White Man Charged with Burning Three Black Churches in Louisiana influenced by Varg

Suspect in Church Burnings Influenced by 'Black Metal' Music, Police Say, But Not All Black Metal is the Same

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Continued 2
Incidents of arson linked to NSBM

Trend of recent incidents impacting the black community


Baste pagan/jew/moslem, kill varg and own his clan by rape backed up with murder. .. Or come back to Christ plz

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While I see no real use in burning churches and there is a lot of faggotry going on in the black metal scene NSBM has turned out to be a quite successful recruiting tool for the extreme right in Europe.

Looks like a neckbeard pagan judging from most of the pics of him. He's also the son of a deputy sheriff lmao

A pagan is an atheist without the fedora


The boomers did this

This is all so tiresome.

Based. Varg better make a video honoring him




Matthews burnt down nigger churches, read faggot

Christianity is anti-white

A biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig one.

Anti Christian is anti White and so is White Nationalism.

Kill yourself zeemaps meetup boomer fed kike kikestian shill.

kek, he actually looks like one of those meme fedora atheists.
are memes real now?

Holy shit, what a sperg.

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NSBM is good for recruitment. But linking to SPLC…. Seriously OP.

Typical Pagan larper


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the point is just like athiests these cucks are just kikes in disguise because they'll never attack any other religion no matter how much they claim to, you'll never hear it. They're just jews, because a jew is the only one who gets this assblasted whenever someone mentions Christ

"Christ" was a dead jew.

Why you make duplicate thread? Already have one at


Almost forgot Pic related

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Anime is degenerate and you should neck yourself

Ah, wondering when the "dead jew on a stick" meme would show up

Good for him. Dodged the hate crime charges. Well played.

user is just mad about muh kiketiantiy.

Pagan larpers are basically just kikes

They actually accomplish things themselves instead of just praying for god to do it?

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The ABSOLUTE madlad.
What're you guna do about it christniggers?

Literally the same thing

Why do you cucks always do this. *sigh* he should of killed jews instead of muslims, he should of killed jews instead of niggers. Who have you killed?

absolutely baste

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wow what a massive faggot. are there any pagans who aren't cringe??? lol


Reminder anyone not a jew worshiper is considered a pagan.

This would be more fitting you cunt.

The etymology of the word pagan comes from paganus meaning rural, of the countryside, peasant, etc. The rootless cosmopolitan Christians of the degenerate cities used this term to refer to the rural people not tricked by this Jewish cult.

Yes you kike, because Christians don't ever work or do anything right? OH, wait, that's right, they gave you a civilization that you feel like just burning to the ground because you're a worthless faggot

No, nigger, European men made this civilization. Get it right.

The etymology of heathen also is a word created by Abrahamics to distinguish those who did not subscribe to their beliefs, from that of the old Norse word “heiðr” for “heath”, or open clearings/groves. But the original meanings for “heiðr” more accurately described “brightness”, “clear, cloudless sky”, and “shine.” This also applies to other things, such as spiritual illumination, and perhaps most importantly, “honor”.

Christians are those born with original sin.
Heathens are those of inherent honor.

Standard spotface edgelurd dumbfuck, and now on the government dole, just like his welfare leech hero. Bonus points for the retarded larpagan getting niggers brand new cherch bildinz from the insurance company.

How can I 'come back' to something I was never a part of?
I wasn't raised to be a jew.

>b-b-b-but you don't know anything about it except what (((christians))) told you!
As though I need a book to tell me what the Gods want from a Man.

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"Point and edge will share all men's inheritance, now that the sword-age cuts sharply upon us."

doesn't exactly sound like good news does it?

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¨>The Face of LARPagans
Following the teaching of a literal Whigger KEK.

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The hatred and vitriol which only a philosemite can muster.

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Yes it is.

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Christian vs. Pagan Whites…OY VEY goys are so stupid

lol looks like the cliche basementfag pic just without glasses



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It's really just kikes arguing with kikes now

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0.25 sheckel deposited.

Yeah, It's Atomwaffen all over again. Boring. Get a new playbook, D&C kikes.

that track isn't a meme though

First, he didn't kill any whites. Second, he burned negrosemitic institutions. Third, most churches in the US are ugly modern eyesores and deserve the torch. Fourth, white christians need to take their brothers into their churches, in this their hour of need.

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Imagine being this mad over HISTORICALLY BLACK CHURCHES begging burned. LMAO You nigger loving faggots. Go back to Reddit.

You dumb, kike. Western Civilization was built on the foundations of Greco-Roman Civilization, which was at its height before Christianity's introduction to Europe. Or do you think everyone was living in caves and chucking spears before Christ? So many dumb fucks on Zig Forums these days.


It's a no from me, he's atmoshit and ambient.

No, all those 'hate', labels are used for a very specific purpose: to incite hate from the general public and direct it against the targets of the jews. The buzzword repetition is a very effective psychological technique. It is not being done simply because these people are uninspired and lack creativity; it is being done because it works.

Glad to see that the press remained impartial with the choice of headline like they did when the nigger threw a white child from the building.

Go back to your reddit safe space hugbox.

False, it was built on Christian values and sacrifices. PAGAN larp fags are niggers because only a nigger would be this fucking dumb and worthless

Christians are kikes

It was built on European values. You honestly think Europe would be a third world pit of savagery without Christianity? Holy fucking shit you're delusional. The values the European man holds are in our blood, not in the pages of some desert fairy tale.

stfu retard you low life useless tool, end it and leave us

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Praise tell ONE time where european civilization prospers due to that command.

Greco-Romans did bring Christianity into Europe anyway you fucking autistic retards.

False, that's jews.

Jews convert to "Chrisitanity" and corrupt Greco-roman civilization.

I know how could he say that , especially with your anime knowledge … you know so much senpai

so right, so strong …. spread the truth … the knowledge that you have gathered from you room. So pure

Rome is the epicenter but not the foundation … basically we split and its the removal of rome that has made the west. It was a breaking point. But you could say that Iran and the chinese have adopted all the important Ottoman stuff as well (religion , state, aquifers, Plato division of labor, play civ V faggot)

Jews hated and still hate Christians, retard. If their idea of corruption is christianity they would do the opposite of what they 're actually doing now.

Jews hate christians, while there are 1.8 billion christians over the world.

Is this the same hatred jews have for muslims?

Because with hatred like that, who need love?


You type like a mudshit cuck
Fuck you I hope your brother dies of a broken spinal column

Fuck you cunt
Dear god of all creation. Bless this ass fagot with colo-rectal cancer thanks

I'm opposed to all abrahamics.

Same here
Fuck adamites shem-ites abramajocs or any other mudshit fucker

It's not too difficult to understand.

That's actually hard to understand.

If jews hate christians, how can christians end up conquering the world?


Anti Christian is anti White

And nothing of value was lost.

nobody cares about your muttology camelshit from the desert. Go drink piss and die christcuck.

Abraham is a kike.

Christian is not WHITE!

Why do you think kikes are some kind of almighty force, unless of course, you are one of them?

But it's Zig Forums who tells me jews control the world.

These disgusting nigger tier pagans care more about living in their fucking fantasy world where they get to pay back le ebil christians than ensuring a future for the white race.

Don't fall for the kike's tactic of playing up both sides to subvert the movement.

Christians do NOT ensure a future for the white race.

Christians are nigger tier and nigger.
Romans are civilized.

Jews play a huge part in shaping western politics right now, yes.

So if they are playing that role right now, why are there still 1.8 billion christians (majorly not white?)