Chinese Invader Wants "Whiteness" Out Of "Our" Libraries



"I’m a second generation Chinese American and native New Yorker currently living in the Boston area.[b] I’m the Teaching and Learning Program Manager and liaison to the department of Comparative Media Studies/Writing at the MIT Libraries. I believe that social justice work is library work and that we should all be collectively engaged in our liberation.[/b] My current research is on the intersections of Critical Race Theory and Library and Information Science and I speak on a number of topics, mostly related to social justice and libraries, critical pedagogy, and critical librarianship."

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So what? You burn back books of Chinese authors. Sage.

Chinese are pretty good about doing that themselves.

The burning of books and burying of scholars

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

All civilized people recognize book-burning to be perhaps the single most conspicuous hallmark of total fucking ignorance and degeneracy.

So which flavor of sub-mongoloid animal are you?

If anyone actually mentions book burning just accuse them of being a nazi and watch how their own cannibalize them.
Sage for worthless op.

Whiteness is so Jewish. Have agree white DOTR now!

I really hope you don’t think the Nazi book burnings were “barbaric” and “ignorant” when it was the removal of degenerate and subversive communist literature, pornography and pro-homosexual and tranny material. There are plenty of books which need burned in America

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Also the number of books burned by NS dwarves compared to the number of books burned and forbidden by the allied forces in post war Germany

You mean "domesticated" not civilized. Museums and libraries exist to hold the relics of dead civilizations. Everything worth saving is currently in living memory somewhere - and an archive is lost the moment curating was permitted to a foreigner.

If you must attack, don't be reactionary and copy tit for tat. If you want to really fuck up the perception of China, sabotage the delivery of mindless consumer goods and post videos of their cruelty and incompetence.

Book burning is an exercise in futility with the advent of the internet; you would realize this too if you had any cognitive abilities.

The internet is far easier to control than a physical object.

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Solve Jew first. Then I bleach

I’d argue that it can be controlled even easier than rounding up all of the physical books and throwing them in a fire. For normalfags who are tech illiterate you can prevent access to any material you want pretty easily

It works though. Burn a thora or a quran, see semites screech.

The problem with book burning is when the distinction between the mainstream ideas and counterculture becomes muddled and all books that don't agree 100% with a certain idea is when things get the way it is now:Certain ideas and certain viewpoints get suppressed and put under, not allowed to even be discussed in the mainstream; people who disagree with israel for example. In Nazi Germany they allowed discussion about it, beat it in argugment and banned it for good reason. Christians (US) in gerneral burned probably more books then anybody else.

It's already controlled. Most countries rely on the US for internet, only russia "got their own internet" *cough*.

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Jakov detected.

I see its a habit too. Definitely a Jakov.

This is good though. The goal is to destroy your enemies and suppress them. Of course we protest against getting suppressed ourselves but the goal is to ultimately turn the tables and stamp out the degeneracy


But blinded why you bother to respond?

No I disagree, it's not a sign of ignorance at all. It's an intelligent function of a highly politicized society, it's only a morally wrong action in a democratic society since they openly espouse the view that the individual should have the right to speak and express their thoughts. Also, it isn't illegal to burn books, in any country. However I don't think a librarian should have the authority to destroy public resources for any reason.

I think you are being slightly unfair in criticizing China here, they do not follow Western customs and they are not a democracy so destruction of information that contradicts their state ideology is necessary to maintain stability. Just like in order to maintain stability in a democracy you must allow freedom of speech. This is why hate speech laws are so dangerous.

This only applies in a non-democratic society. The reason we have democracy is so that everyone can share their views freely. Obviously there is a problem with our democracy which is why more people are leaning towards other systems of government now. Democracy only works everyone is tolerant of others and has the right to speak freely.

But that's censorship and censorship is always wrong.

It's only censorship in a democracy. In a socialist state it's information control for the benefit of the people.

True democracy admits inherent failure by allowing future votes. Circumstances change, just like opinions.

You would be wrong. Amazon even "burned" some digital books recently.
Want some examples?

Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are still available for purchase. Nice hypocrisy.
Just do it or not do it instead of double standard pretense.

And look at those retards saying this in 2010, Amazon refused to take down a book defending pedophilia on first amendment grounds. “Amazon believes it is censorship not sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable.”

Oh yeah, forgot about them banning Confederate flag.

Democracy is rule of the Jews through the masses, who condition the people to vote for their chosen kosher candidates through the means of the media, education and popular culture. A system so shitty where the votes of two idiots outweigh those of one educated man, a system where one can vote on things he has no personal knowledge on, a system where the opinion of the masses are taken as sacred! The masses have never been honored for their genius

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Democracy is corrupted by the strongest tribe. You said Jew. I agree

I don't believe in censorship, but I do believe in purging what is parasitic from society. You strongly desire homosexual porn; you are unfit to live. I don't need to control INFORMATION if I control PARASITIC BEHAVIOR. You want to rape kids? You are exterminated…thus the information is limited by controlled behavior.

