This is how every Aryan woman should be and she deserves our support

This is how every Aryan woman should be and she deserves our support

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She has a cool channel, I second.

So dumb she doesn't wear a coat in winter

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They forced the most immigrants into the Nordic countries, they want to destroy the remnants of whats left of the pure Aryan race.

also my man needs to shave his fucking head
that hairline is rough

It's not winter, it's spring as the video explains. It's clearly in the high 40s low 50s. Which isn't cold in the slightest - for humans.
Maybe for kikes and niggers it's cold.


It's spring; so let's take the dog for a walk on a big lake with an ice sheet that's rapidly melting.

You cucks are too quick to kneel for a woman doing anything remotely non-degenerate

Should and deserves are violent words, OP.
Tell us how her actions contribute to the race?

by being a example to other Aryan woman

Fucking loser. Go make White babies and stop fawning over the ecelebs that have been ran through by Jews

Fuck off kike.
It was wetlands and ice is strong as fuck for months after the thaw during cold winters. When ice gets to be 3 feet thick it takes more than a few weeks of 40 degrees to melt it.


Interesting how quickly you try to defame this woman. Its almost like you're trying to sabotage the OPs attempt at creating a positive sentiment for a certain type of white woman, effectively trying to diminish support for the behavior she exhibits.
Now who would do that? To me it seems like something the same people would do, who try to spread division among white people along the lines of, generation, nationality, or sex on this board and all across mainstream media - jews.
Can't have Zig Forumsacks actually setting a positive impulse. A bitter, disenfranchised and apathic white man putting blame on his racial comrades, being spiteful and negative about them, is far better for the jew than an energetic white man acting oit of love for his people.

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Holy shit this thread is triggering kikes harder than a white male triggers plebbit.

You know how you redpill women? You get fit and take care of yourself, until you get to the point where they're crawling all over you. Then you go and pick the one that cooks and cleans and is faithful to you, because she'll be an excellent mother to your children. Kick every other thot to the curb. Call them whores to their cum crusted faces, and watch them crumble. This is natural selection. There's nothing worse than breeding a degenerate. Your intelligence, willpower, and strength of character will be squandered on genetic refuse.

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Based honk poster teaches us all

I doubt that genetics are a significant factor int he ongoing degeneration of moral and tradtitional values and the subseqent behavioral changes in most white people, including white women. Its simply the result of decades of intense, often trauma-based conditioning (traumatic experiences can be lived through on a collective level, think 9/11). Women are the weaker sex, not only physically, but mentally. Nature has predetermined women to follow, men to lead. That is why men are more resilient against the conditioning, and thats also why the left is full of women and physically weak men, commonly referred to as soyboys - their physical weakness trransfers to mental weakness.
Another factor is feminism, which isn't pro-female in the slightest. Feminism pressures women into acting and becoming like men, competing with them on every societal level instead of just letting themselves be subdued by one of them, which breaks the fragile female psyche easily. The result can be quite shocking and his difficult to heal.

The best approach to the issue as a man is, like you said, to get fit and take care of yourself, and then chose a white woman with high self esteem and subsequently good mental strength, who has resisted the conditioning to an extent. By projecting your authoritiy unto her, which women ache for, you will be able to slowly clear out the conditioning and turn her into an ideal wife.

Yeah, fuck your clickshekels, moshe.

She's in her 30's and I don't see any babies.

It took me 30 seconds to find out that she is 26 and celebrated her one year anniversary with her boyfriend Johan a few months ago. My educated guess is that babies are in the making. Are you some kind of shill or just a retard?