Genetics and Personality

Necessary blog: I've always been one to defy authority, since I was very young. I don't like others telling me what to do. Part of this fueled my fascination of pirates and all things to do with it. I also love history and philosophy. My favorite games are grand strategy games.

Well recently, I've been doing some research into my family history, and found that I am a direct descendant of Daniel Morgan, a Revolutionary War general, and through him also Henry Morgan. What really struck me was that both of these people shared similar personality traits, and I just so happened to love these things above all others.

This really makes you wonder, how much of your personality is caused by your genetics? This could explain many things, not just IQ being related to genetics but genetics being related to every aspect of your personality. Studies have also shown that events from your previous ancestors get coded in your DNA (aka, one of your ancestors nearly drowned, now you fear the ocean).

So my question is, do any anons here have similar experiences with ancestors?

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Here you go, my nig.

It is the blood that runs through your veins that determines who you are.

What we do does not only shape ourselves, but all generations to come. Because my ancestor fought in the Revolutionary War, and his descendant was also a Confederate General, John Hunt Morgan, I am now someone who fights against the powers that be for the white race.

I think this is significant, not trying to talk about myself, but for all of us. I think our ancestors determine every thing about our personality that circumstance does not directly dictate.

And most importantly, it then seems that what you do in this life echoes through eternity in your descendants.

I'd also like to add, this is probably the reason the Jews are the way they are.

When they were cursed for what they did to Christ, they become conniving, plotting thieves, intent on destroying the world. One wonders how they could do such things, and I think it is entirely in their blood. That is why people with even distant Jewish relatives have a cunning and twisted nature. I also wonder how much this plays into homosexuality.

Well, maybe your ancestors had the same genes for being rebellious like you do, this is the most plausible for me at least. You basically inherited those same traits, I don't know about inherited experience though, could be a faulty causality and more of a correlation.

This thread may have had potential but now you cursed it to be a christcuckoldry thread. Even your own logic went from genetics to a magical curse. Christcuckoldry knows no boundaries.

Ask yourself, how could you possibly be a rebel when you still worship a jew? Anyone who's already redpilled themselves already knows that the story of (((jesus))) is one of the longest running victim narratives the jews ever pulled and is far more successful than the holohoax. They took a story about a rabbi who may or may not have ever existed, and made judaism 2.0 out of him, and targeted the roman empire with it until their subversion allowed them to have political influence. What a curse that is.

Oh look, another retarded paganfag. Let me guess, you're the guy that keeps posting (((YHWH))). Now fuck off and go ruin the 1000s of shill's threads instead.

I mean, everybody in France and Germany is a descendant of Charlemagne/ Karl the great. I can trace my ancestry back into the 13th century, due to my noble forefathers. Of the ones that I definitely know about, I have my great grandfather, Egon Von Eickstedt, a very educated man that helped found racial anthropology and co-authored the Nürnberg Laws. My great grandfather on the other side was Albert Bormann, Martin Bormann's Brother. My grandfather was a major in the SS. Both sides of my family have been well off for a long time, my parents are also well paid CEOs.

I'd argue against that, but Christianity nowadays is "cursed" as well. You better not turn this into an eternal "no u" discussion.

DNA changes over the life time of many organisms including humans. You have a whole host of mechanisms in your body that try to prevent your DNA from changing, but they are not perfect.

Could their be a spiritual link to it? Like having children is someform of medium for you after you yourself die?

No need to invoke genetic autism, the principle that traits are passed down from parents to sons is enough to understand it's perfectly possible that personality is in potency linked with that of the ancestors.
Which "genes" may be a sign of that is hardly relevant or in any case easy to quantify, especially since personality is one of those things that by their own nature are hard to put into a simple system as positivists would like to do, especially with sort of brute force methods like association studies.

I myself not only just look a lot like my young father(so much that old ladies in my town often called me with my father's name) but essentially grew up to think like him politically without too much direct influence. He usually never spoke about politics or forced me in any way towards the right, yet it happened, particularly during my university period when I was far from home without his influence.

