal with dingle berries on it we have these hair clippers…..
ALSO this thing is going to be right next to the river so its gunna be a memorial swimming pool. Also is the lef in the pick a sheer drop off?

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get tech from fasttech or gearbest
learn how to sew
good luck user