$75,000 per year to teach this? Sold. Capitalism is so based. There is a market for theories that say all your problems are caused by rich white people. Don't miss this great opportunity, goyim.

Purge the parasite is fundamentally moral

Also the NatSoc book burnings were more of a ritual to purify than actually trying to destroy information as after the invention of the printing press, destroying information in that way shows to be ineffective. Adolf Hitler knew you can't destroy ideas but you can through ritual remove the hold the bad ones have on you and thus the populace. Rituals are very important.

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That’s censorship and there’s nothing wrong with that. Muh freedumbz taken to their logical conclusion is nothing but anarchy. Censorship is necessary for a stable and prosperous society.

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Book burning is to draw attention

I think it would be better if people fought for real democracy which tolerates even 'extreme' opinions rather than national socialism. Dismantling the mass media back into smaller companies is also important, it's too significant a threat to democracy to allow so much control to a small group of individuals. Breaking them up into smaller businesses would not impact the freedom of the press, in fact it would strengthen it and allow greater diversity of opinions. A greater diversity of opinion would lead to greater tolerance.

We are talking about this in the META; information must never be censored.

Hello rabbi. Read

It's amazing how asians go from based rooftop snipers and giggly geishas in the first generation to the most insufferable SJW faggots in the second. Asian women in particular who grow up in white lands all hate white men.

Yet most of them prefer white men to their own kind. And some anons think it's okay to racemix with Asians. Terrible.


Just start a petition to burn all these (((white authors))) and let these insects redpill themselves.

i would just like to add that the nazi book burnings were symbolic, the books themselves were still legal, so was degenerate art (there were even government funded "degenerate art" exhibitions which families would visit on Sundays).
There was never any censorship, the state just labelled certain styles of art literature and music "degenerate" - and for degenerate artists life became increasingly restrictive, to the point where most went into exile.
The nazi propaganda ministry was never afraid of ideas, they tackled them head on in a very open way. it is the bolsheviks that try to bury ideas because their propaganda is intellectual swiss cheese and thus has to rely on the threat of force.

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This isn't the fucking 19th century anymore you mongoloid, you can get digital books

You are a child or a leftist.

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Burn all Marxist work is not anti-intellectual, in the same way as burning pornography is not an attack against the science of biology.

Remind me when the Swiss held a popular vote on which specific fighter jet to buy.
When less than 0.1% of any poüulation can fly a fucking Cessna.

Muttmocracy is a cruel joke.

Genuine academic research and library work is as far away from social justice as pork is to being kosher. These cushioned, pampered and artificially elevated minorities are nauseatingly predictable; obsessed with destroying the very system that enabled their worthless selves to rise above the limits of their own kind.

this is the same way that the chinks hide and have destroyed all traces of white history in the area known as china

How the fuck is this an English statement? Imagine if this was a description of your work. Shoveling shit off the shit truck has more inherent dignity and utility. I admire shit shovel technicians, in contrast with this.

Christ, I hope I live to see these people try justifying their lives with guns pointed at their heads. I'd just love to hear what an intersectional researcher/information and library science professional has to say to earn her ration coupons in the New Era.

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I've heard Heinrich Heine was banned though. Don't tell me that's Kike Lie #6 million I have to go back in my memory and re-edit. I've done that too much; the past is recalled like a fishnet by now, what with the Jewish tricks getting cut away.

It is deliberately over complicated language designed to give a respectable academic credibility to what is essentially inferior people bitching about their superiors.

Friendly reminder that chink shills like yourself will be hanged side by side with your kike parasite brothers

possession of heinrich heine was not illegal. However certain jewish works were not available in public libraries. University libraries still stocked all sorts of degeneracy.
When the war with russia started the public mood became quite sombre, because it was life or death. all of europe was at stake.
during the war with russia, anti war activism such as flyering, would get you imprisoned and possibly hanged. the prosecution would definitely be aiming for capital punishment.
During those years defeatism was seen as enemy activity, it was treated much more seriously than any kind of sexual degeneracy or organized crime. Things got quite strict during that time.

She talks about white people as if we're a psychopathic race of thieves and murders that poison everything we touch. She says white people only want to continue being white to keep our "privilege" as she hypocritically ignores the cushy position she acquired by being an asian SJW. East asians in general seem more loathe to jump on the POC train than others, but when they do, they become the most bloodthirsty supporters of it.

Kek and once again it's a gook girl. Why are there retards who shill for them here?

I remember an article maybe by Jared Taylor since he lived in Japan explaining this mentality and it's because whites only keep cucking in favour of violent savages over the hardworking and law abiding minorities and they resent whites for it. They're not wrong.

I want homeless niggers out of our libraries. Too many use it as a drop in center.


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It took me a few tries to read past 'social justice' which is a sort of intellectual aposematism. You can tell whomever pursues such study is only interested in destroying history.

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The absolute state of MIT today…


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