Christ was the original anti semite, he and eleven of the apostles were Galilean, only Judas was Judaen, what a coincidence.
Why are Jews so resentful of Christ if he's their golem?
Read Urantia

My ancestors were all savage hillbillies and puritan zealots going back to the original settlers. Now I long for the wooded hills and to wage holy war.

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Oh, I fucking love this topic! Here's a quick intro to inherited temperaments and neurotransmitter makeups:
You can see how different ethnicities, even within europe, are observably different from eachother in terms of how nervous, impulsive, or socially interdependent they are. Just like with skeletal structure and skin/hair coloration, personalities of peoples are uniform when looked at as a whole.
Etc. I think inter-ethnicity mixing is what fuels a lot of child abuse, as incompatible people reproduce and react to their alien children in a way which damages their development. It's more subtle a problem than flat-out racemixing, as most people think nothing of blending "white" with "white." Amerimutt is a useful meme for pointing that out.

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Many polacks have the sorts of genes, early childhood experiences and resulting brain damage (with associated cognitive differences) discussed in this video

Part of being that way is not noticing that you're an oddball (for decades), even though most people you meet will figure it out in minutes or weeks, of only due to things like eye contact, affect, etc.

That's fairly common knowledge (to non normies), but I think the link goes a LOT deeper. Research shows that memories of our ancestors are stored in our DNA, and affect every aspect of our existence. And to why I think it goes deeper, is because Daniel Morgan existed 200 years ago, and Henry Morgan 400 years ago. Two very very distant relatives, both manifested in my behaviors and desires. Forests and hills do nothing for me, but I love the ocean, and storms, things which Henry Morgan would have become accustomed to. Plus a whole host of numerous other traits I share with him, and very few that I don't.

Sure, traits have a very rare chance of manifesting themselves over generations, but I think it's of a different nature; A spiritual nature. it is almost as if a reincarnation of sorts. That's why I find this so fascinating.

I haven't watched much of the video, but I'm talking about genetics not brain damage.

That's always what kikes call natural adaptation which they can't control or predict. Get fucked glownigger.

Personality is 60% or more heritable.

This. These faggots conveniently ignore John 8:44 which calls "Jews" the sons of the Devil. Along with Revelations 2:9 and Revelations 3:9 which exposes the "Jews" as fake "Jews" as the synagogue of satan.

Psychfag undergrad here. Yes personality has been established to be partially heritable. Some studies have shown up to 80% heritability.

If you want to learn more I would suggest looking at studies of adopted children. In these cases children often take on personality traits more common with their biological parent rather than their adopted ones.

(Pic related)

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How does this explain an ancestor from 400 years ago having nearly all the same traits as you? Pure coincidence? I know psychologists (even more so psychiatrists) are fucking retards but you can't possible expect there to be not even a sliver of spiritual significance to it.

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Maybe it's the whole horoscope effect, what they've done and who they were is a bit ambiguous and you can just project your own experiences and personality onto them, since you want it to be true.


History an philosophy is only a sideshow. We like to integrate that. My anchestors, particularly my grandmother and my grandfather from my fathers were the most dureable and most robust human beings on the planet. They knew how to suffer, and the other side knew how to dance.

I'm the raw output of the fusion of my parent's DNA, who carried the genetic information of countless ancestors. This output was then filtered by my environment, nutrition, and toxins. I can act as the greatest advocate of my unique perspective of the world, or as an example of what should be despised.

And i m just like them just a magnitude harder, and i absolutely love that shit.

Even online noone takes you seriously.

So, I was adopted at infancy. Idk how many other anons here can relate, but I do have a lot of personality differences from my adoptive parents. I was also bottle fed as an infant rip. How fucked am I?

they never think for themselves so they heed every word of a sperg hermit who murdered his white bandmate. imagine throwing away your salvation and the beliefs of your grandparents, because some degen pagan LARPer told you to lmaooo

True That!


step back from the individual, apply to populations, put on the evolutionary scale, and you get the difference between great civilizations and barely civilized people who can't close the gap no matter how much help they get

look into the group, between men and women, and you'll see who's fit to be king and who isn't

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This is a good thing.

