Jews keep jewing on our board. Why not fight back?

Fellas, fuck with kikes on their innocent little forums and shit here:

Doxxing, goreposting, holobunga, etc. FUCK EM' UP

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Log in, and start shitposting.

Doxxing or larping as a left wing jew who is against Israel seem to be the most intelligent tactics. We can scare them big time lf we dox a few of them and then threaten them here and on their forum. Shitting on Israel while larping as a jew might provoke interesting reactions.

even Zig Forums has more

Jews are a minority, doesn't mean they don't control the world.

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most discussed subject, only hot topic


Oi vey! De goyim are fighting back?

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Bumping for incoming kvetching

Go shoot up a Synagogue or else you're worthless
Learn to spell doxing you subhuman Amerimutt
Neckbeard detected.

Also just saw the images
Not your personal army and you're probably a kike

No, you're just a lazy nigger. But considering the possibility of what you considered, someone should bring up screenshots of proven jewery on 8ch.

I’m in

I skimmed over those screencaps and I thought I was looking at the TRS forum.

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Yes the IJDF try messing with their staff instead
Since the CIAniggers can only be exposed upon the world for some damage

How do you even plan to do that?
It would be more feasible to dox twitter or facebook accounts than that
Its more plausible that YOU'll get doxxed and swatted for posting there

sure, very useful, they will be able to ask the (((authorities))) for more protection

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The wordfilter is gone, or just on other boards?


What's good anti-jew D&C?

Hammer on the muh poor palestinians fracture point?

This and USS liberty, along with the 5 dancing jews of 9/11

If you mean some good d&c to create conflict within their own sphere, I'd say the "hasidic jews vs. Zionism" thing.

It's not like you're going to get banned INSTANTENOUSLY… Most if not all jewish forums / boards require verified account and are heavily moderated. That being said, I just want to remind you to stay subtle and gentle and avoid obvious shilling that will reveal your true identity and get you banned or if their forums allow VPNs and IP hooping ignore this post wholesome. Daily reminder that gentle subversion is more destructive than obvious shilling.

No one likes paying taxes out the ass to prop up a tiny foreign country in the middle of lands that have been politically unstable since time itself began. Hammer on the issue of paying Israel billions but we can't even get peanuts for real border security.

Exactly this.
The 91 registered members (they're obviously a bunch of nobodies if they have an open forum with a bunch of entry-level debates) will be slightly annoyed for a few hours and no one else will know that the raid happened.
OP wants to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

These are just run of the mill religious kikes discussing their foreskin eating religion. Most of the kikes doing work here are political actors, either part of an ongoing political / propaganda campaign (media members, paid shills from JIDF, glowniggers, etc. - and the big money behind all these forces) and then useful idiot kikes who do it free due to an intense internal need to subvert and destroy, most of these are atheist kikes, Zig Forums and reddit are full of this sort of element. You're going after kikes that have probably never even heard of this place (not that heart my heart bleeds for them or anything, fuck with them as much as you want, but you're not getting anything done politically.)

If only you weren't such a kikechan nigger OP.

Yeah, really, OP needs to find a better forum to subvert.

I like how a proposed raid on a jew board, ended up revealing that this IS the jew board

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Jews fear the shillening

hmm, will Zig Forums allow me to post here, or will they keep blocking me like they have been for the past 4 hours?


Please post hilarious screenshots for keks. I'd love to join in but I've gotta go to bed now.


Go to /baphomet/ if you want help raiding those nickel-sniffers, you faggot.

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Mods REALLY need to start banning racism on here.

That's a nothing forum. Dead af. Much better places to go. This dumb is probably some 'academic' honeypot or faggot OP's shithole on the internet.

do it for KEK

also this

A bunch of nazis need to get into jswipe

It’s a tinder for kikes

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That is an interesting picture, it says ISIS is not true muslim and muslims aren't vandalizing and burning churches, which is currently not true?

Look at Turkey.

damn … i will fuck so man ugly jew queens







this is more like a shills talk to each other thread.
…when you realize jews don't believe in Jesus and it is the end of them for no other reason than the majority of people worship Jesus.

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Nice try schlomo. Go provoke elsewhere.