And for better or worse, your upbringing probably has minimal effect.

"Their study also shows that this trait is 50 per cent inherited."

The study you read literally claims otherwise though. There is a correlation, most definitely, but environment is not "minimal". You will also find that among people with mental illnesses, most if not all of them have dealt with severe trauma in their life that caused it. Would you say Vietnam veterans with PTSD had their mental illnesses caused by genetics? Please.

In the OP post I stated that I think there is a big affect on our ancestors' lives and ours, but it was based on a spiritual idea of shared experiences, not merely genes. Unless you believe life experiences alter you and your semen's DNA very narrowly, or you are making a case for epigenetics.

And the actual study linked states very clearly that there is a correlation but not exactly causation:

This is that same "I sufferink from da holohoax goy" generic memory bullshit.

It's called genetic determinism. Your genetics are a framework for response. You're part program,and part experience.

If your ancestors were weak subservient cucks. You're likely going to be a weak subservient cuck.

Are you regretful that your ancestors were not up to snuff?

Then the question remains as to whether environment shapes and alters what you become, and what exactly causes people of differing temperaments to act the way they do.

Is it because of genetic mutations, or epigenetics? Do remember that our ancestors' memories are recorded in their DNA and ours.

It determines which genes get passed on.

Epicgenics and genetic memory are pretty much bullshit science fiction. Your genes don't record what is going on outside the cells. If they did fighting cancer would be a mutation away. Raising Afri an and Semitic IQ would be as easy as triggering the correct chromosome

Having a person with Northern Euro DNA actually be able to tolerate the equatorial regions easily wouldn't require air conditioning.

I'll dump some relevant studies

Attached: Human_Biological_and_Psychological_Diversity_(2017)_by_Bo_Winegard,_Benjamin_Winegard_&_Brian_Boutwell.pdf ( The Evolutionary Dominanc….pdf)

Not an expert, but I personally think that because epigenetics is discovering that your genes change based on your lifestyle and environment, and because genetics play a huge role in your personality etc., that both your ancestors and your environment both shape your DNA, which shapes you.
Since the biohacking scene successfully employs CRISPR-CAS9 to modify their genes, and since it actually affects their bodies, I think that epigenetics also affects you directly, in addition to your descendants.
This means that a childhood trauma and unhealthy foods can theoretically affect your future body condition on a genetic level, as well as your offspring's well-being.
On a side note, I heard that there are many dominant genes waiting to be "activated" by certain types of events, which then modify your body/mind (sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently).

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cavalli-sforza doc is difficult to read but I don't have an alternative copy of it

You are a malfunction.
Duty and liberty are always at odds, they are conceptually at odds - duty is innate obligation, liberty is freedom from 'unjust' obligation.
You were raised in such a way as to espouse an unhealthy predisposition toward liberty over duty, and thus, when authority would attempt to motivate you to uphold your duty, you would reject it.
You are a malfunction.


A lot.
In truth, your personality is the product of your physiology, your physiology dictates your psychology, and your psychology dictates your behavior. And your physiology is the product of your genetics.

That's retarded pseudoscience.

One of my ancestors was a Mennonite Bishop from Switzerland.
Apparently, he pissed off the Vatican so much, they first imprisoned him in the castle at Thun in 1659, then sent an expedition out to capture him, so he fled in 1671.
To Greisheim, Germany. With his wife, and seven children.
He came to be known as "The Exile".
He met William Penn in the year 1677 and heard of the plans for Pennsylvania.
In Germany, the nobles found his rhetoric appealing, to such a degree that when the Vatican's forces arrived and said "Give him to us", they responded with "Come and take him, if you can".
He lived for years in a well-appointed dungeon, with his family.
Eventually, the German nobility could hold out no longer. They helped his son escape to the US.
There, they settled in what would become Pennsylvania, were granted lands by William Penn himself.
His son, who shared his name, came to be known as "The Pioneer".
In 1717, my ancestor was given about 500 acres by the Penns. He was a farmer, a weaver, and a preacher.
In 1718, he expanded his territory into the wilderness, acquiring another 200 acres of land, and eventually purchased another 700 acres from a French Indian trader.
The New Danville Mennonite Church was built upon some of this land.
Therein, my ancestors lived peacefully with the red-skins, and it was said:
This remained so, until the Paxtang Boys brutally murdered the redskins in the year 1763.

Pics related: The lands my ancestors came from, the lands they came to, and what they built there.

I find myself very disheartened by the modern form of christendom, and I have little doubt that my commentary would arouse the ire of the christian church sufficiently to seek my life if they were able to achieve such covertly.

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I'll stop bumping now

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I would say there is a spectrum of susceptibility, most assuredly, which is genetic in origin.

Granted, environment certainly plays a factor - but your genetics dictate how susceptible you are to your environmental stimuli.

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5th attachment, VNTR2 - MAOA repeats influence aggressive behaviors

Thank you user.

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Are you trying to irk me (probably for my "Christcuck" post)? From your very post you are of the same predisposition, you also assume that I'd prefer liberty over duty, very sweeping accusations.

My pleasure, user. I've got more, just wanted to gauge interest. So few people post on >>>/pdfs/ that it can seem like a waste of time over there.

This wasn't going to be one until you had said something. Now I feel obligated to talk to your (you)'s about their arguments

What is it about christcucks and being so self important about your religion you think this. Jews have existed long before him, just as people have been counter semites long before as well.
But I thought Judeans were white while it was the Edomites who were the jews? Get your theories straight, because every christian poster here has a different headcanon as to why Jesus isn't a jew.
It's been stated plenty of times before, he's considered a race traitor. Still an actual and spiritual semite, just not in the mainstream way most jews would prefer.

Sage for getting off topic

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pic related is from Bruce Lahn, a chink geneticist who runs the Human Genetics dept at U Chicago. He's done 15-20 studies on recent human neurological evolution and was quickly blackballed by the (((academic establishment.))) He discovered a handful of brain development regulators, influencing everything from proportionality, interconnectivity and overall volume. He also demonstrated that these alleles are distributed "unevenly" across populations, which was his political downfall. Turns out there's hard evidence for why our brains are shaped and wired differently than sub-saharans, and believe it or not but certain people were uncomfortable with the idea.

He mostly publishes research focused on mice these days.

I'll dump what I have of his work if there's any chance someone will actually download and read it.

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Your genes don't change. Which are dormant and active can change, but that requires trauna or a lot of conditioning.

What your saying is nonsense.

I can't imagine someone being this stupid.

Epigenetics ≠ CRISPR
The latter is essentially a way to manually direct mutation, as opposed to "breeding in" to a group with a certain allele or simply waiting thousands of years in the hope that the mutation will happen of its own accord. The mechanistic crossover with the field of epigenetics is nonexistent.

That user is speaking in the context of a single generation. One individual's genetic code is not going to meaningfully change over the course of their life, barring extreme EM exposure or radioactive decay exposure, and even in those two cases the changes are localized and don't necessarily affect the next generation.

You forgot stem cell therapy.

Apologize if I missed anything, but is it possible to change these genes in yourself? I've been practicing neurogenesis and raised my IQ from 132 to 137, but I am interested in finding out if there's anyway to enhance yourself, so to speak.

That's literally epigenetics dimwit.

That is true, but gene expression can be altered, and it still does not explain how one can inherit most if not all of the traits of an ancestor from 400 years ago. Unless sheer odds come into play, and extremely rare at that, there surely must be another component that we aren't looking at that leads to such traits.

Irk you? No. Am I trying to comment on your commentary? Yes.

Not really, no. I don't mind people telling me what to do, depending on the context.

Its not an assumption, its based upon your own commentary ala

You don't like others telling you what to do, which means you prioritize liberty over duty, because in many cases, those telling you to do something were trying to instill in you to uphold, or demand you uphold, your duties. You didn't like that.

There is no indication that such is actually what transpired, based on what I've seen thus far.

Stem cells still can't cure genetic diseases.

If you're referring to Bruce Lahn's work, no, I don't believe so. Theoretically you could use CRISPR to splice in the microcephalin/ASPM variants that he isolated – assuming you don't already have them, which if you've got an IQ in the ballpark of what you say you do is pretty likely – but these genes are most relevant during embryonic and childhood development. Neuroplasticity in adulthood is as yet very poorly understood, and I can't confidently speak to what the unanticipated fallout of refashioning a grown man's brain regulators would be.

What sort of traits?

You assume why I like that and fail to realize that your very ancestor did the same exact thing.

You and I wouldn't be on here if not for a sense of duty against tyranny. Unless you individually looked case by case of why I defied such authority you would have no ability to assume such things.

My ancestors stood up to royalty in Scotland and lost their nobility, fought as a captain in the Revolutionary War, warred with the North and suffered the consequences of Sherman’s March to the sea, and have served in the military every generation until my father and I, as we are both very aware of Israel’s Wars.
My family has always historically stood against tyranny against that which has threatened to change them. My family has always defended its beliefs with gusto.

I can feel the surging in my veins to overthrow these shackles that seek to clasp themselves onto the limbs of my descendants forever. Never has the motive to fight for the side of good been so clear as it is now. Never have the stakes been so high. For centuries, even millennia, our folks have wrestled with this enemy that has improved its strategies over the generations until now the European peoples are reaching another bottleneck.

On the subject of meta genetics, and there possibly being a spiritual aspect of our experiences shaping our DNA, I’ll refer to the Well of Wyrd. My understanding of the Well, is that each race has a collective memory established by common ancestors and historically shared experiences, and that your subconscious thought is somewhat an expression of the conscious thoughts of your ancestors. And your conscious thought will someday be the subconscious thought of your children. Something to provide an inner dialogue, rather than inner monologue.

You're doing the lords work, user

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Bruce Lahn dump in no particular order

Attached: bruce lahn aspm 2004.pdf (bruce lahn accelerated evo….pdf)

Attached: bruce lahn aspm microcephalin not explained.pdf (bruce lahn x chromo evol s….pdf)

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A man is nothing more than a compilation of his ancestor's genes


I wish I can trace back my ancestry.

Genetic lines are important when it comes to other races.

~id say 99.99% of it.
t. grandparents each have chromosomes with distinct enough traits to make it incredibly easy to tell which chromosomes my parents, their siblings got, and from which ones i and my siblings got.
voice, behavior, physiological characteristics. it's all there. people who have been around us can see it, and during family gatherings we've talked about it and pretty much came to the conclusion that it's gene related.

i didn't get any proofreading genes though holy shit.

A significant portion. The process of domesticating animals is proof positive of this and has been known for centuries. We breed animals based on physical traits we want them to inherit, but also based on behavioral traits we want them to inherit. A breed of animal is considered domestic or wild based on our progress in using eugenics to mold the behavioral characteristics of that breed of animal.

Not going to start a free-will/religion argument, but if you take a materialist view of the universe, there is no possible argument the fact that this behavioral genetic inheritance works the same way in humans that it does in other animals. Our behaviors are absolutely altered and affected by life experiences, socialization, etc, but at the same time, those can only alter our behavior within the genetic framework we were born with.


Have you politically obedient chaps made peace with the fact that race is a social construct yet? Because if not…
Expectations shape reality a la the placebo effect. For that matter, have you ever looked into paranormal studies? Study designers who believe in effects run studies apparently identical to study designers who disbelieve in effects, and achieve small positive findings. Study designers who disbelieve in effects find a null. So are humans actually psychic, or are paranormal events socially constructed?
Race is like a paranormal effect stretching across generations. We don’t know for sure that race actually exists because genetic and epigenetic factors have been heavily shaped by subtle (and often also unsubtle) social impacts. Raceslaves have always tried to achieve hierarchical conformance of race in defiance of a fully reciprocating ethic. In the process, they damaged themselves somewhat and their victims moreso.
Limited mate selection opportunities combined with epigenetic stressors did in fact create an inferior population with a higher rate of mental and physical challenge! Sucks, but it’s true. We do not live in a perfect world. Yet it is our responsibility day by day to make the world more perfect, and one of the ways we can do that is by ameliorating the historic deficits that squandered human potential.

I haven't researched my family lineage as much as I'd like to, but I can tell you that my dad has a rebellious personality and is always questioning the narrative of things. My mom is a very altruistic and honorable person. I'm happy to say that I've inhereted both of these traits from them.

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I have had these exact same thoughts. I have some semi-distant Jewish ancestry and I often wonder how it affects my behavior. Is my pettiness, frugality and short temper a result of my partial Jewish heritage? Is the reason I don't get along well with anyone and have no friends due to my Jewish genetics? I often look for subversive behavior in my daily actions. So far I don't have much opportunity for subversion because I have very little power, even in my work. I work as a general laborer so there's not much place to deviate. But perhaps if I were given power I would quickly become a typical Jew.

But for now I simply wish to save up some money to live out my days in isolation on a rural off-grid property. I wonder if that desire in itself is a result of my Jewish genetics or my goy genetics fighting to stamp out the evil that flows through my veins.

My sister's personality is like my dad's and mine is like my mom's.

Weird, mine is the same. I have a mix of both, but my moms side is much stronger I think.

You've probably heard of xenoestrogens by now, chemicals that mimic the effects of estrogen in humans, but you probably haven't heard that some xenoestrogens can have epigenetic effects. Meaning that being exposed to them doesn't just affect you, but it's also passed down when you have children, and maybe even to theirs.

Average testosterone levels in men have been dropping since the Industrial Revolution and nobody is really sure why. I think this is a big part of the puzzle, since then we've polluted our seas and skies with shit that makes us weaker, our food and water are filled with and stored in shit that our bodies hate, and we wash ourselves and our clothing with things that alter our hormones and then go on to contaminate the water supply. It's fucked.

Here's an article on those epigenetic effects.

There also comes a stage when we should consider whether or not we were our ancestors, through a past incarnation. The work of Dr.Ian Stevenson showed that reincarnations can often take place in the same family, and usually the same nation and race. It’s possible that we carry ancestral memories as our own souls memories, stored in the aetheric realms

Descended from Lord Bulwer-Lytton. Some really specific patterns of behaviour that don't really extend much outside the first sphere on my maternal side, like being interested in weird shit like aliens and numbers stations, for example I learned a couple of years ago that my grandfather was fascinated too by the Rubaiyyat, though he died when I was still a child. We'll know the same music, watch the same films, read the same books; even though we were all very geographically isolated from each other growing up. And still are. Environment shapes how our genetically determined theoretical potentials are used [or squandered].

Very clever.
Why don’t you want to be joyful, user?
I’m retarded and don’t know how to embed.
Link is to a video covering the roots of most every great ancient civilization and European culture through the hardly talked about Scythians.

Genetic Memory can plausibly explain my affinity for certain ideals and behaviors. Recurring themes that seem to predate all history. My family descends from Templars, so I wonder what else I can learn…

imagine thinking all pagans follow that retard.
Really man the things you guys convince yourselves of.

Got to prove it first son. You need to be tested to claim this.

Unless Daniel Morgan was a big flaming homo that sucked eleven cocks a day I dont think your theory holds up, OP.

The jews are what they are due to genetics just like we are what we are due to genetics.
Fuck off with your retarded magical thinking; you think that shit's gonna fly just because you invoke christianity and anons will support you for that?
I'm glad you fucking christfags are pretty much extinct outside of America.
ooooooo i invoke a curse upon you by the power of YHWH and his son yeshua
you sound like a fucking witch doctor dude

I don't listen to Varg, but I'd still listen to the word of a WHITE sperg hermit who murdered his saami, thus not white, and communist bandmate over a LITERAL JEWISH RABBI.
My grandparents weren't even christian. christianity has been dying for a long time in many places outside of america.

checkin' those dubs. Op would reject identity politics for muh defiance even if it is the only thing it will save him.